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ARDOUR A personal trend publication visually narrating the upcoming trends creating a tactile experience for the reader.

TRENDFORECASTING Trend prediction for s/s 2011 womenswear luxury market

EDITION A bi-annual fashion publication.

STYLE MAGAZINE A hypothetical article on stylist Rachel Zoe for the Sunday Times supplement.

SEEN PUBLICITY Press Pack of celebrating the ten year anniversary of Seen Publicity.

CHRISTIAN LACROIX A retrospective exhibition celebrating the work of the highly credited designer showcased at the V&A.

ARDOUR A personal trend publication visually narrating the curent trends creating a tactile experience for the reader.

Concept. Research. Photography. Trend. Styling. Promotion


‘ ’ is unique bi-annual publication produced to guide, transform and inspire. An innovative direction in the world of trends, every issue will open the eyes and minds of the reader to the most innovative images, stories that encapsulate the current trends and identify with ‘Ardour’ philosophy.

KEY SHAPES Think feminine. Be brave. Wear the shapes that show your silhouette. Shape your body that compliments you. With many shapes this season, don’t shy away, wear them with confidence.






The pulled in cropped top shapes the waist, broadening the shoulders. Elegantly tucked in to trousers or skirts, this creates a powerful silhouette. Plunging halterneck moves on and creates a seductive band top to embrace the female form. Give illusion of being back to front with the square high a-line top front tucked into those trousers.

LATIN AMERICANO Enter South America and capture the finest details and beauty that envisages the nation


Top Topshop Skirt Mango Bangles Warehouse HeadScarf New Look

Top Reiss Trousers Asos Bangle Topshop Headscarf New Look




Intense colours that create strong silhouettes mixed with the deep mineral tones captivate the intensity of the strong palette. Mineral tones of each vivid colour contrasts with the carmine pink and plum showcasing the trend stopping pieces, embrace in all colours.











These images depicts the online promotion that will take place. website, Facebook, twitter, viral advert and a blog are the key promotional tools.


A strong, clean and identifiable self-brand has been designed to promote to the prospective consumer. Branding will be a key part of all promotional outlets, including the business cards and promotional booklet.



This is a unique magazine in the fashion marketplace and alone promotes itself. However the in house PR team will advertise through press pack and the launch event.


TREND FORECASTING Trend prediction for s/s 2011 womenswear luxury market.

Research. Trend. Layout.

Sheer Opulence

The recession is over but we want to hold onto those classics pieces. Bringing soft romantism to these luxurious and delicate fabrics, we turn our traditional views into a modern piece, so delicate almost dreamy. With the transparent and delicate textures, and skin tone, washed out colourings, they bring a natural and free element. Bringing haute couture alive again we can admire those treasured visions. An enchanted view, sheer chiffon silk and pearls make this fairytale come alive.























Images depicting Sheer Opulence trend.


Structured Sportswear With the Olympics and other big sporting events coming to the urban city, mixed with the modern architecture, sportswear gets structured. Dynamic and vibrant colours inspired by the urban surroundings. With the structure of the clothes becoming more fitted influenced by the underwear bra structure, portraying the formation of the new Olympic stadium and other city buildings. Fabrics inspired by the figure hugging lycra and crushed silk, a whole new look is taken on with sportswear.




















Images depicting fabric and colour inspiration



A bi-annual fashion style publication.

Photography. Journalism. Styling.

A fashion magazine with each issue being individual, inspired by the current trends and news, you will want to collect all the editions for keepÂŹsakes. Curiosity, worship, incoming, desire, enlighten, obsession... are just words.

However each thought brings photos full of inspiration and excitement, words that will inspire you. This first issue is the British Edition; Celebrating all good things in Britain’s fashion industry and starting the next decade on a high.



