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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Kingdom key investment destination, says PM Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa said openness and strong competitiveness were prerequisites for a dynamic and growing economy. “In times of global economic crisis, all establishments – big and small – should co-operate with one other to lure investments into the Kingdom,” he said, as he received at his court yesterday renowned economic and commercial figures including the president of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr Essam bin Abdullah Fakhro. Prince Khalifa lauded the government and the citizens who have “done a lot” to boost the Kingdom's economy. “Development wouldn't have been possible without the Kingdom's open approach and strong legislative system. In

order to continue attracting foreign companies and maintain Bahrain's competitiveness, we should preserve this favourable economic and social climate,” he said, adding, “Bahrainis are culturally and religiously mature enough to protect themselves from adverse influences.” Protecting the economic and commercial sector is a national responsibility as it has a direct influence on citizens, the Premier said, highlighting the government's endeavour to guard it from economic upheavals. “Bahrain is an integral part of a region which is witnessing major economic developments and the Kingdom has become a destination for investments. Any step backward would be detrimental to Bahrain's competitiveness,” he said.

The Prime Minister praised the role of the private sector in this regard.

The ministers in turn hailed the Premier's support to the economic sector

New norms for trailers

Registration by April 30 must for heavy vehicles to cross King Fahd Causeway Sandeep Singh Grewal

Directorate at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. "And if a loan has been taken to purchase Heavy vehicles like trucks and the heavy vehicle, copies of the trailers that fail to register with the relevant bank documents should General Directorate of Traffic by be submitted," Al Dossary said. April 30 will not be allowed to “This is a normal registration cross the King Fahd Causeway process and we urge owners to that links Bahrain to Saudi Arabia. come forward early rather than Traffic officials have urged wait for the last date,” he added. trailer owners in the Kingdom to According to official reports, submit all relevant documents the total number of vehicles that for registration of their vehicles. plied on the Causeway since its “We urge owners to fill up the official opening in November form and get it stamped by the 1986 until Dec. 31, 2008, is a authority as part of vehicle NOOR MOHAMED staggering 70.78 million (at a inspection. In case there is no daily average of 8,773). ownership, the responsible party NEW RULES IN PLACE: Trucks seen plying on the Causeway. According to figures released should sign an undertaking form stating that s/he will be responsible for will be effective from May 1 and the nal owner, a valid commercial registra- by the King Fahd Causeway Authority, the registration of the trailer,” Lt. Col. deadline for registration is April 30. tion (CR) copy that the vehicle has been number of trucks which crossed the Toll Moosa Al Dossary, Director of Traffic “Vehicles that ply on the King Fahd registered with the company and the Gates during 2008 was 511,712. The number of Saudi vehicles travelCauseway without requisite registration clearance certificate from the customs culture said yesterday. ling during the same period was authority. The move follows a decision by the will be impounded,” Al Dossary said. For Bahrain-made trailers, a no- 6,738,916, while 1,019,624 Bahraini In case a vehicle has no ownership, GCC authorities to register all heavy the responsible party should produce a objection letter should be issued by the vehicles and 313,874 vehicles from other vehicles plying on these routes. and Measurement countries crossed the path. The official warned that the decision copy of the valid smart card of the origi- Specification

AIESEC-Bahrain joins hands with Sakana EDB launches Ali Al Shaikh, Vice President of AIESEC, said: Bahrain – a local branch of the world’s awareness campaign largestAIESEC student-run youth development organisation – "Thanks to Sakana, we can implement this project to recently partnered with Sakana Holistic Housing the highest quality. I am quite delighted that AIESEC Solutions, an innovative Islamic mortgage finance in Bahrain is involved in a project that offers training on Vision 2030 provider, for a national project titled “Developing to the youth of today to be leaders of tomorrow.”

In an effort to increase youths' awareness on Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030, the Economic Development Board (EDB) has launched a campaign in secondary schools in various parts of the Kingdom. The campaign has been launched in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The main objective is to familiarise students with the goals and principles of the Vision and the initiatives that emanate from it. It also seeks to boost the role of youths in nation-building. The first three events took place at the Ahmed AlOmran School for Boys in Manama, at Al Noor School and Al Wafa School for Girls in Isa Town. The campaign is set to cover 33 high schools nationwide. The students who participated in the three gatherings showed tremendous interest in knowing about the Economic Vision 2030. Commenting on this campaign, EDB National Communications and Media Director Isa Abdulrahman said EDB is keen to involve youth in its activities on the Vision 2030. "Young Bahrainis have great potential, creativity and they show tremendous enthusiasm. We are confident that they can play a big role in the nation's development," Abdulrahman said.

Leaders of Tomorrow”. The project, which will run for 8-10 weeks, will offer high school students an opportunity to participate in workshops organised by international AIESEC members. ‘Developing Leaders of Tomorrow’ project focuses on enhancing knowledge and soft skills, including situational leadership, interpersonal communication, team work and time management. The project has already been implemented in Shaikha Hessa Girls School. It will be conducted in 10 more schools, thereby providing leadership and management training to over 500 students.

R. Lakshmanan, CEO of Sakana, said: “Sakana is pleased to sponsor AIESEC National project for the high school students as we believe it will provide an opportunity to the youth of Bahrain to develop themselves for the future in line with Bahrain’s Vision 2030.” The international students facilitating the project will also participate in local events organised by AIESEC Bahrain, thereby gaining a cultural insight into life in the Middle East. They will share their experiences with over 70 members of AIESEC Bahrain.

