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At Flare, we spark ideas and ignite conversation. We’re a team of problem solvers and creative communicators who are passionate about developing campaigns that add fuel to the fire. Through our unique marketing strategy designed specifically for Buffalo Wild Wings, we’re ready to light the way for the company’s next generation. 2






















he chain we know today as Buffalo Wild Wings has come a long way since 1982. It all began with Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery, two long-time friends who moved to Columbus, Ohio from Buffalo, New York to open a chicken wing business. They chose Columbus since it was close to the Ohio State University, a school with a large student body, a great target consumer. They called it Buffalo

Wild Wings & Weck.1 They primarily served barbecued chicken wings with a choice of a dozen sauces and beef sandwiches. The restaurant became popular quickly, opening fourteen locations in the Ohio area within two years. With newfound success came new leadership. In 1994, Sally Smith was hired as CFO providing support the company needed to grow. She was appointed to CEO in 1996 after she successfully managed to resolve the company’s prior financial problems.2 In 1998, the company decided to change the brand name to Buffalo Wild Wings since they no longer served sandwiches on weck rolls.3 From there, Buffalo Wild Wings began to thrive. By 2008, more than 500 restaurants were open, and by 2011, the brand reached the international market, opening its first restaurant in Canada. 4 In February 2018, Roark Capital Group acquired the company, making Buffalo Wild Wings a private subsidiary. 5 Roark is Arby’s restaurant owner (Inspire Brands) and bought Buffalo Wild Wings for $2.4 billion. The company was valued at $2.9 billion including debt. Following this — which deal was part of a recent trend of companies being taken over by private equity firms — new leadership also followed.6 Lyle Tick became the president of the franchise, hoping to ensure that BWW was set for long term growth. John Bowie, the former interim president, is now the Chief Operating Officer.7 All in all, Buffalo Wild Wings prides itself for being a “goto location” to spend time with friends, watch sports, enjoy drinking and eating wings — all at a moderate price.






uffalo Wild Wings has seen

billion. Roark Capital Group is known for

are down and the income of the average

growth since it opened its

revamping restaurants.

household is increasing. But, this industry

doors to the public in 1982. Its net income as of late 2017 was $64 million.


However, recently they have faced some challenges that have altered some of their business strategies. The price of traditional chicken wings went up because of increased demand for the product in 2017. According to the Washington Post, BWW’s profits have dropped close to 63 percent in the second quarter of 2017. Because of this, Buffalo Wild Wings made the decision to purchase boneless chicken wings because of their lower cost.

will persistently see competition from the The delivery and takeout market has also affected BWW’s business. Services such as Postmates, GrubHub and UberEATS give consumers the option of having their casual dining meal without leaving their homes. Take-out options have become a favorite among the average American. As a result,

wings by changing its Tuesday deal of half-priced wings to a buy-one-get-one boneless wing deal. However, in July 2018 9

whole wing prices declined and prices have not been this low since 2011, despite the expected demand during this time of year due to sports related activities. Additionally, BWW sales have decreased 9.5 percent. The chain needs to be aware and adequately prepare for the fluctuating prices of wings going forward.10 Because of issues mentioned above, investors were urging the company to sell. In November 2017, Roark Capital Group bought the company for $2.4


since they offer convenience at a lower price. In order to stay relevant, chain restaurants will need to turn to improved product development/marketing, investing in technology, daily deals and strong online/ social media presence.

in July 2017, BWW opened B-Dubs, designed particularly for take-out/delivery orders

Additionally, because of strong

and launched its Blazin’ Rewards program

competition, there is an expected push

on a national level. BWW also has tried

for many chain restaurants to open

delivering alcoholic products such as beer

businesses abroad to utilize emerging

and wine to make up for the revenue they

economies over the next five years. Chain

missed out on for take-out/delivery orders.12

restaurants that have expanded have


As a result of this price increase, BWW encouraged customers to order boneless

fast food/fast-casual restaurant industry

seen more revenue in their international The chain/franchised restaurant industry is projected to see growth in the next five years. Consumer spending is expected to go up 2 percent (annualized rate) in the next five years. Unemployment levels

markets as well. Long-term profitability is what these restaurants are seeking, but they need to be aware of cultural differences in different countries when expanding overseas.



ull-service restaurants (FSR) make up half of the total restaurant industry (in terms of sales), however, they are currently experiencing a drop in net sales for many reasons, including new competition, new consumer preferences and market saturation. Some full-service restaurants are in a more difficult situation compared to others since they are not aware and prepared for the changing industry. Large restaurant chains like any business need to stay updated with the current trends and adapt to them accordingly. Below are three of BWW’s top competitors, who face similar business challenges as BWW, according to a 2017 Mintel report on casual dining.

APPLEBEE'S In 2010, Applebee’s was the FSR chain with the most sales in America. However, that year they decided to focus on millennials. As a result, they added premium and internationalinspired menu items, improved their bar program and replaced gas grills with wood fire.

representatives announced that 130 stores

are not completely loyal compared to older

would close by the end of 2017. Recently,

customers who appreciate value when it

Applebee’s has turned their sole focus on

comes to meals. Millennials’ attention can

value. They brought back their all-you-can-eat

be easily taken elsewhere since fads are

specials and previous customer favorites. Their

constantly changing.

$1 margarita and Long Island iced tea deals also attracted millennials on social media.

Although it is always good to attract millennials with new programs and deals, restaurant

Unfortunately, these tactics did not work and

All in all, millennials are important to target,

chains should not forget about their loyal

even turned loyal customers away. Business

however, their tastes can change quickly and

customers’ needs and wants.13


Although the Chili’s menu has become smaller,

appreciating the value they are receiving

their portion sizes have increased. For example,

for their particular meal, making them

ribs have 30 percent more meat, fajitas have

want to return to Chili’s. Chili’s benefited

48 percent more meat and burger patties are 1

from an approach of keeping loyal and

ounce bigger without changing the price.

regular customers happy. The majority of

Chili’s has turned to the “back to basics” approach. In August 2017, the chain concentrated on their main menu items like burgers, ribs and fajitas. They also decreased

customers are thankful for a “bigger bang

their limited-time offers to save money.

