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Turnaround. Accurate Parts Mfg Co can produce tooling and first article casting in as little as four weeks, with production runs complete in as little as four weeks following sample approval.


Effective. Accurate Parts Mfg Co engineering and developement can save 30 - 50% of your parts costs, while expediting prototype and production. it is very cos effective.

High Tech

Our best assets are High Tech equipment and highly trained workforce which is drawn upon years of know-how to produce even toughest parts


Quality Of Service And Parts

Quality Control is an integral part of Accurate Part’s activities and its commitment to its clients. The company policy is that identified quality issues are corrected Accurate’s expense. All quality control testing is done before shipment from the manufacturing site and confirmation sampling is done in the distribution center. For this purpose, Accurate’s maintains a machining capability at the distribution center solely for the purpose of addressing easily correctable issues. •

Inspection Reports, including:

Material Certificates


Hardness and Torque


PPAP Testing Certification (Levels 1, 2, 3)

Torque Certification


Accurate Parts Mfg. Co.

Accurate Parts is organized to provide all of the requirements necessary to eliminate the challenges of parts supply for its clients. Accurate Parts Mfg Co is rapidly becoming recognized throughout TURKEY and the USA as a premier contract manufacturer of precision all types of casting, forging, Gears, Laser cutting, as well as a complete parts manufacturer for many different industries. At Accurate Parts Mfg Co, we have excelled in the challenges of today’s rapidly changing manufacturing marketplace by continuous improvements in processes, capabilities, quality control, engineering, and productivity. We can meet your most demanding applications from short runs to high volume production which require immediate delivery of JIT components with using methods such as KANBAN systems or blanket order systems in which we would warehouse products in our Bensenville facility We are a full service manufacturing company with many capabilities here in the USA and in TURKEY.


Accurate Parts is equipped with modern machine tools carefully selected for their efficiency and accuracy, we have the following types of machines.








Clients benefit by lowering the over-all demands and costs of their parts sourcing activity while maintaining quality and certainty of supply. This approach creates efficiencies in: •

Time spent managing the supply chain



Quality control

Inventory management

It also enhances flexibility and speed to fill requirements. At the broadest level, this approach to parts supply enhances our Clients competitive advantage.

We Produce metal parts of the highest quality, funcionality and cost effectiveness.

We Produce metal parts of the highest quality, funcionality and cost effectiveness.


Accurate Parts has provided to its customers parts with high quality and competitive price for many years. In Turkey with our new 50,000 sq ft facility and with our prospective manufacturing partners, we can manufacture almost any type of parts with methods like; die casting, sand casting, investment casting, forging, machining, fabrication, laser cutting, welding and we can fully perform any type assemblies. Products we have supplied have been used in metallurgical equipment, mining equipment, chemical industry equipment, ships, locomotive, automobile, construction equipment, machine tools, wind mill industry equipment, heavy hoisting equipment, general equipment and in other industries are not listed here. We can be your reliable one and only parts manufacturer from US and overseas.


INVESTMENT CASTING Investment Casting (lost-wax casting), is primarily used for small castings which require accuracy, repeatability, and integrity. Investment casting is generally more expensive than die casting or sand casting, but offers high production rates and extremely good surface finish (CT4-CT6 class accuracy and Ra1.6-6.3 surface roughness) with very little machining.

FORGING Forging results in parts that are stronger than cast or machined parts. Our processes include die forging, open die forging, machined forging, & flashless forging. Capabilities include hammering, mechanical & hydraulic pressing, upsetting, bending & hot parts forming. In-house machining is used for finishing operations. Forgings range from 1/2 lb. to 500 lb. All forging grades of material can be supplied.


LASER CUTTING Laser cutting has many advantages over traditional methods of machining, with a few listed below. Laser cutting is the most cost-effective method of cutting high-precision parts for thicknesses of up to 1/2� steel and many other materials. Having your parts laser-cut means no longer having to manually create parts by hand than can be time-consuming and inaccurate.

SAND CASTING Our State-of-the-art automated foundries and control equipment ensure consistent sand castings in quantities from 3,000 to over 200,000 per year. We provide most of our products in a fully machined condition through one of our precision machine shops. Painting, plating, anodizing and hard coat finishes can also be applied.

US Headquarters Accurate Parts Manufacturing Company 1100 Industrial Drive Bensenville, IL 60106 Tel: (630) 616 4125 Fax: (630) 616 4126

Turkey Office / Factory Guroz Metal & Plastik Paz. Tic. Ltd. Sti Ç.O.S.B Sehit Mehmet Sepetci Sok. #14 Cerkezkoy, Tekirdag, Turkiye Tel: +90 (282) 726 3401 Direct: +90 (531) 344 4104 Fax: +90 (282) 726 3416

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Germany Office Accurate Parts Manufacturing Company Widhalmstrasse 26, 90459 NĂźrnberg, Germany Tel: +49 (0) 160 / 92 404 886

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