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Wednesday August 29, 2012 thru Tuesday, September 11, 2012

God Had A Plan For My Horse M by



KW County awarded $600,000 Federal Fire & Rescue Grant The County of King William is pleased to announce a SAFER grant award of $660,000 over four years from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for the recruitment and retention of volunteer firefighters in the community. This grant administered by the County will be available to the volunteers of Mangohick Volunteer Fire Department, King William Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad, and West Point Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad.

Wanted to share my story to help others not to give up too soon, especially on your beloved pets. My horse Skip has a stifle (knee) injury from the past. Ripped ACL and Meniscus damage. All has been well until the last year I’ve noticed changes in his gait. For the last 2 months, he became almost lame in pain or alot of discomfort. The vet I have always used, told me it’s the same problem just give him Bute (anti-inflamatory) every day, and if he colics, you know you’ve done all you can do. Then put him down. I found that to be callous and very insensitive. The Bute didn’t seem to help him. From that vet’s perspective, I was faced with the inevitable. I started to try to find some one with a backhole to dig his grave. I have had this magnificant horse for 7 years and we have a bond that is incredible. I was wrought with extreme depression and anxiety over having to put him down. He is at my house, so every day, when I go out to feed, hay, and to just “be” with him, I wrestled with my own emotions. Am I doing the right thing? Is it the right time,? Am I giving up on him too soon? I was mentally, physcially and spiritually worn out. Crying out to God to show me what to do! I tried to find some one with a back hole, and could not find one! Then it was like an impres-

sion on my spirit, “God has another plan, do not put Skip down!” During this last 2 weeks, thru a horse friend, I found a vet who specializes in equine orthopedics, as well as chiropractic, and acupressure. I was told she of all the vets in Eastern NC could tell me what to do for Skip- whether he is beyond help, or there is hope. I felt he is worth this last try to save his life. Aug 27, Dr Anne Marie Hancock, Greenville NC Equine Mobile Services came to my barn. She went over Skip like a fine tooth comb. She did flexion tests I’ve never seen before from his poll and jaw, all the way back to his tail. She did acupressure, adjusted him all over. He had a slight touch of TMJ, but she adjusted that. His poll was out -adjusted that. Adjusted his stifle, his spine, sacrum, withers, all 4 legs. THEN she did a rectal exam to see where the pattern of the nerves go, which affects him internally and shows her where the problems are. The bladder was off center, she corrected that with her hand! The ingual ring was tight, and wouldn’t slide, she mobilized that, All from the rectal exam! She then lifted his sacrum, sternum was rotated-fixed that, shoulders were tight from stifle- she fixed that. And he did not need to be sedated!!! All the time she was doing all her tests Skip acted like he en- was like he was saying “Thank You”. His ribs were off center from carrying himself off side from the pain. She adjusted that. He wasn’t fond of that. She highly recommended a combo injection inbetween his meniscus of the problematic stifle of triancinalone which is a steroid, Anakacin (antibotic), and Hylaraunic Acid (HA). He did have to be sedated for that so the needle would go to the right spot and he not move. She said she wanted to see how all that she did thatday and do a recheck in 4 weeks. She also said he was mighty young to be having stifle problems. However she is very hopeful that he will recover and I can ride him again! The recheck in 4 weeks will tell her if his body has responded. So all that said there is great hope now! Dr Hancock does “Osteopathy”. Anyone interested in what she does can visit She studied under this man, and still does. He is from the Netherlands I believe, but comes to Texas 1 time a year for continuing ED for vets such as Dr Hancock. And to think I was so close to putting him down...Lord have mercy. I am totally convinced the reason I could not find a backhole was God had another plan! Prayer can move mountains. Is there something in your life you are crying out for? Wait on God- sometimes he has another plan! Marianne Bennett, Eastern NC

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One exciting new resource which this grant will establish is a tuition assistance program for fire and rescue volunteers who wish to serve their community while gaining valuable job training and education from a regional trade school, community college or university. The purpose of this tuition assistance program is to provide a tangible benefit for those who volunteer to serve the community, and serve as an incentive to those who may be considering joining a local volunteer fire department or rescue squad. According to Travis Lindsey, King William County Emergency Services Coordinator, it’s a win-win for local departments and volunteers. “We are really excited about the overall impact this will have on increasing the number of volunteers available to respond to calls here in the community”, said Lindsey, “Plus it gives us a chance to provide a real benefit for those who are willing to answer the call in the middle of the night to make our community a safer place”. The County’s goal is to increase the number of available volunteers to local departments by 50% in the next four years, while ensuring that local departments have the resources available to outfit those who wish to volunteer. In addition to tuition assistance, funds from this award will help provide for physicals, uniforms, and protective equipment for new volunteers. The SAFER (Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response) grant program is administered by FEMA, a division of the Department of Homeland Security. The purpose of this program is to increase the number of trained, front-line fire and emergency services personnel available to communities nationwide. King William County was one of only nine localities in Virginia selected, and competed with municipalities and departments in all fifty states for the award.

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Chapel Hill to appeal block on cellphone, towing ordinances

DURHAM, N.C. — Chapel Hill town leaders met Wednesday to discuss their plans to appeal a judge’s ruling that struck down town ordinances banning the use of cellphones while driving and regulating towing companies. Earlier this month, Superior Court Judge Orlando Hudson issued permanent injunctions on both ordinances, ruling that state laws governing the use of cellphones in cars supersede the town’s ordinance and that the town’s towing rules violate the state constitution. Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt said Wednesday that a lack of towing rules in the town is “absurd.” George King, a local towing company operator, sued the town when it adopted an ordinance in February that requires tow zones to be properly marked, sets fees towing companies can charge, requires them to accept credit or debit card payment, mandates that they inform police before towing any vehicle and prohibits impound lots from being located more than 15 miles from town. “The legislature cannot regulate trade or business by a local law,” said King’s attorney, Thomas Stark.

range from about $100 to $300 – are fair. Still, since the ordinance passed, King set a standard fee of $180 for towing. A month after passing the towing rules, town leaders voted to ban the use of cellphones, including hands-free devices, for all drivers. The ban was set to take effect June 1, but Hudson issued a temporary restraining order in May to block enforcement of it. His recent ruling made that order permanent. Kleinschmidt said the case could prevent other cities and towns in North Carolina from implementing towing rules. “This order has broad-reaching effects, way beyond the borders of Chapel Hill,” he said. In a closed-door meeting Wednesday night, town leaders reached consensus on appealing the towing ruling and voted 6-3 to appeal Hudson’s decision on the cellphone ban. Reporter: Adam Owens Taken from web news source

The ordinance was passed in response to concerns about predatory towing practices in the town. Kleinschmidt said he hears many complaints about unreasonable prices for towing, among other things.

New I-40/440 rebuild project dubbed ‘Crawleigh’ by NC DOT

Crawleigh. That’s the winning name in a contest by the North Carolina Department of Transportation to come up with a cute title for a three-year reconstruction of Interstate 40/440 — a project that promises to be anything but cute for motorists. NCDOT announced the winner Wednesday morning. While many people submitted “Crawleigh,” Grant Tew was the first to do so and now has official “bragging rights” to the moniker that will be used in all future references to the $168 million project. It will even be the name on the project’s website. “I was born and raised around the Triangle area,” Tew said. “I think I’ve crawled through enough traffic snarls to know what one looks like. So Crawleigh seemed like a good name.” NCDOT officials came up with the contest last month to give the project a catchy name like Boston’s Big Dig or Carmageddon in Los Angeles. Submissions came from more than 350 residents, and officials chose five finalists to put up for a public vote online. The names that made the final cut were: Carmuda Triangle, Crawleigh, South-Wake Remake, Southern Discomfort and Wake-Over.

