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Coverag e Area

A n n o u n c e m e n t C o n te n t

B en efi ts of Partn eri n g wi th KAWC REACH DEMOGRAPHICS

N ati on wi d e, Pu bl i c Rad i o Li sten ers. . .

Li festyl e I n d i cators

Au d i en ce Ch aracteri sti cs




Sel ected N ati on al Prog ram m i n g

NPR's Morning Edition

NPR's All Things Considered

This American Life

Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!

Undercurrents: American Music with a Passport

Car Talk

Sel ected N ati on al Prog ram m i n g

A Prairie Home Companion

Arizona Edition

The Bridge

Local Prog ram m i n g

Jazz Alive with Randy Love Jazz Straightahead with Doc Jazz

Latin Jazz Corner with the Jazzman

Gaboury's Private Stock

Sam pl e Sch ed u l e

Rates Drive Time Rotation 6 am-9 am or 3 pm-6 pm Morning Edition or All Things Considered

Weekend Rotation Saturday and Sunday 6 am-9 pm Bob Edwards Weekend, Weekend Edition, Car Talk, Wait, Wait. . . Don't Tell Me, Jazz Straight Ahead, Latin Jazz Corner, This American Life, Weekend All Things Considered, A Prairie Home Companion, To the Best of Our Knowledge, American Routes, Gaboury's Private Stock, Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour, Celtic Connections

Specialty Programming Car Talk, Wait Wait. . . Don't Tell Me, A Prairie Home Companion


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Fixed placement

per announcement

Run of Schedule Rotation 6 am-9 pm Monday-Sunday


Program specific placement on AM


Democracy Now!, The Bridge, Undercurrents, Q with Jian Ghomeshi, The World

FM Overnight Rotation 9 pm-6 am or AM/KJZA Run of Schedule 6 am-9 pm

All rates net to station Copy subject to final approval by KAWC Volume and term discounts available Nonprofit business benefits available Additional 10% bonus for pre-payment

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