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Manifesto Intoduction


I got put into a group, which was group7, and we were told to make our manifesto on dogma 95 so I have been looking into what a manifesto is and started doing my research and got all my sources together.,and I uploaded it onto the blog where we had our own groups to show what we have all researched onto the gdnm webiste. I found out by working as a group to post research onto the group blog helped alot because I was getting different sources of information from site I didnt even pick up and also the videos and I am sure they thought the same with mine too.

We all took part in creating slides to talk about the dogma 95 in our presentation to show what we have been researching and to show others what our manifesto was all about. I chose to start off the presentation for the group by talking about the introduction what a manifesto is and the research I did is written below I have written more but this is just a summary of what I have written. What is a manifesto A manifesto is a document, which sets forward the principles and goals of a society, this is designed to be generally spread to the public. A manifesto is highly groundbreaking, and is designed to encourage public dialog.

Influence in future film There are a few recent films that were influenced by the dogme 95. One of which being the blair witch project. where they filmed the movie using a hand held camera and the report cost of the film was $20k which is a low budget for a movie. Later on during the years another movie, which was influenced by dogme 95, was paranormal activity and this, movie was shot for 10k and became a 100k plus box office.

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What is participant observation

Participant Event 1

The participant observer collects data by participating in the daily life of those he or she is studying. ‘The approach is close to everyday interaction, involving conversations to discover participants’ interpretations of situations they are involved in’ . The aim of participant observation is to produce a ‘thick description’ of social interaction within natural settings. At the same time informants are encouraged to use their own language and everyday concepts to describe what is going on in their lives. Hopefully, in the process a more adequate picture emerges of the research setting as a social system described from a number of participants’ perspectives . In other words, we are seeking to find meaning in the encounters and situations.

We all discussed our ideas and we came up with the idea of creating an event live for people to participate by expressing themselves and they will be drawing on a tablet we rented from the media room, so what they have to do is close their eyes and draw what they feel and what’s going through their mind and I told the group to use more than just one color because one color could get boring and look dull so therefore by using many different colors it brings out different set of moods and they too this into account. We also had a portable camera which was hidden right under their nose to show the reaction and concentration in peoples face so it was like a little spy camera because nobody noticed the camera there and we also had another camera filming the drawings made by the people taking part. I made videos of peoples reactions to the event of how they thought it went for example fun, boring exciting.

The Role of a Participant

Equipment used for event

Soon after we had did our own research on the dogma 95 manifesto we then had the role oh a participant so we had to link the dogma 95 to the role and I did my own research on what a participant is and how we can work around how we could create our role for this manifesto for it.

.monitor .portable camera .graphic tablet .overhead projector .tripod and camera

Final Piece

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Participant Event 2 What we did

Overall Result

For the 2nd event we all decided to come up with a similar event to the last event but this time we wanted to make a live event which was randomly located in the hallway where random students from the university could come by and participate and it only took 2 minutes of their time and I brought sweets to the event so that they could treat themselves for participating into the event. So we had different colored posted notes to reflect on the different moods so the people participating could pick any color and draw what is on their mind and then stick them up.

The overall result of our event for the manifesto was a success and we achieved what we wanted out of it, we all took part as a group participating to make this event work, everything went to plan. I really enjoyed working as a group and also the event we came up with because it was fun and was straight forward and was no confusion for those people who participated in the event.

I was in charge of making people put their names down on a piece of paper that had their name, gender and age which was all taken into account at the end. Lastly I was sketching out the names of the people who were putting their names on the wall so I would sketch the posted note and write their names in the middle, the reason for this is because another member of the group needed to create an interactive website and it would make life easier if I had their names and sketches next to the person and we took pictures of the people participating. During the 2nd event it was getting to the stage that we needed more people so I went around looking for people and asked them to come to the event and I also said there were sweets so my idea of bringing the sweets made them want to come because they knew they were getting something in return

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We have had several meetings and I have also attended most of these meetings we have had together and helped others in the group for example we needed a recording of someone to read out our manifesto that we all wrote into our own words and we all put bits and bobs of each of our lines to create our manifesto, so I knew someone that’s English was very strong and had a nice voice to go with that so I borrowed out a voice recorder and a mic and recorded her reading out the manifesto so what a member of the group could use it. The group meetings were very helpful because we would all bring back information on what was needed for the manifesto, we would also text one another or facebook eachother to see how we would be getting along etc.

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The Participant Manifesto Any events or interaction could hardly function on its own, it requires a certain amount of participants. It’s strongly believed that the participants are the core of the activity itself. Indeed, any successful event or interaction would need a lot requirements, but the key element is how to get people to participate, to become part of the activity. With the development of new media, the role of the participant has also changed over time. They play a significant role in the process of making interaction design and event organisation. The key question would be how do we get the participants to become involved in the course of the activity. There is no right or wrong answer to that question, however, there are better answers, which could change the result of the event dramatically. This is our manifesto, a guideline on how the designer should create interactive work and events. The designer must allow the participant ease of access, without any difficulty of functioning the activity. Easy accessibility without a difficult description on how the participant should react gives the participant an obvious acknowledgement of being able to take part. Considering this factor an importance as a designer will end the matter of confusion. In the past, previous subjects have had restricted involvement due to the explanations that usually instruct people how to participate creating a communication barrier as to whether the viewer can or cannot participate, this awareness will increase the public’s enjoyment of interaction. Many times, creators of different mediums have left impressed audiences with their intelligence. The participant should be able to gain creative inspiration, and also have a great experience while they’re involved in the interactivity. The activity itself should give them the beneficial outcome of exploring something new or to be inspired by the power of visual language . The psychological effects of peer pressure on an individual could greatly make a difference in their way of thinking. Without a doubt , the atmosphere would be crucial in the process of getting the participant to become involved. We live in a world where life hardly goes on without communication. The participant should be able to communicate throughout the event. They should be able to see, to view what other participants are doing. They should have the choice to participate as a group or with their friends. They should be able to interact with others over the duration of the event to create a more social and enjoyable atmosphere. Participation should be encouraged by the interest of exploration. A wider audience should be attracted through cultural referencing of occurring events, political views, influential people, musicians or other recognizable figures in work that will broaden the factor of involvement to other generations who in the past wouldn’t have considered a participation inclusion. By following the guide of the Participant Manifesto, you realize the importance that participation changes towards everyday interaction as well as creative direction, We now teach ourselves through new advances of the participant.

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