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Design and the Elastic Mind / Screensaver

Over the past twenty-five years, people have weathered dramatic changes in their experience of time, space, matter, and identity. Individuals cope daily with a multitude of changes in scale and pace—working across several time zones, traveling with relative ease between satellite maps and nanoscale images, and being inundated with information. Adaptability is an ancestral distinction of intelligence, but today’s instant variations in rhythm call for something stronger: elasticity, the product of adaptability plus acceleration. Design and the Elastic Mind explores the reciprocal relationship between science and design in the contemporary world by bringing together design objects and concepts that marry the most advanced scientific research with attentive consideration of human limitations, habits, and aspirations. The exhibition highlights designers’ ability to grasp momentous changes in technology, science, and history—changes that demand or reflect major adjustments in human behavior—and translate them into objects that people can actually understand and use. This Web site presents over three hundred of these works, including fifty projects that are not featured in the gallery exhibition.


origami crease pattern

Origami is used to design and origami base essentially a stick figure version of the desired form and the crease pattern. Origami crease pattern which influenced me to create something in the same way by using the same form of lines and shaped but to create into a movement which I was satisfied of doing using after affects as I thought would be fun to use and I also enjoy using the software too, so I used different line rectangular shapes and square which were connected and also thought to add noise to the shape to also make it look electrifying like the electric sheep which was also another influence.

My final outcome, I wanted to achieve the same kind of style like the origami pattern but I created an animation using after effect showing different kinds of movement the lines were making when reaching its pit-stops to the edge of the shapes they reach.

Starting from my research of my inspiration, the electric sheep which made me more aware on what I may of wanted to get into with my idea of my screensaver. I started to plan out a couple of sketches which I then used by using processing to come up with a visual in the style of the electric sheep I wanted to only use black and white to get a different kind of concept.


screen saver video