By keeping things simple, customers are


Friday’s is devoting capital into its delivery program as well. In

want to know that they are purchasing good food. Overall, simple

November 2017, Friday’s launched its partnership with Amazon to

approach does not waste money and drives up overall revenue.15

Similar to Chili’s, TGI Friday’s is turning its attention on supplying value with bigger shares of meat. In October 2017, the company

make reservations or orders.

for their buck.”14

The larger picture is that there has been a decline in sales or

introduced their Big Ribs, which are 30 percent larger than

Chili’s and TGI Friday’s have also turned to a model of simplicity.

no growth from 2016- 2017 of top casual and family/midscale

previous portion sizes. TGI Friday’s is also offering a vegetarian

Customers want clear, understandable and value-oriented

chains. This is a pressing issue that requires new strategy from

burger option to attract more customers.

menus. They do not want to be overwhelmed by a menu and

leadership in order for these companies to stay afloat.




Out of the Buffalo Wild Wings

BWW’s main demographic is white

Consumers who come to BWW most

customers who go most often, 56.7

individuals. Around 73 percent of people

often are big social media users (93.7

percent are men and 43.3 percent

who go to BWW most often are white

percent). This makes sense in today’s

are women (Simmons, 2016). Men go

(Simmons, 2016).

day and age considering people get all

more often, however, and a number of female customers are also regulars. The highest percentage but smallest range age group are 18 to 24-yearsold — 21 percent of this age group go to BWW most often. The highest percentage but biggest range age group are 18 to 49-years-old, 74.1 percent of this age group go to BWW most often. Additionally, 43.6 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds go to BWW most often and are usually affluent, coming from a variety of occupations and making around $100,000 annually. Thus, mostly adults over the age of 18 go to BWW most often (Simmons, 2016). Individual age group results for 18 to 22-year-olds were unstable, according to Simmons.

Those who go to BWW most often

of their info from social media.

generally reside in the midwest and

There is also a shift of customers

south of the United States, which is

attempting to eat healthier, but they

the biggest market for BWW is in the

are not overly concerned. Nearly 10

United States. Out of the people who

percent of people who went to BWW

went most often to BWW 32.6 percent

most often agreed a lot that they would

lived in the Midwest and 35.8% lived in

pay just about anything when it comes

the South (Northeast: 13.4 percent and

to their health and around 9 percent

West: 18.2 percent). BWW clearly has

considered their diet to be very healthy.

a bigger presence and is more popular

However, 18.9 percent agreed a lot

in the Midwest and South (Simmons,

when asked if they exercised regularly.

2016). Populations in the Midwest and

When consumers were asked if they try

the South also have more of a drinking

to eat healthier foods these days, 21.6

culture when it comes to beer.

percent also agreed a lot.








he atmosphere at Buffalo Wild Wings, an all-sports themed restaurant tailored for friends and families to bond, can be characterized as masculine, upbeat and energetic. The menu represents the overall character of this restaurant chain. Wings are the most popular item on the menu with 21 different sauces and seasonings for customers to try. The restaurant aims to be popular for sports fans in general. NFL Football is the most popular

sport of those who come to BWW. However, basketball and baseball are also popular based on past BWW advertisements.16 In an effort to compete with the growing trend towards fast-casual restaurants and tailor to the young audience, BWW has begun to open express locations in the fast-casual setting while still serving beer.17 There is also potential for strategies such as partnerships to use sports to elevate profits.18




BWW customers are big social media users. After visiting BWW they are more likely to check social media.

Magazines BWW customers read from

While interpreting what sources of

most to least read in the last 30 days

television BWW consumers use, we

(Simmons, 2016):

found that 39 percent are more likely

Through Simmons research, we were able to better understand the types of media our target audience uses. We found that the average BWW customer who visits monthly is 18 percent more likely to use social media. We also found that they are 63 percent more likely to check social media three or more times per day. These customers are 21.2 percent more likely to use Twitter and 85 percent more likely to have checked Instagram in the past seven days as well.19 This information is crucial in decisions regarding ad placement, and gives us key insights as to where we should spend money for digital advertising.

1. Self 2. In Touch Weekly 3. Entertainment Weekly

to watch ESPN.20 It is no surprise that sports fans and BWW’s consumers go hand-in-hand, but we also found that commonly used news channels of BWW customers were

4. Golf Digest

ABC Family, CNN and TLC.

5. Us Weekly

It is clear that Buffalo Wild Wings not

6. Glamour 7. People 8. Food Network Magazine

only targets sports fans and males, but also families. We found these customers are also 35 percent more likely to use Amazon and Google, two huge advertising platforms.21


CREATIVE ANALYSIS COLORS The BWW logo was established in 1996.

its prominence. These colors are also

It is made up of black, white, yellow

used to create emphasis. Black is used

and gray colors, creating contrast and

on several print advertisements to reveal

interest. The colors of yellow and black

boldness and to emphasize deals and

show dominance, and white and gray are

other specials. The colors white and

used as a highlight. The simplistic use

yellow also contrast well with images of

of these colors distinguishes their brand

the food like fries, beer and the yellow

against its competitors and enhances

trays that the chicken is served on.

LOGO The BWW slogan is Wings. Beer.

sports theme as well. This icon is

Sports, and B-Dubs is its popular

used to support and strengthen

nickname or moniker.

their brand identity.

The company has a logo of a bull

The most prominent part of the companies

with flying wings. The mascot

logo is also the buffalo’s wing. The wing

represents strength and dominance,

goes along with the restaurant’s food

which connects to the restaurant’s

options of being able to “put a wing on it.”22

STRATEGY BWW has a marketing budget of $60 million with a current emphasis on major sports ad buys.


sports buys. They are also aiming to buy advertising time at a discounted

The company is trying unique and

price. The company also advertises

cheap strategies because past

through print, in magazines and

media strategies have blended the

online, as well as TV and radio

digital campaign and its expensive








WW launched their first national ad campaign in 2006 on ESPN, CBS Sports and Westwood One media companies. 23 In March 2017, the “We do it for you” campaign was released, which reinforced their slogan and extended the campaign across different mediums such as television, social media, digital channels, in-restaurant activations and on-site Final Four experiences. BWW’s advertisements during March Madness in 2017 comically illustrated how their company makes games more exciting. March Madness was seen as an importan t tim e because consumers were engaged with the NCAA basketball tournament and were making their own brackets at home. BWW used social media like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat to engage their c o ns ume rs du ring the NCAA tournament. They influenced consumer’s brackets by using #HitTheButton. By hitting the button, consumers were exposed to engaging things like videos and gifs. In addition, this kind of campaign strategy brought more awareness to the BWW brand but also allowed people to have a reason to get excited to be out at BWW as opposed to watching the game at home alone. 24

