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Royal Report Volume 2・Issue 11 February 2018 Newsletter

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Editor’s Note Hello hello key-uites! Welcome to my February newsletter! This is one of my favorite months because of all the chocolate that’s in the stores since it’s the month of Valentines day! I hope you all have a great valentines day with a significant other or just spend some time loving yourself for the person you are! Anyway, it’s my 11th issue of the Royal Report which means that I only have one more issue until my term is over :’( BUT!! I’m still so happy that I was able to get to be your editor for this year and I’m really proud at how everything turned out. Okay, enough sad talk! I hope you take the time to read through it and see what happened in the month of January. See you in the next one! In love and service, Kayla Calso


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Presidents Letter Hey Key Clubbers, Welcome to the month of February. There hasn’t been much happening this month. We’ve had our membership installation where we came together, eat and bond. There hasn’t been much service opportunities but we have the Hot Chocolate Run coming up in March! This is a very memorable event for many people. You wake up very early and head down to Seattle to help out with this marathon and get Hot Chocolate! Sign ups for this will be posted very soon.

Mr. and Mrs. Dragon will be coming soon as well. It is a divisional talent show and very entertaining. The date hasn’t been release yet but it will be soon. DCON is a huge event coming up and I’m sure that a lot of people are excited and if you’re not attending, keep being an amazing Key Clubber! Keep volunteering for events, participate in fundraisers, and show up to the meetings. My term is ending very soon and I have mixed emotions about it. I’m sad but happy that I was able to run KMKC with an amazing board and hopefully you guys grew along with me but thank you for everything! In love and service, Lexie Lam


Month in Review: January 2018 Hey Key Clubbers! I hope the new year's been giving you some new experiences, here's a recap of what went down in January. January started off with a very important event, Officer elections! Congratulations to the newly elected board for this upcoming term! Volunteering in January included the You Me We event. We also had lots of DCON preparation, along with the contest for our Divisional TShirt. The month of January ended with a DCM involving a Key Club Jeopardy. That's all for the month of January, always be sure to stay Key-nected for updates and upcoming events! In Love and Service, Elijah Suarez


News and Upcoming Events KCCP Merchandise DCON Attendees! We will be having a lock-in on Friday, the 23th at 6PM. If you haven’t gotten a form please pick one up from Aguayo’s office and turn it in by the next meeting (the 15th). We’ll be spending the night in the west Buy now before the shop gym so bring lots of blankets and warm clothes! There’s also closes on the 15th! a $7 for all the food. Do you have that special someone who holds the Key to your heart? Well if you do or not, KCCP merch is perfect gift to give! Proceeds will be given to KCCP!

See you all there!


KM Officer Contact Info Treasurer President

Lexie Lam lamlexie928@gma


Aaron Chamroeun aaronchamroeun

Ammy Huynh ammyhuynhhh@g

Bulletin Editor

Kayla Calso kaylacalso143@gm

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Public Relations

Elijah Surez elijahdsuarez32@g


Yeehaw!! Thanks for reading my newsletter key-uites Make sure to follow us on social media ♡ And I’ll see you in the next one!




Kent-Meridian Key Club February 2018 Newsletter  

Welcome to Issue 11 of Royal Report! Hope you enjoy ♡

Kent-Meridian Key Club February 2018 Newsletter  

Welcome to Issue 11 of Royal Report! Hope you enjoy ♡