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Our Famous Soul Food Entrées are served over a bed of fluffy white rice with two sides of your choice and slightly sweet cornbread muffins. Our Tasty Sides (Vary Daily) Rice and Gravy, Mustard Greens, Yams, Baked Mac and Cheese, Okra and Tomatoes, Sweet Corn, Seasoned Green Beans, Pinto Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Seasoned Fries, Potato Salad, Cabbage, Mixed Veggies, Dirty Rice, Broccoli and Cheese & Rice Casserole $3.50

Fried Tippy’s Fried Chicken Wings (4) $8.99 (6) $10.50

Served w/Seasoned Fries and Toast or One Side w/Cornbread. “We Don’t Do Wing Pieces. You Get It All.”

Crispy Pork Chop (1) $10.50 (2) $12.50

Pig Feet $9.99 Pork Bones $9.50 24oz cup $7.99 32oz cup $9.99 Smothered Pork Chops (1) $9.99 (2) $11.99 Also served Seasoned and Fried

Roasted or Smothered Chicken $9.50


Served Daily. We add Roasted Potatoes and Onions on Tuesday

Oxtails $14.99

Pepper Steak (1) $10.50 / (2) $12.50

24 oz cup of tails $15.99 32oz cup of tails $14.99

If you like a little spice; you’ll love this Customer Favorite

Baked Chicken $9.50

Turkey Necks $9.50 Roasted or Smothered Turkey w/ Cornbread Dressing $11.50 Served on Sundays and Tuesdays Vegetable Plate $9.99

Breakfast Breakfast Platter $7.99

(2 eggs, 2 Bacon, 2 Sausage, Hash Brown & Toast) *Substitute for Pancakes*

Chicken & Waffles $10.99

(2 eggs, 4 wings, 1 large waffle)

Shrimp & Grits $10.99 (8 shrimp, grits & toast)

Fish & Grits $9.50

Seafood Fried Catfish Sandwich $7.99 Fried Catfish Plate (2) $10.50 (3) $12.99 Fried Shrimp Plate $12.99 Fried Shrimp Po’Boy $9.99 Nawlins Style Seafood Gumbo $12.99/$14.99

Served on weekends only. Full Shrimp, Blue Crab, Chicken, Beef Sausage and Seasoned Roux

Add Cheese $1.00

Hamburgers & Sandwiches Hamburger and Sandwich Baskets

(2 Piece Fish, Grits & Toast)

Served with Seasoned Fries and Buttered Toast

Bowl of Grits (8 oz.) $2.99

Hamburger $6.99

Additional Meat $2.99

Served with Mustard, Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle and Onion

Extra Cheese $1.00

BLT $5.99

Egg (1) $1.00

Traditionally prepared on your choice of Toast or Bun

Toast (1) $1.00

Club Sandwich $8.99

Traditionally prepared on your choice of Toast

Pepper Steak (Smothered) $7.99 Fully dressed and Fried to perfection

Add cheese $.99 Catfish 2PC w/Fries or 1 side $10.50 3PC w/Fries or 2 sides $12.99 Crispy Pork Chop Basket $7.99 Open faced and fully dressed

Beverages Soda $1.50/$2.50 Lemonade or Kool-Aid $1.75/$2.75 Tea (Assorted Flavors) $1.50/$2.50 Studewood $1.75/$2.75 Acres Home Remix $2.00/$3.00 Bottled Water $1.00

Desserts Homemade Banana Pudding $3.50 Peach Cobbler $3.50 Assorted Cakes $3.50 Click map to get directions.

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Tippy's Soul Food Digital Menu