Stark, however, said prices – which

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In the end, Crawleigh won handily, securing 2,360 of 4,752 votes. The rebuild of 11 miles of I-40/440 – from U.S. Highway 1 in Cary to U.S. Highway 64/264 in Raleigh – will begin next spring or summer and last three years. The project will require lane closures, sometimes leaving only two lanes open. Officials said the section of highway is 30 years old, and workers need to dig down at least 2 feet to remove and replace concrete and asphalt on the road, shoulders and ramps. Although they did not make the final five, the following entries earned an honorable mention from NCDOT:

Lane-Sanity Fortyfication I-40; Duke-0 Tar Hell 40 Shades of Congestion Lanes of Pain Shouldhavebuiltalightrailinstead Lordylordygetmeoffforty Numb Buns Constructipation – Waiting for traffic to get moving again Y’all Crawl

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

EDITORIAL RESPONSE: some sort of “hiding a transfer from Rappahannock Times of $30,000” to the town from the County as if they are paying Mr. Clickner, it. This would therefore set up a facade, as if both entities were I appreciate that your organiza- still supporting the airport. tion has established itself here as a watchdog group for Essex Another concern I share with County and beyond. I think you is the recent Essex High your editorial was very appro- School renovation project. It is priate and hope your group will being touted as a great financial help in getting Essex County decision in that the costs will much more open to its’ citizens. be only $20 million dollars and I have a concern, however, that the loan obtained at a low rate you only mentioned the School was terrific. Most folks are not Board, the Board of Supervi- aware that an alternative option sors and the town of Tappah- to renovate the school was givannock as your main concerns. en to the local government that I hope that your group will be would have been a “turn key” very watchful of the Airport contract. General Steel providAuthority and particularly the ed me with this option, includactions currently in play regard- ing furnishings for at most .... ing the HB-120 fiasco. There $10 million. It also came with is no concern for the existing a 50 year warranty. I have suscommunity that the airport was picions that the current contract forced upon as well. will have overruns beyond the $20 million and the so-called As mentioned in the newspa- new flat roof will leak. per, a recent meeting of the three entities made no head- The new website for the School way in resolving the financial Board is a welcomed enhanceburdens and jurisdictional is- ment. But it doesn’t address sues. I would anticipate more the recent Dr. Melvin contract of the financial responsibility to extension, that I see as a failure be borne by Essex County citi- to recognize his lack of leaderzens in the future. Falsely mis- ship or that such an individual leading the public and Federal/ is someone who the students State governments as if Tappa- should aspire to look up to. hannock would continue with their financial obligation of I wish your organization essexthree sevenths of the annual fi- the best of luck. nancial support ($30,000). The County would continue with Respectfully, their four sevenths commitment Bernie Buchanan ($40,000). I would suggest that

The Conservative and Moderate Christian pastors better set it up. In case they are clueless or worried about their offering plate I am writing to let them know that a pastor CAN tell fellow believers to vote for a candidate (not by name) who most closely reflects their own moral and religious values.

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one woman.

*As a citizen who believes, as is stated in the Declaration of Independence, “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” should find a candidate who reflects that A pastor can freely and without same political philosophy. restraint tell any church member… On November 7th, I don’t want any pastor, church leader, or lay *As a pro-life believer, seek out person to say, “What more could and vote for a pro-life candidate. I have done to protect life and lib*As a pro-family person, seek out erty?” and vote for a candidate who also believes in God-defined marriage Stephen Lee as being between one man and Mechanicsville, VA 23116 Title: America’s Dream or Obama’s one in the country until everyone is Dream dependent on the government for support, thus turning America into After viewing the movie 2016, it a “third world country.” was factually clear what President Obama’s “dream for America” re- Bottom line: The November elecally is and how he will attain it. It tion will be vital because it will be consists of only three very disturb- voting for the American Dream or ing parts--not in any particular or- for Obama’s dream. America’s der: future hangs in the balance on your vote in November. *Drastically increase government spending until it’s impossible to regain control of the National Debt. Stephen Brown *Keep shrinking our military and nuclear arsenals back until our na- Mechanicsville, VA 23111 tion is vulnerable to attack from anyone. *Take all of the wealth from every-

Unlike America’s original rebel Christians who dumped the Brits’ taxed tea into Boston Harbor, today’s evangelicals, especially the ministers who love to be loved, would have folded like cheap suits before British oppression. We’re a timid titmouse compared to our founding forefathers. Here are four reasons why today’s evangelicals would have folded during the American Revolution:

4. Another disturbing thing is this end-of-the-world Rapture mentality that, supposedly, all of this bad stuff we’re currently fielding as a nation is God’s plan for the ages and that there’s nothing we can do about it. I’m sure glad our predecessors didn’t look at the gargantuan junk they were facing during times of oppression and upheaval and say, “Oh, well. The Rapture must be right around the corner.” No, what they did was 1. We’ve got stacks of do-good- think, work, pray and fight. And ers who are turning the other guess what, end-of-the-world cheek to political abuse and gen- Christians? They yielded up this erational theft. grand experiment in self-governance, that’s what. 2. A lot of evangelicals would rather live as government slaves The Church needs the biblical than live and die as free men. rebel spirit of our founders inSome do it out of sinful sloth- jected back into the evangelical fulness, completely passive and mix instead of this squishy, comthus complicit in the face of evil. pliant stuff that’s currently cranking through our pulpits and pews. 3. Others, especially in the min- God help the Church to lose its istry, won’t say squat about our cowardly bent in these critical political squalor because it’ll of- days. Amen. fend the emotional members of their congregation and thereby jack with their weekly offer- W.S. Wright ings. Here we are during one Hanover, VA 23069 of the most crucial elections of our lifetime, and ministers don’t (or won’t) address these issues. Wow. Where are you?

We welcome Letters to the Editor and encourage the communities to use this space to express their opinions and views. All letters must have a name and valid address or e-mail address. And please remember

that a letter to the editor is the writer’s opinion or view, and not that of 360 View! Thank You!

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It’s Time To Pay Attention It is that time in our world again - election time. It is the time when egos are stroked, mud is slung, feelings are hurt and promises are made. Four years ago, Americans saw something that many never thought they would see in their lifetime. We elected our first black president, Barack Obama. It was newsworthy, it was history in the making, it was life changing and shocking to many. Being President is not easy for anyone, but wow, it just seems that so many folks got much more vocal than they ever thought of before. This is good. When he became president, many folks gathered and began to exercise their right to express themselves more. They marched, protested, supported, hated and loved him. As a journalist, it has been a colorful four years and my, my, my the things I have seen, well, I am not going to write them here. As a Native American woman, I have always exercised my right to vote. I consider it a privilege and an honor and something that I do not take for granted. But I don’t think at this point any of the candidates should rest on their laurels, either. I think each vote that is made should be earned. I watch both the Republican and

by A. Kay Oxendine

Democratic Conventions. I watch all the debates and keep up with the pulse of the news. I do all this because my vote does matter, and I want to be sure that when I make that vote, that I can do so in a good way. We as America have seen many hard times in the last four years, and I bet if you asked Obama about his first runa as president, he will probably tell you that he did not expect as many challenges as he faced. Regardless of your party affiliation, I am asking you now to pay attention to the issues and to the news items, and not just biased news programs, but really read and listen. There are many things that are happening and it could all change the entire game by November. Pay attention now, so that when you are able to exercise your right to vote, you can do so with confidence, pride and good judgements.

Peace in the Park Schedule “....Peace in the Park is more than the universal celebration of PEACE through music; it is peer education, and community cohesion. During the month long celebration we will introduce talking circles, a creative positive affirmation table, activities for kids, and counselors on staff to provide resources for those that just want to “shoot the breeze.” DO SOMETHING—Join us, sing with us, and share with us. Everyone is welcome to join in the PEACE choir each Thursday. This is not political or for those wishing to be in the lime light. It’s simple, it’s about PEACE.” ~April Whittemore Locklear When: EVERY THURSDAY IN SEPTEMBER Where: OLD PEMBROKE TOWN PARK Time: 7 TO 9 PM FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. ALL AGES WELCOME. FOR MORE INFO CONTACT: CHARLY LOWRY (910) 734-7423 OR EMAIL

SCHEDULE: Thurs., Sept 6th- “The Beast” www. Weekly theme: Anti-bullying Thurs., Sept. 13th- “Jeanne Jolly” Weekly theme: Domestic Violence Thurs., Sept. 20th- “JANA” www. Weekly theme: Just Imagine Thurs., Sept. 27th- “Dark Water Rising” Weekly theme: PEACE Food. Vendors. Workshops. Featuring “Flying Angel Entertainment” (Anti-Bullying Workshop) LIVE Artists exhibitions by: Kerry Revels, John Whittemore, Terry Durham, & Niyah Dickens, River Roots Arts Guild Additional appearance and music provided by: “Fireset” *Opportunities still available to EXHIBIT ART, DISPLAY/ INFORMATION TABLES, SPONSORSHIPS, and/or VOLUNTEER.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Governor McDonnell Announces Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development Fund Now Open to Applicants ~ $2 Million Economic Incentive Fund to Spur More Processing/Value-Added Projects ~Bolling: Measure Enhances Virginia’s “Best for Business” Reputation

