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The Neck label is a semi-circle like other designs, keeping these the same cuts costs, however the ‘V is for Victory’ design has a stitched triangle shape within the semi-circle to represent the range.

The tag will be stitched on with a simple running stitch. The tape across the inside of the neck has a diamond print, printed in black and white and also have a flocked effect.

Premium Range


The Back of t-shirt is kept plain due to having detailing to the sleeve and a range of graphics on the front. The V on the sleeve from side view would appear like this.

The text has a calligraphy, hand -written, rough look to it which is to give a more rugged look to the t-shirt. On Black T-shirts the V’s would be in white. The placement of the text is on to the left side of the chest and the V lines around the neck are placed on the shoulder.


Denim colour with Black print. The V around the neck and sleeves has a flocked velvet effect and the text is black print.

The T-shirt tag is made from thick rubber and stitched to the t-shirt using a zig-zag stitch using black thread. The logo, brand name and name of range would be embroidered into the tag using thick white thread. Approx size of label LxW : 4cm x 2.

front up  

t shirt design

front up  

t shirt design