Another campaign was the “Text Message,” a television advertisement on baseball. This campaign stressed the fact that BWW gives you that full experience while distracting you from the outside world. “Escape to football” was another campaign BWW did in August 2018. This was the first new advertisement BWW did in 18 months. It was released since there was dissatisfaction with past campaigns. This ad consisted of a number of depictions of young men escaping boring tasks to enjoy all the excitement BWW has to offer. The aim of the advertisement was to attempt to steer customers away from bone-in chicken wings (a more expensive item) to menu items that provided a better m a r g i n for the business.

said that since 1998 the chain’s TV sports have been low-budget efforts that only speak to regular customers. This is where the BWW “Slice of Life Campaigns” come in. These advertisements show the strong relationship between males and BWW. The companies’ ads usually run on cable and network stations in 60 percent of the BWW market.26 In terms of other media, BWW does not have a huge presence on platforms like Facebook or Snapchat. They did promote their brand and restaurant image

during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, however.27 They introduced #Fannerisms, a World Cup social campaign on Instagram starting the week of Jun. 9 as the festivities began in Brazil. BWW asked their fans to take a picture of themselves with friends at BWW while watching the World Cup. This was a tactic that was used not only to promote the brand, but also to engage with all sports — not just basketball, football or baseball. This was used to help BWW take their social media presence to the next level by engaging its consumers and having fun with engaging content.

According to Kathy Alberga, the senior vice president of marketing and brand development for BWW,25 “putting dollars on the battlefield will increase sales and extend our brand.” Alberga also




verall, news coverage on BWW is pretty standard. The articles below are the most recent accounts of the company in general media, with none of them being particularly impactful to the company’s reputation or brand. Most articles regarding the company have to do with Arby’s and Roark’s recent purchase of them. It doesn’t appear as if there is anything particularly positive or negative. We’re hoping that through

strategic promotional efforts, we’ll be able to increase news coverage of BWW. In recent stakeholder news, Marcato Capital Management purchased 5.1 percent of BWW, making it the company’s fourth-largest shareholder, according to FactSet. Marcato said they believe BWW’s shares are undervalued and they plan to suggest strategic alternatives that could involve changing management, the company’s capital structure and its mix of franchised and company-owned restaurants.32 They also have not had marketing campaigns that have grasped public opinion in a large capacity.

RECENT HEADLINES 1. BWW manager fired for choking a drunk person - September 201828 2. BWW looking to allow customers to gamble on sports games - August 201829 3. Confirmed case of Hepatitis A at BWW in Warren - April 201830 4. Stock rises after Roark Capital acquires BWW - November 201731


SWOT & KEY IMPLICATIONS • BWW has seen growth since opening, has potential long term profitability


• Becoming a private company decreases risk in the long run • BWW has large marketing budget to attract consumers • Stock in BWW rose significantly after Roark acquisition announced • Strong/memorable logo • BWW not as active on social media as they could be although consumers are


• In general, marketing campaigns have not grasped the public in a large capacity (hear about other brands more often) • Limited healthy foods options (consumers want healthy options!) • BWW brought by Roark Capital Group, known for revamping restaurants like Arby’s • New leadership: President Lyle Tick, a new perspective for future growth


• New programs for take-out and delivery orders to stay current (Blazin’ Rewards program) • Beginning to stay true to the “back-to-basics approach” and focusing on loyal customers (primarily in the Midwest/South) • Consumers are very active on social media, BWW can use this to their advantage


• Unpredictables price of traditional chicken • Competitors using similar approach as BWW • Some risk with becoming a private company



here have been some recent big changes to BWW that have the potential to make them more influential and help them grow as a business. However, the company needs some considerable improvement to get to that level.

For example, BWW social media presence could be much more dominant in relation to other big restaurant chains. They are missing out on an opportunity considering that their consumers are very active on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. Competition is also a big factor BWW should look into and think about. Their competitors (Applebee’s, Chili’s and TGI Fridays) have implemented new strategies to turn around their previous drop in sales. However, all of these restaurants have resorted to the “back to basics approach” with a focus on value. As a result, it might be hard to stand out amongst all the competition. But, if BWW contemplates a way to implement this model of simplicity while staying unique and fresh in relation to their competitors, they could see major growth in the future. 13






he primary goal of this campaign is to establish Buffalo Wild Wings as the premier location to congregate with friends and make memories. We feel an emotional connection can be made between the social experience of dining at BWW and the group-think mentality that many young people identify with among their friends.

This goal will be the driving theme of the creative. We are aiming for this goal to lead to a 1 percent sales increase in targeted cities. Secondly, we aim to increase awareness of the pickup and delivery options at our locations. Just as McDonalds has successfully increased sales by advertising their McDelivery partnership with Uber Eats, BWW has a unique opportunity to increase brand loyalty through delivery options. Each BWW location allows for orders to be picked up in person, while select locations are partnered with services such as EatStreet, Grubhub and Uber Eats to allow for delivery straight to consumers’ front door. We are also aiming for this goal to lead to a 1 percent sales increase in targeted cities that allow for delivery options.

UNIQUE SELLING POSITION Our competitive advantage is our high energy, bar-like atmosphere in addition to the unique entertainment value offered at each location. BWW is firmly entrenched as the optimal sports bar experience and we have no have intention of altering that perception. None of our competitors, whether specializing in casual dining or chicken wings, can match our unique blend of classic American dining options, a wide variety of drink and beer choices and the BWW staple of showing endless sports viewing opportunities.

DESIRED BRAND PERSONALLITY BWW is recognized as being a sports-themed restaurant. The personality of the brand is lively, energetic and deeply influenced by athletic culture. We do not aim to modify the personality of the brand, but rather broaden its scope. Just as team sports are rooted in teamwork and comradery, we aim to establish a connection between BWW and dining out with a group of friends, as well as ordering in with your friends at home. After work or after class, BWW should be the first thought of where to dine or order in with your crew. 15



hen students graduate from college, finding time to meet up with friends becomes increasingly difficult. As post graduates enter the workforce, their schedules become centered around their occupation. Buffalo Wild Wings offers a lively, exciting, sports-themed atmosphere

for young working professionals to congregate with their friends after the work day. BWW will make locations in targeted urban regions more attractive to professionals (ages 24-34-years-old), through advertisements that will reinforce BWW as the premier spot for a post work meal or drink with friends. BWW also has a longestablished relationship with sports. Just as the teams showed on the variety of viewing options in each of our locations demonstrate comradery, we hope to instill the same sense of comradery among young professionals and their friends. BWW is ready for anyone’s crew to come make memories here at halftime, overtime and all the time.

