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PHOTO ESSAY Joanne Paula Se単o Estrabon BA- Communication III A

“Insanity along the Road� A story of a person who have lost her mind and treat the road as her home.

Her life as an insane person goes walking among different streets of Gasan. How she manages to still have a living when she already had none. How she works and thinks of what life is still there to offer when she already has lost everything, including her mind.

We have to eat at least three times a day, this is how normal people thinks. But for her, to eat in a week is enough for survival.

Uses the used cup of cup noodles for her glass.

People tend to ignore this kind of people they are usually thought of creepy dirty persons in town because they are insane. No one tries to get close because they have the tendency to attack uncertainly, but aren’t people dumb to realized that this is what they need? They needed care, some of them had left by their families, some where lost and still looking for their families; others had none, and treat the street as their home and cause of living. Lukring & option this is how people named her. Her everyday living is to walk along the street of Gasan and talk to her self. By stories, it was believed that her foreigner husband and child left her for some reasons that cause her insanity. One amazing habit that she everyday does, is to take a bath, wash her clothes and neatly walk with confidence in town. Respect, if she could only speak from with her heart wants to, it’ll be this word. She is still a women and a person who wanted to live the way she had never experienced.

Life’s trial should make us betternot bitter.

Her smile doesn’t only proves her insanity, but rather in a positive outlook, everyone could still live a life and smile though everything fails and nothingness come above. Behind this, after the flash of the camera, she came talking that the photographer should also take pictures of her friend, but no one else was there with her. What this person need?

Care, companionship, and understanding. Most are lucky to have a normal life, but doesn’t realize how lucky they are to be alive with no physical nor mental difficulties. As a normal human being, our problems And theirs? Also challenges… are like challenges could make us much stronger, and be better when surpassed . Not for themselves, but also for normal human beings. How strong they are by heart and by mind, to raise humanity among others.

“These photos were all taken, to showcase what kind of life these persons are suffering, and for others to be cautious and concern enough because they are still part of the society.�


insanity along the road  

A story of a person who have lost her mind and treat the road as her home. Joanne Paula Seño Estrabon BA- Communication III A

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