RICHMOND – Governor Bob McDonnell announced today that guidelines for the newly created Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development (AFID) Fund have been finalized and localities are now able to apply for AFID grants that will enable them to support economic development and job creation efforts. With the release of these guidelines, Virginia, for the first time, has an economic development grant program designed specifically to support agriculture and forestry development projects. “Agriculture and forestry are Virginia’s largest industries, but we learned that too often economic development projects within these important business sectors didn’t meet the necessary criteria for the Commonwealth’s major incentive programs,” said Governor McDonnell, who has made agriculture and forestry key components of his overall economic development and jobs creation agenda. “That’s an omission that we’ve addressed as the AFID clearly recognizes the sometimes unique aspects of agriculture and forestry projects. We hope this program will encourage local governments to work closely with these important industries to create new jobs and increased economic opportunity in communities throughout the Commonwealth.” The creation of the AFID was part of Governor McDonnell’s jobs creation and economic development agenda during the 2012 session of the General Assembly. The Governor signed the AFID bill into law on May 9 at Cave View Farm in Weyers Cave. Senator Bill Stanley (R – Glade Hill) and Delegate Steve Landes (R – Augusta) sponsored the AFID legislation, which is funded at $1 million in each year of the biennium. AFID funds are broken into two categories with $750,000 going to large grants to assist local efforts in expanding current or attracting new agriculture and forestry processing/ value-added facilities using Virginia grown products and $250,000 dedicated to small grants to assist localities in improving local economic development efforts relating to agribusiness. The guidelines being released today are for applicants seeking an AFID grant for a processing or value-added facility. Guidelines for the assistance to localities will be released later this year. “The AFID is a powerful new tool in Virginia’s already impressive economic development and jobs creation portfolio of incentive options and will further enhance our ‘best for business’ reputation,” said Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling. “The fund is particularly important to rural areas, regions of the state where the Governor and I pledged to focus significant attention and job creation efforts after we were elected in 2009. Agriculture and forestry typically are significant economic drivers in rural Virginia, so new investments in these industries will help to build on

these region’s existing strengths.”

Under the processing/valued-added guidelines, program funds are now available to local governments and other political subdivisions as one to one matching grants of up to $250,000 to attract economic development prospects involving agriculture and forestry operations to locate or expand in Virginia. In order to qualify, a minimum of 30 percent of the agricultural or forestry products to which the facility is adding value must be grown or produced in the Commonwealth. Grant awards will be determined based on such factors as amount of private capital invested, projected state and local tax revenue generated as a result of capital investment and jobs created, anticipated amount of Virginia-grown product used by the project, projected impact on agricultural and forestal producers, a total return on investment analysis and an analysis of the impact on competing businesses in the area.

“The AFID’s ‘buy local’ provisions will encourage agricultural and forestry operations receiving grant funds to explore all the ways they can source a significant portion of their inputs from within the Commonwealth,” said Todd Haymore, Virginia’s Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry. “In addition to allowing investing companies to utilize and enjoy the benefits of Virginia’s high quality agricultural and forestry products, this provision expands existing markets or opens new ones for Virginia producers, helps preserve working farmland, and encourages investments in our rural communities.”

Businesses interested in an AFID grant should first contact their local economic development professional or other appropriate representative of the political subdivision to discuss the proposed project. If the political subdivision is interested in applying for the grant and providing the required local match, they should contact Stephen Versen, AFID program contact at the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) at or 804.786.6911 to discuss the program and share initial project details. AFID Guidelines may be obtained on the VDACS website at http://www.vdacs. Applications will be taken on a rolling basis. The AFID program will be administered by the Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry with assistance from VDACS and Virginia Department of Forestry staff.

Agriculture and forestry are Virginia’s largest industries, with a combined economic impact of $79 billion annually: $55 billion from agriculture and $24 billion from forestry. The industries also provide approximately 500,000 jobs in the Commonwealth according to the Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service at the University of Virginia.


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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Parent’s Corner What does a “Christ-centered” home look like? Per a document written by “Focus on the Family” we have attempted to evaluate our homes using their qualifications. We have learned that joy, orderliness and grace are all attributes we should have in our homes in order to achieve this goal. Today we will discuss “service”. A Christian home is tempered and flavored with acts of kindness, respect, humility and love. This is effectively modeled most by parents. Our children stand out in this world when they live out kind and generous hearts toward others, which begins in the home. They are never more like Christ than when they put the interest of others before their own. Mark 10:45 (NLT) For even the Son

of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give His life as a ransom for many.” An attitude of service produces character. Galatians 5:13 (NLT) For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love. Christ provided a way for us to love each other freely and that love is demonstrated through acts of kindness and respect. Bitterness and resentment are not a part of Christ-like service. Anita Blake

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GOOD KARMA will be hosting their Annual Fall Sale on Saturday, October 13 at King William High School from 7AM - 1PM (rain date October 20). Yard sale spots are available for $10 each and consist of four student parking spots. Tables are not provided. Gates will open at 5:30AM and yard sale spots are offered on a first come first serve basis. Yard sale spots must be set up and ready no later than 7AM and you must be prepared to leave the premises no later than 2PM. If you would like to reserve a spot or have any questions please contact Lisa Woody at 994-8742. Please note: A $1 discount will be provided to ALL participants who make a 4 can donation to the GOOD KARMA “Fill A Box” Non-Perishable Food Drive. GOOD KARMA is a non-profit organization formed in March of 2010 by friends, family members and citizens of King William and surrounding counties. GOOD KARMA works closely with their local School Systems and Social Service Organizations to collect food and monetary donations to provide assistance for less fortunate members of our communities. If you would like more information or would like to volunteer your time or services PLEASE contact Lisa Woody at the number listed above.


The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ (VDACS) has a new website called Virginia Pesticide Safety. The site is designed for multiple audiences, including consumers, pest management professionals, farmers, gardeners, golf course operators and even children.

applies to the average consum- fire ants to mosquitoes with er, too.” coloring sheets, online activities and informational pages. Staff in VDACS’ Office of The section for homeowners Pesticide Services realized that explains how Integrated Pest a lot of misinfor- Management can cut down on mation is floating pesticide use in the home and around out there gives advice on hiring a pest about pesticides control firm and choosing the and their uses. proper pesticides. The industry This created a situ- section includes information ation that need- about certification, licensing, ed a remedy and training, laws pertaining to VaPesticideSafety. pesticide use and more. com is designed to “If you’ve ever address that situaapplied a pesticide to your lawn tion. to kill weeds or insects without reading the label first,” said The homepage features headMatt Lohr, VDACS Commis- line news regarding pesticides sioner, “this site is for you. One and their use, a featured video of the things you will learn is and tabs for entry to sections that the ‘label is the law.’ And geared toward homeowners, that’s not just for professionals, industry and children. Kids can grounds keepers or farmers. It learn about everything from

Orientation Picnic! Where: Shelter 1 at Robious Landing Park, 3800 James River Rd., Midlothian, VA, 23113. Park entrance is just past James River High School. When: Sunday, September 9th. Shelter opens at 3:00 PM What: Orientation and a chance to meet and greet other host families and exchange students from Virginia. Please bring a dish to share, made by your student and you, from your student's country. Bottle water, all paper products will be provided. Will need a volleyball and/or soccer ball. PLEASE BRING A SERVING SPOON FOR YOUR DISH. Schedule: 3:30 PM: Meet and mingle while everyone samples dishes from around the world 4:00 PM: Attend small-group orientation- an opportunity to answer any questions and to share about upcoming activities


“I encourage Virginians of every age to go to to learn how to be responsible stewards of our land and water resources,” said Lohr. “This site is a true onestop educational venue for all things related to pesticide use in Virginia and we hope people will bookmark it for times when they have questions and need ready answers.” Elaine Lidholm Director of Communications Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services 102 Governor Street Richmond VA 23219 804.786.7686

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There’s A Line.

