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Kayleen Mercer

Project 1 | Process Book

Part One

Research | Logo and Branding Identity

Research | Current Identity

Research | History/Background

The town was platted in 1836 by Samuel Allen, Nathaniel Belcher, Moses Bailey and Dr. Patrick Gregg. Port Byron was purportedly named for the English poet Lord Byron, whom Nathaniel Belcher admired. In its history, Port Byron boasted a variety of businesses and industries that included construction lime, barrel coopers, merchants, blacksmiths, grain and produce dealers, wagon makers and saw mills. Port Byron was widely known for its manufacture of white lime that had an exceptional whiteness. This industry took place in Port Byron for 75 years starting in the 1850s. When limestone is fired in a kiln at 1700 degrees F the carbon dioxide is calcined off leaving a quick lime. This quick lime was used in construction to make white wash paint or to produce mortar for constructing brIck and/or stone buildings.

Image from Port Byron Historical Society

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Port Byron was home to several educational institutions and newspapers. Established in 1881, the Port Byron Academy was affiliated with Port Byron’s Congregational Church. In 1896 it became a college prep school for Beloit College. The lime work attracted Swedish immigrants, who established a Lutheran Church in 1886 and a catechism school in 1877. While other newspapers preceded it, the Port Byron Globe, established in 1880, was the Villages longest published newspaper.

Research | Historical Landmarks and Events

Image taken by Val Bromann

Image taken by Ted Cox

Top Left: Will B. Rolling Bottom Left: Great River Trail System Right: Tug Fest Image taken by Kayleen Mercer

Research | Branding Survey Assumptions



Tug Fest


Logo Design

• •

An annual event between LeClaire, IA and Port

Most were not a fan of the Will B. Rolling sculpture. Felt it wasn’t the greatest

Giant Tug of war across the Mississippi River.


representation of Port Byron

Port Byron recently changed their logo. Does

Bikes in general was a better application

River for this event. One of a kind. Illinois has

this logo resonate with you as a representation

because of the bike trail that goes through the

the most wins since it started. Established in

of Port Byron? If yes, describe why. If no,


1987. Since then, it has grown to become a well

describe what could be different.

Will B. Rolling Sculpture A sculpture donated by the former mayor and his wife. He has a “brother sculpture” located in Wisconsin.

Mississippi River.

Other Places of Interest Bike Trail along the river, connects to Cordova, Rapids City, all the way down to East Moline •

Lots of farmland, cattle and horses

Byron Hills Golf Course

Adventure Quest

River Valley Library

What colors comes to mind when you think of Port Byron?

Incorporating the river and natural themes into the logo


What do you like/love about Port Byron?

If you were to describe Port Byron as town to

Great River Trail which goes through both Port

someone who has never been there. What

Byron and Rapids City

Established in 2013 as a historical landmark. Located along Main Street near the

places? Or what about Port Byron is unique to

known festival.

What makes Port Byron distinct from other

Byron, IL They will shut down the whole Mississippi

would you say? •

What is a landmark/place that you associate with Port Byron?

What is an iconic symbol of Port Byron?

Much of the landmarks and places of interest

• •

confirmed •

Events, variety of activities and nature

Main Street and the downtown area was mentioned quite a number of times

People mentioned the quality of being a small town fosters a better community, more close knit

As for color, blue along with black and gold were assumptions I had made that were

Blue and colors that fall into nature gave the greatest response

lined up with my assumptions •

Brochure to highlight the events and activities

Other Notes

Summary •

Sign system for main bike trail called the

going on

What kind of slogan could summarize Port Byron?

For landmarks, the river along with Main Street and the Will B. Rolling sculpture

Research | Logo Inspiration

Part Two

Sketches + Ideations | Logo

Sketches + Ideations | Logo

Sketches + Ideations | Logo

Part Three

Digital Ideations | Logo

Digital Ideations | Logo

Digital Ideations | Logo

Digital Ideations | Logo

Digital Ideations | Logo

Part Four

Digital Ideations | Final Logo

Digital Ideations | Final Logo

Digital Ideations | Final Logo

Digital Ideations | Final Color Palette

RGB | 13, 51, 65 CMYK | 93, 69, 52, 50 HEX | #0E3341 547 C RGB | 131, 156, 163 CMYK | 52, 37, 27, 1 HEX | #8391A2 5425 C RGB | 182, 198, 215 CMYK | 28, 15, 8, 0 HEX | #B6C6D7 5445 C RGB | 150, 124, 84 CMYK | 38, 45, 73, 13 HEX | #967C54 873 C RGB | 198, 171, 119 CMYK | 24, 30, 61, 0 HEX | #C6AB77 466 C

Digital Ideations | Final Typography

Eskorte Latin Semi Bold

Informa Pro Regular





abcdefghijklmn opqrstuv wxyz

abcdefghijklmn opqrstuvwxyz

Part Five

Application Sketches + Ideations

Application Sketches + Ideations

Part Six


Applications | Banners

Applications | Banners

Applications | Banners

Applications | BLE System

Applications | BLE System

Applications | BLE System

Applications | Signage

Applications | Signage

Applications | Signage

ART GR 470 | Fall 2021

Project 1 | Hometown Identity System

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