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Only a couple of words to present ourselves as an Institute that is committed to convey to you preparing brilliance in the comprehensive ART Clinical and lab systems. The "Embryogenesis" infant was conceived in November 2010 in Chennai. We would now be able to state with legitimate pride that inside a limited ability to focus not as much as a year we have extensively and effectively prepared 50 individuals (Clinical and Embryologists) from India, Nigeria, Malaysia, Ghana, Algeria, Uganda and Indonesia. Our Institute has the most recent best in class ART Equipment in adequate amounts to provide the complete ART (IUI, IVFET, ICSI, Oocyte retrieval, moderate solidifying, methods Vitrification, preparing MESA/PESA/TESA in is to minimize the mostyour ) acceptable way that is available. Our aim unending exertion in finding the correct ART preparing Institute as well as in providing you the complete preparing fulfillment – in this manner making a distinction to your life in the ART Lab! I accept this open door to thank every one of my associates without whose interest this venture would not have been this fruitful.

Dr. V M Thomas, a Clinical Embryology Tycoon and an ICSI Maestro , is the Institute Director of Chennai Fertility Center, Director the Embryogenesis International School of Embryology, Chennai and Institute chief of Dr.Thomas Fertility Center and healing center, Pondicherry. Infertility Fertility issue are extraordinarily common. Falling pregnant really involves a lot of shot. The likelihood of a sound fruitful couple becoming pregnant is around 25% a month, however diminishes, as a woman gets more seasoned. For couples with lessened fertility, the monthly likelihood is smaller. Decreased fertility is alluded to as "subfertility" in medical language. (The term infertility is reserved for couples for whom there is zero chance of an unconstrained pregnancy.) A qualification is drawn between couples who have never achieved a pregnancy together (alleged "primary" subfertility), and couples who have previously conceived together yet have not succeeded along these lines ("optional" subfertility). Auxiliary subfertility incorporates couples with one or more children and in addition couples who have encountered a past miscarriage. You will discover fundamental information about judgments, testing methods and pregnancy instruments alongside a

glossary of infertility terms and medical articles identified with particular conditions and treatment choices.

Patient Accommodation Patients are asked for to contact the Reception/Admission counter which works round the clock for any direction or information with respect to the hospital.A comprehensive scope of offices guarantees that all ability important to your prosperity is made available. For room reservation please contact the Admission Counter alongside the specialist's admission ask. In the event of emergency, you will be first admitted in the Emergency unit and later moved to the room. A love seat is provided in your room to encourage the stay of our chaperon in the Wards.The Facilities which provided by CFC IVF LAB SETUP A perfect research center is the way to progress for the individuals who aim to open new IVF units. Outlining an IVF lab needs a specialist advice and help.

Embryogenesis will enable you to configuration, develop and set a world class IVF center/lab which generally would consume more time, exertion and money.

Dr. V.M.Thomas Gynecologist, in his own special style, will offer direction and help with the set up of a cutting edge Laboratory that will fit your center and help you to achieve great outcomes in infertility treatment. Help will be provided in the accompanying territories : Individual direction from Dr VM Thomas

Innovation exchange On location preparing Investigating Quality control Quality confirmation CHENNAI FERTILITY CENTER and RESEARCH INSTITUTE – CFC&RI.

Chennai Fertility Center and Research Institute provides world class treatment offices at an extremely understanding neighborly atmosphere for subfertile couples who want to

have children. Dr. Thomas, The Director of Chennai Fertility center is an outstanding a global IVF researcher who has helped more than 12,000 couples to achieve fruitful pregnancies through advanced Assisted Reproductive Techniques (IVF/ICSI). Chennai fertility center is firm with the two accomplices began in Sep - 2010. At Chennai Fertility Center, we have a team of Obstetrics and Gynecologists and Reproductive medicine pros who are all around qualified and profoundly experienced and they help the couples to achieve pregnancies in a protected and quick manner. We likewise have an all around prepared 'The State of Art 'IVF lab with strict quality control measures. At our center we give more than 90% pregnancy rate which is in standard with other world class IVF centers FACULTY Preparing of the most astounding class is imparted to the candidates at Embryogenesis. Our team of embryologists and care staff believe in being professionally refreshed to provide inside and out information and useful experience. The office is intended to energize relational communication and scholarly stimulation. Our globally acclaimed preparing team which incorporates authorities in Embryology and Allied Fields are available to share their basic skill and learning to the candidates.

