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Commencement 2010 August 14, 2010 Minneapolis, Minnesota


To our distinguished Capella University graduates, degree candidates, and guests: It is my pleasure to welcome you to Minneapolis for Capella University’s summer 2010 commencement ceremony. We are here to recognize the significant accomplishments of our graduates and certificate earners. Your academic achievements, as well as your determination and commitment, have brought you to this point. As you walk across the stage, you are earning more than the titles and rewards bestowed by your degrees and certificates. The knowledge you have gained during your time at Capella University also grants you new responsibilities—to your family, your community, and yourself. You have the knowledge and the ability to make your corner of the world a better place. Today, you join more than 19,000 Capella graduates and certificate earners who have gone before you. Many more will follow. As you move forward with your life and career, the support of Capella University remains with you. I encourage you to stay close to Capella through our Alumni Association, and let us know about your achievements. To the loved ones of Capella graduates: You deserve special recognition. We know and appreciate the unique challenges that our learners face in balancing commitments, and the sacrifices it requires of those around them. Because of your support and encouragement, their success is possible. On behalf of Capella’s learners, staff, and faculty, I extend my sincere appreciation. Graduates and certificate earners, I urge you to savor this moment; it is one you will long remember. All of us who are here today are proud of your accomplishments and honored to share this day with you.

Warmest regards,

Michael J. Offerman, EdD Interim President Capella University

Commencement Speaker—Salome Thomas-EL

Salome Thomas-EL is a world-renowned educator, motivator, and author. In his highly-acclaimed memoir, I Choose to Stay, he chronicled his experiences teaching in a Philadelphia inner city middle school, where he received national recognition as a teacher and chess coach. Thomas-EL received the Marcus A. Foster Award as the outstanding School District Administrator in Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania’s distinguished Martin Luther King Award.

Salome Thomas-EL

Thomas-EL is a graduate of East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania. He is currently a doctoral candidate. He frequently appears on The Dr. Oz Show, The O’Reilly Factor, C-SPAN, The Tavis Smiley Show, CNN, and National Public Radio.

Grand Marshal—Bruce Fischer, PhD

Bruce Fischer is a founding faculty member of Capella University, served as the Dean of Capella’s School of Human Services as well as the chair of the Addiction Psychology program, and currently serves as a core faculty member in the Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Dr. Fischer earned a master’s degree in Speech Communication and a PhD in Family Social Science at the University of Minnesota. He holds certificates in Chemical Dependency Counseling, Family Therapy and Addiction Counseling, and Chemical Dependency and Family Intimacy. He is also a licensed psychologist, a licensed marriage and family therapist, and has been in private practice for 34 years.


Commencement Ceremony PhD, PsyD, and Certificate

10:00 am

Processional. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pomp and Circumstance Trumpet Voluntary Color Guard. . . . . . . . . . . . Cretin-Derham Hall High School, Third Brigade, Western Region, U.S. Army Cadet Command JROTC The National Anthem . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brad Weber, Vocalist Welcome. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Michael J. Offerman, EdD Interim President, Capella University Commencement Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Salome Thomas-EL Presentation of Candidates for Degrees. School of Business and Technology School of Education School of Public Service Leadership Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Conferral of Degrees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Michael J. Offerman, EdD Interim President, Capella University Welcome to Alumni Association. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jen Swanson, MS Alumni Director Recessional . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . My Spirit Be Joyful J.S. Bach

Grand Marshal—Bruce Fischer, PhD, Core Faculty, Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Capella University Reader—Bruce Francis, PhD, Distinguished Senior Faculty School of Education, Capella University


Commencement Ceremony BS, MS, MBA, MPH, EdS, and Certificate

2:00 pm

Processional. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pomp and Circumstance Trumpet Voluntary Color Guard. . . . . . . . . . . . Cretin-Derham Hall High School, Third Brigade, Western Region, U.S. Army Cadet Command JROTC The National Anthem . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Brad Weber, Vocalist Welcome. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Michael J. Offerman, EdD Interim President, Capella University Commencement Address . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Salome Thomas-EL Presentation of Candidates for Degrees

School of Undergraduate Studies School of Business and Technology School of Education School of Public Service Leadership Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Conferral of Degrees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Michael J. Offerman, EdD Interim President, Capella University Welcome to Alumni Association. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jen Swanson, MS Alumni Director Recessional . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . My Spirit Be Joyful J.S. Bach Grand Marshal—Bruce Fischer, PhD, Core Faculty, Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Capella University Reader—Bruce Francis, PhD, Distinguished Senior Faculty School of Education, Capella University


Capella University

Administration Interim University President Michael J. Offerman, EdD Capella University Founder Stephen G. Shank, JD CEO, Capella Education Company J. Kevin Gilligan Vice President of Academic Affairs & Provost Deborah Bushway, PhD Acting Dean School of Business and Technology William Reed, PhD

Dean School of Education Barbara Butts Williams, PhD Interim Dean Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Jody Neuman-Aamlie, PhD Interim Co-Deans School of Public Service Leadership Suzanne Holmes, DPA Charles Tiffin, PhD Dean School of Undergraduate Studies Feranda Williamson, EdD

Board of Directors Marcia S. Ballinger, PhD; Board Chair Bertice Berry, PhD Michael J. Offerman, EdD Willie Garrett, EdD J. Kevin Gilligan, BA Elena Kays, PhD Nathaniel Richardson, Jr. Kimberly F. Stephan, JD; Board Secretary


School of Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Science in Business Pamela R. Adams Penny L. Alexander Christopher T. Andersen Bob Anderson Kelly A. Anderson Gregory P. Andes Melody A. Anthonies Carol L. Armer Suzanne Arno Cheryl Austin Amber R. Backus Erik K. Barker Nancy J. Berg Kimberly Bernier Richard W. Berry, Jr. Leo J. Bertling Kevin Betts Rosalind Bishop Mark A. Bivins Earl Brewer Sherrie U. Broome Pamela M. Brown Sheila A. Brown Felisa M. Burns Cynthia A. Bushinski Michelle C. Byrd Magen M. Carnell Oscar Carr Angela M. Cater Robert Chambers Jenel L. Cills Heidi G. Clark Melissa A. Clark Amy E. Cornwell Macarena Corral-Quintero Roger Crawford Roy Denton Cunningham Michele Curley

Linda Darlene Daeseleer Scott Dalton Alisha Lynn Davidson Brian Delaney Christopher W. Delong John P. Doleman Jennifer L. Dumdei Avery A. Earwood Jessica T. Eason Virginia M. Elliott Kathryn E. Ellis Lisa K. Erickson Christine J. Feyo Sandra K. Finch Jill K. Fink Lisa A. Frette Ortelio D. Fuentes Guy Gibney Justin Greene Lisa A. Greenlund Mary J. Griebler Yvonne M. Gullette Jason M. Gustafson Guy W. Hadden Mark A. Hallowell, Sr. Susan Hanson Nicole S. Hardaway-Johnson Shawn Harling Lindsey Harnish Patricia Harry-Boyce Sheila Ann Hawkins Anthony J. Helmer Sandra Annette HernandezMedina Bryan R. Hoffman Ronald A. Holbeck William F. Holsker Tiffany Hornsby

Darren House Harvey Huddleston Brooke M. Jackson Christa E. Jackson Ennis C. Jackson Kerri J. Jacobson Kellee Jaglo Heather L. Jensen Margaret E. Jermyn Christina A. Jillings Martha L. Jirovec Diana L. Johnson Ardyce S. Jones Tracey Jorgensen Shawn C. Joyce Rebecca A. Kaas Danette L. Key Patricia M. Knox Terry L. Koehn Joseph Kozak Therese Kral Brenda D. Kruger Antoinette M. Kubasiak Nancye J. Lahue Courtney L. LaMonica Kristina Lawyer Tyra L. Ledger Josh D. Lehman LaHoma Lewis-Pittman Angela I. Lipinski Marlene Lovig Diana M. Lowe Pamela Lowe Jenny L. Malachowski Ali I. Malik Lysandra Martin Angela Rose MartiranoHookham 5

School of Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Science in Business continued Angela M. Massey Jayne M. McCauliff Tracy L. Mccoy Lynette E. McEvoy John W. McMahon Joseph McQuaid Leilani J. Metry Barry Reed Mitchell Marisol M. Morales Gaye L. Morgan Beatrice V. Navarro Tim Nickas Nykhail Nunley Kathleen A. Olmstead Christopher L. Ouellette Dennis Owens Rachal J. Parson Dustin W. Pattengill Shannon K. Pedersen Crystal A. Pederson Stephany L. Percy Sara M. Perdulla Erika A. Perzhu Tammy S. Peterson Tyler J. Pomerenke Andrew Potson Christina M. Powers Lisa C. Prachar Jeanette Prince Alan L. Reed Angela M. Reid Roger A. Repp Nathaniel Richardson, Jr. Jennifer A. Riedeman Dana R. Riggs Gary W. Roach, Jr. Heather L. Robinson Mark W. Rodgers 6

Tracie Rollins Zackery M. Rourk Doug Russell Veronica Salamon Randall Justin Satterfield Lisa A. Scherber Elaina Schiavone James H. Schupp Justin G. Seller Elizabeth K. Senif Matthew R. Shaske Patricia Simmons Anne M. Simons Irma Skaggs Cari Skarstad Rebekah Spinler Jessie R. Stephens Candice M. Stephenson Holly Stewart Kristine M. Symanietz Sean Telles Daniel Thinnes Theresa Tolson Marianne Torkelson Daniel A. Turgeon Tara D. Turner Tammy J. Van Horn Chester L. VanBlaricum Stephanie Vega Natalie M. Vingua Michelle R. Von Ruden Jonathan M. Vredevoogd Heather M. Wall Patricia C. Watkins Robin M. Webb Bradley D. Weber Jaclyn Wegner Kimberly C. Western

Brydee M. White Deborah C. Wierschke Anthony C. Williams Mary Williams Russell L. Williams Karen Williams-Coke Lacey A. Wilson Nicole R. Wise Degaul Yang Kathleen D. Zoppi

School of Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Michael J. Agrillo Malik S. Al-Amin Jeffrey P. Allan Jimmy D. Arendt Jason C. Assenzo Christopher T. Belknap Daniel J. Boren Valerie Borkowski Jesse A. Braasch Lisa M. Brown Simeon D. Buck Latesha T. Bush Ralph Cefarello Dale Chassey Arvind Chaudhary Botho L. Chebani William Clifford Michael Cloud Andreea Colban Valeria Davis Chris J. Dennison Shannon A. Dixon Amy J. Dyer Alicia D. Epperson Julie C. Epps Timothy G. Fermanis Vicki L. Finck Tom A. Fischer Martin J. Gallagher Edward Geldens Jason Giglio Tatiana C. Goodrie Eric Hamid Anthony J. Hoeben Natalie M. Hull

Robert Hyde Eric Johansen Elizabeth Moscatiello Johnston Jason Kaiser Nichole A. Karanec Mark Knight Angela M. Kretz Karen E. Larson Larry Law Tiet M. Le Todd J. Lewellyn Brenda D. Likovetz Dung T. Lu Ray E. Mahannah Douglas Eugene Maki Randall S. Martin Mario A. Martinez Terry S. Mccorkle, Jr. Timothy B. McKenzie Sophon Meas Aaron T. Miller Ryan L. Miller Monica L. Mills Rich E. Molumby Phillip R. Nash Janet K. Neumann Azeem T. Nizam Richard Ostrander Stacey J. Parson Brent Pedersen Mike L. Petermen Michael Pisto Vincent Quiles Douglas C. Quinn Danny A. Rappleyea

Justin K. Rech Audray Reed Damion E. Rhymes Brian Richards Roselyn R. Richardson Gilbert Rodriguez John P. Rogers Aaron P. Rother Shawn D. Ruch William A. Ryan Lisa Marie Sage Daniel Sandau Donald Scott Robert E. Shiery Soleana Silva Larry J. Sinclair Timothy Sinks Amy D. Slowe Beverly A. Smalley Sue Smith Brian Soma Ralph L. Spangler Ian Sparks Benjamin Spiker Myrlande St Surin Steven A. Swansbrough Kayvan A. Sylvan Eric Thomson Amador P. Torrez Gurvinder Singh Trehan Juan A. Valdes Frank D. Wise Stephen James Yannantuono

Bachelor of Science in Public Safety Judy Graham 7

School of Business and Technology

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Business Mary E. Bonheim Mark A. Brown Kimberly M. Burnett Rohan Marshall

Jimita S. O’Bannon Edward Emanuel Smith Matthew J. Trapani

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Information Technology Jeremy M. Fisher Melinda Carol Harbaugh Herminia Z. Ortega Matthew D. Shaw


School of Business and Technology

Master of Business Administration Sonja Aborisade Michael M. Aflague Toyin K. Alowonle Melissa S. Alto-Kintigh Charles O. Aluko Kristen M. Alvarez Susan Armstrong Keila Aviles Christa A. Bahr Haeg Brenda F. Bailey Jamie M. Bartel Erik J. Bartz Brent Beasock Thomas R. Beech Jennifer L. Belmonte Gabriel Benoit Donald J. Benza Robert A. Bimson, Jr. Joshua Blough Michael Bordonaro Lanecia M. Brewington Evelyn K. Briggs Reginald Bryant Timothy Bryant Kristen L. Bucko Andres Builes Robin E. Bundy Alice Marie Burt AnnMarie D. Camp Luis A. Cardona Cynthia M. Carter Molly Carter Carmen Causillas Elias Ayannah T. Chance Susan E. Chandler Gilda L. Chang Steven N. Clore Maggie K. Cody

Rebecca A. Coleman Natasha J. Conger Brenda J. Cowdery John Czelusniak Megan A. Danielson Amelia Davis Chianti C. Davis Kristy L. Davis Jessica Dawson Melissa A. Day Janet DeBerardinis Kimberly Dennie Lois L. Descamps Shandy C. Destin Sherry Katrina Dumas Lawrence L. Dunsmore Michele L. Eden Sarah K. Edmiston Terry Edwards Donna M. Etheridge Jerry B. Fain Jodell L. Fancher Brent Fillmore Jacqueline S. Fisher Kelli Flournoy Jennifer L. Forsberg Kristina M. Fortune Deborah Fowler Jacquelyn J. Frasier Michelle A. Friend Munirah Frye Steven M. Garrett Nancy Gawlinski LaRon D. General Anna C. Gilbertson Joshua Michael Girardin Marlene Gordon Gladys Bonita Grant

Rod Green Oliver Gross Kara Gulling Darel O. Gustafson Amy J. Haight Shameka O. Hamilton Michael Hannibal Windi Hanson Kurtis B. Hardy Lisa M. Harma Rowann Harper Sharon A. Henderson Amanda Herr Ryan K. Higginbotham Lesley S. Hong Amy Hossfeld Jodee L. Hunter Khalid K. Ibrahim David S. Illsley David B. Ingram Charles H. Jacob Beulah John Eric B. Jordan Michael A. Keeling Christie L. Kegg Deborah Kennedy John G. Kimani Kristin M. Kodada Dimitry V. Koupriaynov Erica Kramer Ross Gunnar Kronholm Rebecca Lynn Krulik Katy Lynn Kuball Belinda F. Ladd Angelina M. Lafrancis David D. Ledbetter Amy Lee Amanda Lehner 9

School of Business and Technology

Master of Business Administration continued Donald R. Lehto Eve M. Lenhart Ronald Lewis Marci Ann Lodor Erlinda Lopez Mark M. Losnick Leslie Lucas Douglas E. Luken Shannon D. Lyde Jennifer L. Maitland Ramona Malata Katherine F. Malone Susan Marczak William J. Marsh Kendra B. Martenson Marci Martin Phoebe T. McCants Marguerite P. McCreary Adriane McGlathery Mary Mocha Kathryn Alaine Mominee Robert E. Montaudo Eric M. Montes Travis N. Morehead Michael D. Morrello Erin A. Morton Colin M. Moylan Jennifer E. Muntz Melissa Murphree Shatima Leteya Murphy Erick B. Murray Bhimanagouda Nadagouda Chris Nasim Andrea Elizabeth Neiman Kyle Evan Noglow Lauri E. Nolan Krista Nugent


Brian T. Nutting Katharine O’Connor Ryan R. Oertel Stephanie A. O’Reilly Eunice Osbourne Doreen Oti-Holman Shawn R. Owens Monroe W. Parker Teleia J. Pastore Shundrey C. Patterson Lynn M. Patzner Alison M. Perry Julian A. Perry Jamel Perryman Joshua T. Peterson Travis Peterson Ernie L. Phaneuf Natasha J. Phillips Carmen Pla Rochele C. Plummer Eric Poplar Eric A. Porter Anisa L. Postell Nicole K. Quast Kathy Snodgrass Redmond Steven Reginald Janine Rhodes Michael S. Rich Melanie L. Richards Sandra L. Rieger Amber L. Roach Janice L. Roberts David J. Roland Karenga Ross Greg M. Sand Donahue R. Schacherer Marc Schaefer

