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FLOTEK Solutions is a Saint Augustine, FL based company started in 2014 by Jonathan Parker. Parker’s main visual goal for the logo was a simple, yet modern and sleek looking design that reflected his personal love for the Florida coastal lifestyle.

Alaska based company, Simply Smooth L.L.C., was started in the kitchen of Illiana Hauptman. Tired of grocery store shelves packed with sugary, over-processed jams, syrups and jellies, Illiana took matters into her own hands and started canning and preserving fruits and syrups from home. As friends and family tasted her made-withlove recipes, starting the business became evident. Inspired by the Alaskan Wilderness and old fashioned craftmanship, Simply Smooth L.L.C. can be seen at Farmers Markets and breakfast tables through-out Alaska.

High Performance Training, started by RJ Town in the middle of high-paced New Jersey in 2014. Town describes himself as “the scrawny kid that grew up with a lot of mis-guided anger who finally found a home and peace amongst the comradary of the gym...�, It was this internal peace that inspired Town to want to start training others. Town requested a simple black and white logo that had an old school meets new school vibe.

( Get ready its a new Day )

GRIND ENTERTAINMENT is so much more than entertainment. It is a movement to empower the positive thinking, singers, song writers, rappers, poets, artists, dancers- those who simply want to be a part of something life changing. Started by Shane Alexander in 2012, GRIND came from the notion that the world was in need of postive creativity, and the creative world needed a structure- a family of sorts, to help nourish and stage the passions of the future generations. Alexander requested a logo that had movement and fluidity with a nod to traditional arts, such as tattoo and caligraphy.


We are without any doubt living in an addicted society. DRUGS, ALCOHOL, SEX, SHOPPING, GAMBLING, PORN and even FOOD. There are NO LIMITS to what can become the source of ENSNAREMENT. So it comes to no surprise that Social Media is the new designer drug of choice. It has even become recognized as a real medical problem in the UK and parts of Asia.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap has been a trusted cleansing product for over 5 generations that claims (and is proven) to be an “18-in-1” soap. But more importantly is the simple and understanded list of only 10 ingredients that are found in any one of Dr. Bronner’s products. In designing this ad, I wanted to give an old household soap a new and fresh re-introduction to a new generation of consumers. Specifically, to raise product awareness towards the target audience by showcasing the products pure and simplistic nature. The overall message tone needed to speak of the homegrown, natural, unscripted, raw and empowering product that this generation is in demand of.


Who the world wants you to be, can get in the way of who you really are.

Return to your true nature.


“Love Your Mother� Eco Fashion Show is put on by Panache Salon and Spa along with numerous local supporting businesses to help raise funds, support and awareness for Home Again of Saint Johns County; a non-profit organization working in a multi-agency coordinated system to alleviate homelessness in St. Johns County by actively engaging homeless individuals in implementing their own return to self-sufficiency. Home Again’s mission is to promote, foster and support a collaborative approach among social service and governmental agencies, community groups, faith-based organizations and dedicated private citizens for resolving issues related to homelessness in St. Johns County compassionately, effectively and efficiently. The show is composed of Avant-Garde designs made from recycled materials only. This not only goes to show how much is wasted every year, but the abundance of creative talent in the area, all while benefiting the homeless community of St Johns County.

RBR Studios


Overall the concept behind this campaign is a combination of not only awareness and recognition, but a celebration of those who dare to go further in life. The idea for the campaign was inspired by the purity of sound, which made our listener want to find reasons to listen longer. These individuals want more out of life than the mundane and expected; they want an experience, the purity out of the thrill of living to the fullest. And they want the same for their music, because we all know that life has a soundtrack, and if you can’t hear all of it, you’re listening glass half empty. The goals of this campaign we’re to give a visual understanding of an auditory product, raise product awareness, and to reach the tar-

get audience in a relevant manner. These goals were met by taking a further look at the audience that frequently uses headphones; when and where do they use them, how frequently and why. This led way to the use of the selected imagery, which is centered on individuals between the ages of 18-35, who are inspired to go to great distances. These are also individuals who would generally be expected to listen to music while performing their given practices; snowboarding, free jumping and cycling. The images were then married with the message “Nobody has ever wished for a longer way home. Until now.” And that is then partnered with the tagline “the journey has never sounded this good”.



New Research Museum (Contemporary Art) is a research database extension for the New Museum’s website. Because the museum is set in New York and it is a Contemporary Art Museum, very close to many of the surrounding colleges, It obviously needed to cater to the students. The site was designed for easy navigation with sub navigation panels. It also features a “Discover” page where site visitors can randomly discover a new artist or category of contemporary art, as opposed to searching through stacks of web results. The site also features bright, vibrant colors to engage the site’s viewers.

“When you are looking for a company to work on your telecommunications network, look to the professionals at Flotek Solutions.” With over 15 years of experience, their director has built a legacy of impeccable workmanship that reaches across the country. Their clients continue to award Flotek projects, trusting their safety minded, proficient services throughout the telecommunications industry. Flotek is dedicated to quality work and building relationships with our customers that exceeds their expectations of satisfaction. With that being said, their website needed to speak clearly and navigate simply. A basic drop down navigation panel guides user’s of any experience level throughout the site’s 5 main pages.


Kayla Ren Immel Flagler Design Portfolio