Chennai Fertility Center offers the accompanying services: Ovulation enlistment/controlled ovarian hyperstimulation. Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)( Husband/Donor). In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)and Embryo Transfer (IVF&ET) Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) Sperm Retrieval systems TESA (Testicular Sperm Aspiration), TESE (Testicular Sperm Extraction), MESA (Microsurgical Epididymal Sperm Aspiration), PESA (Percutaneous Epididymal Sperm Aspiration) Sperm Banking Oocyte and Embryo Donation Program Blastocyst culture Helped Hatching Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy

Embryo Cryopreservation (Vitrification) Solidified Embryo Transfer Egg Sharing IVM(Invitro-maturation) Oocyte Freezing (Cancer Patients) IMSI Vitrification Pre-Implantion Genetic Diognosis – PGD PGS i.Assisted bring forth Sperm Retrieval techniques(PESA,TESA) Contributor programs and Surrogacy services. Hysterolaparoscopy( symptomatic and Operative) Offices available

Chennai Fertility Center is the State of the workmanship fertility center which provides comprehensive fertility watch over both male and female fertility problems and well women facility. Executives profile: Dr. V M Thomas, a Clinical Embryology Tycoon and ICSI Maestro, is the Institute Director of Chennai Fertility Center and the Director the Embryogenesis International School of Embryology and Institute executive of Dr.Thomas Fertility Center and healing facility – Pondycherry Hands on IVF Training We aim to offer an exceptionally advanced and all inclusive competitive preparing in the field of ART. Our center is prestigious for its optically prepared condition ofworkmanship equipment's and mentors, the students are prepared by Internationally acclaimed embryologists, andrologists, scholars, reproductive endocrinologists and different specialists in helped reproductive strategies. The youthful competitors require aptitude and exactness which could be obtained from inside and out learning and experience we at CFC deem It important that every individual can rehearse the systems under the supervision of an

accomplished person.All the lab methods are completed on animal gametes from butcher house . Our individualized preparing program, since its beginning in the year Nov 2010, under the name of INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF EMBRYOLOGY has had the fulfillment of preparing 110 or more national and global candidates. A consistent want for maintaining world class showing standards,coupled with a motivated team soul is our schools objective to progress. The features of his past achievements take after: Masters Degree in Biotechnology and Doctorate in Reproductive science K.D.University. He granted "Youthful SCIENTIST AWARD" from NESA New Delhi for the year 2007 He granted "Curve OF EXECELLENCE AWARD" for his outstanding commitment in Reproductive Medicine and Embryology for the year 2012. He granted "RAJIV GANDHI GOLD MEDAL AWARD" for his execellent commitment in ART and clinical Embryology for the year - 2012.

He aslo granted "Kindred Society of Biotechnology"- (FSAB) – for the year 2012. Reproductive He granted "Outstanding National Citizen Award" for his remarkable commitment in the field of Reproductive Medicine and Embryology for year – 2012 - New delhi. He granted "Most promising infertility pro in chennai" for his out standing commitment in the field of infertility for the year-2012-13 – Big Research and NDTV benefit. He granted "Rastriya Gaurav Award" for his phenomenal commitment in InVitro Fertilization(IVF) for the year 2012 – National Citizen Guild – New Delhi. Executive of CFC Dr.VM.Thomas, has received another renowned honor "Life Time Achievement Award" for his amazing service In Vitro Fertilization – AIAC-2013 – New Delhi. He granted "Transcendence of India Award" – for his amazing performance in IVF-New Delhi – 2013

In charge of the Embryology side of The First University IVF Baby at Sri Ramachandra Medical College Hospital and Research Institute, Chennai. In charge of the Embryology side of the First IVF Baby at Billroth Hospital,Chennai. Elawoman Website Elawoman Twitter Elawoman Facebook Elawoman Pinterest

Dr.V.M.Thomas and Chennai Fertility Center and Research Institute  
Dr.V.M.Thomas and Chennai Fertility Center and Research Institute  

Dr.V.M.Thomas and Chennai Fertility Center and Research Institute Only a couple of words to present ourselves as an Institute that is commi...