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Therapy of a different kind “Busy… but good!” A commonly used phrase for us ladies when asked how we are! Ever feel like yyou’re running so fast that you don’t have time to stop and smell the flowers?

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ost of us are working 50 plus hours a week on top of managing our homes and families. One little escape that most of us can relate to is “Retail Therapy.” Ahh! A good ending to a day is sometimes going to the mall and finding the perfect pair of shoes! This past spring, I was fortunate enough to join STIMMA (Short Term Medical Missions Abroad) on a mission trip to Haiti. STIMMA, based in Waterloo, is a charitable organization dedicated to improving the lives of children and adults in third world countries. The organization provides medical clinics and community support. For the ladies in these impoverished countries, STIMMA focuses on everything from basic hygiene, to breast self-examinations, and even how to take care of the other lady parts. Most of these ladies have never seen a doctor. They have little education and their living conditions make it next to impossible to do much more than survive.

Hard to put yourself in their shoes when the reality is they don’t even own a pair! Can we add “changing the world” to our list of things to do in a day? Not likely. But we can, should and need to make a difference. We can give five minutes of our time and our hearts. We ladies are known for our empathy and paying it forward. It’s what we do well. We live in a world of wondrous things but also a world of hardship, heartache and inhuman living conditions. Your time is precious but it is there to give. These ladies need our help. Pay it forward anyway you can. Whether it’s with a newly immigrated lady who needs a helping hand, or donating items to charities like STIMMA, or giving the education you’ve been so fortunate to receive, or donating time to charities. While we can’t walk a mile in their shoes, we can walk beside them and empower them to travel a new journey of hope and inspiration.


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Powerful Women Magazine Winter 2011  

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