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KayJay 5K & 1 Mile walk/run Todd Ebensperger 501 2nd Ave. West Wheeler, WI 54772 SPONSORSHIP COMMITMENT/PLEDGE FORM All Proceeds to benefit IDEAS ( ) community. In order to meet printing guidelines for t-shirts, we will need supporters to please fill out information below and mail st back no later than July 1 , 2011. We cannot print logos due to limited space, so please indicate how you would like to be listed. If you have any questions, please contact Todd Ebensperger at 715.632.2580 or email at Please make checks payable to: IDEAS

(__) YES! We would like to sponsor the KayJay 5K. > Our contribution will be: ____________________________________________________________ > We would like our company listed as: _________________________________________________ > Our website link address is: _________________________________________________________ (__) Our check is enclosed and made payable to: IDEAS. (__) Our check will be sent on: ______________________________________________________________ st (All checks must be received by July 1 , 2011, unless otherwise approved) (__) Sorry! We cannot sponsor this event, but would like to donate: _________________________________ (__) Sorry, but I/we would like to volunteer: ____________________________________________________

SPONSORSHIP INFORMATION: Company Name: __________________________________________________________ Contact Person: ___________________________________________________________ Contact Phone Number: _____________________ Fax number: ____________________ Address: _________________________________________________________________ Email: ___________________________________________________________________ *Comments on how we can better market our sponsors?

*The KayJay 5K committee reserves the right to decline a sponsorship and to determine the value of in-kind contributions.

KayJay 5K - Committment Form  

KayJay 5K Sponsorship Committment Form