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A n a c o s t i a R i v e r Tr a i l Another ongoing project is the Anacostia River Trail, an effort being led by the National Park Service. Two thirds complete, the River Trail is a primarily asphalt trail that runs up and down both sides of the river. There is also a trail in the water – the Kingfisher Trail – which connects the Anacostia to the greater Chesapeake Bay. The Anacostia River Trail is a prototype for other NPS signature urban river projects around the country yet it also marks a historical trend in national parks: the construction of asphalt trails that separate human experience from dynamic processes in the landscape. Through this thin line typology of single access, these trails oftentimes foster the mythology of a wilderness defined by distant, untouched landscapes and feed into misconceptions that support a hands-off, preservation perspective and undermine contemporary forwardlooking ideas of sustainability in our cities.

A rendering of the design for the next phase of the Anacostia River Trail

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sources: ART NE Planned flikr (map); Anacostia Waterfront Initiative (rendering)

The Wild Anacostia  
The Wild Anacostia  

Kate Hayes | Master of Landscape Architecture Thesis