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Anacostia River Watershed, DC 8.7 miles of river 18 miles of trail

A m e r i c a ’s G r e a t O u t d o o r s Both the River Trail and the Water Trail are example projects in Obama’s America’s Great Outdoors Initiative. Launched in 2010, AGO seeks “to develop  a  21st  Century   conservation   and   recreation   agenda…   designed   and   accomplished   in   partnership   with   the   American   people.” Over the past year, the report has focused its vision on urban projects, highlighting the Anacostia River Trail as an “innovative” model for linear, urban national parks around the country.

Detroit Riverwalk, MI 24 miles of river 5.5 miles

Chattanooga Riverwalk, TN 57 miles 20 miles

America’s Great Outdoors:

A Promise to Future Generations February 2011

Los Angeles River Watershed, CA 51 mile river 9 miles

source: Dept. of Interior

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The Wild Anacostia  
The Wild Anacostia  

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