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ACCEPTANCE: Respect and

Tolerance of the Homosexuals Jhon Mark P. Mercene BSE Music Education II

Sex and Gender?

Sex A person’s sex refers to one’s biology specifically, one’s chromosomes, external genitalia, secondary sexual characteristics (development of breasts, pubic hair, etc.), and internal reproductive system. Sex is a term used historically and within the medical field to identify genetic/hormonal and physical characteristics that are used to classify an individual as female, male, or intersex. Sex is a legal assignment at birth.

Gender Gender is a set of socially constructed, assigned behaviors and identity patterns

Types of Homosexuals Secret homosexual Blatant homosexual

Adjusted homosexual Institutional homosexual Homosexual prostitute

Homosexual pedophile sociologists Stephen T. Holmes and Ronald M. Holmes

-prefers to keep gay status hidden from family, friends, and employers

is the “most visible of all homosexuals� because they make their homosexuality public knowledge, whether through dress, speech or mannerisms

is quite content to be gay. The adjusted gay admits to being gay, but doesn’t flaunt his homosexuality in the same fashion as blatant homosexuals.

does not have a gay self-image. He’s involved in gay sex because he’s in prison, the military, or lives in a seminary — places where he does not have access to the other sex

turned to prostitution for economic reasons

Gays attracted to children

Homosexuality in the Philippines

According to 2002 Young Adult Fertility and Sexuality Survey, 11% of sexually active between the ages of 15 and 24, had sex with someone of the same sex The term gay is used to describe any LGBT individual The Tagalog phrase "paglaladlad ng kapa" (literally means "unfurling the cape"), or more commonly "paglaladlad" (unfurling or unveiling) refers to the comingout process

In the past, only "flamboyant" homosexuals were recognized as being gay in the Philippines They were called bakla Stereotyped bakla homosexuals openly work in beauty parlors and in the creative industries of fashion and entertainment Talk show hosts, female impersonators, writers, directors, and comedians

ďƒ˜Effeminate men and homosexuals in general are called binabae ("of a womanly sort"), from the Tagalog word babae, which means "woman"

Lesbians are called tomboy, usually referred to as such only if they are obviously butch The lesbian counterpart of binabae is binalaki ("of a manly sort"), from the Tagalog word lalaki, meaning "man" Tibo and tomboy are derogatory terms for butch lesbians

Present state Of the Homosexuals

The purpose of this study is to assess how much accepted is the homosexuals by the Filipino family and society. Discussing the matter of acceptance depends on the group they belong, the kinship, the religion or the tradition and the culture and the people they living in a particular region, hub on how open minded the public are in the homosexuality.

Filipino Family

Filipino Society

Filipinos are not typically a confrontational people; we also have close family ties. When

you add to that mix, one could easily imagine how closeted homosexuals feel inside their

homes. One rarely hears a parent ask up front, “Are you gay?� The family just maneuvers

around the big elephant in the room as they dust the image of The Last Supper hanging on the

wall in the dining room or watch soap operas at night.

The issue of independence also comes into play. Due to the closeness to one’s family, most Filipinos do not move out of the house until they are married, and even that is not an assurance. The children run the risk of getting thrown out of the house if they admit to being gay so they would rather stay inside the closet — at least they’re not homeless. It’s no wonder successful “coming out” stories in this country are few and far between. One, because families would really rather not talk about it, and two, because if they do get around to talking about it, not all families are open to accepting that their child is gay. My god, what would the neighbors think? What would our church mates think? We’d go straight to hell just by breathing the same air.

Filipino Society Media Schools Church

“ Who am I to judged the gays?”

ďƒ˜Homosexuality in the Philippines is increasingly being tolerated ďƒ˜Gay movements are gaining strength and demanding their rights ďƒ˜Although legislation supporting samesex marriage in the Philippines has been introduced in the Philippine legislature several times, none has ever been passed

Gay Friendly Country

Philippines Source: Pew Research Center

Tell me the Truth

Are you gay ?

Are you lesbian ?

What if you discovered that one of your family member belongs to the third sex?

Do you find the third sex dirty and disgrace in the community ?

Was there a moment that you loved and cared for them, mainly because you needed them ?

Acceptance: Tolerance and Respect of Homosexuals  

Jhon Mark Mercene BS Secondary Teacher Education 2