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WordPressAutomated Backlinks Plugin Pixelpipe Pixelpipe WordPress SEOPlugin allows you to host your photos or images or videes on Public Image hosting websites such as Picasa,Flicker, Youtube, Nokia Ovi, and more. It is really easy to get started: Add a Pipe to any of the supported media hosts including Flickr, Ovi, Picasa& YouTube 2. Add or edit your Pipe for any of the supported status & micro0blog services eg. Twitter, LinkedIn & select your host for photos & video. 3. Profit! That’s it, now when you post Pixelpipe will take care of the upload & automatically link it back to your chosen host. Clickcentive WordPressseo owners can really take advantage of the setting up seo plugin WordP ress 2011

Pixelpipe WordPress Plugin grows and grows Have you ever wanted to say more on Twitter then a 140 characters or a few lines of text and a photo? We’ve introduced a new feature that will automatically group media from your Twitter uploads into one post based on a specified amount of time including your geo-location. The best thing about this feature is that it happens automatically, you just specify the amount time from 2min to a full day and we’ll hold your uploads and send just one shortened link to Twitter. Pixelpipe wins again. Pixelpipe has come out victorious in Web Guild’s first annual Startup Idol event. Preserve your brand or identity when posting media to twitter with Pixelpipe. Pixepiple extends is media delivery plugin by sending media to micro-blogs and twitter. Pixelpipe adds additional features: Ability to customize the landing page to maintain the look of your web site or even twitter page (see example) Shortened URL under the domain Support for linking to Photo, video, audio and files (PDF,Word, Zip…) Automatic playback of photo, video, audio and link to files Now supporting comments from viewers qua87387

WordPress Automated Backlinks Plugin Pixelpipe