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How its made Corrugated cardboard For my design of the making of I decided to choose corrugated cardboard out of all three materials that I have looked at.

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Mark Langan who makes visual interpretations and vision using corrugated cardboard and is one of a kind sculpture and makes his work look 3D. His term of corrugated art is the celebration of the unique properties of a highly visible manufactured product for which it was not purportedly intended. Striving to artistically focus by highlighting those aesthically characteristic qualities which otherwise would be unknowingly ignored. I like the shape and forms he makes and how it stands out by making them 3D.

Firstly my plan is to just freestyle making the patterns of some sort in the style of Mark Langan. I am going to first cut out different shapes and sizes out of the cardboard using pencil and ruler.

What was planned?


Firstly I got some corrugated cardboard to work on and also the equipment that is needed for example pencil to draw shapes and scissors to cut them out accurately also a ruler too, so that I can make it more precise. Lastly I played my tripod onto of the table where I will be working and make a video of he steps that I will be taking. I have cut our various of different shapes to experiment with and I am going to just going to build a frame full of different patterns and see where this takes me I don’t like to plan I like to just get straight into the design.

I wanted to ask Mark Langen himself a few questions via email and did nor really expect him to respond the first bit was my message to him and he replied within a few hours which motivated me.

The reason I have chosen to use cardboard is because I am familiar with the material and want to create something using this and expressing how I feel by making shaped and forms which I don’t even know where it is going to take me but I just want to carry on making layers and layers. The reason why I chose to carry on this idea is because I enjoy illustration and patterns and want to express my thoughts and creativity on cardboard.

I enjoyed using cardboard because it was something that I wanted to do and also didn’t know where this was going to end up but just kept going and making different shaped some layers taller than others. If I had to change anything then I would of probably of made something else rather than patterns and movement. And make a sculpture of some kind.


Tripod Camera Scalpel Scissors Pencil Ruler pva glue


What I have enjoyed

Hi there mark I am in my final year at university and I have to make my work out of cardboard and I am influenced by your work which is unique and different and was just wondering how the process is done and I am trying to make something in your style of work but I know it won’t be as good I don’t even know how i am going to do this and it’s due on tommorow .. Have to make a graphic design which is digital and how it can be helpful to use Sucha weird project but if you have any ideas please feel free to share them because your work is amazing and want to know the process thanks Sounds like you have your hands full. Nothing I do could be done in a day but you might try to work thru the material fast and not rely so much on the cleanliness of the cuts. I try to focus mainly on the open portiin of the board which houses the flute. I bulid all onto corrugated board within hardwood frame for stability. I also use non toxic white glue commonly referrred to as school glue. It dries bacically invisible and you can use liberally. For the most part my work invoves creating contrasts wthin the art so that would mean in a nut shell having gapping and spatial placing so that there are key areas that in the art can be defined. I am attaching an animated video I created on a recenet project of a client of mine’s and think this will help. Best of luck and would love to see what you come up with in such short time. Take care and thanks for writing, I am happy that you apprectiate my art form.



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