Julie M. Scheele Michele N. Schenk Michael J. Schlumbohm Mark J. Schoolmeesters Christopher Seabrook Keisha D. Shelton-Regan James Brian Shorter Andrew Sloan Cheryl Smith Lisa Smith Nicole L. Smith Caroline I. Soler Diana M. Sotomayor Ahmed H. Sousa James St Pierre Kimberly Stanley Scottie L. Stanley Jemar A. Steele Saige Stocker Joselyn M. Stone Dawn S. Sullivan Gina L. Sundeen Eric M. Swarts Brian E. Taylor Christine M. Tegtmeier Analisa Thompson Millard A. Thompson Cassandra Thornton Wavie Torrence Cheryl L. Townsend Suzanne Traxler Veronica K. Uzarski Nyagatare Valens Ashley B. Vaughn Melanie Vaught Cheronda L. Vereen Elessa Vovan

School of Business and Technology

Master of Business Administration continued Dan Edward Walker Angela Wallace Moses G. Wearing III Ronald G. Wendt Matthew R. Wertz

Heidi Lyn Wezeman Nicole A. Williams Stephanie L. Wilson Wayne Wineglass Tamarah W. Winter

Robin A. Winternheimer Helen B. Woldeab Larry Wong Christine H. Wood Troy Zangs

Master of Science in Human Resource Management Bambi Bellflowers Carolyn A. Corsi Barbara A. Crenshaw Karen N. Foreman Jody E. Gohr

Nicole Harbin Pamela A. Major Sharon L. Mansfield Julie K. Miller Christopher J. Shea

Alison M. Sherman Quincy N. Valencia Regina Walker Robert J. White

Master of Science in Organization and Management Billy R. Aldridge, Jr. Robert S. Alexander Pamela J. Arendall Donna Arias Dale M. Beaty Maggie K. Bonko Drucilla A. Bradford Edward J. Burke Roberta J. Campbell Dedra Cantrell Matthew Dawson Michael J. Dotta Spring E. Edwards Erika M. Franceschi Dorothy I. Godbey Stephanie J. Golden Sarah R. Gowdy

Julie Schubert Grenuk Nichole A. Haubrich Patricia Jackson Richard A. Jensen Sarah R. Jones Thomas E. Kautto Patricia L. Lehti John R. Machnik Jerry D. Mardis Tina A. Mason Michelle A. McCollough Margit McPhillips Jerry E. Merrill Julie M. Michaels Joseph Miller Luz M. Miranda Sara L. Mistretta

Helene K. Moon Tiffany L. Morey Chuck Pattison Nancy L. Peltz Cindy L. Pierce Liberty C. Purdy Jo H. Robinson Vincent M. Scalo Frank D. Schackart Teneisha V. Sims Rob D. Slininger Christine N. Souilliard Jemma L. St. Lawrence Brent R. Suerdieck Deb Symmons Amber M. White Sean R. Wilkins


School of Business and Technology Master of Science in Information Technology Agboola Olabinjo Aliu Christopher L. Anderson Jason Arviso Steven Averett Abu B. Baba Wendy Barkalow Jason A. Barrett Patricia J. Battle Darren L. Bebout Ramona L. Bell Thomas M. Bell Terri Machelle Blazek Diane Bondurant Samuel E. Brown Jeffrey W. Bruce Timothy James Burke Gregg C. Burns Jeff Buse Vito G. Cameruci Kevin R. Campbell Cary L. Casteloes Eliza W. Chan Dennis J. Clark Mark Clark Teresa Cloud Kevin E. Cole Evan C. Cutler Fernando C. Daneri Jacheria L. Drayton Jocelyn R. Duyanen Malones Percy B. Ellis Ahmed K. Elmatbagi Renae M. Ethengain-Brown Youtha O. Fletcher Thomas Flynn Kirk R. Fontaine Stephen M. Foundos Joel E. Frey Alberto Garcia Edna Francine Geter 12

Douglas G. Gichana Abraham Gilbert Evan C. Gillett Jennifer R. Grant Lester Green Therahlee I. Guevara Carolyn J. Hale Lacy A. Handwork Matthew A. Handwork Lynnette M. Hanks-Dotter Guy V. Hanser Melinda Carol Harbaugh Regina Harrison Kay C. Hunt Deborah Johnson William E. Joyce Deborah M. Kimmel Beatrice Kist Maxim L. Kramer James B. Kroschel Todd M. Larson Mitchel Laubach Daniel B. Letort Harriet Nicole Love Tamanu Lowkie Robert Lucado Scott H. MacLeod Otis L. Magee James L. Marion Allice Mathias Michael J. Mathieu Reinaldo Medina Carrie L. Metcalf Norris Miller Khaja A. Mohiuddin Daniel L. Morgan Puvaneeswary Narayanan Martha A. Nemec Michael O’Donnell Julius N. Ofosu-Asante

Roberta F. Osmers William D. Patton William Barrett Payne, Jr. Bobby Joseph Pelletier John Pimentel Lawrence R. Polk John Matthew Powell Michael D. Prothero Thomas Rains Mark Ransome Michael J. Rauch Renee Doehrel Rhodehamel William F. Richard Roy W. Richardson Lori Ann Roberg Victor Ross Danielle Marie Rourke James G. Schenz Catherine Sherwin D’Ann R. Sherwood Angelique M. Shipley Jack Shockley II Jeffrey L. Simons Phousay T. Sinv Candice L. Slater Dorsel L. Spears Evelyn Steen Michael R. Steffes Jeffrey J. Thorstad Ronald Tokarcik Morgan M. Vance Evelyn A. Walther-Forest Coretta Bass Williams Kenneth Williams Angela Wilson Jack Worsham Tammy Ranee Young Gregory A. Zimmerman

School of Business and Technology Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management William L. Adams, Jr. Transformational Leadership in the United Methodist Church: An Empirical Investigation of Selected Churches Experiencing Growth and Decline in the Elizabethtown, Kentucky, District Mentor: Thomas Driver

Agyapong Anane Adjei Adaptive Leader-Follower Interactions: Internal Medicine Residents’ Perceptions of Attending Physicians’ Leadership Qualities During Medical Residency Program Mentor: Judith Forbes

Shawn D. Ambrose An Exploratory Study of Why Soldiers in a National Guard Battalion Did Not Reenlist After Deployment to Iraq Mentor: Karen Minchella

Christian Tabi Amponsah Public-Private Partnerships: Critical Success Factors for Procurements of Capital Projects Mentor: Judith Forbes

Robin S. Apparicio Exploring the Influence of Resource Dependence on Organizational Autonomy: A Case Study of a Human Services Organization in New York City Mentor: Douglas Jackson McCready

Keith K. Asante Information Technology (IT) Strategic Alignment: A Correlational Study Between the Impact of IT Governance Structures and IT Strategic Alignment Mentor: Steven Brown

Adam Atalla Self-Assessment vs. Employee Perceptions of Nonprofit Leadership Mentor: Joseph Avella

Ken Autore An Evaluation of the Stock Price Announcement Effect of Seasoned Equity Offerings Mentor: Zhenhu Jin

Diane K. Ballard Generation Y Perceptions of the FirstLine Supervisor–Employee Dyad: A Phenomenological Analysis Mentor: Germain Ludwig

Richard Alan Bauer Trading One Uniform for Another: An Examination of Army Health Care Specialist Service as Civilian Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, and Other Emergency Medical Professionals Mentor: Karen Minchella

Marshall T. Benveniste A Study of Organizational Learning and its Relationship to Organizational Size, Ownership, and Performance in the Largest U.S. Newspaper Organizations Mentor: Clifford Butler 13

School of Business and Technology Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management continued Catherine M. Berry Elements of Emotional Intelligence that Facilitate Expert-to-Peer Tacit Knowledge Mentor: John DeNigris

Patrick D. Beyer Authentic Leadership In-Extremis: A Study of Combat Leadership Mentor: Cyd Strickland

Michael S. Bird Utilizing Agile Software Development as an Effective and Efficient Process to Reduce Development Time and Maintain Quality Software Delivery Mentor: John Whitlock

Barbara Ann Birkett Worldwide Print Media Clusters as Related to the U.S. Market: A Descriptive Quantitative Study Mentor: Anthony Pizur

Jill Bjorndahl-Jay Women Entrepreneurs: Integrating Family and Organizational Commitments Mentor: Kathleen Hargiss

Sterling E. Blackmon Barriers to Credit and Investment to Minority Business Entrepreneurs: An Investigation in the Rockford, Illinois, Metropolitan Statistical Area Mentor: Kathleen Hargiss

Frances O. Bowen-Thompson An Examination of Leadership Styles of Minority Business Entrepreneurs: A Case Study of Public Contracts Mentor: Frank DeCaro 14

Terri T. Boyd Labor Participation of Single Mothers: A Comparison of Economic Stability Factors of Black and White American Single Mothers in Metropolitan Areas in Northeastern America from 1976 to 2005 Mentor: Diane Bandow

Victoria Boyd The Retention Factor: Retaining the Distance Education Learner Mentor: Calvin Lathan

Peter T. Brennan Pursuing Success Without Scandal: Exploring the Relationship Between Transformational and Authentic Leadership. Mentor: Janice M. Spangenburg

Donna J. Broussard The Leadership Practices of African American Women Working in the Defense International Contracting Industry in a Deployed Status: A Quantitative Study Mentor: Thomas Driver

Linda Thanhthuy Bui-Le Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Acquisition Trends: Information Technology Managers’ Perceptions of the Impact on Information Technology Outsourcing Mentor: Danielle Babb

Aubrey Butts Managers’ Communication Styles and Employees’ Job Satisfaction: A Quantitative Study Mentor: Zhenhu Jin

School of Business and Technology Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management continued Ivy Lynne Cage Factors that Affect Organizational Commitment Within an African-American Population: A Delphi Study

Edward M. Coufal Chief Security Officer Leadership Complexity: How Convergence Affects Organization Culture

Mentor: Barbara Bailey

Mentor: Calvin Lathan

Diana R. Canku The Impact of Earning a Degree at the Sisseton Wahpeton College

Angelene Croasdale Telecommuting From the Employee Perspective: Examining Telecommuting as an Influencing Factor in Effective Performance, Job Satisfaction, and Productivity

Mentor: Stephanie Fraser-Beekman

Burnell G. Carden, Jr. A Case Study Examining Training Expatriates for Overseas Assignments: Does a One-Size-Fits-All Training Program Really Fit Everyone Mentor: Adolfo Gorriaran

Joseph L. Cargal, Jr. The Perceptions of the Automotive Supply Industry Related to Information Technology Utilization and Creating Barriers to Competitive Market Entry: A Case Study of the Implications for Strategic Planning Mentor: Jelena Vucetic

Sandra K. Carter Transformational Physician Leaders: The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Transformative Learning Mentor: Cyd Strickland

Darlene F. Costa-Brown The Life Stories of First Female Presidents at Selective Northeast Institutions of Higher Education: A Collective Narrative Case Study

Mentor: Adolfo Gorriaran

Jaime R. Cser Impact of Participation in a Worksite Wellness Program on Presenteeism: A Quantitative Study of Pennsylvania Workers Mentor: Mary Whitman

Fitzroy L. Daniels Top-Down vs. Bottom-Up Management Approach: The Effect on Employee Motivation and Retention Mentor: John Machnic

Anthony W. Davidson Engagement and Workgroup Productivity Mentor: Ronald Benson

Kristi Dean Employees’ Perception of Learning New Software from Customized Training Materials Mentor: Valerie Coxon

Mentor: Cyd Strickland


School of Business and Technology Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management continued Leroy George Demuth III Accepting Technology as a Solution: A Quantitative Study Investigating the Adoption of Technology at Colleges

Roselynn S. Dow Socialization of New Lawyers: The Influence of Values Congruence and Mentoring on Job Satisfaction

Mentor: John Hannon

Mentor: Judith Forbes

Ify Sara Diala Job Satisfaction Among Information Technology Professionals in the Washington DC Area: An Analysis Based on the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire

Joni E. Dowling Patient Care: A Case Study of Young Working Women With Breast Cancer

Mentor: Adolfo Gorriaran

Crystal A. Dickerson Women in the Senior Executive Service of the United States Federal Government: An Exploratory Quantitative Investigation Mentor: Barbara Bailey

Francis L. DiFonzo Is Management Education Better Learned in Teams? A Study of Teamwork Within the Business Education Curriculum Mentor: Cyd Strickland

Charles A. Doherty Assessment of Public Sector’s Planning and Strategies for Attaining Strategic Alignment. Mentor: Lawrence Ness

Jill M. Dooley Job Satisfaction of Forensic Scientists in the Public Sector Mentor: Mary Whitman

Tracie L. Douglas Perceptions of Expatriate Minority Employees in Relation to Diversity Initiatives: A Qualitative Study Mentor: Janice Spangenburg 16

Mentor: Toni Greif

Edith E. Drewery-Brown Survey of Project Management Officers: Analysis of Project Performance Information Received, Impact on Decision Making and Project Completion Success or Failure Mentor: Jose Nieves

Christine Duvendack Correlation of Work–Life Balance Decisions of Different Generations of Physicians Mentor: Irving Buchen

Christopher O. Erhardt The Business of Video Game Development in 2009: Statistical Representation of Indian Video Game Player Trends and Habits Mentor: Calvin Lathan

Matthew Osetola Fanegan The Buy or Build Decision in Selecting a CEO’s Successor: A Quantitative Analysis of New CEO Origin and Subsequent Corporate Financial Performance of Fortune 500 Companies Mentor: April Wall

School of Business and Technology Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management continued Elizabeth G. Faunce Internet-Based Financial Planning Tools Versus the Traditional Financial Planner

Mpho M. Gilika Lived Experiences of Batswana Women in National Leadership Positions

Mentor: Zhenhu Jin

Mentor: Judith Forbes

Julie A. Ferrazzano-Mazza Eating Away at the Bottom Line: Employee Turnover in the Food Service Industry in the State of Rhode Island

David S. Gillispie Leadership Traits and Their Impact on Quality Systems for the Power Supply Industry

Mentor: Samuel Natale

Mentor: Gregory McLaughlin

Terry Fobbs The Evaluation of Paradigm: The Critical Examination of the Influence of Fellowship Styles and Courageous Follower Attributes and Hotel Costumer-Contact Employee Job Satisfaction

Richard L. Gissel Information System Requirements Determination: Factors Impeding Stakeholders from Reaching Common Understandings and Agreements on Requirements

Mentor: Keith Grant

Mentor: John Hannon

Jennifer M. Ford The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Job Satisfaction: A Study of Front-Line Staff at a Large Healthcare Organization

Charles M. Green A Study of the Interrelationship of Interpersonal Skills, Team Dynamics, and Emotional Intelligence and its Effects on Project Outcomes Within the Integrated Materiel Management Center: A Case Study

Mentor: Valerie Coxon

James R. Francisco Fingerprints in Place of Passwords: A Study of Technology Adoption in the Nursing Profession Mentor: Richard Yellen

Romulo W. Gayoso The Strategic Planning Process: The Future of Renewable Energy Planning an Investigation on the Success and Failures of the Strategic Planning Process Applied to the Renewable Energy Industry

Mentor: Werner Gottwald

Christy L. Guion The Impact of TQM and Six Sigma Improvement Methodologies on Organizational Performance Mentor: Calvin Lathan

Gerard W. Hall Fast Food Industry Employees and Job Esteem: A Descriptive Study Mentor: Joseph Avella

Mentor: Valerie Coxon 17

School of Business and Technology Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management continued Richard A. Hand Entrepreneurial Analysis: A Study to Identify Traits and Demographics of Practicing Entrepreneurs Mentor: Perry Haan

David Haringa Can Organizational Change be Sustained? Mentor: April Wall

Patricia D. Harley Planning Strategically For a Diverse Talent Pool: A Case Study Mentor: Cyd Strickland

Jeffrey Harrington Leadership Styles of Florida Sheriffs: A Self-Assessment Mentor: Richard Murphy

Pamela Rochelle Harris Embracing Spirituality in the Workplace: A Case Study of Employees’ Perceptions of Increased Job Performance Mentor: Keith Grant

Madge B. Haughton How American Firms Establish Collaborative Relationships in China Mentor: Cyd Strickland

Stephanie M. Heald-Fisher Female Entrepreneurs Making Connections: Networking by Women Small Business Owners Mentor: Jean Gordon

