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Surviving without a business plan By Veneta Anand, STIMMA

Women living in marginalized communities have made great strides. They have overcome obstacles of adversity, threats to their health and safety, and inadequate education in comparison to their male counterparts. These hardships have left deep scars that have strengthened their desire to succeed and create a safe home for their fa milies. Time-management skills, multi-tasking and relying on community support are key elements of survival.


or these resolute women, days typically begin early with buckets on their heads to collect water for their family. Inevitably, the source of water is nowhere near their dwelling and the journey is made through rough terrain with a baby tied to their back or nestled on their hips. Mother Nature doesn’t work in their favour either. There is often intense heat or heavy rainfall along the way. This is clearly different than the luxuries of gro-

12 Powerful Women Winter 2011

cery stores and free flowing water afforded to the developed world. Typically, women congregate and cook communal meals to share with other members of the community. It is a time of socializing, a time for sharing the challenges they face. Women cook over an open fire. Preparing meals over flames accelerates the aging of their skin. The lines on their faces represent a strong, hard working woman who is able to

Powerful Women Magazine Winter 2011  
Powerful Women Magazine Winter 2011  

In the 2011Winter issue of Powerful Women Magazine, you can read about international women, their challenges and accomplishments. Find tips...