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CaboVerde design + photos by Kay Hartmann

CaboVerde design + photos by Kay Hartmann

I joined a group of graphic designers who spent two weeks in Africa as part of an effort to jump-start a sustainable tourism program for Cape Verde. Mountains and beaches, beauty and ugliness, poverty and the beginnings of tourism all coexist in this archipelago of 15 islands in the Atlantic, off the African coast, just to the west of Senegal. These are some of the pictures I took while I was there. The tourism project was funded by UNESCO and partnered by IIID, the International Institute of

Š 2013 Kay Hartmann. All rights reserved

Laundry on a line

murals in the village of Calheta

two young girls in Calheta

mural art by the rebel group RABELADO

oars against a wall,

fishing boats on a beach where sand is secretly mined at night

telecommunications facility

tourist lodging

village square with Coke dispenser

fishing boats

hiking trail through the mountains

soldier guarding the telecommunications facility

church on the island of Santiago

church in Cidade Velha overlooking, literally, the slave trading port

President of Cabo Verde

woman with baby

goat on the second story of an unfinished house


woman washing clothes

two high school students who worked on the tourism project design + photos by Kay Hartmann Š 2013 Kay Hartmann All rights reserved

Cape Verde, Africa  

Cape Verde photos

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