Will Hires Defining Moments: A DescriptiveCorrelational Study of the Economic Development Impact of the Business Incubators in the State of Louisiana Mentor: Jelena Vucetic

James F. Hoelscher The Ethics of Yield Spread Premium: A Case Study of Illinois Mortgage Brokers/Bankers Mentor: Luis Rivera

Christopher D. Huseman Market Orientation and the Markor Scale: A Quantitative Study Measuring the Degree of Market Orientation of Illinois Banks $500 Million in Assets And Less Mentor: George Kalidonis

David F. Iwane Cause Related Marketing as a Solution for Companies with Negative Reputations Mentor: Raj Singh

Paschal C. Iwuh Leadership at NEEDS: A Study of the Frequency in Which Leaders at the Nigerian National Economic and Empowerment Development Strategy (NEEDS) Exhibit Transformational Leadership Characteristics as Measured by the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire Mentor: Marc Muchnick

James E. Jones The Challenge of Leadership in Times of Crisis: A Case Study of Hurricane Katrina Mentor: Sara Orem


School of Business and Technology Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management continued Kerry Mitchell Jones A Quantitative Study Examining the Impact of Personal Relationships in the Professional Lives of Black Women Mentor: Thomas Driver

Jason Jeffrey Kell Examining Servant Leadership and Employee Engagement in a Financial Services Industry Organization: A Descriptive Survey Study Mentor: Irving Buchen

Judith N. Kenney A Descriptive Analysis of the Presence of Core Course Content in Graduate Human Resources Program Curricula Mentor: J Craig Wallace

Abdussalam A. Khan Virtual Mentoring: A Quantitative Study to Measure the Effectiveness of Virtual Mentoring Versus Face-to-Face Mentoring Mentor: Calvin Lathan

Glenn Paul Kinder Consumers in the Pews: Exploring the Relationship Between Consumption Experience and Emotional Brand Attachment in a Megachurch Context Mentor: Laura Markos

Leonard J. Kistner Determining and Executing New Product Strategy: Integrating the Product Innovation Charter and the Fuzzy Front-End

Roy Klein Knowledge Management: Usefulness of Knowledge to Organizational Managers Mentor: Richard Yellen

Warren J. Kleinsmith, Jr. The Cultural Impact of Societal and Organizational Culture on Ethnocentric Japanese Leaders: A Phenomenological Collective Case Study Mentor: Gregory Gull

Pamela S. Lawson Professional Social Workers: Why They Stay in the Child Welfare Industry in Rural West Virginia Mentor: James Krolik

Margaret R. Lee E-Leadership for Project Managers: A Study of Situational Leadership and Virtual Project Success Mentor: Janice Spangenburg

Jen-Jyh Liu Pervasive Telemonitoring for Patients Living with Chronic Heart Failure: A Quantitative Study of Telemedicine Mentor: Edward Goldberg

Willie J. Lockett, Jr. A Quantitative Study to Investigate Students Satisfaction with Online Music Instruction Mentor: Steven Brown

Mentor: Perry Haan


School of Business and Technology Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management continued William B. Luton Transformational Leadership and Organizational Commitment: A Study of UNC System Business School Department Chairs Mentor: Danielle Babb

John A. MacDonald Value Creation in Pharmaceutical Mergers Mentor: Kenneth Granberry

Michael Marin CEO Compensation and Company Performance: A Case Study of the U.S. Automotive Sector Mentor: Keith Grant

Anthony J. Marino The Effectiveness of Chief Information Officers in Companies of Central Florida as Perceived by Top-Management Members: An Exploratory Study Mentor: Marc Muchnick

Frank Masi The Correlation of Retention: An Investigation of the Relationship Between What is Important to Employees and What is Perceived to be Important to Their Managers

Mentor: Zhenhu Jin

Frances A. McDonald Strategy: A Case Study of a Community College and the Dynamic Forces at Work in its Environment Mentor: Mary Evans Kasala

Edythe Ann McNickle A Grounded Theory Study of Intrinsic Motivation Factors Influencing Public Utility Employees Aged 55 and Older as Related to Retirement Decisions Mentor: John DeNigris

Kevin V. McReynolds Brand Attachment to Specific Technology, Means Efficacy, and Organizational Commitment Mentor: Cyd Strickland

Mark S. Miller Implementation of Network Leader Sponsored Supply Chain Management Systems: A Case Study of Supplier IT Business Value

Mentor: Calvin Lathan

Mentor: Sheila Fournier-Bonilla

David R. Matthews Performance Management: A Comparative Analysis of Peak Experience Performance and Non-Peak Experience Performance in Business Leaders

La Rue V. Moore Funding For K-12 Schools in the San Francisco Bay Area: A Case Study Utilizing a Flexible Research Design

Mentor: Maudie Holm


Elizabeth A. McBride Emotional Intelligence and Cognitive Moral Development in Undergraduate Business Students

Mentor: Alan Chmura

School of Business and Technology Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management continued Kristen L. Moraz Participants’ Perceptions of the Value and Effectiveness of the Leadership Boca Program Mentor: James Mirabella

Mildred A. Moses The Professional Experience of Diversity Officers in Fortune 1000 Companies Headquartered in the Southeastern United States Mentor: Laura Markos

Geoffrey K. Mugalu The Role of Senior Leadership in Ethical Behavior of Financial Institutions: A Case Study Mentor: Marc Muchnick

Dave Nanderam Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement: An Exploratory Case Study Mentor: Mary Evans Kasala

Rao Raghunadha Nemani Knowledge Sharing in a Data Warehousing Project: What, When, and How Mentor: Apiwan Born

Deborah Noble Burak Information Technology and the Baldrige Quality Award: The Role and Impact of Information, Systems, and Service Quality at a Community College Mentor: Kathleen Hargiss

John Robert Nolley III The Educational Administrator: A Correlational Study of Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in a Proprietary University Mentor: Janice Spangenburg

Sunny Norwood Interpersonal Influence Tactics as Characterized by Certified Athletic Trainers Mentor: Adolfo Gorriaran

Kenneth C. Nwoke Full-Range Leadership: An Examination of Bass’s Model in the Home Healthcare Agency Environment Mentor: Godwin Igein

John D. O’Bradovich Influence of Leadership and Culture on Financial Performance: A Case Study in a Troubled Industry Mentor: R. Drummond McNaughton

Nicholas I. Okolo Leadership Analysis: An Investigation of the Relationships Between Leadership Styles of the African Immigrants’ Heads of the Households and Success of the African Immigrants in the United States Mentor: Frank DeCaro

Rosa Osuoha A Study of African American Women: The Impact of the Glass Ceiling Syndrome on Advancement Opportunities in Organizations Mentor: John Klocinski 21

School of Business and Technology Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management continued Robert M. Pierson Intercultural Competence and Study Abroad in a Language Neutral Environment: An Analysis of Undergraduates at Arcadia University Mentor: John Whitlock

Rocky Pinheiro Organizational Change and Employee Empowerment--A Grounded Theory Study in Lean Manufacturing Integration into a Traditional Factory Environment Mentor: Kathleen Hargiss

M. Linda Poisseroux Making A Difference: A Grounded Theory Study of Employee Involvement in the Workplace Mentor: Martin Leahy

Mentor: Cyd Strickland

Alberto Roldan The Correlation Between Rigor and Relevance Using Pedagogical or Andragogical Instructional Methods in American Business Schools Mentor: Calvin Lathan

David L. Ryan Towards the Development of a Model for Hardware Standards in Information Technology Procurement: Factors for Consideration Mentor: Steven Brown

James A. Polito A Study of the Relationship Between Commitment to the Supervisor and Followers’ Perception of Leadership

Timothy K. Ryan Business-IT Alignment Maturity: The Correlation of Performance Indicators and Alignment Maturity Within the Commercial Airline Industry

Mentor: Joseph Avella

Mentor: Lawrence Ness

Vincent A. Polito, Jr. Knowledge Style Profiling: An Exploration of Cognitive, Temperament, Demographic and Organizational Characteristics Among Decision Makers Using Advanced Analytical Technologies

Justice R. Salifu The Nexus of Service Performance and Service Quality: A Study of the Ghanaian Retail Banking Industry

Mentor: Germain Ludwig

Dorothy O. Potter The Traits/Characteristics, Attitudes, and Effective Work Environments of Servant Leaders: A Delphi Study Mentor: Judith Forbes 22

Arezou Pouria Job Satisfaction of Engineering Graduates of Iranian Universities in British Columbia

Mentor: Frank DeCaro

Frederick Martin James Seiler A Comparative Study of the Relationship Between Human Capital Investment and the Growth and Decline of Two Similar Communities: A Case Study of Niagara Falls, New York, U.S.A., and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada Mentor: Luis Rivera

School of Business and Technology Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management continued James R. Sholes II Do Christian College Students Develop Into More Ethical Leaders? An Evaluation of Moral Development and Transformational Leadership Mentor: Katherine Dew

Wilma J. Slenders-Didkowsky Chief Executive Officers and Their Trusted Advisor Relationships: A Qualitative Study from the CEO’s Perspective Mentor: Kathleen Hargiss

Belinda G. Smith E-Learning Technologies: A Comparative Study of Adult Learners Enrolled on Blended and Online Campuses Engaging in a Virtual Classroom Mentor: Gregory McLaughlin

Catherine Smith The Four Components Found in Innovative Organizations: An Investigation of Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Winners Since 2000 Mentor: Janice Spangenburg

James M. Smith Character Development at the United States Air Force Academy: A Phenomenological Case Study of Graduates’ Reflections Mentor: Toni Greif

Melanye V. Smith Police Perceptions of Integrity: The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Moral Development Among Police Officers

Yoram Solomon From Startup to Maturity: A Case Study of Employee Creativity Antecedents in High Tech Companies Mentor: John Whitlock

Brian C. Sonet Regional Influences of Decision Making Practices of Chinese Managers in the North and South of China Mentor: Anthony Pizur

Cynthia Starling Sparks Barriers, Motivation and Success Strategies of African American Women Executives in Non-Profit Organizations: A Qualitative Phenomenological Study Mentor: Rhonda Waters

Cynthia E. Sutterfield Self-Managed Teams: A Study of the Correlation of Demographic Characteristics and Cognitive Characteristics and Team Effectiveness Mentor: Stephanie Fraser-Beekman

Alan R. Swank Exploring Organizational Dynamics of Organizational Culture, Entrepreneurial Leadership, and Strategy in Small Family Businesses: An Ethnographic Collective Case Study Mentor: Toni Greif

Mentor: Calvin Lathan 23

School of Business and Technology Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management continued Synethia Taylor Understanding Intent to Leave: A Quantitative Study of the Relationships Between Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intent of Clinical and Administrative Employees in Federal Health Care Mentor: April Wall

Mentor: John Klocinski

Valerie Brown Thomas Virtual Team Effectiveness: An Empirical Examination of the Use of Communication Technologies on Trust and Virtual Team Performance

John Thomas Walter Prioritizing Information Technology Investments: Assessing the Correlations Among Technological Readiness, Information Technology Flexibility, and Information Technology Effectiveness

Mentor: John Klocinski

Mentor: Lawrence Ness

Tami S. Thompson The Impact of Locus of Control on Decision Making Styles of Mid-Level Managers

Deon T. Wansel Thinking Outside of the Book: The Adoption of Search Engine Web Sites

Mentor: Mary Whitman

Mentor: Jose Nieves

Robert Allan Tillman Exploring Security Certification and Accreditation Using the Agile Software Development Lifecycle Process

Raymond J. Welsh Leadership Styles of a Multigenerational Leader

Mentor: Steven Brown

DaMetrius J. Trotter Viable Enterprise: A Qualitative Study of the Largest African American Owned Businesses Under Conditions of Turbulence in the Southeast Region of the United States Mentor: Rubye Braye

David A. Uhl A Study of Senior Pastor Turnover and Organizational Performance in Local Churches Mentor: Marilyn Harris 24

Deborah Vilegi Peters The Impact of Effective Leadership on Quality: The Role of Leadership in Managing Quality Initiatives in Health Care

Mentor: Stephanie Fraser-Beekman

Damian Whalen The Influence of Emotional Intelligence on the Acceptance of Organizational Change Mentor: Germain Ludwig

Bernadette L. Whitehead An Investigation of Supply Chain Management in the 21st Century: A Case Study of Supplier Relationship Management Through Strategic Partnering with the Defense Logistics Agency Mentor: Jelena Vucetic

School of Business and Technology Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management continued Cassandra Williams Building Stronger Teams in the Life Insurance Industry: A Qualitative Study of the Use of Personality Assessments in the Selection and Hiring Process

Scott A. Wilson International Assignment Management in Asia: A Study of the Relation Between Social Support Mechanisms and Assignment Success Among Western Females

Mentor: Rubye Braye

Mentor: Jean Gordon

Valerie Evangeline Williams Organizational Change and Leadership Within a Small Nonprofit Organization: A Qualitative Study of Servant-Leadership and Resistance to Change

Summer J. Wilson Does a Military Spouse’s Employment Status Affect the Retention of the ActiveDuty Spouse? A Study of Military Spouse Employment

Mentor: Clifford Butler

Mentor: Rubye Braye

Dawn Wilson An Evaluation of Gender Leadership Preference in the Government Contracting Industry: An Examination of the Glass Cliff Phenomenon

Bennie R. Woods The Relationship Between a Manager’s Emotional Intelligence and Perceived Leadership Style

Mentor: Janice Spangenburg

Gloria W. Wilson The Impact of Leadership Ethics on Employees’ Productivity in Business and Industry

Mentor: Joseph Avella

Maja Zelihic Acceptance Into the European Union: An Investigation of the Challenges to Bosnian Leadership Mentor: Calvin Lathan

Mentor: J Craig Wallace


School of Business and Technology

Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology Olubunmi P. Aborisade How Technology Transforms Journalism Business Through Citizen Reporters in Nigeria

Gregory M. Lee The Correlation of High School Student Achievement and Diffusion of Information Technology in Four Urban School Districts

Mentor: Richard Livingood

Mentor: Jelena Vucetic

David M. DeProspero Computing Challenges Facing Physically Challenged Children: A Usability Analysis of Multitouch Technology in the Classroom Environment Within the Rome City School District

Virginia Watson Ross Factors Influencing the Adoption of Cloud Computing by Decision Making Managers

Mentor: Valerie Coxon

Emmanuel Austen Ichu Quality Assurance in Software Development: An Exploratory Investigation in Software Project Failures and Business Performance Mentor: Richard Livingood

Mark T. Lafferty Software Effort Estimation Accuracy: A Comparative Study of Estimations Based on Software Sizing and Development Methods Mentor: Werner Gottwald


Mentor: Kathleen Hargiss

Emmanuel E. Udoh The Adoption of Grid Computing Technology by Organizations: A Quantitative Study Using Technology Acceptance Model Mentor: Alan Chmura

School of Education

Master of Science in Education Monte N. Ables Charlie O. Akomas Nicole M. Aldridge Elena Allen Melissa W. Allen LaJuan D. Alston Jennifer A. Altman Bernard Earl Anderson Jennifer Walters Anderson Lisa A. Anscombe Amanda Ashabranner William L. Askew, Jr. Philippe E. Asselin Gina Y. Austin Boone Deborah D. Bailey Mary K. Baker Bruce L. Becker Kristen L. Behm Donna Berenotto Debra M. Berrett Rebecca L. Bertermann Jeremiah Richard Blue Autumn Boomgaarden Edward S. Bright Ernest Eugene Brown Sarah Bentley Bunten Kenesha Burton Anitra E. Butler Timothy Cadle Heather Anne Caldon Pamela K. Capps Carla Carlson Anita S. Casteel Dorthea Y. Cates Robert Catto Gerald Causey James Russell Cervin, Jr. Marjorie Chafa-Govha Iris J. Cheeks Stanley B. Clarke

Barbara A. Cloud Brian M. Collins Patricia Conley Janine Coogler Cheryl CooperCaster Lori M. Cox Victoria A. Cramer Kimberly Crank Candace K. Crawford Brian E. Curtis Agustin D. Damers Teresa Ann Dangerfield Chrisi A. Davis Allison N. DeMarco Kathryn S. Denheeten Jo A. Diffenderfer Jane M. Domagalski Monica M. Donahue Rebecca Anne Donahue Paul Ronald Drange Ann Drummer Sandra Jeanne Duggleby Lily Ehlebracht Mary T. Eing Lisa M. Esposito Monica L. Ewing Robert Edward Fanger Belinda A. Farmer Sue A. Ferguson Marie L. Ferrer-Jackson Diana L. Fordham James K. Fowlkes Dana K. Frederick Stephanie Fucci Patrick Gilbert Silbia Gonzalez Denise T. Goodings Jeanette R. Gordy Alpha D. Gough Tyeka M. Grant

