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world. Both were firm that a practitioner’s success will depend on their knowledge, skills, and ambition, outstripping any gender differences. On professional opportunities, Paula feels she gained by coming to Canada as it’s able to provide lots of clients, our population being more than triple that of C.R., plus with access to health insurance, help becomes affordable when needed. With more graduates and training facilities, therapists have a choice to pursue intensive or multiple types of practice. Standardization in Canada is essential, from a practitioner’s education to acquired knowledge and business establishment, and operates under less bureaucracy. An obstacle to Paula’s journey was the fifteen thousand dollars for tuition to cover her two-year course which they scrubbed up while she and Vlad raised their daughters to adulthood and concurrently honing her English through personal experience or formal education. This included learning medical terminology for human anatomy, symptoms, diseases, pathologies, neurologies and physical conditions. Later was the inevitable job hunt and narrowing career choices between specialties in sports massage/rehabilitation, professional spa or health clinic where she is now, recreational masseuse on a cruise ship, institutional public employee or even in animal therapy. Had she not embarked on the time, money and effort to become a licensed therapist, Paula would have no choice but to work in a recreational spa, unqualified. Milan’s hindrances arose as he set up his private clinic. After raising investment money, he had to acquire the appropriate business licences and permits that include a strict hygienic code, to determine and equip his choice of location and then market the enterprise to attract and keep new clients. His first year was the hardest and was built on a standard massage package with price tweaking. But he quickly learned that specializing in conditions like pain management and chronic injury differentiated him 20 Powerful Women Winter 2011

from the pack. Offering TCM and a range of other solutions brought in a large influx of a mainly female clientele, even the shy ones. Milan reflected, “To be honest, I think I had great luck and my guardian angels helped a lot.” Good news spread fast; his practice enlarged and established itself in his clients’ lives. “It was important to me to remain sober-minded, humble and patient and not play the role of a big healer.” Paula and Milan commented on the dominancy of females who open practices at the rate of 2 to 1, but Paula believes males are catching up. Most businesses cater to relaxation massage thereby attracting women on the whole, but as both therapists work in the health field, they also treat a component of men. Now a practitioner for fifteen years, in 2007 Milan bought his wife’s Navratjara business established in 2005 and at the time, ladies comprised 70% of the business with men later levelling that out by requesting his special treatments. He thinks women like relaxing with a short massage to forget everyday problems and, being proactive, are taking responsibility for themselves and their health, and thereby look and feel better. Men may seek help if prodded, but they always requested a female masseuse. Now he sees this trend as more evenly split. Selecting between options of Traditional Chinese Massage, dietary advice based on TCM principles, hot stone massage, Breuss massage, Dorn therapy/exercises, honey massage, detox and reflexology, he is happy to see men now asking for such care. A new element, psycho-astrology, based on the principle that physical or emotional problems diminish when a blocked psyche is remedied, is more attractive to women it seems. Paula knows the sense behind keeping up good health and suggests some simple solutions that don’t require a professional. She advises, “Take charge of your own health, seek what you need and for the most part, watch what you eat.” With each day, it’s necessary to “take a deep breath and enjoy every moment of your life.” After all, that’s what really counts toward a healthy and long life.

Powerful Women Magazine Winter 2011  
Powerful Women Magazine Winter 2011  

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