“It seems today, that all you see, is violence in movies and sex on t.v....” Do you know that refrain from a popular television show? Do you watch it? Seth McFarland, the creator of “Family Guy” and “The Cleveland Show” is kind of a comedic genius, or, at least people seem to think he is. I can take him or leave him. I’ve seen him host some roasts of fellow entertainers and I admit it, I laughed. I laughed at most of the jokes being told on those shows, including his. Not too long ago a man was in the news protesting Seth’s show, “Family Guy,” because Seth made fun of the particular disease the man was infected with. The man said, “Hey, that’s not funny, I have that disease, that joke is poking fun at me!” He actually got on the news and angrily protested against Seth McFarland and his show because the shows’ writers made fun of him. They didn’t actually make fun of him, though, they didn’t say “Joe Blow from Someplace USA has this disease and now here’s a joke about Joe Blow.” They made a joke about the disease the man is infected with. The man decided to take it personal and make it about him. To Joe Blow from Someplace USA I say this. It stated in the news article that you are a regular viewer of “Family Guy” and that you normally enjoyed the show, so let me ask you another question. Out of all of the offensive humor on that show, out of all the jokes about race, disease, pedophiles, gay-bashing, out of all of the jokes that poked fun at real people such as actors and actresses, politicians and television personalities, and real, every day people that were unlucky enough to find themselves on the news and in McFarland’s cross-hairs, that ONE joke about a disease that you have offended you? It’s okay in your mind to laugh about pedophiles, gay-bashing, actors and actresses that have mental breakdowns and crash and burn in very public melt downs, but when they joke about a disease that you have, well, that’s just not funny? That’s kind of a double standard, isn’t it? You bet your sweet bippy it is. Double standard, hypocritical, and wrong. Recently, I saw a post with the comedian, Wayne Brady’s picture on it. He was apologizing for a joke he made during a roast that somehow compared the roastee to Sarah Palin’s son, who happens to have Down’s Syndrome. I guess a lot of parent’s with kids that have Down’s Syndrome found Wayne’s joke offensive. I’ve worked over the years with a lot of clients that have DS, I know what a blessing these special people can be, I understand the parent’s ire at Wayne Brady’s insensitive joke. But, let me ask you parents that wrote angry emails and letters- When you watched the roast Wayne was performing on,

did you laugh at the other jokes? I’ve seen some pretty raunchy comedians tell some even raunchier jokes during roasts; nothing is off limits to them. They hit so far below the belt they’re punching from shoe level. The jokes are offensive, crude, nasty, irreverent, politically incorrect, racist, and hateful. There is no depth too low for these comedians to stoop to get a laugh. How then, can you pick and choose about what is offensive and what isn’t? How can you determine that A-is funny, but B-is offensive when it’s all offensive? Is it okay as long as it doesn’t affect you? Is that the line that they must not cross? I know parents with Down’s children just want their children to be accept by society. I’m an advocate for that. I think because people don’t understand these special angels that they are shunned, made fun of and worst of all, aborted before they are born because doctors tell the parents what a burden they would be if allowed to be born. Nobody wants their child to have problems, everybody wants that perfect baby with no medical problems, who will grow into a perfect human being with little fuss and no muss. Those people have no idea what a blessing Down’s children can be. Wayne Brady was wrong in making a joke like he made. Here’s the thing, though, he wasn’t poking fun at Down’s Syndrome, he was poking fun at a specific child with Down’s Syndrome. He singled Sarah Palin’s child out and made him the butt of a very ugly joke. In his apology Mr. Brady stated that he didn’t write the joke, which is kind of a cop out in my opinion, but to his credit, he took responsibility for telling the joke on national television. Most of the responses that I’ve seen from people that were offended seemed to be positive, but there are always a few that are going to walk around with a chip on their shoulders and not forgive anybody ever for stepping on their toes. To the people in the latter group I say, get over it, get a life and take that chip off your shoulder. Harboring a resentment against Mr. Brady for telling an offensive joke isn’t going to hurt him, it will only end up hurting you in the end. Harboring resentments against someone is like drinking poison and expecting the person that you’re mad at to die. As an American Indian I know what it’s like to be discriminated against. I’ve dealt with it all of my life and I probably always will until the day that I die. I was bullied in school because of my race. I’ve been discriminated against in the workforce. I’ve had people think

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

.. by Geddes Lindsay

less of me simple because I was born American Indian, so I know that pain. It’s a harsh, cold world out there and by the looks of things, it isn’t getting any better. I once worked for a group home in Springfield, Missouri. The clients in the home I worked for were all mentally disabled men. We often took our clients out into public to go shopping or movies, out to eat and the like. Normal, everyday things that normal people do. I’ve heard the whispers and seen the stares. I’ve gotten extremely angry at the ignorance the general public would heap on my friends. Most of all, I knew how it made my friends from the home feel. They were higher functioning, they understood that people were pointing at them. They knew people were laughing at them because they would slop their food or drink down their shirts, or because they wore protective headgear to keep from hurting themselves if they had seizures. It hurt them, just like being picked on hurts anybody else in this world. The beautiful part of that was, my clients, my friends from the home wouldn’t hold a grudge against those ignorant “normal” people. They had the capacity to hold a grudge, believe me, I know. You don’t know scary until you have a six foot, two-hundred and fifty pound man come screaming at you because you took his television time away for not doing his chores. So, which is it going to be? Was Wayne Brady wrong because he poked fun at a child with Down’s Syndrome, but the rest of the show was pretty funny? Or was the entire show wrong? You can’t sit back and say one is wrong and the other is okay. You can’t correct a wrong with another wrong. You can’t fight hate with more hate, either. Parents of Down’s kids want nothing more for their special angels than to live as normal a life as possible. They want to integrate their children into society and have them accepted as a functioning member of that society. I’m all for that. I’ve worked towards that goal for several years, teaching MR/DD clients how to function in the real world, away from institutions. One of the things that we have to teach these citizens then is, the world is not fair. No, it surely is not. But we cannot teach them that it is okay to laugh at jokes found on shows such as I’ve mentioned here, only to get upset when those same shows poke fun at people with special needs. It’s either all wrong or none of it’s wrong. You cannot pick and choose on these issues. You have to be willing to say, “There is a line

that must not be crossed, ever for any reason,” and defend that line to the best of your ability, no matter what the subject or segment of society that the line protects. I’m not saying that the whole world needs to be completely PC about all subjects always. I’m probably the most politically incorrect person ever. If you’ve known me for any length of time, you know thats a true statement. There is a difference between being politically incorrect and insensitive, though. Knowing the difference is the key. I try not to be insensitive, or uncaring. I’m not an uncaring person. I would never intentionally hurt someone directly or indirectly by saying or doing something that would cause them pain. That’s the difference between the two. Figuring out an equal balance is the first step. Teaching it to our children is the next and living it daily is the last. No nine other steps needed, just three simple steps to live in a better world. We aren’t going to change the world, it will probably always be the way it is today. There will always be hateful, spiteful people out there willing to poke fun at anybody, at any time just to get a laugh, or to feel better about their own crappy lives. We can make our part of the world a better place and try to influence those around us to do the same. We can carve out our own place in the world where jokes like Seth McFarland writes or that Wayne Brady might tell in the future will roll off our backs like water off a ducks back. I understand people being angry at Wayne Brady for his insensitive joke, but lets focus on the right reason we’re angry. He wasn’t making fun of Down’s Syndrome, he was poking fun at a child with Down’s Syndrome, and that makes him a Grade A Ass in my humble opinion. The fact that he finally apologized for that joke makes him less of an ass, but only marginally. I’ve heard him say other things that I felt were equally offensive and personally, I’ve never thought he was all that funny. I hope maybe this has helped you look at the world around you in a little different light, gentle reader. I hope that it finds you surrounded by love and living life to the fullest. I hope that if you aren’t, that you have the strength of character to go out and change your world so that you can live comfortably wherever you are. Peace.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Virginia signs on for Great SouthEast ShakeOut earthquake drill Individuals and groups can register for earthquake drill to be held Oct. 18 RICHMOND, Va. – Virginians can practice “Drop, Cover, and Hold On,” the recommended response to an earthquake, during the first ever Great SouthEast ShakeOut earthquake drill on Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012 at 10:18 a.m. Virginia joins Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland and the District of Columbia in holding the drill and encouraging schools, businesses, organizations, government agencies, communities and families to participate. The Oct. 18 earthquake drill for southeastern states will follow the one-year anniversary of the August 23, 2011, 5.8 magnitude earthquake centered in Mineral. The ShakeOut drill, modeled after similar efforts held throughout the nation, provides an opportunity to practice a simple, potentially lifesaving, action should an earthquake occur: • • •

Drop to the ground Take Cover under a sturdy table or desk if possible, protecting your head and neck Hold On until the shaking stops

To register for the earthquake drill, go to Those registering for the drill will receive regular information on how to plan their drill and engage their communities to become better prepared for earthquakes and disasters.