Clarice M. Grantt Melody L. Graveen Tamara Lynn Gray Anita R. Green LaShawn D. Grice Gail H. Griggs Gail Haimes Terrill L. Hall Melissa A. Hampton Aida O. Hartshorn Ramon Hernandez Richard S. Heuslein Brock C. Hodgson Yvonne M. Hood Lynn House Judith C. Hughes LaToya A. Jackson Ramesh Chandra Khemraj Jagernauth Gina M. January Charlotte A. Johnson Marian Johnson Mindy M. Johnson Sharon Jones Jessica L. Jordan Melissa Jo Jordan Rhonda Jordan Canika M. Jourdan Shari J. Kantrow Jennifer L. Keene Dawn W. Kelly Jennifer E. Kenning Patty A. Kirkham Linda Annette Kpaka Paul A. Kraimer Ellen M. Krause Cheryl C. Laplante Leslie Larnino Alicia LaSpina Friedrich Sharon S. Leah


School of Education

Master of Science in Education continued Jennifer Raynor LeBeau Elizabeth P. Leibrick Sherwood Lennon Jennifer Lodge Darcey J. Loggains Magdalene G. Lopez Aurea J. Loveless Sharee L. Lunsford Triston C. Matthews Kathy T. May Bridgett L. Mayorga Shakeica McClinton-Moore Kerin A. McClure Karen L. McDonald Wendy M. McGarvey Lekshmi M. Mendez Helen V. Meschke Vanessa M. Meyers Christopher Michael Diane L. Miller Richard Frank Miller Darin R. Mills Amy M. Monroe-O’Hora Rachelle E. Morris Steven V. Morton Traci M. Mosby Stephanie M. Moyer-Federer Mervat Z. Muhtadi Qawasmi Kim C. Nelson Ronald L S Nelson Rebecca E. Nolda Charles O’Dell Peter K. Olsen Karolyn Olson Audra Olukoya Frieda Y. Orlowski Jessica M. Ortiz Heather Owens-Werkheiser Jeanie J. Peck 28

Christina L. Platero Sharon L. Pobjecky Mary Dionne Polite Joseph J. Poschner Dwayna D. Powe Leon J. Rallings Stacy Redmond Burnett L. Robinson Freida Rollen Adam Rosen Sharon A. Rosenstiel-Spring Casonya N. Ross Therese M. Russell Hassana Sadiq Dominic A. Salvucci Pamela A. Scallan Kimberly Jo Schade Diane M. Schiffer Tina Schmitz Nadine C. Schreiter Jennifer J. Schroeder Sharlondra R. Scott Jennifer M. Shinaberger Carla J. Sineway Diane L. Skene Earline R. Smith Frederick Theodore Smith Linda Smith Marc A. Smith William M. Smith Savannah Smolskis Jacqueline Sommerville Jason R. Sovick Julie Spaude Courtney Spencer Laurie M. Squillace Donna M. Stancell Tyrhonda Starks Emily M. Stephans

Nicole Stewart Seawright Alvin L. Stitt Kevin K. Stretch Machelle Strohmeyer Joanne R. Swenson Michael A. Szustak Lori Anne Taylor Shonda S. Thomas Staci A. Thommes Terri Thornton Jill Tietjen Rose D. Toering Jennifer J. Townsend Carol D. Trussell Melissa Ryan Trzasko Maridee K. Tschida Rebecca J. Uhlhorn Ebony Valentine Matthew V. Vicari Michelle J. Walker Tinika Watkins Kristina Weaver Mary P. Weizmann Kevin White Carey L. Williams Karen D. Williams Melissa D. Williams Anthony O. Willis Khalimah M. Willis Jon Woodall Constance A. Wright Dori M. Wright Elizabeth Wright April Wyatt Christine K. Yero Stacy A. Young Theresa Anne Zanghi Dana M. Zangrillo

School of Education

Post-Master’s Certificate in Education Sharon Nesbitt Bazil Wade Black Heather Bonker Felicia Denise Bookert Desiree G. Bruce Robert J. Busch Katrina Marie De Vinci Dolores E. El Thomas W. Ellis Brenda I. Essig Darold Foote Sykes Tracey Fowlkes Cesar A. Gonzalez Kim M. Gravelle Christy L. Guion

Henry Hamilton Bridget L. Hinchman Dorothy Hudson-Gayle Latasha Jennings Clara N. Johnson Albert W. Jones Shelly L. LaPrince Martin C. Laramie Corie Legue Odessa Jean LeMay-Smith Warren P. Lord James Magwood Daniel C. Marvin Shirley Ann McArthur Emma R. McGinnis

Agnes Regina Mendenhall Joyce Miles Jeannett Montes Kizzy Davina Morris Patricia Muse Marshall Newell Cheryl Painter Cheryl Magill Parson Alberto Roldan Cheryl A. Seminara Anna Sias Darlene R. Sims Harold R. Torrens Cynthia K. Turner

Education Specialist Lynette E. Aleem Robert Barnes Rosie Bingham-Ellis Angelina Brunson Molly Clark Marc M. Daly Anthony Monroe Finley Jawanna Fleming Shemica Gamble Eunice M. Gay

Lynn Marie Gluck Peterson Kerri E. Hendrix Lakeshaw S. James Denetria C. Jimerson Brenda Johnson Yojuana L. Lawson Mary Liddell Nancy-Grace McPherson Brigid Glenda Moss Kerri Ann Palmer

Christine E. Patterson Tyjauna LaShun Smith Misha Stewart Pamela Tucker-Gorden Malikah Walker Jennifer A. Wilson Michael J. Wilson LaToya Woodyard


School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education Stacey Adler The Impact of Proposition 227 on the Identification and Placement of English Language Learners in Special Education in Rural California Districts Mentor: Philip Corkill

Roberta J. Agar-Jacobsen The Learning Styles of Middle and High School Deaf and Non-Deaf Students in Public Education Mentor: Lisa Aaroe

Eniola Ajayi Prereferral Intervention Strategies to Reduce Referrals to Special Education Mentor: Jackson Beazley

M. Vance Allen-Wallace Reality to Actuality: Postsecondary Readiness for Students with Learning Disabilities Focus on Academic Success Mentor: Jason Ward

Susan M. Anderson Determining Whether Including StudentGenerated Drawing Before Narrative Writing Increases the Clarity and Description Used by Third Grade Students Mentor: Elaine Guerrazzi

Catherine N. Anstrom University Faculty Members Perceptions of Group Work: How Knowledge and Experiences Guides Practice Mentor: Elizabeth Bruch


Amber JoRie Antuna The Extinction of Home Economics: A Study of Family and Consumer Sciences Mentor: Amy Gaskins

Ana Leonor Armbrister Non-Native Speakers Reach Higher Ground: A Study of Reciprocal Teaching’s Effects on English Language Learners Mentor: Amy Kuo-Newhouse

Karen Baldeschwieler Ignore the Rankings: A Study of the Relationship Between Commercial College Rankings and Lifetime Economic Value Mentor: Carol Berg O’Toole

Etta M. Baldwin Middle School Team Leader Teacher’s Perceptions of the North Carolina School Library Media Centers’ Impact Process Mentor: Jason Ward

Diane E. Bardsley Setting a Good Example: Supervisor Behavior Modeling and Transfer of Learning Mentor: Marsha Covington

Cecil W. Batchelder Social Software: Participants’ Experience Using Social Networking for Learning Mentor: Dennis Mills

School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Lynette H. Bell A Survey of the Special Education Transition Program Perceptions of Importance and Barriers in a Midwestern Secondary Public Schools and Higher Education Institution Mentor: Anne Auten

Sonja Denise Bennings Evaluating the Effects of Same Gender Schooling on Student Achievement Mentor: Randall Sampson

Karen J. Berman Aspiring to Acts of Conceptualization: A Study of Creative Cognition in Theatre Directors Mentor: Elaine Guerrazzi

Virgena D. Bernard Factors that Contributed to Graduation From an Associate Degree Nursing Program Mentor: Barbara Keener

Sharon R. Beverly A Mixed-Methods Study Examining the Postgraduate Career Choices of StudentAthletes on 12 NCAA Women’s Basketball Teams Mentor: Phyllis Misite

Andrew G. Black At a Distance: A Comparative Study of Distance Delivery Modalities for PhD Nursing Students Mentor: Pamela Hanfelt

Julie K. BoarerPitchford An Examination of the Assessment Practices of Community College Instructors Mentor: Carmen Myers

Darryl E. Bonds Exploring Reading First Program Implementation Across Colorado Schools with Differing Achievement Results Mentor: Jackson Beazley

Darold S. Boswell “Missing in Action” A Study of the Underrepresentation of African American Male Kindergarten Through Grade 12 Educators in Public School Systems Mentor: Herbert Merrill

Thor I. Boucher Increasing Support for Novice Teachers Working in Urban, Low-Income Schools Mentor: Ronald Dougall

Tawanda M. Braswell Persistence Factors of First-Generation Learners Mentor: Howard Jacobs

Marci Brauchie I’m Tired of Being a Failure: A Study of Ignored Deficient Learners Mentor: Philip Corkill

Dave R. Brecht An Investigation of the Impact of Technology Use in a Student-Centered Classroom on the Grades Six and Nine Provincial Achievement Tests (PATS) and Grade Twelve Diploma Exam (DIP) Mentor: Michael Jazzar 31

School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Gwendolyn Brown An Exploratory Study of the Elements to Develop a Coaching Model Mentor: Michael McGivern

Lequisha A. Brown-Joseph Public Montessori Educational Instructional Practices: A Deeper Look Into Accountability Mentor: Amy Kuo-Newhouse

Iris A. Broyles Distributed Cognitive Mini-Course: An Instructional Intervention to Improve the Effectiveness of One-Day Environmental Education Camps Mentor: Carla Lane

Ian J. Burk More Bang for Your Buck: The Effect of Minnesota’s Alternative Pay for Teachers on the Math Achievement of High School Students Mentor: Jerold Horgen

Hurshel B. Burton The Efficacy of Active and Collaborative Learning Environments in Community Colleges Mentor: Elaine Guerrazzi

Jenefer V. Campbell A Study of Perceptions Relating to the Implementation of Positive Behavior Support and School Climate in a Small, Urban Elementary School Community Mentor: Bonita Wilcox


Shelvy L. Campbell An Exploration of the Leadership Style Preferences among African American Women Administrators of the 1890 Cooperative Extension System Mentor: Douglas McCoy

Minolar Tharps Christopher Performance Indicators, Accountability, and Quality: An Analysis of Key Indicators at Two Georgia Postsecondary Institutions Mentor: Joshua Fischer

Mary K. Churchill At-Risk High School Students and Online Learning: Characteristics and Instructional Design Strategies Mentor: Sonja Irlbeck

Robin M. Churray-Rousseau Creating Quality of Life: Creating a Culture of Patient Safety in the Nursing Home Setting Mentor: Keith Johansen

Vanessa Pereira Clark Homeschooling Guidelines and Statutes: An Analysis of Public School Superintendents’ Perceptions in Ocean County, New Jersey Mentor: Michael Jazzar

Cheryl D. Colber To Include or Not To Include: A Study of Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Inclusive Classrooms Mentor: Mary Dereshiwsky

School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Jerry D. Collins Teacher and Student Perceived Reasons for Dropping Out of High School in an Urban Alabama City Between 2004-2008 Mentor: Charisse Redditt

Tammy R. Condon Educating Transformational Leaders for the Urban Context: A Study of Formal, Non-Formal, and Informal Educational Experiences in the Effective Training of Urban Ministers Mentor: Phyllis Misite

Keith F. Corso Learning Styles for Traditional College Students: Does Mode of Learning Improve Performance Outcome? Mentor: Carla Lane

Christopher E. Coughlin Identifying Multiple-Choice Test Development Practices and Problems of Paramedic Training Programs Mentor: Bonita Wilcox

Char-Shenda D. Covington Lagging in the Race: The Impact of Teacher Morale on Student Achievement Mentor: Mary Rice-Crenshaw

Julie Anne Cross Engaging the Paradox of Competence: Business and Education Research Develop a Master of Business Competence Model Mentor: Darlene Van Tiem

Jody Davenport Corroborating the Expectations and Predilection of Millennials with the Andragogical Principle of Self-Directed Learning Mentor: Marsha Covington

Linda J. Davidson Sam Subject Mentors: Creating Strong Beginnings for Novice Special Educators Mentor: Carole Burnworth

Debra R. Davis Learning While Black: The Role of Online Learning in the Success of the Black Male in Higher Education Mentor: Joshua Fischer

Lorretta J. Davis Social Networking Sites as Virtual Communities of Practice: A Mixed Methods Study Mentor: Phyllis Clayton

Katrina Marie De Vinci How does Sensitivity Training of Health Care Workers Impact Patient Satisfaction? Mentor: Cheryl Bullock

Elaine DellaVecchia The Phenomenon of Learning: The Lived Experience of Distance Education Baccalaureate Nursing Students Mentor: Christopher Calvin

Jessica S. Dilworth Evaluating the Impacts of Professional Development: A Mixed Method Study of Adult Education Learning Communities Mentor: Raj Singh 33

School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Abdelhafid Djemil Effect of Memorization of the Multiplication Tables on Students’ Performance in High School Mentor: John Francis

James F. Doran, Jr. Breaking the Silence: A Phenomenological Study of the Effects of Asynchronous Voice on the Formation of Identity, Community and Presence in Online Learning Mentor: Rod Sims

Kathleen D. Durant The Availability and Use of 21st Century Technology Tools in South Carolina Secondary Public School Library Media Mentor: Elizabeth Bruch

Shirley H. Edwards A Case Study of the Transition Experiences of Freshman Student Athletes Mentor: Richard Schreck

Mary P. Esposito The Use of Phonemic Awareness Video Clips as a Professional Development Teaching Tool: A Narrative Inquiry Mentor: Beverly Enns

Dirk W. Essary Emotional Intelligence: An Investigation on the Effect of Implementing Emotional Intelligence Competencies into Management Training of a Metropolitan Government Agency Mentor: Michael McGivern

Tasha R. Etheridge Assertive Discipline and its Impact on Disruptive Behavior Mentor: Melissa McIntyre

Debra Legree Evans Teachers’ Perception of School-Based Professional Development Mentor: Amy Kuo-Newhouse

Kenneth D. Fox Investigating the Impact of Multimedia Design Principles on Learning in an Online Context Mentor: Carla Lane

Abby L. Freeman Being Prepared to Lead: The Management Preparation of Academic Leaders from a Private Career College Mentor: Carol Berg O’Toole

Carolyn D. Fulton Rapid Prototyping in Instructional Design: Creating Competencies Mentor: Charlotte Redden

Gail Maureen Gibson Sheffield Making the Connection: A Case Study of Integrative Learning and Self-Authorship in a Capstone Experience Mentor: Elaine Guerrazzi

Jeremiah A. Gilbert Balancing the Equation: The Effect of Alternate Course Formats on Retention and Performance of Adult Elementary Algebra Learners Mentor: Gerald Giraud


School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Eleanor R. Glover The Application of Data to Improve the South Carolina Family and Consumer Sciences Program of Studies Mentor: Deborah Gilbert

LaSchunn Brown Gonsalves Experiencing Technical Difficulties: High School Teachers’ Quest to Integrate Technology in the Curriculum Mentor: Carolyn Rogers

Douglass A. Goss Sight-Singing Assessment: A Study of Current Beliefs and Practices of Georgia Middle and High School Choral Directors Mentor: Jackson Beazley

Michelle A. Grant The Lived Experience of Low-Income Minority Students Who Receive State Merit Aid at a Georgia Postsecondary Institution Mentor: Christopher Rasmussen

Kris A. Gravitt A Study of Developmental Algebra and Computer-Aided Instruction: Does Computer-Aided Instruction Increase the Final Exam Grades of Developmental Algebra Students?

