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Hearing and balance disorders can be treated & rehabilitated by an audiologist. Audiologists fit an amplification systems such as hearing aids; they prevent hearing loss through providing and fitting hearing protective devices, Hearing loss and dizziness are two of the most common health complaints in the United States. The Audiologists at Mile High Hearing & Balance work closely at Mile High Otolaryngology to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions, ranging from hearing loss to dizziness.

Affecting more than 31 million Americans, hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the United States. It often develops slowly and is generally permanent. The most common consequences of hearing loss are communication difficulties, emotional stresses, and social limitations, which all affect your quality of life. The good news is that most hearing loss can be helped by professionally prescribed and fitted hearing instruments, and the Audiologists at Mile High Hearing & Balance aim to do just that by finding individualized solutions to each patient’s hearing loss. For more information about ear infection treatment and the conditions treated by the Audiologists, read FAQs about Balance and Dizziness and FAQs about Hearing Loss and Conditions of the Ear.

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