MEET JORDAN & JESS Jordan and Jess are recent graduates from Power Five conference universities. They love to meet up with their friends after work and end the day on a high note. They are intrigued by the possibility of coming to a sports bar with their friends to unwind after the work day to enjoy a bar-style menu while watching their favorite collegiate and professional teams. Jordan and Jess are avid social media users for both social and professional purposes, using platforms ranging from Facebook to LinkedIn. The both consistently stream music and podcasts during their morning commute to work on Spotify or Apple Music. Though both Jordan and Jess enjoy the “happy hour” vibe, they are just as likely to get together with their friends at home and order in (Simmons OneView).




SECONDARY: COLLEGE STUDENTS ccording to our research, people ages 18-24-years-old are among the most likely to eat at BWW and other family sit down restaurants. BWW values the positive relationship college students have with the restaurant and hopes to reinforce that bond even stronger. Just as we intend to do with young working professionals, BWW encourages college students

to come to their restaurants with their group of friends. College is undeniably a place where one makes memories. BWW aims to further establish the restaurant as the ideal location for college students to enjoy a game in a bar-like atmosphere and make memories after class or on the weekends. Additionally, college students are increasingly likely to use delivery options to order food at home. According to McDonalds CFO Kevin Ozan, since partnering with Uber Eats, the brand has seen increased sales through delivery, especially among areas concentrated with college students. BWW can appeal to millennials that prefer quick dining options, by emphasizing the prospect of getting their food delivered. Comradery among our customers is of the utmost importance to us as we aim for college students to come in or order once and continue to do so.

MEET ZACH & MADDIE Zach and Maddie are college students at a university with a prominent athletic program. They love food that is both affordable and tasty. Zach and Maddie are avid followers of their school’s sports teams, especially football and basketball. They love the opportunity to join their friends in an energetic, bar-like atmosphere and watch their favorite teams. Zach and Maddie are avid social media users, with each of them consistently using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. They also consistently congregate with their friends in the evenings for meals, whether out around campus, or at home when using a delivery service (Simmons OneView).


GEOGRAPHY/TIMING GEOGRAPHY The campaign will be reflected on a national scale, though primarily concentrated in the Midwest and South, among areas with strong populations by sports-crazed fans of both local professional and collegiate athletics. We are specifically looking to focus our advertisements in cities with significant millennial populations that have strong ties to college communities and sports, while also being home to young, working professionals. College towns with thriving athletic programs are home to passionate fans that should naturally gravitate to our sportsthemed atmosphere. Additionally, selected cities have hours of operation open until at least 12 a.m., allowing for millennials to get their late-night fix of BWW, whether through dining in or delivery.

SEASONAL TIMING The timing of the campaign will be largely influenced by the sports calendar. We will roll out the campaign moderately in December around Christmas and New Year’s. BWW will be able to market the early portion of the campaign around bowl-season in college football and the playoffs in the NFL. Though the holiday season is a terrific time to receive brand exposure, it is also an expensive time in relation to the rest of the year for advertising. In this timeframe, it will be imperative to roll out our social media campaign to generate awareness of the brand but not spreading ourselves to thin with expensive ad placements. A heavily concentrated period of advertising will be from late January into early April. This period is marked by college basketball as fans eagerly await their team’s rivalry games, conference tournaments and chance to play in March Madness. This time is optimal to get our target audience to come to BWW with their friends that support the same teams. We will shift focus to the Women’s World Cup that is taking place this summer in France. Moving closer to the summer months, people begin to travel and disperse from their usual group of friends. With the success of the US Women’s National Team in soccer, we feel our customers will be brought together through supporting the USA, or whichever nationality they and their friends represent.

WEEKLY/HOURLY TIMING Our weekly and hourly timing of ad placement is also dependent on the scheduling of sports. During the onset of our campaign we will advertise on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday because college and professional football will be the most heavily watched events at the time. We want to instill in consumers that they should be at BWW during their most anticipated matchup of the weekend. Moving into college basketball season, our weekly targets will shift. Prior to March Madness, Tuesday is the commonly scheduled evening for a college basketball game during the week. We will advertise primarily on Sunday and Monday to ensure our consumers are aware of the possibility of watching “Super Tuesday” in college basketball at BWW. As March Madness begins, we will heavily advertise throughout the week. March Madness games occur from Thursday through Sunday in a given week, though we want consumers to be planning ahead throughout the week to watch their bracket and favorite teams at BWW.




n the past, BWW has often centered its advertisements on a comedic approach tied together with a theme of sports culture. We aim to shift the focus from comedy towards one that creates an emotional appeal towards dining at BWW The goal is for consumers to create an emotional connection to making memories with their friends by eating BWW at any of our locations or through delivery services. Through

the campaign, we aim to expand our social media presence, as well as broaden the overall appeal of eating at our locations. Young working professionals and college students, for example, tend to be social and go out with friends. By focusing our ad campaign on consumers enjoying BWW with their friends, targeted consumers should naturally gravitate towards our high spirited, sports-themed, bar-like environment with their friends. Additionally, by marketing our delivery partnerships with Eat Street, Uber Eats, etc., consumers should be compelled to get BWW delivered with their friends and keep reordering when alone and in need of a quick fix of wings or a burger. The advertising will remain light and playful as done in the past by BWW, though rather than searching for laughs, we feel that establishing an emotional connection among consumers to the comradery they feel among their friends will expand the appeal of the restaurant.







ur new campaign is about engaging others into the BWW community as well as extending their college experience. It will also highlight inclusivity by incorporating different ethnic and racial groups such as African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians. Past BWW campaigns on television have only incorporated male representation. Through our new campaign, we want to include more women

and other gender identities, which will create a more inclusive mood for all customers. It will also allow people to feel welcome and comfortable when dining at BWW. Using social media and other creatives to promote a diverse range of sports events — especially the Women’s World Cup this summer — we will allow our customers to feel included within our space and encourage other customers of diverse backgrounds to feel welcomed and valued.

