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Living in Colombia made me more independent and self aware.

I gained a lot of knowledge and explored new horizons

My internship has given me a great opportunity to explore one of Colombia's biggest social issues.

Sarah, 22 Living far away from her friends and family has taught her a great deal of being more independent. It showed Sarah the importance of making new friends and learning as much as possible about the culture in Colombia. On asking her about her international experience, she said “ I have never been welcomed so warmly except in my own home. I felt like being on another planet because Colombia is very far away from my country, yet at the same time my friends made me feel like being at home! I will leave Colombia with lots of memories that are not stored on my facebook account or digital camera because this experience is beyond what pictures can explain!” Sarah took an internship with Fundacion Nutrir, an organization that assists poor children, pregnant ladies and people from the older generation with nutritional needs. The plight of these children made her research and question this topic more. The internship with AIESEC helped Sarah understand a different culture, lifestyle and religion. Sarah considers herself lucky to have been able to experience what others might have not. This could have not been possible without the help of AIESEC "I am absolutely enjoying this experience and recommend many young people to take an opportunity like this." Sarah’s story is just one of 40,000 lived each year by members across AIESEC’s 107 country network. Sarah is a student just like you, would you like to have a similar story? Apply for membership or international internship opportunities on today AIESEC is the international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. Present in over 1,100 universities with over 40,000 members and 8,000 international internship opportunities, AIESEC offers unparallelled leadership development experiences to its members and creates a network of global change agents to have a positive impact on society.

I'm an AIESECer Sarah Yousif