Words &PhotographyKaylie Rowe Clothes Temperley London


This season Temperley London marks its Tenth birthday. With its medieval inspired bronze, pewter and gold edgy chain mail mesh silhouettes, mixed with romantic pale pink feminine frills and clean white intricate dresses inspired by Guinevere and Arthur, it seemed a perfect balance to celebrate theTemperley London label. Alice Temperley is one of London’s most successful young designers, known throughout the world for her beautiful creations. From the first collection launched at London fashion week 2000, the Temperley London label has become a British phenomenon with its exquisite, intricate, whimsical collections. An out of nowhere designer, came dresses made fit for a princess with liberal sprinklings of ruffles and dusty sparkles. Each collection has a different story, inspired by all things over the world; the creations grow from there producing undoubtedly timeless glamour. Alice grew up in Somerset on her parent’s cider farm. Ever since a young age she has been creative, cutting up one of her mums favourite antique lampshades to make into accessories. She also displayed sense of style from an early age, by dying her hair all different colours to match her hippie neighbour and wore short skirts to school even though it was forbidden.

Studying art and textiles, Temperley wanted to go to London as she wanted to venture out of the countryside. Studying Fabric Technology and Print at the Royal College of Art, where she learned to use luxurious fabrics to intricate hand-beading to which she used to create her hand-embellished dress to start her label. Working from the fabric upwards, Temperley technique is very rare. Her inspirational designs make girls feel like women. Her designs are constantly evolving. As well as her talent, Temperley has also understood the importance of commercial appeal that has allowed the label to flourish in the last decade. While other British designers are known for their innovative creations, Alice has managed to stay on a steady level and always produce Pieces that are designed to be timeless and versatile and ultimately to flatter, creating clothes to treasure that will last a lifetime. A woman designing for another woman.


Images depicting magazine shoot layout.

Images depicting fashion shoot based on british inspiration

STYLE MAGAZINE A hypothetical article on stylist Rachel Zoe for the Sunday Times supplement, Style magazine. During 2010, Rachel Zoe, a stylist that is widely accredited for her sense of style had much controversy about her styling and new ventures. This article explores her talents and future.


Stylist to Reality star to Designer Rachel Zoe is about to undertake a new challenge into designing her own label. Kaylie Rowe decides whether she is making the right decision.


tylist Rachel Zoe has decided to take a different career step into designing. Not only does she already have a style guidebook with Rose Apodaca, ‘Style A to Zoe; The Art of Fashion, Beauty But at the end of 2006, Zoe got dropped by and Everything Glamour’ and a her most famous client and close friend of more than television series ‘The Rachel Zoe two years, Nicole Richie. Some have said Nicole Project,’ which is going to have ‘wanted to surround herself with positive people and a second series, Zoe has now influences,’ soon after Richie fell pregnant and has teamed up with Beanstalk group managed to maintain a healthy body image. And it Inc. to create a line of accessories and undergarments seems that both Mischa Barton and Lindsay Lohan ‘that is chic, glamorous and fun, yet still affordable.’ have slowly come detached from the Zoe style. At Born in New York, Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig present, Rachel’s client list include many different found her passion of clothes at a very young age ‘I women, all of whom to have their own mind and uncame right out of my mother’s womb and into her touched by the ‘Zoe-bot disease,’ which include Jencloset. I swear. Her closet is my earliest memory.’ At nifer Garner, Cameron Diaz and Molly Sims. the young age of thirteen, Zoe travelled outside of her Since the size zero fiasco and being fired, town to go to a vintage store, of which she spent $200 Zoe has kept her head down low and seems to have dollars on a vintage mink coat. stepped away from styling, and ventured into other This was just the start of her extravagant fields in the fashion sector. spending on clothes, accessories and anything glam In 2007, Rachel teamed up with Rose Apoour. However, Rachel graduated in Psychology and daca to write a stylebook, which consists of insightful sociology from George Washington University, tips, her designer friends and famous clients. Zoe and moved to Manhattan, where she naturally went explains how to develop one’s own personal style and straight into fashion. Zoe started out as the Fashion go glam in every part of one’s life. She recently coleditor of YM magazine, and later progressed into laborated with Leiber for a line of luxury handbags, freelance styling, where she worked with the likes of and has signed up with Beanstalk group Inc. to design Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and Jessica Simp- laborated with Leiber for a line of luxury handbags, son. and has signed up with Beanstalk group Inc. to design Four years later, Rachel and her husband, and produce a line of accessories and undergarments. Rodger (of which she met at university) moved to But most surprising is her reality television show, L.A, where she decided to drop ‘Rosenzweig’ under ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ aired on BravoTV, and is the advice from an agent. But going to air the second sea the fashionista would not son shortly. Rachel’s aim I came right out of my mother’s have become publically the programme is to womb and into her closet. I swear. onshow well-known, had it not the history of fash been for the fabulous Her closet is my earliest memory. ion, great designers and transformation that is their lives. Yet her agent Nicole Richie. When Zoe took on the young teenager, wants to reinvent her as a television star, instead of she had a ‘crisis’ in hand. The more stylish Richie be- a stylist giving their opinion on fashion. But is this came, the thinner she got. But this seemed to become what people want? a trend with a handful of Rachel’s clients, including Rachel Zoe has won many awards on her talLindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton and Keira Knightley, ent as a stylist and been named one of the most innamed the ‘Zoe-bots’. fluential women. The fashion industry relies on styl Rachel Zoe’s style is extremely influential on ists to promote new trends and Rachel is one who is her clients, all having her signature L.A look; bronzed, incredibly important, she has been able to overcome tousled mane, underweight and over sized sunglasses. the size zero phenomenon, even though she maintains But can we blame her for promoting a size 0 because a tiny frame so has Rachel Zoe made the right deciof her famous clients? ‘I don’t think it’s fair to say sion in cutting back on styling, and focusing more on that I’m responsible because I’m a thin person, that designing? because I’m influencing their style I’m influencing what they eat. There was this crazy rumour that I was getting diet pills from Mexico and distributing them. I was like, ‘Okay, I’ve never even tried cocaine. I don’t do drugs — I’m too much of a control freak’ com-

