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Business People Finding Business Solutions to Business Problems

Business People Finding Business Solutions to Business Problems

SERVICES Short Term Interim Business Management We are assigned to evaluate potential “problem credits” for major banks throughout the United States. For example, a lender may be asked to extend terms on a loan via a forbearance agreement. After a review of certain background information including financial statements and other pertinent data, we will be asked to travel to a facility, interview staff and equity owners, suppliers, etc. and then report as to our findings in regard to a “going forward” basis. We are not attorneys or accountants but give realistic opinions based on actual business models. We do this quickly and economically for the benefit of all parties.

Asset Liquidation Selling assets regardless of type, size or location is the forte of bankruptcy trustees. Our group has numerous contacts throughout the world that facilitate the turning of “hard assets” into cash economically and within short time constraints. Furthermore, through effective promotional efforts, we stimulate the market and bring forth legitimate interested buyers, thus maximizing the potential realization. No matter what assets you have or where they may be located, we are capable of handling the liquidation. Commercial Accounts Receivable Collection The conversion of non performing accounts is one of the major duties of a bankruptcy trustee in any given case. Our 22 years of experience has allowed our team

Business People Finding Business Solutions to Business Problems

to efficiently and professionally turn these past due accounts into cash for our clients. Utilizing the most efficient tracking and reporting software, our state licensed and bonded professionals specialize in collecting receivables in the United States, South America and the Caribbean. Document Management Using the latest technology, we are able to transform voluminous amounts of paper documents into digital form which is stored securely on our servers. Documents are then accessible using a web-based interface which provides an intuitive and organized manner for searching and retrieving required information. Our system provides optimal efficiency for our clients such as bank officers, attorneys and accountants who have various data sharing and storage requirements. Each client can customize the manner in which information is stored and provide different levels of access to various users in any location. Case Management and Administration Handling the vast amounts of information and dealing with the administrative complexities of bankruptcy cases, Assignment for Benefit of Creditors and other legal engagements can be a daunting task. In order to help you effectively and efficiently manage your cases, we’ve collected our expertise to implement and offer various services and cost effective solutions. We currently act as Claims and Noticing Agents in several large Chapter 11 cases and also offer additional services covering the entire spectrum of various engagements including plan distribution, balloting, solicitation, tabulation, disbursements and other types of information dissemination. Our knowledgeable and professional staff can assist you in streamlining and managing any type of case administration. Inventory Solution and Fixed Asset Valuation This service has been used by lenders in regard to

asset based loans. Our group will take “on-site� inventories and investigate the market value of these assets. Reports are then generated for the review of the client. This is also a valuable service for anyone with assets to sell. Obtaining accurate information on what assets you have and what value they hold will increase the potential of obtaining maximum return from a sale. Computer Forensics Our team will travel to any location where critical electronic data is located in order to properly preserve and collect valuable information. This allows us to analyze existing data and investigate and recover missing information vital to case administration and legal proceedings. The resulting data and analysis is a key component in numerous scenarios from fraud investigation to pursuance of avoidance actions. The Director of this department holds a Doctorate in Computer Science with a specialization in data security and data analysis as well as a strong background in computer forensics protocols and evidence control. All forms of digital data from various sources can be explored including computers, file servers, e-mail systems, backup tapes, flash cards, cell phones and others.

Business People Finding Business Solutions to Business Problems

TSI STAFF MEMBERS Laura Byron Senior Associate Lillian Tarafa Accountant Diana Pena Consultant Nick Adams Consultant Justin Greenbaum Case Administrator Kenneth A. Welt President & Founder Founding member who has been a United States Bankruptcy Trustee for over twenty years in the Southern District of Florida. Appointed to serve as Trustee, Receiver and Assignee in many of the complex insolvency cases throughout the United States, Ken brings a wealth of expertise to our firm. Sandirose Magder Vice President Sandi has operated and reorganized many small, medium and large sized companies in the United States and Canada. Specializing in Forensic Accounting, Sandi is an asset to any case.

