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Travelling with peace of mind Did you know, even if you leave the province of Ontario for a couple of hours, OHIP does not cover your expenses if you become ill or injured? Even just a few miles out at sea, a cruise ship is actually in international territory. Also, Group Benefit Travel Insurance does not provide trip cancellation, trip interruption or lost luggage coverage.


any people consider insurance in order to protect themselves against the unexpected. Having insurance gives them peace of mind if they are concerned over losing out financially. Travel insurance is just like personal insurance. Insure what you cannot afford to lose. Do not leave home without knowing your travel coverage. Make sure that you do your homework to determine the right travel coverage for yourself. Do you need trip cancellation in case you need to cancel your trip due to illness? Do you need trip interruption protection or coverage if your luggage gets lost? Travel insurance can not only cover emergency medical situations but can also cover terrorist incidents, hurricane interruptions, and if your passport is stolen. An unexpected illness or accident can be costly if you leave the province without having coverage. Also, as we mature, an unexpected medical emergency situation may be more likely to occur. I recently had a client who purchased travel insurance, and although it seemed pricey at the time, the investment more than paid off for her. The $1,400 travel insurance protection plan brought her back home to Ontario/Canada free, after being diagnosed with cancer outside of the country. Without the travel protection, she would have had to pay the $20,000 bill out of her own pocket.

Valerie Meyer Sickness Benefits and Finance

I have also seen an incident where a simple fall down steps can land a person in hospital, and with some hospitals charging over $5,000/day, it is definitely an expense most of us would not want to have. That type of expense could take away all of our life and/ or retirement savings and leave us with a huge debt. Travel insurance is also available to visitors to Canada, since they cannot be protected with our Ontario medical insurance. A new landed individual should also consider emergency medical insurance. For the same reasons, an Ontario hospital could charge any price they want if there is no medical insurance in place. A stay at our local hospital is $2,500/day. Travel insurance can be purchased on a ‘per trip’ or an annual basis, whichever suits your needs. Explore the options of travel insurance, but ensure that you are protected.


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