CAMPAIGN ELEMENTS The slogan that is the focus of our campaign is “Game time, Halftime, Any time.” This slogan communicates our values of bringing community, belonging, team spirit and fun to our consumers. It also makes our consumers feel valued by our company because of our drive to engage our consumers any time. We are inviting and welcoming our consumers to come in with their friends to watch sports, unwind, eat food and build comradery, as well as community and loyalty. This slogan also focuses on our initiative to become more inclusive. Our campaign will continue to use AACHEN BOLD and TRADE GOTHIC fonts because the style gives a unique and distinctive look to our brand. This font translates well to screens and brings identity into the digital space. We will also be using white, yellow, black and gray for our campaign creatives. These are simple colors but bring on a strong visual identity that our competitors lack.




ast Buffalo Wild Wings campaigns have mainly used television and comedic approaches to appeal to their target audience. This new campaign will focus on the consumer and their interactivity within our brand. We will be using several different mediums for our audience to be exposed to our brand but also to engage them with our content and atmosphere. Our print and broadcast mediums will

bring exposure and information in appealing ways to encourage our audience to join us at one of our restaurant locations. The direct social media medium will bring a more interactive aspect to our brand. Consumers can use their mobile devices to interact with BWW through our contests and reward programs as well. Our target audience will positively respond to our promotions from different mediums because it will give them a fun way to engage with food, sports and community. Our campaign slogan that will be advertised across our multiple platforms will allow the audience to feel a sense of belonging, comfortability and community at our various locations. “Game time, Halftime, Any time.� allows our target audiences to feel included within the community. They can also take their experiences outside of BWW. This will ensure that the company makes customers feel like they come first no matter what time it is. There are easy ways to join BWW, for example, by interacting with our mobile and rewards app and on our multiple social media platforms. Overall, our target audience should feel excited, happy and relaxed when they join various BWW restaurant locations. They will be able to engage with the BWW community, as well as build on experiences and emotions with friends to have a fun time.



game time. halftime. any time.



game time. halftime. any time.



game time. halftime. any time.


PRINT/BILLBOARD ADS PRINT ADS These magazine ads aim to promote our goals and values as a brand for our consumers. The concept of framing our food in polaroids highlights the idea of capturing memories that will last forever. We also want to emphasize the idea of having fun, unwinding and community by using creatives that are simple, eye-catching and playful. These magazine ads brings attractiveness to our menu items such as our chicken wings. These magazine ads are also flexible and target our main audiences. They can be present in sports publications such as Sports Illustrated or ESPN. Seeing images of just our menu options in a playful manner welcomes all people to our restaurant locations. We want to be as inclusive as possible when making our advertisements. These ads also use simple language and words such as dunk it, cool down and all in. The word usage is specific to sports but is meant to be related to our food and menu options. These words also focus on community and inclusivity.

BILLBOARDS The billboard ads are highlighting the experience that customers will gain when they dine at BWW. Since our primary and secondary audience are young professionals and college students, we want to encourage them that they will work — or be a student — during the day, but they can still eat wings at night and enjoy a meal. “Unwind” is meant for our young professionals who want to relax after a long day at work. We will also have “Take a break before the buzzer,” encouraging our customers to come in and take a break before it’s time to get back to work. All of our messages from our billboards are supporting our main slogan of being able to dine, unwind and take a break any time during the day. These three billboard advertisements ultimately promote the idea of relaxation. These advertisements are more simplistic compared to our magazine ads because the message is trying to send a relaxed mood for our customers. These billboard ads will be placed on highways near BWW locations with high populations of our target market, mainly the cities mentioned in the campaign strategy. These ads will be exposed to anyone who drives by them, targeting our main audiences and others who want to enjoy their time unwinding and dining at BWW.












SCENE 2: 1 second

Flashes of different female athletes

Flash immediately from scene one

Simone Biles jumping in the air performing gymnastics.

Serena Williams hitting a tennis ball

NASOT: cheering/screaming in the background and intense, motivational music.

NASOT: cheering/screaming in the background and intense, motivational music.

SOT: It’s game time, folks!

SCENE 5: 1 second

Flash immediately from scene 4 Chloe Kim snowboarding NASOT: cheering/screaming in the background and intense, motivational music.


SCENE 6: 2 seconds

NASOT: cheering/screaming in the background SOT: Group of people standing in a BWW restaurant screaming “HALFTIME!”

SCENE 3: 1 second

SCENE 4: 1 second

Flash immediately from scene two

Flash immediately from scene three

Jenny Simpson competing and running aggressively

Abby Wambach scoring and kicking a soccer ball

NASOT: cheering/screaming in the background and intense, motivational music.

NASOT: cheering/screaming in the background and intense, motivational music.

SCENE 7: 7 seconds NASOT: cheering/screaming in the background and intense, motivational music. Flashes of all the women we saw in scenes 1-5 coming back on screen. Headshot, zoomed in frame of each of these actors. The word anytime appears in the center of the screen with the zoomed in picture of the actor still in the frame. BWW narrator SOT: Game time, Halftime, Any time at Buffalo Wild Wings.




he television commercial on the previous page is designed to illustrate our slogan “Game Time, Halftime, Any Time.” This television commercial is also very different from past BWW campaigns. It is focusing on women athletes and inclusivity for different gender identities. In addition, this campaign is touching on a variety of sports/activities and female role models.

During the ‘game time’ part of the commercial, it shows flashes of athletes playing different sports like running, tennis, gymnastics and soccer. The ‘halftime’ section of the ad shows everyday people at a BWW restaurant location during halftime, enjoying their food and beverage while watching sports games and supporting the role models that were seen earlier on in the commercial. The last section of the ad uses the female athletes seen earlier in the commercial to highlight the ‘any time’ part of our campaign. Anyone at any time can join us at our BWW restaurant locations.


SCENE 2: 2 seconds

SCENE 3: 2 seconds

NATSOT: Background noise, natural door opening to a BWW restaurant, music, chattering in the background NATSOT: Dramatic, intense, fastpaced music.

BWW narrator SOT: There is no other experience like the one you get at BWW.

SCREEN TEXT/narrator:

Screen: There is no other experience like the one you get at BWW.

NATSOT: Dramatic, intense, fastpaced music.


SCENE 4: 2 seconds

SCENE 5: 5 seconds

SCENE 6: 2 seconds NATSOT: Dramatic, intense, fastpaced music.


NATSOT: Dramatic, intense, fastpaced music.

NATSOT: Dramatic, intense, fastpaced music.

SCREEN TEXT/narrator:

SCREEN TEXT/narrator:



Narrator: Come join us at BWW during Game time, Halftime, Any time.



his television commercial follows a more traditional focus in comparison to past BWW campaigns. This is taking an approach that will still get our message across of the services that we offer at our restaurant locations. This advertisement is highlighting the special experience that our customers will gain while they dine with us. BWW offers food, live action and a time to unwind with drinks. This is keeping our target audience of young professionals engaged with our brand and reminds them of the good time they can have when they come in to join us. This commercial also highlights our slogan.

