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Enjoy this Fantastic summer in Kazantip Kazantip - Did you have a boring summer last year? Did have nobody to spend time with and no place to hang out? Are you looking for exciting actions to be part of this coming summer? We know what you need! You are in the right place at the right time. Your expectations are not so far away: Consider yourself invited to a breath-taking music festival called "The Republic of Kazantip 2010". Get prepared to be dazzled!!!

"Kazantip " what the heck is that? Kazantip is a place where the most breathtaking music parties take place this summer. It's one month of non-stop music, discos, fun, love, freedom and relaxation in the sun at a descent beach of Kazantip, right on the Black Sea. Kazantip republic is one of the biggest, longest and craziest places to be at. It's a place of the most amazing techno, trance and house music produced by hundreds of world- known DJ's coming from all over the world to become a part of this exciting event. Kazantip takes place in Ukraine which doesn't require any entrance visas from all citizens living in the EU and North America.

When is Kazan tip’s opening day in 2010? Actually, there are two opening days: official and nonofficial. The official opening day of Kazantip will take place this year on July 31st 2010. The nonofficial opening day take place a week earlier. This year's festival will end on August 21st 2010. For information on Kazantip




Enjoy this fantastic Summer in Kazantip