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Kayla Yvette Womack Walks For Susan G. Koman 3-Day

Kayla Yvette Womack is one of the 4 active members of The Boobie Bunch, a group created to support Susan G. Komen for the cure. 

The group walks for 60 miles in 3 days every year and raises funds for a noble cause. Susan G Komen for the cure is a global Breast cancer movement which aims at making people aware about breast cancer, promoting research on curing the disease, and community health. 

The movement was initiated to eradicate breast cancer from the society, and thus fights against breast cancer. 

The rest of the funds are used for supporting local community and Affiliate outreach programs. 

Kayla Yvette Womack has continuously participated in the walk for 4 years and now its her 5th year and she has raised more than $10,000 for the cause. ď Ź

Kayla Yvette Womack is an accountant by profession and is working with Interstate National Dealer Services, Atlanta, GA. ď Ź

Her major responsibilities include completing all monthend procedures within time period; completing intercompany transactions; streamlining new processes; implementing tax tracker system; helping in revamping current budget system; researching and resolving tax issues; completing all Ad-hoc requests for management; and many more. ď Ź

She also worked for Aaron Rents, Inc. Kennesaw, GA, and Comcast in Atlanta, Georgia. While working as staff accountant and accounting manager, she acquired extensive experience in the field. 

Kayla Yvette Womack received her Bachelor's of Business Administration Degree in Management from Dalton State College, Dalton. 

After graduating from the college in 2007, she joined Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia for obtaining her Masters Degree in Accounting. 

Kayla Yvette Womack is familiar with all the major accounting software such as ReconNET, Citrix, Microsoft Office Suite, Lawson Office suite, and have excellent computer skills. ď Ź

Though she keeps herself involved in work and social causes, yet she spares some time to play with her dogs. She also likes to paint, and build puzzles. Being a fitness freak, she follows an exercise routine and takes healthy diet to stay fit and healthy. ď Ź


Kayla Yvette Womack Walks For Susan G. Koman 3-Day