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Topic Understand mean Substrand Data and chance Experience primary school’s lesson Process of dividing biscuit equally is same as calculating mean

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Gathering something something and dividing them equally is same as calculating mean.

Activity1 Activity1(gathering= gathering=calculating sum) sum) This activity is gathering gathering biscuits biscuits in a group. 1.Count your biscuits


2. Make a group that have biscuits Calculate sum of your biscuits Write a formula For example 5+7+8=20 3.Count your biscuit that your group have. 5.Identify gathering is same as calculating sum. Activity2 Activity2( dividing biscuits equally between a group= group=sum÷ sum÷numbers of a group) group) This activity is dividing biscuits biscuits equally between a group. group. 6.Divide sum of biscuits equally between number of a group . At first, calculate each allotment, but sometimes biscuits is individable Next figure show how to divide biscuit equally if biscuits is individable

Write a formula Write a result 7.Identify you use division, when you calculate each allotments. Look at activity1 and activity2. If you want to share biscuits, you should gather biscuits with your friends, and divide sum of biscuits equally. This process is equal to The sum of something รท numbers of a group. And this is formula of mean. So, calculating mean is same as sharing biscuits. biscuits.

Hand Out - Mean  

I use Manga expression. it is for Grade5(11years old)

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