Audrey R. Greer Mathematical Communication: A Study of the Impact Expository Writing in the Mathematics Curriculum has on Student Achievement Mentor: Amy Gaskins

Karen A. Habblitz A Study of Leadership Characteristics of Chief Academic Officers in For-Profit Higher Education Institutions Mentor: Phyllis Misite

Kristine Hagen Thofson The Wicked Problem and the Instructional Designer: Recognition of and Approaches to Wicked Problems in Instructional Design Practice Mentor: Charlotte Redden

Cherise Eudora Irene Hall The Word on Vocabulary Instruction: Understanding the Kindergarten Teacher’s Perspective Mentor: Jason Ward

Joseph C. Hancock Professional Staff and Parent Perceptions of Parental Involvement in Caroline County Public Schools

Mentor: Katherine Green

Mentor: Barry Persky

Russell E. Gray A Study of the Relationship Between Multicultural Teaching Training Methods and Teacher Attitudes About Diversity in Rural Schools

Brett E. Hansen Characteristics of Context for Instructional Design Mentor: Sonja Irlbeck

Mentor: Howard Jacobs 35

School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Kenneth G. Haptonstall An Analysis of the Correlation Between Standards-Based, Non-Standards-Based Grading Systems and Achievement as Measured by the the Colorado Student Assessment Program (CSAP) Mentor: Forrest Ray

Suzanne L. Harris Separate But Equal?: A Study of Freshmen Orientation Programs and Retention Mentor: Charles Kozoll

Twanitta M. Harris The Impact of Single-Gender Classes on a School’s Environment Mentor: Melissa McIntyre

Paul Franklin Hartford Collaborative Acculturation: The Role of Community in the Process of Becoming Intercultural Mentor: Janet Lessner

Tavita S. Herriott The Impact of Inclusion and Pullout on Middle School Students’ Standardized Test Scores Mentor: Adair White-Johnson

Nathan B. Herzog Keeping the Ones You Want: A Study of Faculty Satisfaction and Faculty Retention in Higher Education Mentor: Phyllis Misite

Sharonda Y. Hickman Test Anxiety: Analyzing Levels Among Participants Preparing for The National Board Respiratory Care (NBRC) Examination Mentor: Harry Walling

Kimberly Hodges A Study of Problem-Based Learning Content Acquisition and Academic Achievement in Career and Technical Education Courses at the Middle-School Level Mentor: Patricia Marin

Jeffrey S. Hogan Improving Academic Achievement Through Legislation: Correlating Charter School Laws Against Academic Performance Mentor: Diann Musial

Connie Frances Holloway Inclusive Schools and Dropout Rates: A Phenomenological Approach Mentor: Douglas DeWitt

Jeanne-Marie Hughes Take a Leap and Shimmy on Down: An Ex Post Facto Study on the Differences Between Community College Students Who Do and Don’t Study Dance Mentor: Pamela Hanfelt

Joseph E. Ilecki Training Evaluation within the Federal Government Mentor: Cheryl Doran


School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Sally A. Ingles A Study of the Group Assessment Procedure for the Selection of Teacher Education Candidates at a Small, Private University in the Midwest Mentor: Katherine Green

Bruce A. Johnson Transformation of Online Teaching Practices Utilizing Appreciative Inquiry to Enhance the Process of Learning Mentor: Gordon Graham

Lisa K. Johnson Keeping Women Silent: A Study of Female Leadership in Faith-Based Institutions Mentor: John Francis

Lisa Marie Johnson A Study of Wikis and Classroom Community in Online Learning Mentor: Rod Sims

Sondra M. Jones The Road Less Traveled: A Superintendent’s Journey from the Classroom to the District Office Mentor: Carolyn Rogers

Willie E. Jones A Correlational Study of Student Achievement and Student Attendance Mentor: Randall Sampson

Yvonne Dolores Jones Corppetts Lifelong Learning: An Examination of Attitudes and Practices of Black Adults’ Informal Learning Experiences

Tzipora Katz Adult Online Learning: A Study of Attitude, Motivation, and Engagement Mentor: Callie Welstead

Masego B. Kebaetse Scaffolding Techniques Used by Educational Developers to Support Academics in the Design of Learner-Centered Courses Mentor: Rod Sims

Cubie D. King The Impact of Retiring Baby Boomers and Expected Workforce Shortages: Causes, Effects, and Solutions Mentor: Michael McGivern

Janolyn J. King Adequate Yearly Progress in Elementary, Title I Schools: A Study on Administrator Leadership Styles and their Impact on Student Achievement Mentor: Randall Sampson

Linda Kingston Virtual World Real Education: A Descriptive Study of Instructional Design in Secondlife Mentor: Suzanne Dunn

Joy C. Klotz An Examination of the Relationship Between Self-Directed Learning Readiness and Acadmeic Achievement in First Year College Students Mentor: Carmen Myers

Mentor: Carmen Myers 37

School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Julie Knutson Observing Faculty Culture: Grounded Theory Research Study of Faculty Attitudes and Perceptions Throughout Program Changes Due to Accreditation Mentor: Cheryl Bullock

Douglas A. Kranch A Study of Three Instructional Sequences for Developing Computer Programming Expertise in Novice Learners Mentor: Rod Sims

Nancy L. Kuzmak Women Engineers: Stories of Persistence Mentor: Monica Roth Day

Mary E. Leary Leadership: Subject to the State Personnel Act (SPA) Employees’ Perceptions of Job Satisfaction at Elizabeth City State University Mentor: Eric Wellington

Delmar I. Lee Perceptions of Collaborative Learning from African American Males at a Predominantly White Institution(PWI) Mentor: Patricia Marin

Daniel F. Leguizamon A Musical Approach to Reading Fluency: an Experimental Study in First-Grade Classrooms Mentor: Beverly Enns

Damon P. Leiss Does Synchronous Communication Technology Influence Classroom Community? A Study on the Use of a Live Web Conferencing System within an Online Classroom Mentor: Kim Rynearson

Gardner A. Lepp Knowledge and Use of Student-Centered Instructional Techniques, Alternative Assessment Methods, and New Educational Technology in Adult Business Education Mentor: Cristie Grunwald

Brenda S. Lewis The Buck Stops Here: A Correlation Coefficient Study of Standardized Test Scores and School District Funding Levels Mentor: Barry Persky

Letitia D. Lewis No Parents Left Behind: A Study of the Affects of Parents and Teachers on Achievement Mentor: Carolyn Rogers

Tanyaneka T. Lipscomb Teachers’ Perceptions Regarding the Effectiveness of Accommodations for Students with Specfic Learning Disabilities Mentor: Kathleen Mondell

Zuleika S. Livingston A Study of the Academic Progress of Students with Disabilities in Urban Public Middle Schools in Georgia Mentor: Randall Sampson


School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Linda L. Livingstone Student Grouping for Successful Online Asynchronous Discussions in a Middle School Literacy Program Mentor: Molly Lane

Gary W. Long Community and Videos: An Action Plan to Increase Success Rates in California Community College Developmental Mathematics Mentor: Gordon Graham

Denise Anne Longoria Hispanic Learners in South Texas: Factors that Influence them in the Pursuit of Graduate Education in Social Work Mentor: Pauline Everette

Brent R. MacWilliams Through the Eyes of the Clinical Preceptor: A Grounded Theory Mentor: Mary Dereshiwsky

Andrea G. Madison Academic Achievement: Does Sustained Silent Reading Contribute to Success on Standardized Tests? Mentor: Tracey Lacey

Kathleen Mandato Successful Implementation of Patient SelfCheck-In Kiosks from a Frontline Service Employee Perspective: A Qualitative Study of Best Practice Mentor: Keith Johansen

Timothy K. Loper Connecting the Dots Between Math and Reality: A Study of Critical Thinking in High School Physics

Deborah S. Martin No Child Left Behind and its Effect on Recruiting and Retaining Special Education Teachers in Rural South Carolina School Districts

Mentor: Ann Rowland

Mentor: Douglas DeWitt

Bobby L. Lowe Teachers Know Best: A Study of Teachers’ Perceptions of Principals’ Leadership Practices and School Climate in High Poverty Title I Elementary Schools

Juma A. Massinga-Sanders Professional Development for Generalist Teachers to Meet the Demands of 21stCentury Instruction: A Qualitative Study of High School Alternative Education

Mentor: Herbert Hooper

Mentor: Behrooz Sabet

Dorothy A. Mac Gregor Conflicting Pedagogical Philosophies and Methodological Approaches toward Teaching Art Education: Art Education Methods Determination to Distinguish Art Education as a Valued Core Subject in the Educational Curriculum of Suffolk County Public Schools

Natasha Kearston May The Relationship Between Principal Leadership Styles and Student Achievement in Elementary Schools Mentor: Melissa McIntyre

Mentor: Douglas DeWitt 39

School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Amy McArdle-Rausenberger So You Think You are a Leader—Does the Superintendent Agree? A Study of the Principalship Mentor: Douglas DeWitt

Barbara A. McCarthy Mentoring’s Critical Components: Four Traditional Teachers’, Four Alternate-Route Teachers’, and Four Mentors’ Perspectives

Mentor: Howard Jacobs

Lynn S. Moore Study of Effective Approaches for Teaching Adults

Mentor: Bonita Wilcox

Mentor: Cheryl Bullock

Amy Christine McCulloch How Stakeholders Perceive Gifted Education: A Study of Elementary Gifted Education Programs

Sam F. Morina, Jr. Mentoring and Retention in First-Year Teachers: A Mixed-Methods Study

Mentor: Philip Corkill

Lauren A. McGuire Improving Student Critical Thinking and Perceptions of Critical Thinking Through Direct Instruction in Rhetorical Analysis Mentor: Bonita Wilcox

Sherry A. McKenzie Survey of Mentored Teachers: Continuing Effects After First-Year Mentoring Program Mentor: Elizabeth Bruch

Wanda L. Miles Correlational Study of Leadership Style and Teacher Job Satisfaction in Two Head Start Programs Mentor: Patricia Marin

Cassandra Miller Washington Unraveling the Gift: A Study of Classroom Teachers’ Perceptions of African Americans’ Giftedness Mentor: Charisse Redditt 40

Gaylynn Marie Moore Postsecondary Schooling Experiences of Reentry Middle-Aged Women: Empowerment and Self-Efficacy in Work and Personal Relationships

Mentor: Patricia Marin

Gail Lynn Murphy The Negative Impact on Student Performance with Teacher Imposed External Locus of Control: A Study of the Relationship Between Self-Efficacy and Teacher Regulated Performance Feedback Among Community College Nursing Students Mentor: Harry Walling

Kelly S. Murtaugh Most Likely to Succeed: Characteristics of Success at a Suburban Technical College Mentor: Ronald White

Susan G. Naples Millennials: Their Attitudes and Their Effects on Freshman Retention in Higher Education Mentor: James Cook

School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Jun Nara On-the-Spot Problem Solving of Airline Professionals: A Case Study of Sky Business School Personnel Training Program

Katherine T. Ogletree The Perspectives of Teachers and Parents Regarding Parent Involvement in an Elementary School

Mentor: Pamela Hanfelt

Mentor: Barry Persky

Deborah Trupp Naughton Study of Associations Between Age, Race, Gender and Adult Learners Graduating from a Distant-Learning Master’s Program

Jerold C. O’Guin Verbal Overshadowing: Disrupting Memory in Postsecondary Adult Students

Mentor: Howard Jacobs

Vivienne A. Neal The Black-White Achievement Gap in Georgia: Implications for School Improvement and Reduction of Disparities Mentor: Melissa McIntyre

Nathalie Neree Alternative Programs: Assuring graduation for high school students with emotional and behavioral disabilities Mentor: Charisse Redditt

Mentor: Joshua Fischer

Olomeruom Okonta Effects of Online Interaction via ComputerMediated Communication (CMC) Tools on an E-Mathematics Learning Outcome Mentor: Carla Lane

Stuart R. Olson Crossing the Cultural Bridge: Instructional Interventions Contributing to Effective Transfer Learning with Newcomers Mentor: Katherine Green

Grace O. Nwosu A Study of Associations Among Teacher Collaborative Activities and Student Achievement

David Orenstein Filtering Access to Internet Content at Higher Education Institutions: Stakeholder Perceptions and Their Impact on Research and Academic Freedom

Mentor: Amy Kuo-Newhouse

Mentor: Phyllis Misite

June V. Odom-Harris Hispanic Student Success: Characteristics of Successful Mexican American Students

Yanessa S. Page Shadows and Acts: Effects of Perceived Stereotypes on Persistence of Black Men in North Carolina Community Colleges

Mentor: Carol Pasanen

Marcia Oglesby Evaluating the Effects of a School Violence Prevention Program on Student Achievement

Mentor: Herbert Merrill

Mentor: Jackson Beazley 41

School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued George C. Panga A Study of Adult Students’ Perceptions of the Traditional Distance Education Programs and the Option of a Blended Learning Model in Sub-Saharan Africa

Anita K. Perez-Studdard Failing Our Best and Brightest: Are Eligibility Criteria Related to the Underachievement of Gifted High School Students?

Mentor: Howard Jacobs

Mentor: Adair White-Johnson

Diane Para Leadership Qualities Desired for College Presidents as Perceived by College Trustees

Antoinette M. Perkins Accreditation Benefits Whom: A Study of Accreditation and Massage Therapy Licensure in the State of Ohio

Mentor: Barbara Keener

Michèle Parent A Study on Nursing Education: A Consensus on Ideal Programs for Aboriginal Students Mentor: Janet Lessner

Paul A. Patti The Invisible Classroom: Learning Style and Learner Satisfaction in a Virtual Audioconferenced Technical Training Environment Mentor: Carole Mottaz

Sheila A. Paul Assessment of Critical Thinking in Nursing: How Should Critical Thinking Be Assessed in the Clinical Setting? Mentor: Cristie Grunwald

Edmund V. Pax A Case Study of the Applicability of Organizational Innovativeness Factors on the Implementation of Flexible Retirement Programs Mentor: Michael McGivern


Mentor: Jerome Halverson

Larry D. Perkins Nurse Managers Transform Nursing: A Study of Leadership Behaviors and the Relationship to Leadership Training and Employee Satisfaction Mentor: Karen Minchella

Char A. Perlas Enhancing Underrepresented, Community College Student Motivation Through Blended Curriculum Mentor: Carol Berg O’Toole

Mary T. Peter A School-Based Inquiry Team Model: Its Effects on the Academic Achievement of “SETSS” Students in Middle School Mentor: Randall Sampson

Jeri Stickney Phillips Does Hypertext Promote Self-Efficacy? A Study of Hypertext in Syllabus Design Mentor: David Klein

School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Clarine Pierre A Qualitative Case Study of How Educators Collaborate and Coteach Within an Inclusive Classroom

Kyle Gregory Pruitt The California Female Superintendent as Instructional Leader: Reported Practices and Self-Perceived Capabilities

Mentor: Ann Rowland

Mentor: Casey Reason

Elicia Pollard Meeting the Demands of Professional Education: A Study of Mind Mapping in a Professional Doctoral Physical Therapy Education Program

Mark P. Purcell The Smart Money: A Case Study Illustrating the Impact a Global Economic Recession has had on Endowment Funds at Three Ohio Higher Education Institutions

Mentor: Charles Kozoll

Mentor: Charles Kozoll

Susan G. Popplewell Are We There Yet? An Analysis of Multicultural Content in the Early Childhood Education Specialization Textbooks Used by One University’s Teacher Preparation Program

Sigmund J. Reckline A Study of Distance Education for the Needs of the Nuclear Power Industry Mentor: Thomas Bourque

Paula L. Porter Effectiveness of Electronic Textbooks With Embedded Activities on Student Learning

Sandy D. Reid Effect of a Reading Program, Consisting of Corrective Reading and the Support of an External Consultative Agency, on Achievement Scores of Students Served Through an Early Intervention Program

Mentor: Nancy Thornton

Mentor: Barry Persky

Charles R. Prescott Exploration of Instructional Design Strategies in a Faith-Based Setting for a College Level Biblical Course of Study

Carole B. Reiss The Effects of Mindful Exercise on Standardized Test Scores

Mentor: Keith Johansen

Mentor: Dennis Mills

Mentor: Barry Persky

Bennie F. Prince Effectiveness of Teacher Preparation: From Theory to Practice

Nichole F. Rich Integration of Yoga to Vitalize Preschool Children: A Proposed Study of Yoga Therapy to Increase Attention in Preschool Children

Mentor: Ronald White

Mentor: Lisa Reason


School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Ronald S. Rizzo Ready Or Not?: A Portrait of the Professional Development of Michigan Charter School Principals and its Affect on Student Academic Performance

Edris V. Ryan Special Educators Speak: An Examination of the Perspectives and Experiences of Special Educators About Inclusion Practices at the Middle School Level

Mentor: Charles Kozoll

Mentor: Carole Burnworth

Lillian R. Robinson Processes and Strategies School Leaders are Using to Move Their Multicultural Schools Toward Culturally Responsive Education

Felicia I. Sawyer Principal on the Rise: A Case Study of Leadership Practices

Mentor: Michael Worthington

Mentor: Lee Monroe

Stacee Ray Roehler Cognition, Behavior, and Communication: Does Awareness of Self Improve Relationships Among Married Couples?