RADIO SPOT: WING IT UP! NATSOT: fans cheering/screaming, basketball hoop swishing sound, shoes squeaking on the basketball court. BWW narrator SOT: Looking for a free chance to watch the Superbowl or the March Madness tournament in person? BWW narrator SOT: Join Buffalo Wild Wings Blazin’ Rewards contest! BWW narrator SOT: This is how it works. On your order receipt, there’s a code! Input that code into the BWW Blazin’ Rewards App, and you’re done! BWW narrator SOT: Winners are selected at random. If you’re the lucky winner, you get to bring three friends along with you to the game. Tickets, airfare, and hotel are all included. BWW narrator SOT: Game time, Halftime, Any time at Buffalo Wild Wings!


he purpose of this radio commercial is to illustrate our slogan and to promote our Blazin’ Rewards contest. Radio advertisements can increase brand awareness to all listeners because they promot people to come into our restaurant locations. Radio commercials also have a wide range of audiences, so broadcasting our promotions message to listeners will get people excited about our rewards program.

This radio commercial will also be broadcasted to our target audiences who listen to either general entertainment or sports entertainment. This advertisement will allow our frequent and new customers to engage in this contest with the hopes of using our app and social media like Instagram.




nstagram is an effective way to engage all types of people especially college students, friends, families, and sports teams. Instagram will target all audience members that are active on the app and it will also be a great way to engage our customers with our rewards contest.

This interactive will be used to promote BWW rewards and discounts to our customers as well. We will use Instagram to promote deals that are going on in an effort to engage our customers by using hastags, as well as tagging the BWW profile. We also will have several promotional campaigns rolled out through Instagram, which is detailed further in the PR/promotions plan. Instagram will be our main platform to generate awareness of our promotional efforts — we will make sure the design for the promos will be cohesive, as well as eye-catching and creative. To spread the word about these special deals, we will post pictures and stories and use the promo hashtags. By having our Blazin’ Rewards app be a key component to our contests, we hope to drastically increase its use by our customers on their mobile devices. We hope to do so by offering key information for the contests across all the platforms as well as advertising for the sales promotions we’ll be running at the same time.




he Blazin’ Rewards interactive is a way for BWW customers to be engaged with the app. We will be promoting our contest for tickets to the Super Bowl and March Madness Tournament through this app, which will hopefully instill our brand image to our target audiences. This interactive will encourage college students to use it as well because of the rewards and discounts that they can earn by using the app. Through the Blazin’ Rewards app, we will hopefully encourage new customers to use the BWW app, so that they can become more frequent customers of BWW.





MEDIA PLAN POPULATIONS33 Madison, Wisconsin: 260,427 Nashville, Tennessee: 673,008 Austin, Texas: 983,366 Columbus, Ohio: 880,182 Minneapolis, Minnesota: 420,721



The months we plan to advertise

With 39 percent of consumers regularly watching ESPN, our impact media is highly focused on advertising during the most watched sporting events in the country. 34 This is where we will hit our target audience, which is highly engaged sports fans. Our impact media flow chart, pictured below, shows what months we are implementing our ads, with the most units being spent in February, during the Super Bowl.

more frequently are February — correlated with the Super Bowl — May and June for the NBA playoffs and championship game and also the Women’s FIFA World Cup. There will be ongoing advertising yearly, but we are allocating less spending during the last months of summer.







Super Bowl




Monday Night Football




College Bowl Games




NBA Playoffs




Women’s World Cup









ur campaign’s traditional media spending — on television, radio and print — is based largely on our geographic goals and our collected Simmons Oneview target audience data. Nearly 40 percent of our target audience is more likely to watch ESPN.35 It is no surprise that sports fans and BWW’s consumers go hand-in-hand. But, we also found ABC Family, CNN and TLC to be commonly used media sources of BWW consumers. We are planning to hit our target of women mainly on ABC Family where 70.2 percent of viewers are women. We will be able to hit both men and women on CNN where the viewer demographic is almost split evenly down the middle. We will also be placing spot television in the Midwest and the South because 72 percent of our target population resides in these areas.




To obtain high reach frequency we are advertising on television networks based on our Simmons data collected on what Buffalo Wild Wings consumers watch the most on TV.

We will be adverting our ads on

We are allocating 10 percent of our traditional media to national men’s magazines as our Simmons data has shown — Self, Golf Digest, In Touch Weekly and Entertainment Weekly are among the most popular. We will also be allocating towards n a t i o n a l w o m e n ’s m a g a z i n e s — we will place advertisements in Glamour and People, the two highest read women’s magazines of BWWs consumers, according to Simmons research.


iHeartRadio, where 79 percent of BWW consumers tune in. We will also be advertising on sports radio stations where 35 percent of consumers tune in from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Finally we will advertise

ESPN - 39%

on Saturday and Sunday nights on sports radio when 32 percent of customers listen

TLC - 27%37

from 7 p.m to midnight.36






Cable Television Primetime





Network Television Primetime





Network Television Sports





National Radio Morning Drive





National Radio Evening Drive





Spot Cable Television Primetime





Spot Television Primetime





Spot Television Late Night





National Men’s Magazines





National Women’s Magazines











ith BWW’s consumers being heavy social media users — 63 percent of consumers check social media three or more times per day — combined with our young professional and collegiate target audience, our main focus for media buying will be digital and social.38




With nearly 100 percent of our

We are allocating 14 units to

The 10 key words we plan to embed

consumers using social media,

Snapchat for a sports-themed BWW

in our site to attract the most

we will be allocating four units for

filter that will be used twice during

visitation to Buffalo Wild Wings

Instagram promotions.

the year, each filter lasting a week

website are; sports, bar, friends,

long. The first filter will occur during

wings, delivery, beer, restaurant,

the week of the Super Bowl, while the

f o o d, dr ink s and bur ge rs . We

second will occur during the week of

believe these words represent what

the NBA championship. We believe

our customers are looking for when

that Snapchat will be a successful

dining at BWW.

platform to reach our target audience of college aged students.

HOME PAGE TAKEOVER We plan on taking over ESPN’s home page during the months of February, May and June. We will allocate three units correlating with the Super Bowl, Monday Night Football, the Women’s World Cup and the NBA Playoffs. We will also be taking over Eat Street’s home page in September, which is the beginning of first semester for college students and in January, the start of second semester (allocating two units). We plan to heavily advertise BWW’s delivery options to attract college students. By having these takeovers in September and January, we believe we will maximize college students awareness of BWW delivery options for the whole year. The rest of our digital and social media buying will be related to apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Eat Street and Grubhub. These are apps we believe young professionals and college students commonly both use regularly.