Sabrina Mangroo Executive Assistant Wendy Adams Executive Assistant

Business People Finding Business Solutions to Business Problems

KENNETH A. WELT RESUME 6/*5&%45"5&4#"/,3615$:53645&&t3&$&*7&3t563/"306/%41&$*"-*45t#64*/&44."/"(&.&/5

Administered more the 30,000 Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 cases and Receiverships Successfully completed extensive background investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, 0รณDFTPGUIF645SVTUFF 6OJUFE4UBUFT+VTUJDF%FQBSUNFOUBOEUIF*OUFSOBM3FWFOVF4FSWJDF Personally bonded with several accredited bonding companies, and approved by the 0รณDFPGUIF645SVTUFF%FQBSUNFOUPG+VTUJDF

RECEIVER t6OJUFE4UBUFT%JTUSJDU$PVSUGPS4PVUIFSO District of Florida. t$JSDVJU$PVSUPGUIF&MFWFOUI+VEJDJBM$JSDVJU  Miami-Dade County, Florida. 4&$63*5*&4"/%&9$)"/(&$0..*44*0/ t"QQPJOUFE3FDFJWFSUPFWBMVBUFBOEEJTQPTFPG real and personal property in U.S. District Court. $0/4&37"503 t.JDDPTVLFF*OEJBO(BNJOH$PNNJTTJPO Appointed Conservator to operate one of the largest gaming operations in the United States. 3&"-&45"5&%&7&-01.&/54 t4VOOZ*TMF#FBDI .JBNJ#FBDI 'PSU Lauderdale & Hallandale, Florida. t5IJSUZZFBSTPGFYQFSJFODFBTBSFBMFTUBUF developer and property manager. Licensed Real Estate Broker, Consultant and Licensed Real Estate Instructor in Florida. 130'&44*0/"-"''*-*"5*0/4 t/BUJPOBM"TTPDJBUJPOPG3FBM&TUBUF"QQSBJTFST t3FBM&TUBUF&EVDBUPST"TTPDJBUJPO t'PVOEFS #BOLSVQUDZ5SVTUFF"TTPDJBUJPOPG the Southern District of Florida t'PVOEFS 3FHJPO5XFOUZ0OF #BOLSVQUDZ Trustee Association


Business People Finding Business Solutions to Business Problems

CASE WORK "7*"5*0/

Hamlet Construction Pembroke Development Corp. Peninsula Construction PTE Strand Co. Stuckey's Land Development Symmetrical Stair Villa Sonrise Development FINANCIAL

Avteam Bimini Island Air Coex Air, Inc Falcon Air Express, Inc. Florida West Airlines, Inc (FNJOJ"JS$BSHP +FU6OJWFSTJUZ Lotus Aerospace Patriot Aviation Services, Inc. TAT Airfreight United West Airlines BUILDERS

All American Insurance Company E.S. Bankest First NLC Financial Services, Inc. Founding Partners Capital Management Hurst Capital +FUMFBTF'JOBODF$PSQ +-')PMEJOHT +-'1JTUPO$PNQBOZ Lauderhill Investments Maxim Financial National Independent Insurance Nica Holding, Inc Palm Beach Finance )05&-4

"NFSJDBO(FOFSBM$PSQ Bretsnyder Metals Classic Design Builders Coastal Investment Properties Designer Builders (MFOO8SJHIU%FWFMPQNFOU$POTUSVDUJPO

Business People Finding Business Solutions to Business Problems

Captain's Quarters Resort Hotel Hotel Indigo Hyatt Regency Downtown Miami Palm Hotel of Key West 1FUBM)PUFM(SPVQ 3JU[$BSMUPO)PUFM$BTJOP 4BO+VBO 13 Sahara Beach Club Motel Condominium Shore Haven Motor Inn INDUSTRIAL

Admiral Plastics Corp. "HSJDVMUVSBM(SPXFST3FTFBSDI All American Semiconductor, Inc. American Recycling of South Florida APL, Inc. Biomed Broward Millwork $POWFY(MBTT*OEVTUSJFT CPC Concrete Crafti Specialty Tools Cruise Aluminum Products Eastern Mill Work Fuller Press (VBZBNB4PEB8BUFS *OD Hill & Strom Produce Inland Supply Intercontinental Import-Export Intercontinental Tile Supply +2VJKOUBOB1SPEVDF$PSQ +VTU3JUF-VNCFS Land Resources

Latin America Media Management -FWJTPO4BDLT"EWFSUJTJOH(SPVQ .("VUP1BSUT*OD Mechanical Performance, Inc Megacolor Corporation Metropolitan Oil & Chemical Phoenix, Inc. Power Engineering Marine Profiles in Concrete Quest Racing, Inc Radiant Technologies RK Industries, Inc S.O. Distributors, Inc Sani-Pak Corp. Saunders Engineering Sheffield Industries T.C. Universal Imports, Inc Technical Environmental Services Corp. Techno Export The Engine Parts Warehouse Uni-Chem, Inc VOCAnalytical lnc Woodcrafters Cabinetry World of Auto Parts MARINAS