SEEN PUBLICITY A press pack and celebration for a hypothetical PR company.

Public Relations. Concept

Image depicting Press Pack

Seen publicity would seek out those who were up and coming and those who were already established. An ultra-effective, down-to earth, open and honest approach to PR. A Press Pack created for a celebration of 10 years of success in the company.The event will consist of a fashion show hosted by Alexa Chung followed by live music. Polaroid and Bottle Green will be sponsoring.

Image depicting Launch Invite

Images depicting exhibrion brochure


CHRISTIAN LACROIX A retrospective exhibition celebrating the work of the higly credited designer showcased at the V&A.

Curation. Concept. Photoshop. Promotion

Image depicting catwalk exhibtion room

Christian La Croix is a widely credited couture designer Such an aesthetic implored fame on the French label, which eventually came to epitomize the eighties through the designer’s use of sumptuous fabrics. This exhibition concept showcases the processes of a Lacroix design, from conception of the collection, through to the production of the designs to the catwalk show exhibiting Lacroixs vast source of inspiration that takes the audience on a journey through the past to the final show.

Image depicting illustration room

Image depicting workroom

INTERNSHIP Various work experiances, such as Calvin Klein, Arcadia and Vauxhall Fashion Scout have allowed many skills and knowledge to be obtained

The Doll & Calvin Klein 2011

Doll is an event, production and promotion agency. The Doll launched CKone’s first lifestyle collection which was presented to the europeon managers at a private event. Assisting with Front of house and backstage team at a two day event. I had a variety of responsibilities throughout the event. Front of house duties were to look after guests, set up the catwalk and other installations that were evolving throughout the event which enabled me to interact with people and the organisation. I was also given the responsibility of dressing the models backstage which gave me an insight into the running of a fast paced catwalk and keeping to a strict schedule.

Vauxhall Fashion Scout 2010

Vauxhall Fashion Scout promotes both new and seasoned designers for the off schedule of London Fashion week. Working front of house including of which I had to set up for each show, look after VIP guests and watch the shows. This enabled me to have an insight into Fashion Shows, which was incredibly exciting and brought the world of fashion to life.

Arcadia Group Ltd 2009

Working at Arcadia Group Ltd’s headquarters within Topshop & Topman. A list of responsibilities were analysing Suppliers and actories with the ethical Code of Conduct, confirming and accepting Quality Assurance tasks, creating marketing banners for online advertising, over viewing Public Relations and Marketing and customer service through telephone enquiries. This enabled me to gain various new skills within the fashion sector as well as advancing skills that I already had.

Kaylie Rowe +44 (0)7891 597 836

Fashion Portfolio  

A fashion portfolio published to showcase the work of Kaylie Rowe