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4K-Studio - resolve 4k etalonnage

4K Studio is a small office in Paris which is the only one able to work in realtime with 4K materials like R3D from Red or other formats from Sony and Arri cameras. Those footage are well known to be very CPU consuming and most of the time, transcoding is necessary to perform a realtime edit in NLE such as Premiere Pro CS6 or Final Cut Pro X.

Say Good bye transcodes and Hello to Realtime

No further needs to transcode or working with proxies and loose time with your materials and data management hassles : Here we are speaking about a full realtime edit in 4K : drag your footage, drop it in Premiere CS6 or FCP, put it in the Timeline and voila ! you are ready to play with... ! It's really funny to play arround with it, no lags, no shutter, incredibly smooth...

The computer side

This is possible, thanks to the powerfull combination of a HP Z820 as a workhorse working on 2 heavy Xeon processors, with 4 Cuda cards from Nvidia (GTX 580), 2 redrockets used especially to debayer Red Raw footage. Monitoring your footage is done through a Black Magic Decklink 4K extreme, connected to a IGZO 32inch 4K monitor from Sharp (Note that this monitor is not available in european Market yet). Of course, the storage of your material are handled by SAN clusters with Fiber Channel.

The Color Grading Part

4K Studio uses a Resolve 9 with it's full surface control panel. No Tangent device here or any other stuff, all comes from BlackMagic only. And when you see this baby in action, you understand why it costs almost 30.000€ ! If you are from the audio world, it performs like the latest mixing panel with motorized pots with assignable automation etc. It's a must. In fact, when color grading, you shouldn't look at your device at all, you should just feel the knobs and have your naked eyes on the screen and nothing else. This is built for eternity, this is built for time saving. Never seen something like that in my 20 years as a Colorist... studio étalonnage 4k paris Opening date : before Summer 2013, Champs-Elysées, Paris, France

4K-Studio - resolve 4k etalonnage  

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