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WE-LOVE-STREETPAINTING !!! We really do. It's just one of those things. It's our hobby, our passion and our profession. Planet Streetpainting is our world of beauty - and we would like to share our colourful planet with the rest of the world. What can be more inspiring than creating beautiful streetart with our bare hands in the here and now and for the whole world to see? Learn all there is to know about co-creating a unique Streetpainting event for any specific occasion. Wether you are a multinational company, an NGO or a Festival, or someone with a really fabulous idea, why not drop us a line and get us excited?! We certainly appreciate hearing from you!

Planet Streetpainting is a creative commons that develops, offers and produces a variety of streetpainting concepts. It also hosts an increasing group of outstanding (inter)national streetpainters. We all are passionate about streetpainting and love to create unique (con)temporary art that speaks to the imagination.

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Planet Streetpainting is an A-Brand enterprise offering the following full-service concepts to other inspiring brand companies: Spectaculars ~ XXL events* Festival start-up & support * Live Demonstrations* 3D & Anamorphs*

photo by humphrey daniĂŤls

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PLANET STREETPAINTING.COM a european street painting event company chalking since 2003

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