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KEY CLUB Region 14 – Division 11

The Official Newsletter of Division 11 of the Texas- Oklahoma District of Key Club International

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Fall Training Conference (FTC) You might be wondering: What’s a Fall Training Conference or FTC? It’s a training session (hence “training” in the name itself) for all Key Club officers, aspiring officers, and any interested Key Clubber. Just make sure to check with your club’s president before signing up to go. Members of Key Club will be trained on the duties of their position and District projects like the Governor’s Project. The morning portion of this FTC will be training, and after that, we will be distributing shoes to children. Wear casual attire.

Where is it? Rio Grande Children's Home at 3780 N. Bentsen Palm Drive in Mission When is it? September 15, 2012 How long is it? It will be from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.

  

Lunch will be included, but you must pay $20.00. However, Richard Brotzman (Regional Advisor) is working on acquiring donations from Kiwanis clubs so there might not be a $20.00 fee or a smaller fee instead of the full $20.00. You must provide your own transportation to the event. I suggest carpooling with officers who have their own car or paying for a school bus or school suburbans. Make sure you can get to and from the event. Everyone must fill out the application form (page 2) of the attached PDF file. All attendees that are 18 or older must sign a background check form including advisors, adults, and seniors who are 18. These must be in turned into Richard Brotzman no later than September 11, 2012. If you plan on mailing them, the applications must be in by that date not postmarked. IT WILL BE LOTS OF FUN! 

Service is the KEY to happiness!

Fall Rally    

Fall Rally is all of the following: An exciting and fun day at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington A chance to win 1,000 points for monthly reports An opportunity to meet hundreds of other Key Clubbers The announcement of DCON 2013’s theme

In order to attend Fall Rally, your club must fill out the form found at Pay the discounted price provided on the website and have it postmarked by September 21st, 2012. It’s $30 per person which is $25 less than regular admission. If you buy 20 tickets, 1 ticket will be given for free! A game of Deal or No Deal based off the TV show will be played so that the winning club and another selected club will be awarded the 1,000 points! Transportation is not provided so your club must figure out how to get to the event and back. If you need help with anything, email me or call me!

Dues Submission and Early Bird Deadline

Every single Key Club member must pay Dues. When you pay your dues, you are paying $6.00 for District Dues, you are also paying $6.50 for International Dues. First time members will receive a Key Club membership card and lapel pin when they pay their dues.

You can find a dues submission walk through

Dues must be received by: December 1st Make sure to have your dues into the International Office by December 1, 2012. Remember that Dues have to be IN by that date so you should postmark them EARLIER in order for them to arrive on time. Early bird dues count more toward your monthly reports, and your club will receive an Early Bird patch for your banner. All the points accumulate towards Top 25 Clubs Recogniton at District Convention or DCON.

Resource CD One of the greatest things that is made available to Key Clubs in the Texas-Oklahoma District is the Resource CD.

It is your club’s BEST FRIEND. You can find PDF files for all officers, resources for paying dues, Key Club Graphic Standards, and much much more. The Resource CD was made for your convenience so it is a huge help if you need to know Key Club information.

Your club advisor should have received an email with the URL link so that way your club should already have access to it. If not, please email me or go to the Texas-Oklahoma District website which can be found at This is a very important resource so use it for everything and anything related to Key Club.

Youth Opportunities Fund

The Youth Opportunities Fund is established through a portion of your Key Club International dues and through the purchase of G. Harold Martin Fellowships. YOF grants can help you take action. Look around and identify the things that need to get done in your school, community or world.

 You can apply for US$200 all the way up to US$2,000 which is the maximum amount of grant money given to a club’s project.

 You can find an application for a YOF grant here:

 The club advisor must be a Martin fellow meaning that he or she paid US$250 to acquire a Harold G. Martin Fellowship.

District Contact Page Governor:

Brian O’Hara


Regional Advisor:

Richard Brotzman


September 2012 Newsletter  
September 2012 Newsletter  

Division 11's newsletter for the month of September