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Kayla Womack Wholeheartedly Supports Susan G. Komen

Kayla Womack, a young professional from Marietta, Georgia is an ardent supporter of Susan G Komen for the cure. Though she has a full time job as an accountant with Interstate National Dealer Services, yet she finds time to propagate cancer awareness among people. She is active participant in events organized for the noble cause.

Susan G Komen for the cure, which is simply referred as Komen is one of the most widely known, highly funded, and largest breast cancer awareness organization in the US. The organization was founded in 1982 and since then, it has been raising funds for breast cancer research, advocacy, education, social support programs, and health services in the US. The organization is also popular in 50 other countries, which regularly hold the events to raise funds for the organization.

The organization organizes a 60-mile Walk For Susan every year. Thousands of supporters join this walk against cancer and make efforts to raise funds for the cause. Kayla Womack also participates in this walk to raise awareness as well as funds. She has been participating in this walk for more than five years. She has made a group called The Boobie Bunch, along with her friends.

This group has raised a considerable amount of money for the cause. Kayla herself has raised more than $10K on her independent basis. She looks forward to this walk enthusiastically and even motivates others to participate and contribute their efforts to make the event successful.

Kayla Womack completed her Bachelors of Business Administration Degree in Management from famous Dalton State College, Dalton, Georgia. She pursued her Masters Degree in Accounting from Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA. After completing her studies, she joined a reputed company as an accountant. She is fond of her dogs and spends her free time with them.

She is also fond of painting, building puzzles, and exercising. She frequently likes to go on trekking and hiking. She is a fun loving person and a dedicated, committed professional. She has rich experience as an accountant and has worked with many prestigious companies. Along with Susan G Komen for the cure, she also supports various local social causes and charities.

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Kayla Womack Wholeheartedly Supports Susan G. Komen