The Great SouthEast ShakeOut website also provides many resources for planning a drill and learning how to get better prepared for recovery from an earthquake. To find these resources, go to Coordinating partners for the Great SouthEast ShakeOut include the Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium and Federal Emergency Management Agency. CUSEC coordinates a similar drill across central U.S. states. Held this past February, the Great Central U.S. ShakeOut was held across 11 states and drew more than 2.4 million participants. ShakeOut originated in California, where statewide earthquake drills have been held annually since 2008, and has grown to be an international program. In addition to the states participating in the Great SouthEast ShakeOut, similar drills also will be held Oct. 18 in California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Guam, Puerto Rico, Alaska, British Columbia, Southern Italy and Central Asia. New Zealand will hold a nationwide ShakeOut drill in September, and Japan is holding local ShakeOut drills on various dates in the fall. More than eight million people have registered to participate in ShakeOut drills so far in 2012.

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2012 Pow-wow Calendar September 1 Open Air Indian Art Market Qualla Arts & Crafts Cherokee, NC Call: Tonya Carroll 828-497-3103 September 7-8 Coharie Powwow Coharie Intra-Tribal Center Clinton, NC Call: 910-564-6909 September14-15Guilford Native American Association PowwowGreensboro, NC Call: 336-273-8686 September 14-15 Southeast Tribes Celebration Cherokee Fairground Cherokee, NC Call: Barbara Duncan 828-497-3481

Ahoskie, NC Contact: November 2NC Indian Senior Citizens Coalition Conference Fayetteville, NC Call: Helen Cook 910-424-3846 November 3 Native American Cultural Festival Guilford Native American Art Gallery Greensboro, NC Call: 336-2736605

September 15-16 Nottoway Tribe of Virginia, Inc. Pow Wow, Surry County Fairgrounds, Surry VA.

November TBD4th Annual Charlotte Mecklenburg American Indian Heritage Month CelebrationCharlotte Museum of History Charlotte, NC Call: 704-5681774

September 20-21American Indian Women of Proud Nations ConferenceUNCPembroke Pembroke, NC Call: Becky Goins 910-775-4323

November 11 weekend Great American Indian Expo The Showplace, Richmond, VA Call: Barry Richardson, 252-538-0821

September 22-23 Indian Trail Powwow Crossing Paths Park Indian Trail, NC Call: 704-9261524

15th St. James Waccamaw Siouan “FESTIVAL” Saturday, November 10 at 10:00am in EST at St James Volunteer Fire Department

Sept 22-23 Chickahominy Pow-wow October 2-6 Cherokee Indian Fair Cherokee Fairground Cherokee, NC Call: Howard Wahnetah 828-554-6471 Oct Rappahannock Pow-wow Indian Neck, VA October 19-20Waccamaw Siouan Powwow Tribal Grounds Bolton, NC Call: 910-655-8778

November17-17th Annual American Indian Heritage Celebration NC Museum of History Raleigh, NC Call: 919-8077979 University of Maryland’s 8th Annual Powwow, Saturday, December 8, 2012, from 10:0am - 6:00pm, Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center, UM College Park, 20742 POC: Dottie Chiquelo chicodh@ Grand Entry at 11:00am.

October TBD Meherrin Powwow

Marianne Bennettt in Regalia

The earliest North Carolina earthquake on record is that of March 8, 1735, near Bath. This event was probably less than intensity V. On February 21, 1774, a sharp shock was felt over much of Virginia and southward into North Carolina. Reports from Winston-Salem indicate that this earthquake was felt quite noticeably.

KW and K&Q Democrats to Hold Dinner Meeting The King William and King & Queen Democratic Committees will hold a joint meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 11, at Don Pedro’s Restaurant at Central Garage. Join us and get a chance to meet Tyee Davenport of the Tim Kaine for Senate campaign and Rhona Mays, our new Field Director from Obama for America.


“Waiting For Superman” This video is an inspiring documentary that provides an engaging and inspiring look at public education in America. The fate of our country will not be determined on a battle-field, it will be determined in the classroom. “Waiting For Superman” will leave you with the desire to learn more about public education. Join us for the viewing of the Audience Award Winner for 2010. Where: Pamunkey Regional Library, 694-J Sharon Road, King William, Virginia 23086. When: Thursday, September 20th ------ 7:00 pm The T.E.A. Party needs all citizens of King William to help make a difference. Citizens like you can make a difference. Come out and join the effort.


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This September, ‘Pledge to Prepare” for emergencies

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Butterfly Teaches Us All by

Gov. McDonnell recognizes September as National Preparedness Month

all around me! How do I know it’s the same butterfly? Because when it landed it was still a little weak! And I knew. Then it flew up and all around me again, so beautifully. God speaks to me in ways I understand, through the animal kingdom many times! I believe the message is that he loves me and my animal friends too. He tells me He still heals today, even the animals!

pets. 4. Get Involved: Before a disaster happens, the whole community can get involved in programs and activities to make families, homes and businesses safer from risks and “Unfortunately, within the past 14 threats. Check with local emergency months, just about every Virginian managers, first responder agencies has experienced tornados, the his- and volunteer organizations for traintoric Mineral earthquake, Hurricane ing opportunities. Irene, Tropical Storm Lee or the recent severe derecho wind storm,” “In any large emergency, police, fire said Michael Cline, state coordinator and rescue may not always be able to of emergency management. “These reach you quickly, such as if trees and are all powerful reminders that each power lines are down. The most imof us is responsible to be ready for portant thing you can do to help your both predicted and unexpected emer- local responders is being able to take gencies. If you are not ready, you can care of yourself and your family,” pledge to prepare during September.” said Cline. “The more of us who are prepared, the quicker our community Families and individuals should plan will recover.” as though they must go for at least three days without electricity, water To recognize the significance of Naservice, access to a supermarket or tional Preparedness Month, Govother local services. To prepare, fol- ernor Bob McDonnell issued a spelow these four steps: cial proclamation. To view it, go to 1. Stay informed. Get free informa- OurCommonwealth/Proclamations/ tion on what to do before, during and viewproc.cfm?id=166 after emergencies at and www.ListoVirginia. Many families and teachers may gov. Stay aware of changing weather want to talk with children about conditions by monitoring local media emergency preparedness during Sepreports. Get a battery-powered and/ tember. The Ready Kids website or hand-crank radio with a weather focuses on weather-related emergenband so you can hear emergency in- cies and helps educate children ages formation when the power is out. 8-12 about how they can help their families prepare. In-school materi2. Make a plan. Discuss, agree als for teachers also are available at on and document an emergency plan or by calling with those in your care. For sample 1-800-BE-READY, 1-888-SE-LISplans, see TO and TTY 1-800-462-7587. and To learn more about National Pre3. Build a Kit. Keep enough emer- paredness Month and to join the Nagency supplies on hand for you and tional Coalition of people and organithose in your care. Start with non- zations who have pledged to prepare perishable food and water, and then in September, go to add first aid, prescriptions, flashlights and batteries. Remember supplies for children, those with special needs and

Marianne Bennett

September is National Preparedness Month, an annual nationwide effort to encourage Americans to plan and prepare for emergencies.

I have several butterfly plants because I love butterflies! Yesterday I found the most beautiful yellow Swallowtail floundering- not able to fly, seemed imbalanced, but full of will! I picked up this beautiful creature, held it in my hands and asked God to heal him/her that he may fly again. Placed it on the porch in between some other plants to avoid predators from getting it. I went out next morning looking for it, couldn’t find it, I was sad. Later that same day, I was outside feeding my horse and the same colored butterfly started was flittering

A good friend of mine, brought further revelation to me last week. Told me to think about this. The butterfly is symbolic of my life for the last 4 years, floundering and trying to fly, yet in and thru all the trials & hardships God has had me in HIS hands, He is with me, protecting me from predators, natural & supernatural and that I WILL FLY AGAIN! Wow that is deep! I consider that a prophetic word from God’s heart... What an awesome God!

