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Collaboration Brief

Collaborating with a professional Hip Hop dancer Daryl Baker who has been dancing from the age of 9, the reason why I wanted to collaborate with Darly is because he is an old friend and I thought I would Collaborate and possibly use him as my concept in creating a dance video which I will be editing and adding a few effects too aswell, and he agreed so went along with it but he did warn me that he is always busy and has a busy schedule but just took the risk by going along and seeing how the project goes. For the shoot I want to make it as effective as possible so I used a Canon 500d and Panasonic Lumix tz20 to add different kinds of quality to the videos.

Collaboration Brief

Collaboration Brief

Location- South Bank

chose to take different shots in southbank where Darly always likes to practise first shot was where the skaters skate in the tunnel

Outside south bank is another favourite place when people just walk by and watch the free show


And near the stair where the light was shining

shots in the dark only light is from the feet to show another way of showing a technique

added an invert effect in some footages.

Finally when the music changes I would change the sequence as if it was another sort of movie clip.

Different techniques

different techniques used were the different angle shots I would take and take the same dance move shots and move and take from another angel

Once I gathered all my video shots together I then decided because of the time left to hand the brief in and because Daryl has had a tight schedule and has given me the opportunity to just film him while he has been practicing so this has countered me to create a compilation of videos using the footages taken from the locations and adding some instrumentals to add to the video in time with his moving.


dancing video shoot

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