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Point System!

Banana Bonuses are a new reward system that encourages clubs to submit their work on time, with great efficiency. They can be earned by turning in submissions on time, like the MRF, or articles. There are different categories that you may earn points in and special categories that will vary month to month.

The club with the most points will get a Banana Key Blade! This Key Blade will be given to the club that has earned the most points each month, and whoever earns the most points by the end of the year will get to keep the Key Blade! It is a great spirit item, and it will show your Aqua Ape Pride!

CHALLENGE How have you been preparing for Fall Rally North? This includes spirit, fundraising, and service! Please feel free to post it on your club page, the division page, or personally email me your response! These are not mandatory, but I would love to hear some of the APEtastic things you have all been accomplishing and planning!

A N A N BA BONUSES MRF Early Bird: 3rd of the month = 75 points On Time: 5th of the month = 50 points Article Submissions Early Bird: 7th of every month = 25 per submission On Time: 13th of the month = 10 points per submission Visual Submissions Early Bird: 7th of every month = 25 per submission On Time: 13th of every month = 10 per submission Club Summaries Early Bird: 7th of the Month = 25 points On Time: 13th of the Month = 50 points Service Hours Good Hours: 100 hours = 25 points Great Hours: 125 Hours = 50 points APEtastic Hours: 200 hours = 100 points Funds Raised Good: $100 = 25 points Great: $200 = 50 points APEtastic: $400 = 100 Points DCM Attendance Good: 2 Apes = 25 points Great: 5 Apes = 50 points APEtasitc: 10 Apes = 100 points DCM Hosting = 20 points Member of Month = 20 points Club of the Month = 20 points Special Attendance (OTC, RTC, FRN, Conclave) 10 points per member


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