The Native American Women Warriors are a stunning color guard to be seen. Here, at the Rosebud Fair in South Dakota, these lady warriors carry in our nations colors for Grand Entry. Photo taken by Nashdoi Soh Bedonie

UNC American Indian Center Holds 2012 Welcome Extravaganza for Carolina American Indian Community & Friends during the UNC Week of Welcome! Under humid skies and a giggle in the air, the American Indian Center welcomed all American Indian communities together for an extravaganza on August 22, 2012. The entertainment for the event was the brother and sister duo of Lakota John Locklear and his sister Layla Rose, who also happens to be Miss Indian NC. The community joined together to mingle and network. The Native Student Organizations that joined together included: * Carolina Indian Circle (CIC) * First Nations Graduate Circle (FNGC) * Native American Law Students Association (NALSA) * Alpha Chapter of Alpha Pi Omega Sorority, Inc. * Gamma Chapter of Phi Sigma Nu Fraternity, Inc. as well as members of the singing group Unheard Voices. In the photo below, the leaders of these above organizations are poised together at the Extraganza. Layla Rose and Lakota John sing with their father John Locklear in the photo to the left. The photo to the left bottom showcases new director, Amy Locklear Hertel, as she makes introductions and welcomes community to event.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 The Legislative Review From the Office of Representative Charles Graham August 17, 2012 As the summer winds down, our thoughts go to back-to-school events happening all around us. We want to celebrate with the University of North Carolina at Pembroke upon the opening of the new Health Science Building, housing the Nursing and Social Work departments. This new facility will allow the four-year licensure nursing program to double in size to 200 students and add a master’s degree program. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard in making this dream a reality! Congratulations, also, to Robeson Community College on the record enrollment of 2,835 students (as of noon on August 15)! As college president Dr. Charles Chrestman stated, “The community college is the last link to a job or higher education for many of our students….” The citizens of Robeson County are indeed fortunate to have exceptional educational opportunities. The North Carolina General Assembly continues to stay busy, even when we are not in session. There are a number of studies, task forces, and interim committees that work in between our regular sessions. This week, I wanted to share some information with you about some of the work going on in the interim concerning issues of interest to some of our older residents and those who are concerned about their well-being. I hope that you will find this material to be helpful. As always, thank you for your interest in state government, and please let me know if I can assist you in any way.

Fraud The Consumer Protection Division of the Department of Justice has been directed to form the Task Force on Fraud against Older Adults. The law (SB 449) requires the task force to examine issues including: Identifying, clarifying, and strengthening laws to provide older adults a broader system of protection against fraud and abuse. Establishing a statewide system to enable reporting on incidents of fraud and mistreatment of older adults. Identifying opportunities for partnership among the Banking Commission, the financial management industry, and law enforcement agencies to prevent fraud against older adults. Granting the Attorney General authority to initiate prosecutions for fraud against older adults.

sponsibilities to county departments of social services. The subcommittee will report its findings to the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on health and human Services by January 15, 2013. Medicaid

A final report from the Task Force to the North Carolina Study Commission on Aging is due by October 1.

The staff of the General Assembly has been asked to study the feasibility of creating a separate Department of Medicaid. A joint recommendation will be made to the 2013 Regular Session of the General Assembly no later than February 5, 2013, and will include a review of the administration of other state Medicaid programs; an analysis of benefits and disadvantages to creating a Department of Medicaid; any adverse impact a Department of Medicaid may have on the administration of other agencies within the Department of Health and Human Services; and an identification of various Medicaid organizational structures, including any associated costs and savings.

Mental Health


The Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services will appoint a subcommittee to examine the state’s delivery of mental health services. The subcommittee must consider the following:

The Blue Ribbon Commission on Transitions to Community Living will examine the state’s system of community housing and community supports for people with severe mental illness, severe and persistent mental illness, and intellectual and developmental disabilities. The Commission will be composed of 32 members. The Commission must appoint a Subcommittee on Housing and a Subcommittee on Adult Care Homes, each composed of 15 members. Reporting requirements include an interim report by October 1, 2012, and a final plan to the General Assembly no later than February 1, 2013.

The state’s progress in delivering mental health services in integrated settings. The state’s capacity to meet growing mental health needs. The process for determining catchment areas for psychiatric hospitals including managed care organization groupings and alternatives that would increase efficiency and equity. The impact of implementing the 1915(b)/(c) waiver and other mental health reforms on guardianship roles, responsibilities, relationships, and recommended legislation to transfer State Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/Substance Abuse Services guardianship re-

Economic Development Southern Business & Development, a leading publication covering and promoting economic development in the American South, announced that North Carolina has been named

You Saw What???? It’s been said that some of mankind’s greatest inventions were created by lazy men and women. People who wanted to create a faster, easier, more productive way of doing something and did the impossible. Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin, a machine capable of producing more than 50 pounds of cotton lint (fiber separated from the seeds) per day; a feat impossible for one man to accomplish. Margaret Knight created a machine to cut, fold and glue paper to create flatbottomed paper bags. Prior to this, “bags” were conical in shape, and impossible to stand on a table. Heavierthan-air flight was impossible until Wilbur & Orville started bragging about it. The ‘skyhook’, a crane that would just hover over the spot where you needed it, was a constructioncrew’s dream, until some really smart engineers designed one that used cables to put Curiosity on the ground in a crater on Mars. How then does one discuss the existence of something that, by its’ very nature, falls outside our everyday lives? Something that not ‘everyone’ has seen, heard, felt, tasted, smelled – experienced.. Perhaps by asking a question: “What would you do if … ?”, maybe “Do you think anybody will ever be able to …?”, or even “Have you ever … ?”. Have you ever seen a flying saucer? A ‘UFO’, an unidentified flying object? (Strictly speaking, a UFO is anything in the air that you can’t put a name to; even whatever it was that cute girl threw at you after you whistled at her. Guys, you know who you are .) In this context, UFO is shorthand for ‘aircraft of unknown origin and manufacture’

(AOUOaM … No? Didn’t think so..) Have you ever seen something in the air, behaving like nothing else you have ever seen? How could you believe it was possible? Airplanes fly forward from one side of the sky to the other. Helicopters hover, fly forward, backward and sideways. Blimps fly forward or hover; missiles fly forward, really quickly. These examples are all based upon well known and understood principles of aerodynamics. But what about an aircraft that can do all of these things, but does so in a way that we can’t see? There’s no exhaust, no visible mechanism for propulsion, no lighter-thanair, gas-filled bag. Therefore, it must be impossible, right? “Your eyes were playing tricks on you.” … “You were seeing things.“ … “Where’s the evidence?” “Hard science and soft science are colloquial terms often used when comparing scientific fields of academic research or scholarship, with hard meaning perceived as being more scientific, rigorous, or accurate. Fields of the natural, physical, and computing sciences are often described as hard, while the social sciences and similar fields are often described as soft.” (Shamelessly stolen from WikiPedia, et al So we have no known hard evidence for the existence of flying saucers, but much soft evidence, as noted by Mr. Peter Davenport, the Director of the National UFO Reporting Center ( Mr. Davenport, who holds both an M.S. degree and an M.B.A., writes that, in the months of June & July (combined) of this year there were over 2,000 reports of


Page 09 the “2012 State of the Year.” North Carolina is being honored as State of the Year based on its performance in 2011. North Carolina also received this accolade in 2005 and 2006. Southern Business & Development ranks states based on each project announced with a minimum of 200 jobs and/or $30 million investment. In 2011, North Carolina was successful in landing 89 projects that met or exceeded the publication’s threshold, more than any other state. In addition to the state’s top ranking, Charlotte was named the 2012 Major Market of the year and Greensboro-High Point garnered the top spot in the Mid-Market category. Death Representative Larry Brown, a former mayor of Kernersville for eight years, died on Thursday, August 16. Representative Brown was elected to the House of Representatives in 2005 and was finishing his final term after losing a primary election. He was a real estate company owner and a retired postmaster. He represented parts of Forsyth and Davidson counties. Please remember that when the General Assembly is in session, you can listen to each day’s session, committee meetings, and press conferences on the General Assembly’s website at Once on the site, select “Audio,” and then make your selection – House Chamber, Senate Chamber, Appropriations Committee Room or Press Conference Room. I do consider it an honor and a privilege to serve as your voice in the North Carolina House of Representatives. Please feel free to contact my office with your questions, concerns, and comments. Charles Graham

Bobby Richardson

UFO sightings to NUFORC. So in just 2 months, over 2,000 people from around the country risked ridicule to tell their story; what they saw and maybe photographed or videotaped, in the skies. How many of us have actually travelled to Paris, walked up to the Eiffel Tower, and rapped it with our knuckles? Yet we see photographs and talk to people and, pretty much, all believe that the tower exists. Why? Basically because we know that it’s possible for it to exist. We’ve all seen skyscrapers being built with skeletons of steel. Of course it’s possible to build a bare skeleton and make it really tall & funny looking. The tower is based upon known technology. The Parisienne doesn’t have to believe it exists – he or she KNOWS it exists because they see it every day, they have to drive around it, teen-aged boys go to the top and spit over the rail. Couples go up to become engaged to be married. (One opinion? Some women say yes just to get back down to the ground.)