Sharolyn C. Sayers Online Student Perceptions: Incorporation of Virtual Gaming and Simulations in Community and Technical College Curriculum

Mentor: Katherine Green

Mentor: Jason Ward

Lisa Lynnette Rollins Surveying Undergraduates’ News Consumption Habits: Journalism Education in the Age of Media Convergence

Kathleen M. Schiefen Entrepreneurial Orientation of Community College Workforce Divisions and the Impact of Organizational Structure: A Grounded Theory Study

Mentor: Howard Jacobs

Heather Gordy Russell Through the Use of Gilbert`s Behavioral Engineering Model, What Changes Can Management Make to Increase Blood Donations? Mentor: Kevin Freer

Jodi E. Rust Working Smarter Not Harder: Using a Pedagogical-Based Model in the Rapid Development of Quality Hybrid Courses Mentor: Kim Rynearson

Mentor: Barbara Keener

Joel N. Schuessler Self Assessment as Learning: Finding the Motivations and Barriers for Adopting the Learning-Oriented Instructional Design of Student Self Assessment Mentor: Dennis Mills

Lanettae Scott A Study on the Relationship Between Ability, Motivational, and Work Environmental Influences and the Degree of Transfer of Learning of New Trainers Mentor: Phyllis Clayton


School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Thomas H. Sheppard The Effect of Study Group Participation on Student Naval Aviator Persistence Mentor: Jamie Barron

Kendra J. Sibbernsen The Impact of Collaborative Groups Versus Individuals in Undergraduate InquiryBased Astronomy Laboratory Learning Exercises

Liza D. Smith Beyond Graduation: An Evaluation of an Academic Advising Model’s Effect on the Retention of General Studies Students at Quinsigamond Community College Mentor: James Cook

Tracy D. Smith Student Motivation: A Study of Title I Tutoring

Mentor: Janet Lessner

Mentor: Randall Sampson

Leslie C. Sinclair-Blake A Comparative Analysis of Selected Variables of 12-to-15 Year Old Males in Special Education and the Juvenile Justice System

Karen Elaine Stewart The Role of Reflection: Preschool Teachers’ Use of Reflective Thinking to Translate Higher Education Learning Into Teaching Practice

Mentor: Mark Rossman

Mentor: Janet Lessner

Debbie L. Smarr Breaking the Glass Ceiling in Oklahoma Higher Education: A Case Study of Kate Galt Zaneis, the First Woman President of a Public Four-Year College or University in the United States

Orbie L. Stewart Effects of Diversity Education on College Students in Military Sponsored Classes

Mentor: Thomas Bourque

Carlen Smith Teaching Evolution in New Jersey Public High Schools: Examining the Influence of Personal Belief and Religious Background on Teaching Practices Mentor: Cheryl Doran

Christine B. Smith Relaxation and Learning in the SpecialNeeds Preschool Classroom

Mentor: Terry Ratcliff

Judith A. Sullivan Making a Difference: A Study of the Perceptions, Classroom Management, and Instructional Practices of Teachers Who Use Culturally Responsive Strategies to Teach African American Adolescent Male Students Mentor: Bonita Wilcox

Catherine M. Suttle Engagement in Online Courses Mentor: Sonja Irlbeck

Mentor: Kathleen Mondell


School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Ebony N. Thomas Eighth-Grade Writing: A Mixed-Methods Study of the Impact of Criterion-Referenced Peer Feedback on Students’ Writing Achievement Mentor: Deborah Gilbert

Calvin Thompson Mandatory Integration of Academic Achievement: A Look at African American Males in a Previously Segregated Central Georgia Junior High School Mentor: Lee Monroe

Harriet L. Thompson The Role of the Principal in Special Education Decisions and Programming Mentor: Kathleen Mondell

Rachel E. Tomcsik Does Gender Matter? Collaborative Learning in a Virtual Corporate Community of Practice Mentor: Rod Sims

Lanitra K. Toney A Case Study of the University if Mississippi and its Response to the Growth of Online Institutions Mentor: Christopher Rasmussen

Anthony B. Tooth The Role of Aesthetic Experience in the Timing of Nontraditional Students’ Decision Making Mentor: Michael Worthington


William S. Turner Leadership to Success: A Study of the Leadership Behaviors of Dropout Recovery Program Leaders Mentor: Randall Sampson

Diane M. Turo-Hughes Reaching New Heights and Executive Development: Evaluation of Leadership Development Mentor: Barry Persky

Rosalie E. Tuttle The Impact of Simulation in Nursing Education on the Selfefficacy and Learner Satisfaction of Nursing Students Mentor: Julia Bronner

Adanta N. Ugo The Relationship Between Tutoring and Student Success Mentor: Douglas McCoy

Alice M. Valente Competency: Does High Fidelity Simulation Make a Difference? Mentor: Janet Lessner

Ski R. VanderLaan Practicing Accounting Profession Criteria Skills in the Classroom: A Study of Collaborative Testing and the Impact on Final Exam Scores Mentor: Janet Lessner

School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Angela M. Velez Creating and Sustaining Virtual Communities of Practice by Operationalizing Constructs of Preparation, Collegiality, and Professional Development Mentor: Cristie Grunwald

Justin S. Walker A Descriptive Analysis of Alternative Schools in Texas Mentor: Barry Persky

Sounya S. Walker At-Risk Student’s Perceptions of the Upward Bound Programon Academic and Social Preparation for Postsecondary Institutions Mentor: Barbara Keener

Muriel Wallace Closing The Achievement Gap Through the Retention of African American Students in the Gifted Programs Mentor: Amy Kuo-Newhouse

Richard L. Wallace The Perceptions of Community College Students to Foreign Language Acquisition Grounded in Multiple Intelligence Theory Mentor: Jason Ward

Eli J. Weissman A Study of the Academic and Life Factors that Contribute to Attrition of Male Adult At-Risk Students Attending For Profit Degree-Granting Institutions

Lisa M. Whalen Empathy and Reading of Narrative Fiction Among Community College Students Mentor: Carmen Myers

Maxine G. White-Stephens The Impact of Parental Involvement on the Literacy Success of Students Mentor: Jackson Beazley

Sarah Williams The Implementation of a Focused School Renewal Plan to Increase Student Achievement in a Low Performing Rural School District Mentor: Deborah Gilbert

Nettie Saundra Williams Lemle Evaluating the Effects of Co-Teaching on Student Achievement Mentor: Jackson Beazley

Sarah D. Williams-Tolliver Understanding the Experiences of Women, Graduate Student Stress, and Lack of Marital/Social Support: A Mixed Method Inquiry Mentor: Harry Walling

Darnelle H. Wilson Vocational Education in High School: A Future Outlook Mentor: Cheryl Bullock

Mentor: Harry Walling


School of Education

Doctor of Philosophy in Education continued Ann Ethel Witherspoon-Favors Looking Back and Looking Forward: The Perspectives of African American Men on Success in College Mentor: Larry Reynolds

Linda J. Wlodyga The Use of the Academic Electronic Medical Record (EMR) to Develop Critical Thinking Skills in an Associate Degree Nursing Mobility Program Mentor: Caroline Bassett

Leanne M. Wruck Computer-Mediated Communication: Instructional Design Strategies that Support the Attainment of Bloom’s Higher Order Cognitive Skills in Asynchronous Discussion Questions Mentor: Charlotte Redden

Cindy A. Yates Teaching for Success: A Comparison Study of Teachers’ Perceptions of Different Approaches to the Instruction of Reading Mentor: Adrienne Gibson


School of Public Service Leadership

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Human Services Deborah D. Bailey Jerome Brothers Gwendolyn J. Chenault Jessica A. Clair Jessica J. Harkins Heather Odle Michael L. Scott Holly Wood

Master of Public Health Carmen Marie Freund

Master of Science in Public Health Kendra Anthony Monique L. Greene Lynette Pious Donesha Scott Ashley D. Turner


School of Public Service Leadership

Master of Science in Human Services Beatrice E. Adamczyk Tywana L. Allen Inezsia Anderson Patricia A. Archer Katerina S. Aunese Tammy L. Babcock Hazel-ann G. Bailey Marsha R. Banks LaKeia R. Bernard Natalie E. Bernard Sarah B. Berry Johnny Blackwell Kimberly Monique Bolyard Kyle J. Bonesteel Marcia K. Bonnville Bradley D. Brady Sara R. Briggs Sharon Leigh Broker Gene L. Burke Kirsten L. Butterbaugh Susan Campion Tatiana M. Cano Mary K. Carothers Gina M. Castillo Yolonda N. Childs Jessica A. Clair Jennifer E. Collins Brandi L. Copeland Gail A. Cragg Ella Dailey Tiffani S. Dailey Lashay P. Daniels Candyce Davis Carletta P. Davis Carolyn M. Devries


Cara L. Donato Gary D. Dooley TaShara M. Duckett Kimberly N. Edwards Dolores E. El Kristina Black Emberg Diana A. Falcon Aisha Farngalo Dennis A. Fields Tamika C. Fisher Larry T. Fitzpatrick Karen Fogle Jaquitta L. Ford Chanel LaRey Fort Margaret Fortenberry Bryan K. Foster Kimberly D. Foster Elizabeth Frederick Teresa G. Gleason Candace Trent Godwin James Lester Gooch Sonja D. Goodwin Gatha R. Green Ebony Griffin Natalie A. Griffin Pattie L. Gwynn Georgianna Hampton LaTonya R. Harden Jessica J. Harkins Cherie M. Harmon Raechelle Harris-Sani Marvin G. Hester Andrea Hewitt Tina J. Hill Rhonda C. Horne

Keosha M. Hullum Marie K. Jackson Michele JaegerBlood Stephen L. Jett Laura Jimenez Rhonda A. Johns Barbara J. Johnson Janice H. Johnson Phillip Sebastian Johnson, Sr. Tina Johnson Crystal Jones Megan A. Joyce Amara M. Kamara Fatu Kamara Candace F. Kelson Sara C. Kerley Rhazi K. Khodadad Kenneth A. Lebbon John L. Leclair Lakisha S. Lester Angel Lo Tracey Long Latoya Lowe Gregory E. Ludvik Amber Lund Sarah J. Mackey Dana Christopher Maddox Amber D. Mahnke Kingkane Malmquist Gary W. Mansfield Manuel Martinez Mary R. Mcclure Charles Robert McGinnis Veronika V. McKnight Sean M. McLaughlin

School of Public Service Leadership

Master of Science in Human Services continued Nancy O’Hara Meek Paulina Hoppe Michaud Diane D. Miles Patrice J. Miles Carolyn K. Mohammed Virginia L. Moore Cortney Launa Morgan Diane L. Morlock Lorenda M. Morris Netta Morris Phillips Juliann M. Murphy Charles M. Mutama Melissa D. Myers Leona Nairn Veronica LaVonne Nelson Christopher T. Nolan Kathy M. Norcott Alexandro J. Nunez Kelley M. O’Leary Jacquita T. O’Rourke Amy Elizabeth Parker Yashicia Patterson Sarah Peterson Kasi Lynet Phillips Tameka T. Phillips Joellen Anna Podoll Mary L. Porfert Karen W. Pouncy Amy O. Pritchard Nicole Gironda Probst Pascale Proctor Dennis J. Pudwill Crystal Rafferty Karensia M. Richmond Creshanda L. Riley

Felicia Roberson Tatum Kathleen E. Rose Tricia M. Ross Alicia D. Rouse Felicia Sargent-Walker Robert J. Schroeder Andre M. Scott Deborah Scott LaQuesha S. Scott Gail M. Sellu Mahmoud Seyyedpour Clarese M. Shaw Garland M. Shaw Elizabeth Noonan Smith Kimberley M. Smith Wayne Snelling Elizabeth S. Southall Desiree Stackhouse Anna M. Stamat Sara M. Stansell Kristy A. Strom April Shawnette Stuckes Patricia A. Swan-Smith Gwendolyn A. Talton Kelly Thacker Amitabh Thakur Jeanine Y. Thomas Holly K. Tidwell Janean Tinsley Veronica Tinsley Crystal Tomasko Kate A. Tricker Leslie J. Vaden Precious L. Vines Sharon D. Vinson

Katherine S. Wade Patricia Walsh Latoya J. Ward Edquina Washington Brandon L. Watford Beverly Whichard L’Tanya White Sheila L. White Colleen K. Wilber Bridgette A. Williams Dannetta L. Williams Lizzy Obiageli Williams Monique S. Williams Sedrick L. Williams Tamara D. Wright Aleta L. Young Melissa A. Young Shannon M. Zila


School of Public Service Leadership

Master of Science in Public Safety Jeannie H. Azzopardi Angela Bellamy Michael J. Belmarez Jerome Brothers Johana S. Cadiz Michael J. Chanat Sheldon Jerome Cooper Rodney J. Cruz Deloris Davis Nicole L. Davis Jeffery S. Force Jennifer R. Fulbright Julia A. Furfaro Joan O. Gentgen Farrah L. Gosford


Denecca Guile Danlette Tiny Harris-Jones Lorrie C. Jackson Grant Jongejan Anthony W. Kline Jennifer L. Knotts Dave L. Kulee Joanna Lowery Kimberly L. McBurrows Anita L. McCloskey Nathan Craig McKay Jesse D. Mushaney Darren Navarra Willie F. Neely Anne M. Nephew

Charles Parham Randi L. Potter James A. Prokop Boris Pukhovitskiy Latonya Tenay Reeves Mark A. Schnabel Lisa Schur Lauren Cerissa Stroud Alex Vang Shellie R. Wagner Russell White Laura Whitehead Lissel Belinda Wright

School of Public Service Leadership

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services John A. Adwok Changing Lifestyles and Risk of Hypertension in an African Population: The Alcohol Factor

David A. Bull Situational Leadership Style and Employee Turnover Intent: A Critical Examination of Healthcare Organizations

Mentor: Ellen Hope Kearns

Mentor: Mark Minelli

Vinnette D. Batiste Substance Abuse: Evaluation of Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes in the Healthcare Delivery System

Autumn L. Burton Motivation to Give Back: Attributes of Professional Football Players Who Support Nonprofit Organizations

Mentor: Debra Hurd

Mentor: Delores Cauthen

Keith W. Battle Employers’ Perspectives on the Hiring of Ex-Offenders

Lisa M. Cheatham The Relationship Between Race/Ethnicity and Inpatient Hospital Utilization and Outcomes for Heart Failure Among Older Adults: A National Perspective

Mentor: Amy Donovan

Daniel J. Benny The Impact of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Airport Watch Program on Crime at Pennsylvania General Aviation Airports Mentor: Jennifer Rounds-Bryant

Jennifer M. Boyette Active versus Passive Low Back Pain Treatment: A Study of Functional Outcomes Mentor: Delores Cauthen

Sandra H. Bragg Mental Health Professionals’ Education and Training Effect on Personal and Professional Beliefs with a Culturally Diverse Population Mentor: Catherine Waugh

Theresa M. Brodrick Executive Women in Healthcare: Perceptions of the Executive Coaching Process Mentor: Yvonne Kochanowski

Mentor: Mary Rockey

Denise Coughlin Type 2 Diabetes After Gestational Diabetes: A Hermeneutic Study of Women Who are “Diabetic Again” Mentor: Jody Oomen

Byron L. Daniels The Effect the Relationship Between African-American Male Teachers Have on Academic Achievement of African-American Male Students in Guilford County, North Carolina Public Schools Mentor: Mary Rockey

Cynthia B. Davis Managed Care and Minority Healthcare Access in Georgia: A Qualitative Study of the Quality and Accessibility of Care Provided to the Minority Elderly Population of DeKalb County Mentor: Franklin Kavanaugh


School of Public Service Leadership

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services continued Toi N. Dennis The Effects of Homelessness on the Mental and Behavioral Health of Children: A Phenomenological Study

Danita R. Erickson The Climate for Nursing Creativity and Risk Taking: A Magnet Environment Versus Non-Magnet Environment

Mentor: Sheara Williams

Mentor: Dana Gonzales

Denise G. DeShields Hidden Violence: A Phenomenological Inquiry Into the Experiences of Abused Male Partners

Vernon J. Fields A Causal-Comparative Analysis of Participating in a Prison Based Mock Job Fair Program and its Effect an Recidivism Rates for Federal Prisoners

Mentor: Nicola Davis Bivens

Asuquo Okon Edem Assessing the Impact of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Among Wives of Veterans: A Phenomenological Study of Life Changing Experiences of Wives of War Veterans Diagnosed With PTSD Mentor: Cyndra Pilkington

Kecia N. Edwards Breast Cancer in African-American Women: A Qualitative Study Mentor: Lee St. John

John R. Engbeck Dynamics of Police Organizational Change, Learning-Based Interactions, and Agency Innovation and Cooperation Within Community Policing Mentor: Joseph Schafer

Kristen J. Ericksen An Exploration of the Perceived Experiences of Social Alienation of Non-Birth Mothers in Lesbian Parent Families Mentor: Rena Palloff

Mentor: Jack Monell

Felicia R. Gaither Staff Retention in Human Service Organizations Mentor: AnnLeslie Claesson

Katherine R. Gaulke The Research Study of Motivation Factors of Current and First-Time Online Donors Mentor: Nita Stika

Jennifer J. Gore Access Barriers to Health Care: An Examination of the Reasons for Higher Rates of Uninsured Hispanics Mentor: Paul Kalill

Cynthia M. Grant Grounded in Your Culture: The Hidden Key to Promoting Academic Achievement Among African-American Adolescent Males Mentor: Phyllis Arnason

Jessica A. Hammer The Effect of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy on Juvenile Criminal Thinking Mentor: Cherri Lester


School of Public Service Leadership

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services continued Catherine L. Harruff Locus of Control and Abstinence from Alcohol: A Correlational Study Mentor: Jennifer Rounds-Bryant

Allison K. Hopkins The Analysis of Self-Esteem, Body Image, and Sexual Knowledge in Single Women 3050 Years of Age: The Study of Their Sexual Satisfaction Mentor: Benjamin Noah

Robert D. Kendrick Erectile Dysfunction: A Barrier to Prostate Cancer Screening Among African American Men Mentor: Curtis Brant

Latoya T. Lane An Innovative Approach to Reentry: Is it Working? Mentor: Scott Mire

Toni M. House A Qualitative Study of the Impact Oneida Language Learning has on the Preservation of Oneida Culture

Walter C. Marshall The Relation Between Level of Spirituality and Grade Point Average Among AfricanAmerican Males and Non African-American Males and African-American Females

Mentor: Rena Palloff

Mentor: Chris Kladopoulos

Rose S. Hunte Learning to Change: Does Life Skills Training Lead to Reduced Incident Reports Among Inmates in a Medium/Minimum Correctional Facility?