Google SEM




ESPN Home Page




Snapchat Filter




Eat Street Home Page



$80,000 37






FB Banner Ad





FB Mobile Ad





Instagram Ad





Eat Street Interstitials on app





GrubHub Interstitials on app





Google Banner Ad





ESPN Banner Ad





Facebook Video





Amazon Banner Ad











e are allocating 24 units for Facebook banner ads and for mobile ads, to allow us to have two ads per month on Facebook. We also plan to allocate twelve units on Instagram for an ad a month, three units for three one-month advertisments on Eat Street, occuring every four months, along with one ad for a month twice a year on GrubHub. For Google, ESPN and Amazon, we are buying

banner ads that will occur four times a year on each platform, evenly spaced every three months.







ince our average stakeholders are young adults, we wanted to focus on issues that are important to millenials. We are committing our efforts to provide healthier dining options, an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all customers and an overall fun and unique experience for patrons.

We want BWW to be a place where there’s something for everyone. To accomplish this, in addition to our famous wings, we’re going to roll out new menu options that are healthier so everyone can order a meal that fits their lifestyle. We want our customers to know that BWW doesn’t discriminate against anyone and that we pride ourself on our dedication to community. In addition to basic training, we are implementing a two-week mandatory inclusivity and diversity training for all store managers and employees, existing and new.

MEDIA RELATIONS In order to encourage media to cover events and releases, we want to focus on increasing our presence on social media through viral marketing instead of rebranding. Our hope is that by increasing online presence, we will generate enough buzz through marketing campaigns that news outlets will want to cover the company.

MEDIA CONTACTS Katina Arnold: Vice President Communications at ESPN Matt Mittenthal: Senior Director of Communications at Buzzfeed Chris Fowler: Lead reporter for College Gameday Stuart Levine: Editorial and Media Relations Vice President at NBC Samantha Graham: Executive Director Communications at CBS Antonietta Collins: Lead reporter on SportsCenter

We will be directing our attention towards these outlets because we feel they will give us the widest range of exposure to our target audience. Although we feel that social media marketing will still give us the most direct line of communication to our stakeholders, we think that ESPN and Buzzfeed will both supplement that communication because their two main audiences are sports’ fans and millenials, which directly overlap with our stakeholders. In addition, we believe that as two of the largest news networks, NBC and CBS will allow us primetime coverage that will reach millions and will inevitably reach our desired audience. 41



e’re going to be pushing large promotions at store locations in our targeted cities. Promotions include two for one wing deals and discounted bar prices in efforts to increase consumer activity during big games. In addition to discounted menu items, we’re going to promote our “Give-Back” initiative. Since we will be promoting right around the holiday season, the season of giving, we want our customers to know how important community and togetherness are to BWW. That’s why during every college and professional football game in select cities, for every purchase of a meal, Buffalo Wild Wings is going to donate a portion of its proceeds to local food pantries. Our hope is that through these efforts, our customers will be reminded that BWW is not a company solely driven by profits. We started in a small community and we recognize how important supporting community is.

PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES In order to encourage media to cover events and releases, we want to focus on increasing our presence on social media through viral marketing instead of rebranding. Our hope is that by increasing online presence, we will generate enough buzz through marketing campaigns that news outlets will want to cover the company. We will be directing our attention towards these outlets because we feel they will give us the widest range of exposure to our target audience. Although we feel that social media marketing will still give us the most direct line of communication to our stakeholders, we think that ESPN and Buzzfeed will both supplement that communication because their two main audiences are sports’ fans and millenials, which directly overlap with our stakeholders. In addition, we believe that as two of the largest news networks, NBC and CBS will allow us primetime coverage that will reach millions and will inevitably reach our desired audience.

SALES PROMOTION As an addition to our two main contests, we will be implementing a sales promotion throughout all store locations. Starting in September and running through March, the promotion will be offering a multitude of bonuses. The first of which will be “Happier Hour.” The idea of Happier Hour is that it is simply an extension of our normal Happy Hour sales with special $2 drink promotions. What makes Happier Hour “extended” is that it will be implemented during all professional football and collegiate basketball games for the season. Complimenting our sales promotions during the pro-football and collegiate basketball season, we will also be promoting BWW during the Women’s FIFA World Cup this coming June. For customers to receive the promotion they simply have to follow BWW’s Instagram account, post a picture of themselves and their friends at BWW supporting their team and post the photo to their Instagram with the hashtag #Anytime. After, they will receive a DM from the BWW’s account that contains a $5 off voucher for their next online or in-store purchase. This promotion will run from Jun. 7 to the end of the tournament one month later — entries are limited to one per customer. The main purpose of this 42

SALES PROMOTION promotion will be to increase the following and activity across BWW Instagram presence. The second branch of our sales promotion will also be run during the professional football and collegiate basketball season games. The promotion will be that for every order of traditional wings purchased, you can receive a second order for half off. Our main goal for this promotion is to encourage customers to come into BWW and order with friends and family to drive up sales as well as overall awareness.

$5 OFF

Finally, in an effort to encourage not only brick and mortar sales, but online sales as well, we’ll be partnering with EatStreet to offer a special sales promotion for customers ordering in. The promotion will entail a $5 off coupon for a patron’s first online purchase and then for every purchase after that. Specifically, for orders over $25, we’ll offer two small, complimentary sides to be added to their order.



We’re hoping that these efforts will support the core message and brand position by promoting not only sports engagement but also promoting BWW as a place where people can come together with friends and family to watch their teams and support their community, all while enjoying a delicious meal. We’re hoping that these promotional and PR elements will generate buzz and go viral because of the magnitude of the contest prizes. The Super Bowl is one of the most watched annual sporting events in the world. Similarly, in terms of college sports, the finals of the March Madness tournament is one of the most famous, annual college sporting events. Based on the massive fan bases of both professional football as well as college basketball, we expect that the sheer amount of online discussion and interaction with the brand will be enough to make the campaign go viral. We expect that through extensive marketing across our social media platforms, we will increase activity among existing followers as well as increase our internet presence in general.