Crime Beat Nada Al Abbas

Court sentences Asian to death for killing Kuwaiti The Higher Criminal Court yesterday sentenced a Bangladeshi to death for murdering a 69-year-old Kuwaiti man at a hotel in Manama. The lawyer of the accused, however, did not accept the verdict and said he would file an appeal. He said the murder occurred when his client was under the influence of alcohol, indicating that the killing was not really intentional. He also said that the Public Prosecutor did not refer the accused to a doctor to find out if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the incident happened. However, the court stated that the murder didn't appear so unintentional, as the accused had alcohol and then slept for four hours before waking up and killing the victim. The accused, according to court records, even smoked two packs of cigarettes sitting on a chair in the victim's room before committing the act of murder. The accused had earlier admitted to the murder of the Kuwaiti man in his hotel room. He testified that the Kuwaiti often frequented the hotel and he had planned to break into his room to rob him. When he entered the room, the man was sleeping and he hit him on the head with a glass bottle so that he would become unconscious. However, the victim woke up and began to defend himself and a struggled ensued. The Bangladeshi attempted to smother the Kuwaiti with a pillow, but he managed to free himself and bit the man’s hand. The accused then picked up another pillow and managed to smother him with it. He then stole BD210 from the room, as well as two mobile phones, and took the man’s shirt to get rid of any evidence against him. The defendant then went to East Riffa where he disposed of the shirt.


JOYOUS OCCASION: Pakistan Ambassador Ikramullah Mehsud with officials during a reception at Crowne Plaza.

Pakistan National Day celebrated In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of 'Pakistan National Day', a flag hoisting ceremony was held yesterday at the Embassy of Pakistan in Zinj.

Ikramullah Mehsud, Ambassador of Pakistan, received the guests and presided over the ceremony. The Pakistan ambassador to the Kingdom hoisted the flag following which special messages from the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan were read out to a gathering of over 200 people. Pakistan Day symbolises an event of momentous importance in the Asian country's history. It heralded a life of freedom, dignity and pride for the citizens of the South Asian Sub-continent in their independent homeland, Pakistan. Children from the Pakistan School, Pakistan Urdu School and City International School, Bahrain, gave speeches and presented tableaus on the occasion. Later in the evening, the Ambassador hosted a reception at the Crowne Plaza, which was attended by diplomats, senior dignitaries and over 300 members from the comBIJU HARIDAS munity.

and his role in removing all obstacles to development.

Cop to face military court for seeking bribes Sandeep Singh Grewal An officer working at the Ministry of Interior was referred yesterday to the military court on charges of blackmailing and extorting money from fellow policemen. The Assistant Undersecretary of Legal Affairs at the Interior Ministry confirmed the incident, saying the matter has been referred for further investigations by the military court. "An internal investigation was conducted by a concerned body and they found that the officer in question was asking for money from policemen," the official said. He further added that the officer has been suspended temporarily as investigation continues. Bahrain does not have an

anti-graft commission despite repeated calls made by independent organisations. Human rights groups have also lobbied for the creation of an Ombudsman or a similar office to keep an eye on corruption, especially in the public sector. Last year, the Cabinet gave its consent for the accession of Bahrain to the United Nations Convention against Corruption, which aims to prevent and combat corruption in the public and private sector. The Convention obliges States to establish independent bodies to prevent corruption and promote transparency and accountability in the management of public funds. It also encourages civil societies to participate in the fight against corruption.

Watch Magic Flute at Arad Fort The Italian Orchestra Di Piazza Vittorio is planning to give the audience of the Spring of Culture great memories by reviving the magnificent flute of the international musician Mozart, and putting it in a new, modern story. Audience can hear the story – called the “Magic of Flute” – at the Arad Fort tomorrow. Founder and musician Mario Tronco decided to put together this multi-cultural orchestra – whose members are inhabitants of the neighbourhood surrounding the Piazza Vittorio – in order to save the Apollo, a cinema located in the heart of a working-class neighbourhood in Rome. The project took several years to complete, and over time, musicians from India, Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Senegal and Tunisia were recruited in Rome and throughout Italy. Starting from this premise, Mario began to give each musician in the orchestra a role from the ‘Magic Flute.’ To name a few, Tamino is Cuban Ernesto López Maturell, a boy who has the exuberance of his young age: more than in love for Pamina. Prince is moved by the desire for adventure and fear of the unknown. Magician Sarastro is Carlos Paz, an artist who is passionate about politics and religion. The Queen of the night is one of the few Western parts and is interpreted by Italian Petra Magoni. For the Magic Flute, the Orchestra is completed by three special guests: Leandro Piccioni on piano, Sanjay Kansa Banik on tables and and Sylvie Lewis as Pamina. Spring of Culture 2010 is organised by The Economic Development Board in collaboration with Shaikh Ebrahim Center for Culture and Research, Sector of Culture and National Heritage, Al Bareh Art Gallery and Al Riwaq Art Space. Like last year, the events of Arad Fort will require tickets. Tickets are being sold at the Seef Mall’s West extension and Al Osra Supermarket in Saar.

Bahrain Tribune 24th March  

AIESEC partners with Sakana

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