Batrina D. Martin Clinical Quality Measures and the Incidence Rate of Invasive MethicillinResistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) in Tidewater, Virginia

Mentor: Ashraf Esmail

Mentor: Lonnie Wederski

Lorraine W. Jackson African-American and Caucasian Dementia Caregivers: Fathoming the Relationship Between Caregiving Stressors and Physical Health Outcomes

Mary R. McQuiston Lived Experiences of Men Employed by Publicly-Funded Early Childhood Care and Education Programs in Los Angeles County, California

Mentor: Dale Pietrzak

Mentor: Kourtney Vaillancourt

Michael S. Johnstone Social Desensitization and DWI in New Mexico: A Phenomenological Study of the Social Influence upon the Decision to Drink and Drive

Diana A. Moser Evaluation Research of the Effectiveness of a Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Program Utilizing the Public Health Approach Mentor: Ashraf Esmail

Mentor: Truc-Nhu Ho


School of Public Service Leadership

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services continued Belynda M. Reece Making the Human-Divine Connection: A Phenomenological Study of the Environments and Circumstances that Facilitate a Connection with the Divine

Robin Maynard Steele A Phenomenological Inquiry of Self-Actualization of Hospice Patients at the End of Life Mentor: Crystal Neal

Pili J. Robinson System Transformation: The Critical Components of a Juvenile System Reform

Cari Still Are There Relationships Among Supervisor-Social Worker Fit, Working Alliance, and Social Worker Self Efficacy? Describing Social Worker Self Efficacy Through Perceptions of Clinical Supervision

Mentor: Ray London

Mentor: Daniel Macari

Holly Lisabeth Sherlock Horizontal Violence: Verbal Aggression of Nurses by Nurses: An Exploratory Study of Bargaining (Union) and Non-Bargaining (Non-Union) Nurses Perceptions of Verbal Aggression by Peers

Cynthia E. Stuart Successful Aging in a Cultural Context: Ethnic Influences in the Golden Years

Mentor: Lynn Jones

Mentor: Terry Karjalainen

Lakisha M. Simmons Adolescent Victims of Natural Disasters: A Phenomenological Study on the Effects of Lived Experiences and Behaviors Displayed After a Crisis Mentor: Suzanne Beaumaster

William H. Solomons Understanding a Law Enforcement Officer’s Decision-Making Process: The Influential Factors and Resultant Effects of an Unethical Choice Mentor: Michael Worthington

Mentor: Carla Morgan

Patricia N. Van Pelt Does Theory Matter in Social Movement Practice in the Midwest? A Descriptive Study Mentor: Nita Stika

Carol L. Wheeler-Strother Interviews with Private Agency Adoptive Families Mentor: Suzanne Holmes

Jeffrey Alan Williams Identifying Successful Policies and Procedures for Retaining Resource Parents: A Phenomenological Study of Child Welfare Recruitment Staff Mentor: Herbert Bryan

Doctor of Philosophy in Public Safety Kathy D. McKoy The Impact of Stress on First Responders: A Phenomenological Study Mentor: Marian Mosser 56

Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Counseling Maysia S. Allen Inezsia Anderson Kacey J. Beattie Kyle J. Bonesteel Eve Tracy Coker Debra D. Currier Alettrics Fenton

Larry T. Fitzpatrick Andrea Fogle Richard V. Frazier III Brianne Hamilton Pamela R. Hickey Linda Annette Kpaka Mary Jo Odom-Dull

Jessica A. Ranslow Tracy Lynette Schwartzlow Candice Webb Shantina D. White Jessica S. Whitehead Bridgette A. Williams

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Human Services Jennifer A. Adams David M. Ferguson Cassie Goodner Misty LaFrance Beate Murphy

Katherine D. Ochoa Laura Peyton Michael Phelps LaToya V. Ray Pamela R. Sarte

Angellee D. Scullion Takela L. Swain Aaisha VanBuren Owens

Master of Science in Counseling Studies Noha M. Abdul-Ghaffar Antoinette Baker Heather J. Bestge Brittany Angelica Bilbrey Nekedra Blockett Florencia R. Capistrano-Stafford Karla Y. Clay-Alexander Dawnika Louishea Cope Lori D. Dailey Reginald Edgerton Mike H. Ellis Teresa Graff Mica Jade Harris Charlene D. Harrison Nelanne J. Hess Jean M. Holtz Laura Hughes

Lisa D. Jackson Ronda Johnson Stephanie K. Kelty Tasha M. Lane Misook Lee Brenda L. Linkin Jetendra M. Lloyd Pamela J. Martin Sandra L. McCoy Tracy J. McGarvey Felix R. Montez Kimberly A. Murray Melissa J. Niles Mopelola Odunayo Owoyemi Rachel Paschal Casilda A. Pinkston Felicia Pittman

Minerva S. Quinones Lucretia S. Randolph Viola M. Schwartz Dori J. Shaner Krystle L. Singleton Bonita M. Smith Robbin D. Smith Sabrina Smith Hannah M. Stender Leanna J. Sweeden Delroy M. Thompson Tracy S. Thorpe Steven Torres Michelle D. Vaughan-Soares Ellen Wallace Barbara A. Wexler Darlene Willis 57

Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Master of Science in Human Services Jacqueline E. Abell Deanne R. Adamson Maysia S. Allen Michelle A. Angsten Roy Ausage Nykea L. Bailey Rachael A. Baker Francheca Q. Ballard Amanda R. Balon Kristy L. Barrows Heather D. Baxter Erin L. Belanger Charity E. Bennett Joycelyn B. Best Ramona L. Blair Rosalee G. Boyer Judy Bozarth Tenecia M. Bullock Allison E. Bunch Jacqueline D. Burkes Clifton G. Burns, Jr. Shannon L. Cardona Andrea M. Casebeer Stacy Clark Dianne Y. Coley Adam J. Collis Tiffany Curry Michelle F. Daniel Carrie A. David Letty B. Davis Pamela Dobbs Mary L. Doub Samantha A. Edu Maritza V. Encinas Penselynn O. Etse Dara L. Felker Alettrics Fenton 58

Tanisha D. Ferebee Heather L. Fox Melanie H. Francis Richard A. Freitas Donna E. French Bridget M. Funk Michael J. Gacnik Jenna R. Giordana April N. Givens Cynthia F. Godley Dwayne Gray Stephanie Sabina Greathouse Mary E. Green Peggy Green Michelle E. Griffin Mary Teresa Gutermuth Esther M. Hadley Laytoya D. Hall Rosaland E. Hannibal Melora D. Hardwick Angela Harris Robert N. Harvey Erin Hawkins Diane Hayes Jessica J. Hayes-Cook Dawna J. Heil Angela R. Hiebsch Laticia Hines Cherese D. Holland Lael C. Hritz Laurie E. Hull Angie L. Isabell Natasha A. Jackson Nicole Jackson Winnie Jackson Arneisha T. James Brandi Johnson

Paris Johnson Amanda N. Joyner Jacqueline C. Kilkenny Pamela Kramer Rachel K. Kreger Lesa L. Leiden Angela Ruth Levings Mandisa Lewis Nicole P. Lonano Melissa Mallamas Nora D. Matthews Brenda S. Mayrose Nichelle McGirt Cleveland A. McSwain Yvette Medina Patricia A. Mikell Diana L. Mitchell Michelle L. Moriarty Cassie L. Morris Don Myers Amanda J. Neal Lisa L. O’Dell Paula N. Okanume Michelle A. Osbourne Michael J. Owen Ryan J. Parini Melanie M. Paul-Cook Katie Payne Ronald A. Peaks Charise Oshell Peddicord Donesia E. Peoples Donnetta J. Petrey Amy M. Phillips NaKeisha Phillips Kathy S. Phipps Barbara L. Pierson Robert Pincus

Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Master of Science in Human Services continued Cassandra A. Primous Victoria L. Pringle John Pritchard Mary-Jennifer E. Quinley Miranda N. Raines Carol C. Raleigh Nataisha A. Ramirez Erica Y. Reis Victor C. Rigling Judie Roberts Latasha O. Roberts Penney A. Rockhill Barbara M. Rojas Randall S. Sagante Jennifer Elaine SanterreLamoreau

Denise J. Schaefer Lakeisha M. Shaw Phyllis C. Shay Nomsa D. Sibeko-Brown Willianne Simmons Latoya K. Smalls Cynthia J. Southworth Maureen Stewart-Mooney Bambi D. Straube Kenneth J. Summers Lana L. Thurman Jennifer K. Tibbs Amy L. Tippens Lori E. Tolley Aaisha VanBuren Owens David Vanderbeek

Melissa Sue Vega Gwen G. Washington Abigail C. Whitehead Cosia Williams Wilcher Edna E. Williams Sheila R. Williams Benjamin J. Wilson Tearney Wilson Jerome L. Woods Vicky K. Working Catherine A. Wurm Scott K. Zimber

Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy Kelly Albrecht Donna D. Cohen Vania Z. Costner Keran A. Flynn-Kroska Jennifer L. Kelly Jennifer M. Knapp Cindy Bonacorso LaTour Corrie L. Piper Takela L. Swain


Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling Amy A. Adams Shalonda L. Allison Arin W. Baker Leslie Sampson Barrette Bradley Eugene Bounds Melissa M. Bravo Chrystal L. Brooks Debra Buckley Deneen D. Bunch Amanda J. Campbell MaryAnne H. Clairmont Becky S. Costea Stephanie M. CrawfordMoore Paula A. Davis Catherine L. Durand-Graves Andrea R. Engels Lisa B. Erikson Leah M. Fellenstein

Hillery Catchings Ferdinand Suzanne C. Foster Maegan D. Glidden Heather E. Hampton Racha Hanna Heidi R. Helman Linda A. Hoenigsberg Roseann Hurley Trevor J. Irish Sandy Michelle Johnson Molly Noelle Julien Brenna A. Koedam Michael Allen Labbe Matthew C. Laska Amy S. Lyons Liberty R. Martinez-Ross Aundra McMullen Kim A. Mensing Leslie Miller

Carol S. Nicholl Lindsey R. Phillips Paul W. Pound Carlos G. Quijada Lisa M. Rohrman Cathryn Necia Rosenquist Garlena M. Rumsey Miki R. Savage Matthew L. Schaut Nichole M. Selip Ryan M. Selvig Dharmi Shah Colleen Smith Dawn M. Streeter Faith I. Thompson Kayliana J. Wesby Lourdes Zapata

Master of Science in School Counseling Tasha S. Burnett Lisa Otters Erin Marie Stremel


Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Master of Science in Psychology Jessica L. Adams Heini Aho Gregory Alford James J. Anderson Michelle L. Antonini Clark Marianny Arribas Vesna Adriana Arsenich Laketia A. Beasley Richard G. Bedgood Candis K. Best Jessica R. Bland Jeannice S. Blazquez Christopher Boney Veronica M. Bowser Nina T. Brady Chris Bratton Jessica Brewer Heather L. Brown Tamyra D. Brown Alesha Monet Bueno Donald Burgess Jessica R. Burkhart Douglas G. Carpenter Heather A. Carpenter Nancy E. Charbel Teri M. Chartier Neal Chase Katie E. Chichester Holly J. Childers Dawn L. Clipston Abbe H. Cochrane Pamela L. Coen Jaclyn C. Conigliaro Gina Conti Peter A. Cooper Janenne C. Courtrell Stephanie M. Crider

Shannon P. Culbert Summer Marie Curran Billie G. Davis Ashlie K. DeCambra LeAnn G. DeHoff Denise Barbara Devoe Thomas E. Dice Lauren R. DiMicco Dawn Doherty Rebecca A. Donahue Catherine E. Douglas Christine M. Drum Terri Lynn Dyrud Eugene Econ Donneshia S. Edmond Mersha N. Edwards Tanya R. Erickson Renata Faeth Brooke Fahndrich Deanna L. Fisher Trudy Foster Rexie Fox Orlando Franco Candace Frasier Sonia M. Gales Alexandra Galletti Beth F. Garcia Jaye-Maria Conte’ Gentry Jennifer K. Germain Kevin Gilbertson Ronald J. Gist Hilary A. Golembeski Michelle L. Gordon Thomas R. Green David J. Hache Kyle T. Harris Tanyeka S. Harris-Anderson

Dawn M. Hayden Tina L. Hazlewood Rayn A. Hedlund Theresa R. Hentges Paul Averett Heron Tamera Herron Artnella C. Holmes Danielle Holmes Keandra S. Hunter Jill A. Hurley Lavita Jackson Luvenia Jackson Robyn M. Jenkins James M. Jensen Jenny C. Jimenez Komoia S. Johnson Leann R. Johnson Tamblyn S. Jones Puella L. Jordan Kimberly L. Kapp Stacy A. Kast Melissa Kennedy Gabriel H. Knight Eric J. Kolb Nicole Krueger Lori C. Kunch Ginger L. Kupka Salina F. Lopez Sarah E. Lumpkin Mark A. Lyerly Patricia L. Maiden Rachel M. Marshall James George Marthaler, Sr. Rachel G. Mays Anette McClain Shaun P. McConkey Kathy L. McGee 61

Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Master of Science in Psychology continued Debra M. McGinnis Kathleen A. McGuire Joseph C. Metzka Jeffrey E. Mikkelsen Jennifer K. Millard-Schmitz Diane E. Miralli Kathryn Molzan Sherron I. Monk Laura L. Mosier Anita Mott Opal Murphy Amanda M. Murray Rosanna Rochelle Nelson Jimita S. O’Bannon Yudy E. Ochoa Cindy Rosamond Ocran Jane Ohuimumwen Chrispin QB Oneko Constance L. Osavio Jervon D. Ottley Rodnerus Palmer Ronald L. Parham KellyAnn R. Pariso Katherine S. Peck Brie Pileggi

Judy R. Pomeroy James A. Rabbas, Jr. Michelle M. Rabbas Laura L. Ragland Gayle Reuvers Kandy Richardson Dessiree S. Riley Michael J. Roberts Vickie Denise Robinson Patrick Runo Eric Sanders Megan K. Santiani Kimberly N. Scarboro Eddie L. Scott Anita Sigurbergsdottir Amanda L. Smith Christine L. Smith Everett P. Smith Tammy Spencer Linsy W. Stephenson Emily J. Sterling Donna Lynn Stout Jennifer S. Strautman Hazel M. Tabor Samuel J. Taylor

Kimberlie E. Thompson Cynthia M. Thurman Diane M. Todd Jan M. Trigg Daniel D. Troumbly Krista M. Vaccarello Tera L. Vance Pamela T. Vasquez Nisveta Velic Janet M. Veling Ruxandra Vilciu Natalie Y. Virgile Willie M. Waters Qutina J. Watson Michelle Welch Otto H. Westhassel Jamie D. Williams Jennifer D. Williams Pamela D. Williams-Lennard Dennis J. Willson Phyllis V. Wilson Phyllis A. Wilson Cheryl A. Winters Asheley R. Woodruff Georgia K. Young

