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keepallyouroptionsopen kayoo I love to play around with inspiring ideas and create beauty & joy. I give birth to original ideas that speak to my imagination, shape them, share them, and spread them around. Furthermore, I offer active hands-on help for pioneering people (like myself) and small enterprises regarding the exploration and manifestation of meaningful ideas that they are truly passionate about.

keepallyouroptionsopen kayoo


As a passioneer, I am a one man band. With an extended and outstanding network of like-minded professionals. As an enterprise kayoo offers it’s brand concept(s) and tailor-made services to an audience of pioneering cultural creatives. In this role, kayoo is a buddy who contributes, connects, cooperates and co-creates on your behalf and on a project basis. Providing you with extra resources for your specific idea, project or enterprise.

helpdesk for passion-driven people - when you’d like a sparring partner - when you’d like ideas or information - when you’d like business assistance - when you’d like to co-create

i help


keepallyouroptionsopen kayoo


The cafe is a non-local social space where inspiring activities take place: informal events (initiated and/or hosted by kayoo, or third parties) around which people can meet other people. These activities, are announced through the periodic kayoo e-newsletter: the varia. Please subscribe online via the peter.kayoo website.

current cafe activities - Soulfood cinema cafe - DIY workshops streetpainting - kayoo store meet&greets - your workshop, lecture or event

you i like to see

keepallyouroptionsopen kayoo


The playground is a space in which new ideas & brands are being born and cared for after their arrival. The main purpose of the playground is to have fun and be inspired just by being co-creative. Making stuff, turning inspiring ideas into real things. And if possible, take them to the market. That is food for the soul. Second, the playground brings forth and likes to try-out all kinds of wonderful samples and prototypes of other co-creative minds.

playground projects & brand concepts - VIP|devipbus - Ego Leonard - Soulfood Cinema Cafe - Planet Streetpainting

we inspire


keepallyouroptionsopen kayoo


kayoo is it’s own kind of market place, a virtual shop, and in the future a showroom and a store too, where all kinds of sample products & services are being traded, both B2B and B2C. The kayoo store will offer and actively promote household brands to it’s customers as well present and resell a variety of carefully selected products & services of preferred suppliers.

showroom & shop facilities - your brand in my shop - your company in my database - your name on my wall of fame - your exclusive membership of kayoo

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keepallyouroptionsopen kayoo


kayoo is last but certainly not least about (a network and community of) widiwia’s*; people who indeed are what they do in life. Or are aspiring to become just that. Authentic and inspiring man and woman of all walks of life, and the businesses they created, who each practice the art of living - their way. * widiwia: what I do is who I am.

network & community - mee

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