But what about something based upon unknown technology? People buy airline tickets everyday without understanding, or even knowing about, The Bernoulli Principle. But flying saucers don’t seem to care about Bernoulli, or wind resistance, or gravity. How do they fly? The fact that we don’t already know how they fly should not automatically relegate their existence to the realm of science fiction. It should not allow us to relegate witness testimony to the ‘crackpot’ file. It was Robert Heinlein I believe who said “One man’s magic is another man’s engineering.” If people only believed in the possibility of what they’d seen with their own eyes, Eli Whitney never would’ve built that first cotton gin. Margaret Knight would never have created a new job category at the grocery store. Wilbur and Orville might’ve won a ‘Best Bicycle Shop in Ohio’ award. Those aerospace engineers wouldn’t have built a skyhook to put a 1-ton ATV/science lab on Mars.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012 Please send your community and church announcements to: We are happy to let our readers know of the services you offer and what is happening in your communities. You can also mail them to: 360 View Newspaper, PO Box 824, Aylett, VA 23009.

Indian Rivers Humane Society meets on the second Thursday of each month at the King William Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad at 6:30 p.m. Meetings are open to the public and we welcome new volunteers to our group! Please contact (804) 885-3109 for directions or additional information. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Blue Grass Jam 2nd Monday in each month 7pm-until Open to the Public King William Tire & Auto Rt. 360 in Manquin ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VFW Post 8356 1658 VFW Road West Point, VA BINGO Every Thursday nite Doors open 5:20 p.m. Early Bird 7:20 More info 804-241-9795 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Participation in the KING WILLIAM T.E.A. PARTY (Taxed Enough Already) is open to all citizens of good will. No sign up, no dues, no obligation. KWTP is an all-volunteer, grass-roots group of citizens who believe in honoring the US Constitution, limiting the size and power of government at all levels, cutting spending, and reducing taxes. Find us on Facebook and ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frog Level Volunteer Fire Dept. is seeking vendors for our fall festival and parade on Oct. 27. If interested please email or call 804-338-8697 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

GOOD KARMA will be hosting their Annual Fall Sale on Saturday, October 13 at King William High School from 7AM - 1PM (rain date October 20). Yard sale spots are available for $10 each and consist of four student parking spots. Tables are not provided. Gates will open at 5:30AM and yard sale spots are offered on a first come first serve basis. Yard sale spots must be set up and ready no later than 7AM and you must be prepared to leave the premises no later than 2PM. If you would like to reserve a spot or have any questions please contact Lisa Woody at 994-8742. Please note: A $1 discount will be provided to ALL participants who make a 4 can donation to the GOOD KARMA “Fill A Box” Non-Perishable Food Drive. GOOD KARMA is a non-profit organization formed in March of 2010 by friends, family members and citizens of King William and surrounding counties. GOOD KARMA works closely with their local School

Systems and Social Service Organizations to collect food and monetary donations to provide assistance for less fortunate members of our communities. If you would like more information or would like to volunteer your time or services PLEASE contact Lisa Woody at the number listed above. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Testifying Toastmasters, Eastern Hanover’s only OPEN Toastmaster club, has changed its meeting times to the 2nd and 4th THURSDAY of every month. Still at 630800 pm at Hanover Nazarene Church. If you seek better communication skills and more confidence in a safe environment, come out to the Testifying Toastmasters! Contact Sandy Sanders, Membership/PR VP at or 804.779.3057 . Testifying Toastmasters is a outreach service of Hanover Nazarene Church to the Mechanicsville community. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BBQ Chicken Dinner (Take Out Only) Saturday September 15th 5pm – 7pm $8.00 Benefit the Dawn Library To be Held in Parking Lot at Old Dyson’s Store Info 804-338-8697 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Republican Party of King and Queen County cordially invites you to attend its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, September 4th, at Roma’s Restaurant, in Tappahannock. Social time begins at 6:00 PM, followed by dinner at 6:30 PM. The cost is still only $17.00 which includes coffee or tea, rolls, entree, dessert and tip. Our meetings are open to the public and we urge you to come and bring your friends. Please call for reservations - Roberta @769-1856; Bill @ 5121688, or Barbara @ 785-4060. Please come prepared to pay your 2012 dues which were payable in January, and will entitle you to vote on important issues. Thank you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ KW and K&Q Democrats to Hold Dinner Meeting The King William and King & Queen Democratic Committees will hold a joint meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 11, at Don Pedro’s Restaurant at Central Garage. Join us and get a chance to meet Tyee Davenport of the Tim Kaine for Senate campaign and Rhona Mays, our new Field Director from Obama for America.

The church is located at 29680 King William Road., 7 miles west of West Point and 19 miles east of Central Garage on Rt. 30. Bring old friends and meet new ones at the Wednesday Matinee! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ September 9 – Brett-Reed Memorial Presbyterian Church announces Rally Day, September 9. Members and visitors are invited to come at 9 a.m. for breakfast, prepared by the Men of the Church. Stay and participate in Sunday school for all ages, followed by 11 a.m. Morning Worship enriched with music: including Music Director Nancy Saunders at the piano, and special music by Mel Hughes and members of the Bluegrass Jam that gathers the third Tuesday each month at BrettReed. Following worship, enjoy fellowship, lunch, activities, and more Bluegrass music in the Fellowship Hall and on the grounds. The dress is casual, and the welcome will be warm for all ages. All who do not have a church home are invited to join the welcoming congregation at Brett-Reed, located 7 miles west of West Point, and 19 miles east of Central Garage on Rt. 30. The church is handicapped accessible, with two ground-level entrances in the back and an elevator between floors of the church. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Grace Temple Ministries Wednesday Bible Study 7:00p.m at KWFR Community Hall in Aylett Va. Subjects include, What is the Gospel? What is true Repentance and Faith toward God through Jesus Christ? What is the Church of The Living God? The apostle’s doctrine including the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Scriptural role of men and women in the local Church. Biblical truth concerning marriage, divorce and re-marriage. Contact Reverend Dennis Lee Dabney at 804 633-1261 or Thanks for your prayers in advance. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

September 12 : Brett-Reed Memorial Presbyterian Church continues “Wednesday Matinee” – a monthly fellowship and Bible study that includes lunch and a short lesson based on the old Andy Griffith TV series; watch an episode and discuss the ethical and Biblical implications of what happened that week in Mayberry. Wednesday Matinee will begin at noon, September 12 in the church fellowship hall, and will continue on the second Wednesday of each month. Call 843-2343 by Monday, September 10 to reserve a place. Members of churches in West Point and surrounding counties are invited to share in the fellowship and lively discussion. Donations will be accepted to cover the cost of lunch, with any extra monies going to support St. David’s ministries in Aylett and the Good Neighbor Center in West Point. Brett-Reed has two ground-level entrances in the back of the church and is handicapped accessible.

These Churches Welcome You to Their Places of Worship FAMILY LIFE BAPTIST CHURCH has relocated to, 7283 Richmond-Tappahannock Hwy, Aylett, VA, (the old Holladay House Furniture Bldg.) on Sundays @ 10:30 a.m. We want to invite you to our exciting worship experience. Children will enjoy KidzLife worship and KidZoo. COME JOIN US! For more information, contact: Gus Agostino (804) 769-2534 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope Alive Family Church invites the LADIES to a Wednesday morning fellowship with discussion, sharing and encouragement: “How To Find God’s Master Plan For Your Life.” Times are Wednesdays from 10 - 11:30AM. Hope Alive Family Church is located at 7753 Richmond Tappahanock Hwy. in Aylett for more information contact the church @ 804-769-7299 or by e-mail: Also check us out on Facebook. Regular service times are 10:30 Sunday mornings with Back to Basics bible study at 9:30. hopeALIVE Kids have Breakfast and a movie at 9:30 and Superkid Academy beginning at 10:30. hopeALIVE kids presents the uncompromised, life-changing Word of God to children in fun and age appropriate ways. Hope to see you there! Hope Alive Family Church is located at 7753 Richmond Tappahannock Hwy. in Aylett. For more information contact the church @ 804-769-8872 or by e-mail: Also check us out on Facebook. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CORINTH CHRISTIAN CHURCH, 9153