Post-Master’s Certificate in Psychology Kathy I. Crain Amy K. Fay Danielle M. Girnius Barbara J. Powers Rachael H. Shay 62

Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Studies Shenice Supreme Bostic Parental Factors that Influence the Career Development of College-Bound African American High School Seniors Mentor: Julia Moore

Stella Osemwegie Privileging the Voices of Nigerian Children: A Phenomenological Study of their Lived Experiences Following the Loss of Loved Ones to Stigmatized Death

Elizabeth Eyvonne Pooler Comparison Study: Depressed and Nondepressed Mothers’ Perceptions of their Level of Parenting Stress and the Influence on Self-Reported Parenting Style Mentor: Deborah Hickey

Mentor: Alice Yick Flanagan

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services Alicia D. Akins Television and Age of First Penetrative Sex: Implications and Recommendations Mentor: Kathryn Van Asselt

Donna J. Alberici Addressing Spirituality in Clinical Supervisory Practice Mentor: Deborah Hickey

Lester J. Brasher, Jr. Parents’ Reactions to Their Adolescents’ Delinquency Mentor: Clarence Auxier

Juan O. Cooper Aggression and Rational Problem Solving Skills in Early Adolescence Mentor: Jannette Sturm-Mexic

Lynn Y. Jones The Relationship Between the Constructs of Rap Music, Self-Esteem, and Self-Efficacy Mentor: Paul Maione

Mary K. Love An Adult Daughter’s Perception of Childhood Maternal Verbal Abuse in Relationship to Attachment and Social Learning Mentor: Damaris Conrad

Susan M. Luck Spirituality as a Coping Resource in Adult Female Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Mentor: Jocelyn Sherman

Mesha R. Mathis Factors that Affect Teacher Job Satisfaction Among Title I School Teachers in Georgia Mentor: Angela Banks-Johnson

Jennifer M. Maxfield Conceptualizing Hope in the Presence of Terminal Illness: A Qualitative Analysis Mentor: Julia Moore 63

Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy in Human Services continued LaTanya D. McBryde The Unbroken Bond: A Qualitative Study of Sisterhood Among African American Women

Kristina T. Strong The Relationship Between Exercise and Perceived Coping Efficacy and Perceived Stress

Mentor: Julia Moore

Mentor: Anne Cabanilla

Todd F. Moran Impact of Therapist Demographics on the Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder

Beatrice Wallace Studying the Effects of the Passport Program on Self-Esteem with Students who have Learning Disabilities

Mentor: Debra White

Timothy R. Strait Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Difficulties at Work

Mentor: Deborah Hickey

Mentor: Charles Walker

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology Michael C. Amico The Relationship Between Father-Child Relationship, Locus of Control, and Sensation-Seeking Mentor: Alexander Henderson

Alaine M. Aysta A Quantitative Study of Forgiveness and Divorce Adjustment in Divorce Recovery Groups Mentor: Malcolm Gray

Jennifer M Barker Couples’ Perception of Sexual Intimacy Through the Aging Process in Long-Term Heterosexual Marriages: Faith-based Population Mentor: Malcolm Gray 64

Mary Ellen Beshaler Fathers and Daughters: Using a Multivariate Analysis Through Multiple Regression to Help Predict a Daughter’s Self-Esteem as Experienced by College-Age Women in Rural Nebraska Mentor: Richard Klein

Ruth Boehmer The Experience of a Female Being Raised in an Isolated Polygamous Community in British Columbia: A Heuristic Study Mentor: Kim Kostere

Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology continued Teresa M. Brown Comparison of the Level of Satisfaction of Women in the Non-Traditional Career of Staff Accountant to Women in the Traditional Career of K-12 Teaching Mentor: Sara Jarvis

Rita Burton The Experience of Arranged Marriage by the 1.5 Generation Asian-Indian College Students Mentor: Kim Kostere

Gerard Chambers A Study of Correlation Between the Values of the Amen Brain System Checklist and the Cerebral Blood Flow Values of Spect Scans of Treatment Resistant Patients Mentor: Ji Shen

William R. Clifton The Relationship Between School Principals’ Leadership Styles and Teacher Retention Mentor: Arthur Bertrand

Margaret M. Donnelly Mobility: A Multivariate Study of Academic Achievement in Reading and Math for Eighth-Grade Students as Measured by the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program Mentor: Krista Krebs

Bankston J. Dozier Work Environment and Job-Related Burnout: How Organizational Support Mediates the Effects Mentor: Donna DiMatteo

Tracy L. Dutko The Lived Experience of Mothers Raising a Child Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Mentor: Richard Van Haveren

Carleah Genae East African American Female Adolescent Body Image Distress: Impact on Self-Esteem and Life Satisfaction Mentor: William Cameron

Christiana Marie Ellis-Morris The Lived Experience of Lesbians Who Come Out in an Organizational Setting Mentor: Dawn Starrett

Kevin R. Embry A Subordinate Description of the Experience of Working with a Supervisor that is Using Transformational Leadership: A Qualitative Study Mentor: Bruce Gillies

Jennifer L. Felicelli The Relationship of Sports Participation to Self-Esteem in Female Middle School Students Mentor: Donna Eckstein

Felisha Talley Ford The Relationship Between Spirituality and Marital Satisfaction in Christian Heterosexual Marriages Mentor: Barry Trunk

Cynthia K. Fossan Experience of Psychologists Who Review the Work of Peers: A Qualitative Study Mentor: Louis Kavar


Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology continued Kevin A. Freeman An Examination of Demographic Characteristics Among SubstanceDependent Individuals With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Participating in Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Mentor: Ji Shen

Courtney T. Garrett The Effects of Quality Circles on the SelfEsteem and Organizational Performance of Front-Line Call Center Employees Mentor: Stephen Lifrak

Christy M. Gilfert Attending Community College, Parenting Satisfaction, and Academic Performance Mentor: Sandra Harris

Sandy I. Gonzalez-Mercedes The Relationship Between Inclusion and Self-Efficacy Among Special Education Students in the Primary Grades Mentor: James Stacks

James C. Guy The Relationship Between Young Adults’ Spiritual Well-Being and Attachment to God and Their Recollections of Parental and Faith-Group Spiritual Influences Mentor: John Caffaro

Concesa B. Ibanez-Rafuse Hiring Smiling Faces: The Moderating Role of Emotional Intelligence when Performing Emotional Labor Mentor: Linda Reed 66

Bradley W. Johnson Job Satisfaction, Self-Efficacy, Burnout, and Path of Teacher Certification: Predictors of Attrition in Special Education Teachers Mentor: Kelley Chappell

Anthony I. Joseph The Role of Grit in Predicting Performance in Collegiate Athletes Mentor: Rodney Williamson

Peter C. Kleponis The Relationship Between Narcissism and Spiritual Well-Being in Roman Catholic Seminarians Mentor: Thomas Vail

Lorie A. Larson Self-Efficacy and Participant Overall Satisfaction with the Faculty Relationship in the Post-Secondary Education Experience: A Correlational Study of Perceived Relationships Mentor: Charlene Terlizzi

Mark E. Larson Transfer of Learning: The Effects of Different Instruction Methods on Software Application Learning Mentor: Stephen Lifrak

Richard L. Lawrence The Plight of Mental Health and Co-Morbid Substance Abuse Treatment in Prisons: A Grounded Theory Study Mentor: Thomas Vail

Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology continued Warren Leggett The Impact of the Re-Entry & Sanctions Center on Recidivism Mentor: Joseph Damiani

Kelly A. Leonhard Do Consumers of Mental Health Services Favor Pursuing Online Education as Opposed to Education in More Traditional Settings?

Kimberly W. Modisette An Attempt to Increase Parsing of Parallel From Serial Processing in Letter Cancellation Tasks Mentor: Jeffrey Reddout

Steven R. Moore Female Survivors: A Phenomenological Study of Adjustment to Life After Domestic Violence

Mentor: William Cameron

Mentor: Joseph Damiani

Lori Lindbergh The Relationship Between Project Manager Perceived Capability, Organizational Culture, and Project Outcomes

Jerry J. Muth Participation in Sports as a Source of Meaning in Successful Aging

Mentor: Lisa Cree

Cheree M. Madison What is the Experience of the AfricanAmerican Father-And-Daughter Relationship from the Daughter’s Perspective? Mentor: Louis Kavar

Michelle Lynne March Epistemological Beliefs and Approaches to Learning: Influence on Academic Performance in Higher Education

Mentor: William Percy

Kurt W. Nelson Motivation and Personality: An Examination of Personality Trait Factors and Their Relationship with Sales Performance in Non-Cash Incentive Programs in Business-toBusiness Sales Environments. Mentor: Lisa Cree

AmyLeigh Overton-Mccoy The Association Between Tai Chi and Memory in Older Adults

Mentor: Catherine McCartney

Mentor: Theresa Crawford

Jodi L. McKnight The Comparative Impact of Face-to-Face Instruction and Video Conferencing Instruction on Students’ Anxiety Levels

Shelly L. Peed The Lived Experience of Resilience for Victims of Traumatic Vehicular Accidents: A Phenomenological Study

Mentor: Elizabeth Harper

Mentor: Kim Kostere

Patrice M. Miller The Impact of Prison-Based Substance Abuse Treatment on Rates of Recidivism among Female Offenders

Wanda M. Ravenell A Comparative Analysis of Occupational Violence in Two Industries

Mentor: Sharlene Adams

Mentor: Lisa Cree 67

Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology continued Latrice H. Rideout Employee Commitment: An Examination of the Relationships Among Organizational Commitment, Occupational Commitment, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Human Resource Professionals Mentor: Stephen Lifrak

Terri M. Roberts The Experience of Dance Class: Exploring Multiple Intelligences Instruction on Student Academic Stress Mentor: Krista Krebs

Andrea L. Standley A Qualitative Exploration of the Cognitive Dissonance Experienced by Case Managers Encountering a Systems Change in Social Service Delivery Mentor: Malcolm Gray

Robert Stewart Identification of Potential Reoccurring DUIRelated Conviction Recidivists Following Successful Completion of Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida: A Comparison of Two Statistical Models

Mentor: Hilda Glazer

Corey M. Teague Provisional Developmental Trauma Disorder and its Relation to and Effect on Academic Achievement in Children Mentor: Kelley Chappell

Debra L. Tetting An Examination of the Relationship Between Education and Conflict Management Styles of Rural Law Enforcement Officers Mentor: William Chapman

Denese M. Thomas Mental Health Practitioners’ Knowledge of Suicidal Risk Factors in an Elderly Population Mentor: Victoria Gamber

Colleen D. Story Observational Learning Among Older Adults Living in Nursing Homes

Nancy K. Thomas The Relationship Between Sexual Predation and Four Specific Deviant Behaviors (Deviant Fire Setting, Aberrant Masturbation, Nocturnal Enuresis, and Animal Cruelty)

Mentor: Chandra Mehrotra

Mentor: Thomas Kramer

Susie Stubbs An Investigation of the Relationship Between Perceived Problem Solving Capabilities and Job Stress Experienced by Child and Family Social Workers

Althea W. Truman The Lived Experiece of Leadership for Female Pastors in Religious Organizations

Mentor: Barry Trunk

Mentor: Donna DiMatteo 68

Martine S. Sylvain The Language of Success: A Case Study on the Academic Achievement of ESL Students Who Are Able to Thrive in Spite of Their Language Barriers

Mentor: Wayland Secrest

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology continued Christopher J. Van Ness Work-Family Interaction, Job Satisfaction, and the Mediating Influence of Motivation Orientation Mentor: Lisa Cree

Leslie VanWinkle Do Age at the Time of Parental Divorce and Gender Impact Academic Performance Among High School Sophomores? Mentor: Adrienne Leslie-Toogood

Brian D. Walsh Do Specific Stress Management Techniques Interrupt or Lower Psychoneuroimmunological Responses to Stress?

Marie D. Wilson A Comparative Study of Art Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the Treatment of Sexually Addictive Behaviors and an Investigation into the Relationship Between Shame and Sexually Addicted Behaviors in Adults Mentor: Bruce Fischer

Janelle N. Woods When a Soldier Returns Home from Iraq and/or Afghanistan with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: The Lived Experience of the Spouse Mentor: Steven Schneider

Mentor: David Sarnoff

Akil J. Walton An Examination of the Relationship between Employee Engagement and Organizational Profitability Within European Manufacturing Units Mentor: Stephen Lifrak

Linda Wechter Ashkin The College Freshman’s Lived Experience of Boredom: A Phenomenological Study Mentor: Mary Enright

Doctor of Psychology Lorra S. Fuller The Impact of Peer Support Programs on the Process of Recovery from Mental Illness: A Comparative Analysis

Abigail R. McNeely Differences Among Community College Students on Dimensions of Wellness as Measured by the 5-F Wel

Mentor: April Harris-Britt

Mentor: Rebecca Loehrer 69

The Capella University Mace

Origin and Use The Grand Marshal who leads the Capella University commencement procession carries a mace. Capella University’s mace made its debut at the second Capella University commencement ceremony in 2000. The head of the mace is a copper representation of the globe, topped by the Capella University emblem and motto. Around the equator of the globe are the words “founded in 1993.” The globe is supported by a carved wooden shaft. It is nearly three feet in length and weighs four pounds. In medieval times, the mace was a fighting weapon effective at penetrating armor in battle. Composed of a shaft adorned with a heavy head studded with blades, the mace came to be associated with the protection of the kings of England and France and was carried by the king’s sergeant at arms and other royal bodyguards. As long-range weapons were developed, such as the long bow and the musket, the mace became a ceremonial object. In the 13th century, the mace was featured in processions of city mayors and other dignitaries. During the same time, academic institutions began to adopt the mace as a symbol of order and authority in the pageantry of ceremonial occasions. Today, the British House of Commons and the U.S. House of Representatives have official maces as do most universities and colleges in the United States and abroad.


Academic Regalia

Origin and Use The academic costume worn today originated in the Middle Ages, when gowns and hoods kept scholars and clerics warm. The distinctive gown served to set the student apart from other citizens, giving birth to the expression “town and gown.” Until after the Civil War, students at most American universities wore caps and gowns daily. They varied in design until they were standardized by the American Intercollegiate Commission in 1894. At that time it was decided that all robes should be black. Bachelor’s gowns were to be made of worsted material with pointed sleeves; master’s gowns of silk with long, closed sleeves; and doctor’s gowns of silk with longer sleeves and faced with black velvet from neck to back. Doctoral gowns also carry three velvet bands around each sleeve above the elbow. Hoods are made of the same materials as the gowns, the length varying with the degree. The lining of the hood identifies the highest degree-granting university by its colors. Capella University’s regalia colors are purple and gold in recognition of the university’s beginnings and early traditions. The border of the hood indicates the academic disciplines in which the degree is earned: Royal blue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Doctoral Drab . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Business Lemon Yellow . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Technology Light Blue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Education Peacock Blue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Public Service Leadership Apricot . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nursing Salmon Pink . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Health White . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Counseling Gold . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Psychology


About Capella University

Capella University offers undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs in the fields of business, counseling, education, human services, information technology, nursing, psychology, public administration, public health, public safety, and social work, with more than 135 specialized areas of study. Capella University was founded in 1993 and today serves more than 38,000 learners in all 50 states and 52 other countries. Capella University is named for the twin star Capella, which is actually a pair of stars orbiting a common center. The name represents our philosophy of learning as a dynamic and collegial partnership between the institution and the learner.

Our Mission The mission of Capella University is to extend access to high quality bachelor’s, master’s, specialist, doctoral, and certificate programs for adults who seek to maximize their personal and professional potential. This mission is fulfilled through innovative programs that are responsive to the needs of adult learners and involve active, engaging, challenging, and relevant learning experiences offered in a variety of delivery modes.

In Memoriam Michael Koch Capella University Learner School of Undergraduate Studies Jack Krichen, PhD Associate Dean School of Business and Technology Sheldon Kleine, PhD Core Faculty Harold Abel School of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Capella University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA), Capella university

Capella Tower, 225 South Sixth Street, Ninth Floor, Minneapolis, MN, 55402, 1.888.CAPELLA (227.3552),


Capella Tower 225 South Sixth Street, Ninth Floor Minneapolis, MN 55402 1.888.CAPELLA (227.3552)


Capella Commencement 2010  

Capella University 2010 Commencement booklet.

Capella Commencement 2010  

Capella University 2010 Commencement booklet.