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Architecture engulfs you at the office, at home, at the park, or even at the mall. At Kayan we ensure that the architecture we produce enhances your experiences. We understand your need for expansive workplaces, tranquil homes and other daily architecture that reflects you as the user. Located in Kuwait and founded in 2006, Kayan provides design services in architecture, urban design, and interiors for a wide variety of public and private clients. At Kayan we produce architecture that considers the user first and foremost. We are guided by the simple beauty of the modern, the efficiency of space, the importance of the human scale, and the belief that architecture and good quality design is meant to be enjoyed by all. Kayan’s signature designs are based on its capability of keeping an eye on the current design trends and materials, then skillfully incorporating them into our designs to create simple and sustainable solutions. “At Kayan, we believe that architecture can be a source of pride for everyone, whether private or public spaces, and contribute to the overall standard and taste of the neighborhood and country it stands in.� Bashar Al-Salem At Kayan, we take pride in our meticulousness to details and malleability to every project we take. We strive to become among the leading firms in modern architecture by focusing further on designs, client servicing, and flawless execution, whilst skillfully keeping the culture and people in mind.


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Plots Type: Commercial Location: Shuwaikh, Kuwait Plot Area: 60,065 sqm Status: Proposed Client: Injazzat Real Estate Development Co. K.S.C Program: Mall

Plots is a modern take on the traditional mall concept while keeping the basics, numerous parking spots and entrances. Standing on 60,065 sqm area, it harvests the power of the elements to deliver a mall that is as diverse in brands as it is in aspects. The array of available spaces is aligned to a primarily pedestrian circulation system, as was the case in the shops, through which the overall motifs of the project will be experienced.

Dasman Clinic Type: Commercial Location: Al-Tijaria Tower. Sharq, Kuwait. Plot Area: 690 sqm Status: Completed 2011 Program: Dental Clinic

With the best views, modern use of natural traditional materials and simple DĂŠcor, Dasman Clinic is one of the well-designed clinics in Kuwait delivering a heartening dentist visit to all its patients.

Al Seef Roundabout Proposal Type: Public/Cultural Location: AlSeef, Kuwait Plot Area: 3,050 sqm Status: Proposed Program: Landscape/Roundabout

The redesign of AlSeef Square hoped to create a newly imagined space, celebrating the surrounding landmarks and existing plant life, with modern iconic and dynamic features.

YBT GYM Type: Commercial Location: AlSalmiya, Kuwait Plot Area: 3,760 sqm Status: Completed in 2012 Program: Gym

The outdoor space was incorporated into the interior design to allow for more depth and openness. This was done through the proficiency of the Kayan interior design team that used the artifice of reflections along the surfaces to create the perfect illusion of space.

Coral Beach Development Type: Commercial Location: Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Plot Area: 304,000 sqm Status: Proposed in 2005 Program: Multi-Purpose

Stratus Tower Type: Commercial Location: AlSalhiya, Kuwait Plot Area: 1,222 sqm Status: Proposed 2014 Program: Commercial and OfficeTower

Mixing leisure, shopping, and esthetic beauty into one iconic design, Stratus Tower adds layers to the unique culture of the high-end area of AlSalhiya.

Arabian Property Award Highly Commended Architecture Multiple Residence in 2011

Pacific Hill Chalet Type: Residential Location: Bnaider, Kuwait Plot Area: 3,760 sqm Status: Completed in 2011 Program: Chalet

Pacific Hill Chalet, is located on the Southern waterfront of Kuwait, this family retreat is comprised of multiple chalets laid out linearly facing the sea.

The outcome of all these challenges and Kayan team’s expertise was a domestic retreat within nature that merges traditional living with modern design.

Laurel Villas Type: Residential Location: Al Nuzha, Kuwait Plot Area: 2,000 sqm Status: Completed in 2010 Program: Private Villa

The program includes a unique main family Dewaniya, which acts as a public gathering space, distinguished by grander design elements. Kayan’s meticulous design focuses on details in stone cuts and the assimilation of wood on the terraces and door designs.

This is a project that attests to Kayan’s effective space planning methods and our high capability in designing efficient spaces within a limited space and budget.

Row Houses Type: Commercial Location: Abdullah AlSalem, Kuwait Plot Area: 586 sqm Status: Completed in 2014 Program: Villas

Cirrus Villas Location: Mishref, Kuwait Plot Area: 750 sq.m. Status: Completed in 2011 Program: Villas

With a plot that houses two villas back to back, Cirrus Villa provides spaces that are light and open, with large windows that open up to a sunken courtyard and a private pool. The details in alignment and use of continuous lines throughout the different surfaces shows Kayan’s particular attention to detail.

Located south of Kuwait City, Mangrove Chalet a single family beach house is situated along the estuary of Al-Khiran. Prioritizing the client’s needs of the project, the design circulates around six bedrooms and a vast living space, all in which have maximized views of the private pools, private garden and panoramic views of the AlKhiran beaches, making it the perfect family retreat for the weekend.

Mangrove Chalet Type: Residential Location: Al Khiran, Kuwait Plot Area: 3,389 sqm Status: Completed in 2014 Program: Chalet

An interplay of outdoor and indoor can be sensed throughout the chalet, where the L-shaped mass allows for natural light and greenery to all indoor spaces through its heavy use of glass. Finally, to bring it all together, a bridge connects the two first floor spaces together to form an elevated meeting point above the private pools providing maximized beachfront views.

Veranda Villa Type: Residential Location: Kaifan, Kuwait Plot Area: 500 sq. m. Status: Completed in 2013 The client’s desire for a serene and quiet residence away from the chaos and stresses of everyday life, manifested itself into the creation of a house that is centered around a private pool and garden. The pool is isolated from the main street with a high fence that acts as a cascading wall; the sound of water emanates from it resonating across the main living room, and creating a haven for the family.

Program: Villa

Beaufort Villa Type: Residential Location: Al-Mansouriya, Kuwait Plot Area: 1,000 sqm Status: Completed in 2011 Program: Villa

Ausaj Farm’s orientation, and efficient space planning, clear zoning and the strategic use of walls, screens, and play of heights allowed for the creation of a comfortable indoor and outdoor environment , within the harsh desertscape of Kuwait.

Ausaj Farm Type: Residential Location: AlSulaibiya, Kuwait Plot Area: 50,000 sqm Status: Under Construction. Est: 2015 Program: Farm

Preserving the Kuwaiti traditions and adding a modern twist to it, Diwan Hayat is a modern day archetypal Diwaniya.

Diwan Hayat Type: Private/Cultural Location: AlShaab, Kuwait Plot Area: 500 sqm Status: Completed in 2010 Program: Diwaniya

Lounge Villa Type: Residential Location: Salwa, Kuwait Plot Area: 1,000 sqm Status: Completed in 2010 Program: Villa

The interior includes a mixture of stone elements, and a generous incorporation of wood. The fusion of all these elements with the spectacular scenery created within the villa gives it its trendy look and makes it pop out among its environs.

Lakeview Farm Location: Wafra, Kuwait Plot Area: 60,000sq.m. Status: Completed in 2010 Program: Villa

The project consists of two structures separated by a large lagoon woth a small island in the middle. It is set on a plot of land full of landscaping, trees and a beautiful serene environment.


Bashar A. A AlSalem CEO/Principal Architect



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Kayan Brochure  

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