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Kayla Walkey About Me

"Design is thinking made visual"

- Saul Bass

I am a graduate Interior Designer who is eager to experience new opportunities and skill development within the design industry. I am strongly passionate about design and believe it is a way to shape our future and to create positive environments. I have a passion for improving an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing through design. I thrive on both residential and commercial design, and would certainly feel privileged to develop experience in the industry. I am completing a Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) at TAFE NSW Design Centre Enmore (Completion December 2021). During my studies, I have successfully designed a variety of retail spaces,



Kayla Walkey Clarendon Homes Feb 2021 to current (Receptionist) • Lifestyle Studio reception duties • Ensure cleanliness of the studio • Provide exceptional customer service experience for the client • Engage with clients and direct them to their colour appointments • Offer hot or cold beverages • Answering client questions and assisting with • issues that arise • Gained knowledge on materials, finishes and • fixtures within a Clarendon Home • Create job folders for the colour consultants, which includes the clients contract, floor plans, electrical layouts and design guidelines if needed Yellow Brick Cafe & Glenorie Bakery 2017-2019 & 2019-2020 • Barista and cafe all rounder • Greeted and served customers • Assisted with complaints or issues • Prepared and served drinks • Cleaned and maintained tables and service area • Handled payments with a POS system and eftpos machine

Clarendon Homes Sept 2021 (Design Team, 40 hours) • Created material boards for each display home • Applied each material on a board that is used for the external and internal finishes of the home • Attended a concept presentation that involved the proposal of three new design schemes for a Clarendon Home Inspired Spaces July 2021 (Internship, 20 hours) • Onsite meetings with builders and client • Sourcing materials, fixtures and finishes • Worked on social media platforms including Pinterest and Instagram • Created digital material boards for specific trends • Attended meetings with material companies such as Axolotl

Kayla Walkey Skill and Abilities

Education TAFE NSW Design Centre Enmore Bachelor Of Design (Interior Design) • Attended from February 2019 Higher School Certificate Completion of year 12 • Attended from January 2012 to November 2017

Abilities • Willingness to learn • A creative eye and attention to detail • Motivated • Friendly • Ability to work in a team • Flexible • Responds proactively to constructive feedback • Organised

Skills • Client Brief and Project; The ability to develop a detailed brief and identify design requirements for the end user Concept Development; Create a visual concept and interior language for the end user through various techniques • Revit Skills; Communicating a logical spatial arrangement for the end user through floor plans and furniture layouts. • Twinmotion; Create rendered animations to convey the • intended mood, atmosphere and spatial qualities • Adobe InDesign; Produce creative layouts for presentations and documents • Adobe Photoshop; Apply materials, fixtures or finishes to 3D visuals, floor plans, sections and elevations. • FF&E Schedules; Create a furniture, fixture and equipment schedule for a project • Microsoft Office; The ability to use softwares such as, Powepoint, Word, Excel, One Note


Mixed-Use Design Hospitality Design


Women’s Wellness Centre

Cafe, Restaurant & Bar

Retail Design Women’s Retail Store

Residential Design Chippendale Apartment

Women’s Wellness Centre Woolloomoollo

Dandelion Plant

The design brief involved addressing and identifying an emerging issue. I chose women’s health and well-being. I focused on the dandelion plant as it is known to have multiple healing properties for the human body. Connectedness between the dandelion and the women’s wellness centre is emphasised. The space provides a healing environment for the individual as it protects and nourishes women; similar to the dandelion. The space embodies delicate details with clean natural tones. Soft furnishings, with varying rich textures, providing a sense of peacefulness and security.

Main Stairs

Programs • Reception • Cafe • Restaurant • Seating • Library

Ground Floor Plan - A3 @ 1:100






Ground Floor - Booth Seating

Ground Floor - Library

Programs • Reception • Private room • Quiet Areas • Breakout • Yoga room • Studio room • Indoor garden

First Floor Plan - A3 @ 1:100

First Level - Private Rooms

Hospitality Design Potts Point The design brief involved the development of a multilevel hospitality venue. The project conveys the connection to the location. Potts Point previously was a community where crime and violence was prevalent. I chose the ripple effect, as the overall concept, to demonstrate how communities can effectively transition and develop positive changes. The ripple effect is seen throughout the space with clusters of repeated, radiating shapes and forms. The design language and unique patterns explore the beauty of imperfection, whilst providing an atmosphere full of life, comfort and warmth.


Ground Floor - Cafe Seating

Ground Floor Plan A3 @ 1:100


• Cafe Kiosk • Health Store • Private dining • Cafe Seating

Ground Floor - Cafe Kiosk & Seating

First Floor Plan

A3 @ 1:100

Programs • Bar & Brewery • Dining Area • Private dining

First Floor - Restaurant & Bar

First Floor - Bar & Brewery

Retail Design Women’s Clothing Store The design brief included creating an innovative flagship store in Sydney’s CBD. The women’s fashion brand included daily essential, quality products and clothing. The clothing store catered to women of all shapes, forms and sizes. I explored the concept of soft, organic forms that celebrate women’s curves, shape and form. The store provides an inviting, welcoming and warm atmosphere. The intended mood is reflected through the use of various soft pink tones, textures and natural timbers.

Women’s Curves

Store Front

Floor Plan - A3 @ 1:100

POS Desk

Retail - Clothing Displays

Residential Design Chippendale Apartment The design brief involved developing a residential space that considered a concept based on bio-mimicry. I chose the Australian native plant, the Banksia. The plant naturally adapts to the presence of Australian bushfires and can withstand and protect themselves against the threat. The wooden capsules that protect the seeds reflect how a home shelters and secures a family. The compacted seed pod is similar to a home, and how it can create a sense of safety, warmth and comfort.

Banksia Seed

Floor Plan - A3 @1:100