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Sarah Kay


who is Sarah Kay Ndjerareou ?

Story Teller Sojourner m u l t i c u l t u r a l a sojourner not a wanderer | Christian | inspirational | knows the importance and power behind the telling of a story | multicultural family | understands loss & grief | parents and non parents | gone on a mission trip | enjoys ethnic food | responds to something bigger | a bridger | a flavor starter | brings beauty to everything she does | lives in the “in between� | has faced a challenge that greatly affected their life | heart sits a bit heavier | takes pride in being authentic | loves experiencing other cultures | has a heart for the world | wants to understand the why of how things are done | a mother | a daughter | a sister | a traveler | wants to highlight the beauty and color of little known places in the world

Yo u r l e t t e r i n g s t y l e


I want to capture the wanderlust spirit in your logo. The writing itself is combination of old school calligraphy script with an adventure map looking all caps style for your last name. I also want to include a phrenetic pronunciation underneath with an old typewriter feel so that folks that aren’t family are able to know how to say your last name. I want the logo as a whole to have that “found on a treasure map” type of feel. Something that sparks the adventurer in all of us. I want to embody treasure island or Neverland, but with a more professional feel. We are including your full name in the brand so that readers of “Sarah Kay” will still be able to find your work. Your last name will be making a bolder statement as it sparks intrigue and begs the question “What nationality is that name from?”. This will greatly tie into the cultural “in between” demographic you are marketing to.


African English



your african world “I had a farm in Africa....” | British colonial old world where adventure is a way of life and there are new worlds to explore | Full of rich brown tones and old map paper creams with the splash of vibrant greens to mimic the foliage ferns | Where white is used to escape the heat and outdoor verandas always have drapes | High rounded arches and ceilings leave create an open airiness | Suitcases and trunks are always covered in stamps and travel pictures

The Branding focus I want to create an atmosphere of an Africa you remember paired with an old world feel. I want to avoid being too stereotypical with your graphics, but I want to seek inspiration in the vibrant detail rich scenes from movies like Jumanji and Out of Africa. The patterns will be part African, part English, a sort of hybrid blend of the two. Your font styles will be handwriting styles from around 1800s where pen and ink is still the most preferred method of writing. I want your look and feel to highlight a different way of life in a different time, with you writing in the present. This will emphasis the “in between” concept you are wanting your readers to connect with. I want your blog & marketing to appeal to cross cultural folks, a place for all who are wandering to stop and stop in and read whenever they pass by your lands. A space that unites the hearts of the world. For sojourners to experience the globe one story at a time


India English Colonial


your indian world Old world British Colonial India | A richness that spills over into every detail | Intricate patterns full of cultural shapes | Elephant riding draped in tapestries and gold tassels | Dark ebony and mahogany wood shelves full of old leather tomes | Powerful bold colors that are not found in nature | Adventure on a grander scale | Higher pointed arches | Palm trees | Plush pillows and silks | Foods full of flavor and intense aromas

The Branding focus I look to embody the world of “The Little Princess” with her Indian benefactor without being over girly or fancy. While this world has more gold plated artifacts, the style can cross realms easily. I’m thinking the home of Brendan Fraiser in the Mummy II. I want to create an environment that is incredibly sensory even though your audience will be using only their eyes, both to read and to process images. Your patterns will be bold and rich like the tapestries of India. Your fonts will be more refined and crisp. Like the middle photo to the left, I want you to be viewed as a collection of cultures, pulling out an old story or experience whenever it suits you. The patterns and colors will resonate with your passion for life and vivacious need to explore. I want your stories to be written in a space full of color and wonder that allows the imagination to run wild and free with out the need to look back.


Vintage Nautic


your AT Sea world Maps and charts | wind and sea | daring to explore uncharted worlds | sailboats and pirate ships | Crisp whites paired with deep blues and aquas to highlight the heart of the ocean | journals of foreign lands and photo collages of new worlds | Lanterns to light your way with paddles so you’ll never be lost | Wood paneling to embody the ships hull

The Branding focus I want this world to empower your yearning to travel to other cultures. Being on a ship you are always “in between” places, where you are going and where you are coming from. It gives you time to think about and reflect on the things you’ve seen and where you’ve been. I want to give you a Master & Commander feel with a richness in everyday life details. Here it’s all about the stories and where you are headed for your next adventure. The nautical aspect also allows us to give the overall feel of being on an journey through this life, seeing and taking in what you can, while having to return to the responsibilities of home. I want to use knot patterns to signify strength and cultural ties, bold rugby strips, and coral. This will also pair well with the map elements on the next page. I want your readers to feel as if they can hop on your ship and join you in your adventures whenever they feel the need knowing you are like minds with the same dreams and goals. This style doesn’t tie you to a specific culture but allows you to create your own while visiting foreign lands.

elements suggested emblem : compass I suggest using a compass rose for your emblem, to be associated with your logo and who your business is. It gives the implication that you can go anywhere, yet always be able to find your way home. I want to custom draw this compass for you, to be slightly ornate but not over the top. I want to include other explorer elements like a globe, an astrolabe, a signet seal, ships with billowing sails etc. These elements can be used for marketing and will also be included in your blog to tie your brand together. I really feel that the compass will express your wandering soul and help others know what you are about.

I wanted to include the idea of a custom map. You really took to Leeana Tankersley’s blog and the look and feel is very old paper & maps. We can create this map of an actual place, or we can custom design one just for you of a place that only exists for you and your travels. I think this would be a real exiting element to share with your readers. It helps the adventures you write about become tangible as they can now be referenced on a visual map.

customized adventure map

ma p s

marketing focus

To create a world where sojourners and travelers stop in and stay when they pass by in their life journey. To inspire others to soak in other cultures. To give a home to powerful storytelling. To embody the “in between� lands of someone who travels and someone with an suburban family life. Paving the way for life experiences that embrace you from home. Divulging what it means to be part of a family that merges two completely different cultures. Creating a refuge for vivacious hearts and mended fractured souls. Target market :: Multicultural families with and without kids who love powerful stories of everyday life. People who respond to something bigger in this life and are willing to accept cultural exploration by reading a story.

Sarah Kay Ndjerareou Lookbook  

A first look at your branding style & elements.

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