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Basics that you must know about web designing

As we know that the internet has brought a big change in the world. The business  world is very much in the control of the world wide web.

Different types of page layouts in a web design

While designing a website, the webpage layout is one of the most essential feature to be kept in mind. There are various types of page layouts offered by the web designing agencies. Some of these include:

#Symmetric layouts

As the name suggests, this layout is very formal and balanced. All the elements included on the web page are uniformly segregated either at the center or on the sides forming symmetry. It gives a very neat and organized look to the website.

#Asymmetric layouts

In this type all the elements of the page are although balanced, but not in exactly similar halves. It gives a dynamic theme to the website and gives a certain message to the visitor of the site.

#Isolative layout

The elements like symbols, logos, important pictures or product images are placed on any space on the page depending on their usage and visibility. The shape and size of these elements are however minimized.

#Dominative Layout In this form all of the symbols, logo, product images and other elements are placed in a bigger size on the page in order to gain the attention of the visitor.

Web hosting services

A website can be accessed over the world wide web only if it is hosted on a server and this makes a web hosting service another crucial thing in the internet world. Most of the web design companies are perfect web hosts providing services like:

Dedicated hosting

A single client is served by one web server in this service and the client is benefited with high speed access and reduced downtime. This service is expensive as it offers excellent features that are advantageous for the website.

#Shared hosting

This is a cheaper service in which a single server is shared by a number of clients and therefore offering a limited speed. Moreover, these hosting services do not offer many high end features and benefits.

#Custom hosting

This hosting service is completely dependent on the choices and preferences of a client. The cost of this service varies with the client’s specifications.

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Web design tips for 2014  
Web design tips for 2014  

As we know that the internet has brought a big change in the world. More details log on