Dabney’s Mill Rd., Manquin, VA 23106 Minister: Sonny Claiborne, (804) 7462762 Monday - Choir Practice, 6:30 pm Wednesday- Bible Study, 7:30-8:30 pm Sunday School - 10 am, Sunday Corporate Prayer - 10:15 am, Sunday Worship Service - 11 am, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sharon Baptist Church invites you to join us for worship. We are located at 901 Sharon Road across from King William High School. Sunday mornings start with coffee & doughnuts at 9 am in the Fellowship Hall, followed by Sunday School for all ages at 9:15 am. Our Morning Worship Service starts at 10:30 am. Nursery provided. We have a Sunday Evening Bible Study & Children’s Activities at 6 pm. Additional Bible Studies at 10 am on Tuesdays and at 7 pm on Wednesdays. Youth (7th – 12th graders) meet at 7 pm on Wednesdays. Church office hours are 9 am to 3 pm Monday – Thursday. Call the church at 769-2320 for more information. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Indian View Baptist Church invites everyone to their Sunday services - each Sunday at 11:00 AM. Join us this Sunday and every Sunday. 13349 King William Road, King William, VA 23086, (804) 350-1555. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Millers Tavern holds services at 8:00 and 10:00 a.m. each Sunday. Nursery and Sunday School are available during the 10:00 service, which is accompanied by the choir and organ and followed by a coffee hour. All are

welcome. Corinth Christian Church, located at 9153 Dabney’s Mill Road, Manquin, VA 23106 (about 8 miles off Rt. 360), would like to invite you to its Sunday School at 10 am, Corporate Prayer at 10:15 am, Worship Service at 11 am, Choir Practice on Monday nights at 6:30 pm and Bible Study on Wednesday nights at 7:30 pm. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A new ministry has opened its doors at the old Dyson Store in Dowsell. ROCsolid Outreach Center has opened a THRIFT STORE. This ministry helps many in need. Donations are welcome. Pastors Lonnie and Dana Brawley invite to browse the selection of clothes, shoes, house wares, electronics and furniture. Open MondaySaturday 10 am - 6 PM. Call 804 317 7415 if you need donations picked up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CALLING ALL YOUTH! Coming to Aylett is Hope Alive’s Pit Stop Youth Group. We welcome all youth 13-17, grades 6-12 to join us for a fun-filled pursuit of the things of God. Regular Wednesday Pit Stop services are at 7pm in the church fellowship room. Join the Facebook page at Pit Stop Youth or contact via e-mail LADIES please join us from 10:00 to 11:30 am Wednesday mornings for ongoing fellowship with discussion, sharing and encouragement: “How To Find God’s Master Plan For Your Life.” REGULAR SERVICE times and hope-

ALIVEKids Superkid Academy are Sunday mornings at 10:30am. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ST. PAUL’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Hanover Courthouse. We are a friendly, family-oriented Episcopal church a few miles from King William County, at the intersection of Rts. 301 and 54 (537-5516). The doors are open to our King William neighbors, and we’d love to have you visit and worship with us. Our Sunday schedule is: 8 AM, Holy Communion; 9:15, Christian education for adults and children; 10:30, Holy Communion. Refreshments and fellowship follow both services. On the second Sunday each month we have a Second Sunday Luncheon, free and open to all, where we sit down and catch up with one another. We have a special ministry to children, love to have babies in church, and welcome all persons of any sort to our worship services and parish life. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Epworth United Methodist Church, located at the corner of Route 30 and Epworth Road in King William County, invites you to worship with them. Church service begins at 9:00 am followed by a time of refreshments and Sunday School classes for all ages begins at 10:30 am. There are regular bible study groups and youth groups available. For further information please contact Pastor Bill Walker at 769-1949 or visit our web site at

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State Fair of Virginia tickets, Midway and Kidway registration now offered online Information August 16, 2012 DOSWELL—Online registration is now available for anyone hoping to bring home a blue ribbon for their baked goods, crafts, crops, preserves or produce. Thousands of Virginians enter the youth and adult arts and crafts and crops and vegetables competitions at the State Fair of Virginia every year. Registration for these competitions opened last week, and now an online registration link is available at “We’ve been pushing very hard to get these competitions organized again, since we know they are easy and fun and very popular,” said Lorene Blackwood, director of programs. “Look for the big blue ‘Register Now!’ button at the top of the page. “We will still take printed applications, but with so much interest, using the online form is a big help. Every year it takes days and days to judge all our entries,” she said. Visitors to the fair may now also purchase their tickets online, and buying them online is the only way to get discounts. “Just look for the button to ‘Get your State Fair Tickets Now!’ in the upper right-hand corner of every page of the website,” Blackwood said. “It will take you to our pricing and ordering page.” Admission prices range from $12 for adults ages 13 and up on weekdays to $15 on weekends. Children ages 5 to 12 are charged $8 on weekdays and $10 on weekends. Children 4 and under are free. Admission does not include rides, but an unlimited ride wristband for one day is $21. A family fun pack for two adults and two children or youth admissions plus two unlimited ride wristbands is $68 for one day. Season passes are available for $25 and parking is free. “Keep checking our Facebook page for more updates and specials,” Blackwood said. “Things are coming together quickly for this year’s fair, so be sure to ‘like’ us on Facebook to stay up to date.” Contact Blackwood at 804-484-4323 or Norm Hyde, Virginia Farm Bureau Federation communications, at

Come enjoy our classic midway, with favorite rides like the Zipper, the Grand Carousel and the Ferris wheel.

The list below indicates how many ride tickets are required for each 2012 Midway and Kidway ride. Ride wristbands allow access to all rides and are available for purchase at the fair only. 4x4 Quad Runner 3 Apple Worm 3 Banana 3 Century Wheel 5 Circus Train 3 Cliffhanger 4 Crazy Chopper 3 Crazy Bus 3 Alligators 3 Elephants 3 Extreme 6 Fireball 5 Funnel Force 3 Giant Wheel 6 Hi Roller 5 Himalaya 4 Submarines 3 MerryGoRound 3 Monkey Maze 4 Musik Express 5 Nemo 3 Orient Express 3 Wacky Worm 4 Quadzilla 3 Raiders 3 Windsurfer 4 Riptide 6 Starship 4000 5 Rock N’ Out 4 Scooter 4 Scrambler 4 Speedway 3 Spin the Apple 3 Super Shot 5 Super Slide 2 Tea Cups 3 Tiki Town 4 Tilt a Whirl 4 Tornado 4 Typhoon 5 Viper 4 Wave Swinger 6 Wave Thunder Ski 3 Wiggle Wurm 3 Zero Gravity 4 Zipper 5 Speed Boats 3 HauntedMansion4 Super Nova 6 Vertigo 6 Rides and number of required ride tickets are subject to change without notice.

Chickahominy Indian Tribe September 22 & 23, 2012 Chickahominy Tribal Grounds MC: Keith Colston, Tuscarora/Lumbee Arena Director: Maurice Proctor, Piscataway Color Guard: Chickahominy Color Guard Host Drum: Stump Town, King & Queen, VA Head Male Dancer: Louis Campbell, Lumbee Head Female Dancer: Jesse Fortune, Muscogee/Cherokee Junior Head Male Dancer: Brandon Dakota Harley, Piscataway Junior Head Female Dancer: Maya Richardson, Meherrin

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The State Fair of Virginia’s contracted midway provider, Deggeller Attractions Inc., received high scores from the Outdoor Amusements Business Association, qualifying it for OABA’s “Circle of Excellence” in 2004-2005. Ride Safety Since 1981, all State Fair of Virginia rides have been inspected by a professional and state-certified inspector. Each ride receives a thorough inspection daily before it is operated. The State Fair hires a ride inspector each year to oversee the midway layout, set-up and operation. Ride Requirements Requirements for rides and attractions include height, weight and whether a child must be accompanied by an adult. These requirements are displayed at each ride and attraction, as well as at the midway customer services booth. Rider Responsibility Virginia law requires riders to obey all warnings and directions and behave in a manner that will not cause or contribute to injuring themselves or others. Riders shall report all injuries before leaving. All injuries should be reported to First Aid.

2012 State Fair Operating Hours Friday, September 28: 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, September 29: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday, September 30: Noon to 9 p.m. Monday, October 1: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday, October 2: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday, October 3: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday, October 4: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday, October 5: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday, October 6: 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday, October 7: Noon to 9 p.m. Note: These are the box office hours only; rides will continue to operate for a minimum of one hour after the box office closes, or longer at the discretion of fair management. Get ticket information

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