CONTEST BUDGET These numbers include the tickets to both the Super Bowl as well as the NCAA finals, airfare for all the winners and guests and three-night stays in local hotels in addition to promotional efforts. The two contests together will cost the company roughly $35,000. Add in the additional costs for promotion across websites, print mediums and social media platforms, we expect the two contests to run for around $50,000-$60,000. Super Bowl tickets

$3,000-$4,950 (x4)

March Madness tickets

$1,110-$1,200 (x4)

Airfare (roundtrip)

$300-$550 (x4)

Airfare (roundtrip)

$280-$300 (x4)

Hotel stay (two nights)

$1,237 (x4)

Hotel stay (two nights)

$179-$194 (x4)






PRESS KIT FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: Are you the same company as BW-3? A: Yes, when we opened our first location in 1982, our original name was Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck – thus the BW-3. We’re sure this poses another question: What the Heck is a Weck? Weck is short for kimmelweck, a Kaiser roll seasoned with special toppings. These tasty rolls are popular on the East Coast and were served at our restaurants when we first opened. In 1998, we officially changed our name to Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar to better describe our restaurants. Q: Can you be contacted for more information regarding corporate strategies and marketing programs? A: Unfortunately, due to the high mass of requests, from students and professionals alike, we are unable to grant interview requests and/or hand out information regarding these details to every person who inquires. However, it’s more than likely that the information that you’re looking for can be found right here on our website. The Investor Relations section and the Press Room have lots of great info. Q: How do I request a donation or sponsorship? A: We appreciate your interest in having Buffalo Wild Wings involved in your fundraising efforts. All requests for funding and in-kind gifts, such as gift certificates, must be submitted in writing on your organization’s letterhead to your neighborhood Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. If the request is regarding a specific event, please remember to include the event information as well as a contact name and phone number. Click here to locate the address of your neighborhood Buffalo Wild Wings.


John Bowie, Chief Operating Officer Seth Freeman, Chief Marketing Officer Barry Barnett, SVP of Global Supply Chain Lyle Ticket, President




est friends Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery founded Buffalo Wild Wings in 1982 when they found themselves in Ohio, craving authentic Buffalo, New York-style chicken wings. The restaurant was opened for the purpose of providing a place with a welcoming

neighborhood atmosphere, where everyone could come together, eat delicious food, and have front row seats to the game. Those original goals remain today, nearly forty years later, and every day we continue to strive to make Buffalo Wild Wings a place that values food, friendship, and a great game.

BACKGROUNDER Buffalo Wild Wings will be launching two major promotional contests during our campaign. The first contest will be announced the first week of September right before the start of the professional football season. Buffalo Wild Wings will be launching a contest where the winner and three friends will get free tickets, airfare and hotel stays for the next Super Bowl. Even though the Super Bowl isn’t until February, we want the competition to run for the entirety of the football season. The purpose of this campaign is two-fold, we want to drive up sales as well as increase activity across our social media platforms. The way the competition will work is that for every purchase of a meal at a Buffalo Wild Wings store location, or through food delivery services like EatStreet, during any season game, the customer will receive a unique code on their receipt. The customer will then be able to go on the Blazin’ Rewards BWW app and enter their code. A customer can do this as many times as they want during the football season, the more entries, the more likely they are to win. We hope that in addition to driving up sales, this also encourages customers to dine with their friends and family because the more meals that are purchased, the more codes given out and the bigger the chance someone has to winning. In addition to the Super Bowl contest, we are hoping to increase activity with young professionals and college students alike by running a very similar contest during basketball season. This contest will be launched at the beginning of college basketball season and will focus on the March Madness tournament. The rules and stipulations will be almost identical to the Super Bowl contest but this time the winner will receive free tickets, airfare and hotel stays for the March Madness tournament finals. The mode of entry will be the same; for every purchase at a Buffalo Wild Wings store location, or through food delivery services like GrubHub and EatStreet, during any season game, the customer will receive a unique code on their receipt. The customer will then be able to go on the Blazin’ Rewards BWW app and enter their code. A customer can do this as many times as they want during the football season, the more entries, the more likely they are to win.



Buffalo Wild Wings launches contest to send one customer and three friends to Super Bowl LIII

MADISON — Buffalo Wild Wings recently announced plans to launch a contest to send one lucky customer and three of their friends to Super Bowl LIII. Buffalo Wild Wings will provide game tickets, airfare, and two nights stay at a local hotel outside the stadium for the winners. You can participate in the contest by dining at a local BWW during any professional football season game. The customer will receive a code on their receipt that they can enter on the BWW Blazin’ Rewards app. Anyone can enter as many times as they want, the more times you eat, the better your chances are of winning. The winners will receive complimentary airfare from any airport of their choosing, two-nights free stay at a hotel just outside of the stadium, as well as tickets to the big game itself. The lucky winner, who will be selected at random, will be allowed to choose three friends to bring along who will all receive the same accommodations. “Sports have the unique ability to bring people of all different walks of life together,” said Buffalo Wild Wings CEO Sally Smith. “Our restaurant is dedicated to community and being a place where people feel they can gather.” Buffalo Wild Wings hopes that this contest will encourage people to spend more time with friends and family, coming together to share a meal and bond over shared love of sports. BWW is committed to encouraging sportsmanship, friendship, and fun. The contest will be announced on Sept. 1 across all BWW social media platforms and will begin during the first season game of 2019, expected to be around Sept. 6. ###



Buffalo Wild Wings launches contest to send one customer and three friends to the NCAA Championship basketball game

MADISON — Buffalo Wild Wings recently announced plans to launch a contest to send one lucky customer and three of their friends to the final game of the NCAA 2019 tournament. Buffalo Wild Wings will provide game tickets, airfare and two nights stay at a local hotel outside the stadium for the winners. You can participate in the contest by dining at a local BWW during any collegiate, men’s basketball game for the duration of the March Madness tournament. The customer will receive a code on their receipt that they can enter on the BWW Blazin’ Rewards app. Anyone can enter as many times as they want, the more times you eat, the better your chances are of winning. The winners will receive complimentary airfare from any airport of their choosing, two-nights free stay at a hotel just outside of the stadium, as well as tickets to the big game itself. The lucky winner, who will be selected at random, will be allowed to choose three friends to bring along who will all receive the same accommodations. “Education is crucial to the development of our society,” said Buffalo Wild Wings CEO Sally Smith. “We hope through this contest we will be able to encourage academic excellence in athletes and bring current students and alumni alike together to support their schools.” Buffalo Wild Wings hopes that this contest will encourage people to spend more time with friends and family, coming together to share a meal and bond over shared love of sports. BWW is committed to encouraging sportsmanship, friendship, and fun. The contest will be announced on Mar. 1 across all BWW social media platforms and will begin during the first tournament game of 2019, expected to be around Mar. 19. ###







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Buffalo Wild Wings Campaign Book 2018  
Buffalo Wild Wings Campaign Book 2018