Dania Beach Boat Club Dennison Marine (MPCBM.BSJUJNF4FSWJDFT Hideaway Marina Marbella Yacht Club Marine Conversion, Inc McNew Marine Construction

Business People Finding Business Solutions to Business Problems


Residences at The Falls Sandalwood Condominiums Solabella South Bay Condominium The Cloister on the Bay The Village at West Miami Three Oaks Office Building REAL ESTATE

Cardiac Management Chiropractic Centers, Inc Medibar Medical Industries /BUJPOBM)FBMUI(VBSE *OD Vision Development 1301&35:."/"(&.&/5 Hartline Realty Lifeforce Realty Co. Ole, International Polo Estates Premier Mortgage Residential Mortgage Rexmere League of Homeowners Security & Investment Corp. d/b/a Peoples Mortgage Stonewall Estates ;FCPO1SPQFSUJFT *OD Cabo Rico Casa Bella Condominiums Coastal Investment Properties, Inc. Cosmopolitan Residences Fourth Century Properties (SJG,P"QBSUNFOUT *OD Indian Creek Holdings Intercontinental Management Majestic View Condominium Mill Dam Lake Resort 0SDIJE(SPWF


Adieus International Travel Agencies, Inc Annlenn Video Distributors, Inc.

Business People Finding Business Solutions to Business Problems

Bayview Diner Beezil Design of Florida Best Auto Delivery Boutique Family Shops Burger King (18 Franchises) Can-Do Foliage, Inc Caribbean Antilles Distributors Carpets of Miami Comfort Mate Computer Parts Unlimited Cuchi Quality Shoes D.E. Linardy Hardwood Flooring Dial-A-Mattress %PMMBS5JNF(SPVQ EasyTowing Evans Paint Stores Florida Finest Seafood Co. Fran's Fashions (SBQIJD%ZOBNJDT (SBQIJD1SPEVDUJPOT Hairmaster Stores Hospital Staffing Services +##PVUJRVFPG$BMJGPSOJB +##PVUJRVFPG'MPSJEB +FBOT$PTNFUJDT +PMJFhT#PPLT Key West Aloe Latino Restaurant Lewis B Freeman and Partners, Inc. Maternity Fashion Shops Miami Paging &Sound Oriental Objects of D'Art, Inc. Pavlow Company Phone 1 Pinnacle Travel Pocket Pagers, Inc. Pompano Beauty Exchange Pompano Woodworking Propeller Corp Quality Furniture Rainbow Mills Riveria Kitchen Cabinets Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler

RWT Tree and Nursery Salesworld Schwag Used Cars South West Sensations Southeast Restaurants, Inc Specialized Maintenance Services Stringfellows of Miami Tennessee Cabinet Company Thermoguard, Inc Tropical Paper Box Two K's Furniture 5;0 *ODECB#VSHFS,JOH Van Dee Services 7FSBDJUZ.BOBHFNFOU(SPVQ Vine &Spirits Vinnies Restaurant of Davie 4&37*$&45"5*0/4

Bayview Petroleum Super One Stop 5&-&$0..6/*$"5*0/

Intelligent Switching and Software, Inc.

Business People Finding Business Solutions to Business Problems

Nica Holdings, Inc. Ntera Holdings, Inc. Ntera, Inc. Radiant Telecom, Inc. Terra Communications .*4$&--"/&064

10,001 Monster Video Stores American Ammunition Antol Restoration Be Satisfied Carputer Inc Carrie Hook Writ of Execution Cascade International DelAngel Music Dunhill Exploration Empresa Naviera Santa Ltd. Evans Affiliates Evans Tempcon, Inc Hagina, Inc Maxim Enterprises, Inc RDT Enterprises Residential Covadonga, Inc SunTrust Race Cars Trans Samaritan, Inc Tucker&Palmer, Inc Vertical Source Video Superstars, Inc Vinbuild, Inc

$-04*/( Trustee Services, Inc. is an affordable Business Support Service Company with the ability to collect commercial accounts receivables, act as noticing and claim agent, sale of nonperforming assets and conduct the review and analysis of preference claims. We would welcome and appreciate any opportunities you or your clients can offer regardless of size or location. Please visit our web page at or call Kenneth Welt at (954) 889-3403 or (407) 4097702 for our Orlando/Central Florida office.

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