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Architecture | Community and Regional Planning

1. Civilian. Threat. Shelter. 2. Portico 3. Wetland Restoration 4. Mobile Diagnostic Lab


Kaylinn Taggart

Civilian. Threat. Shelter. San Francisco, CA | Fall 2017

Kaylinn Taggart | Alonso Ortega | Benjamin Wilson | Nicole Fink

In 1933 Franklin Roosevelt created a pre-nuclear council that coordinated emergency programs for defense that later became more urgent when the Soviet Union tested a nuclear bomb, which was meant to help guide the states in defense at home from nuclearwar. Currently those programs receive little to no funding and are on the brink of extinction. This project is about those political issues surrounding our current president that are alarming with threats of “totally destroying with fire and fury” and with the subtle comments with no explanation, “the calm before the storm”.

Sutro Baths


Tunnel Entrance

Tunnel to Shelter

Scans for Medical Treatment

How will architecture contribute and respond to natural and man-made disasters? This is a critique of what nuclear war shelters need, addresses issues of safety, and planning for evacuation.

Restrooms and Structural Bed Frames

AI Medical Staff


Exterior Axon

Elevators and X-bracing

Tunnel Entrance



Savannah, GA | Spring 2016

Kaylinn Taggart | Praveen Bhardwaj

Portico creates an outdoor community where students can meet and work together. Our residents consist of un-dergraduate and graduate students in the SCAD Industrial Design program. The local enviromental conditions in Savannah, Georgia are hot and humid in the summer and mild in winter. Our project takes advantage of these conditions to define the footprint and encourages interactions within external walkways and gathering spaces.

Energy Analysis

The guardrails act as shading devices for the glass facade. Energy is collected using PV array panels on the roofs and west facade of the building. Rooms are suite style in the north tower for graduate students and two room occupancy on the south tower for undergraduates. The main floor serves as additional space for reviews where the windows fold to create open air spaces.


Ground Floor

Levels 2-6

Level 7

Level 8

Roof Plan

Wetland Restoration Kigali, Rwanda | Fall 2016

Rwanda is currently one of the fastest growing countries in the world. Within the city of Kigali one can see a mix of traditional mud-brick housing and steel and glass skyscrapers. A new city masterplan has been put into effect as a vision of how the city wants to be seen globaly. Within this masterplan, the Gikondo Industrial Park (our site) will be removed to a new area. As new construction and relocation of people begin, growing concerns with water quality, food supply, erosion and environment sustainability come into perspective.


This project focuses on how to maintain a healthy environment for all living organisms while allowing it to be a functional space. This is achieved by public housing and land use zoning of the future removed Industrial Park.

Current Conditions

This is a rent-based residential complex which helps provide resources and job opportunities to people living there. Farmlands are allotted to residents so that they have the choice to farm their own field and potentially use it as an income source.



A: Shopping Center and Residential B: Restrooms and Showers C: Community Kitchens


gC en te r

Mobile Diagnostic Lab Ames, Iowa | Constructed March - Fall 2017 Undergraduate Research Team

The Mobile Diagnostic Lab (MDL) is an interdisciplinary research platform for implementing and analyzing building science by utilizing the mobility of a trailer. Designed as a collaboration between students and faculty in the departments of Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Civil Engineering, the lab is meant to function as a test bed for material assemblies, a controlled environment for computational fluid dynamics, and a tool for collecting urban micro-climate data in various locations.

Construction Process Stage 1



Valuable skills learned during construction: - Attention to detail - Construction document clarity - Teamwork in construction process - Sensor and data gathering systems - Visualization of 2D drawings to life-size scale.

Thank you!


Kaylinn Taggart I am a 5th year student in the Architecture and Community/Regional Planning programs at Iowa State University. My design interests revolve around healthcare, education, sustainable research, and disaster relief. While each of these can be specialized, I find that it is necessary to utilize the knowledge in each field to achieve projects with a higher level of detail and enhanced experience for the people who interact with it.

Contact: | 402.321.8959



ISU Papajohn Center for Entrepreneurship Pitch Off

AutoCAD Revit Rhino Sketchup Photoshop InDesign Illustrator GIS 3DS Max Maxwell After Effects Microsoft Office

College of Design Runner-up, Spring 2018

NCUR Presentation acceptance

Mobile Diagnostic Lab (MDL), Spring 2018

Undergraduate Research Symposium MDL, Spring 2018; Interlock House Data Analysis, Spring 2017

Dean’s List

Spring 2017, 2015


CAMPUS INVOLVEMENT Gamma Rho Lambda - Omicron

Center for Building Energy Research (CBER); Undergraduate Research Assistant.

Vice President Programming Chair

Volunteer with First Baptist Church of Ames

Projects 2016 - Present

Mobile Diagnostic Lab (MDL) Interlock House REFERENCE: Ulrike Passe |

Klingner & Associates P.C. Summer 2017 Architectural Tech Level 1 REFERENCE: Kim Mulch |

Iowa State CRP REFERENCE: Carlton Basmajian |

International Adventures

Rwanda - Fall 2016 Peru - Spring 2017 Germany - June 2018

Kaylinn Taggart Architecture and CRP Portfolio  

Selected projects while in the Iowa State University Architecture and Community/Regional Planning programs.

Kaylinn Taggart Architecture and CRP Portfolio  

Selected projects while in the Iowa State University Architecture and Community/Regional Planning programs.