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Product Description:

All of our shirts are made of the highest quality material, giving them a soft, comfortable, and breathable style with a longer/slimmer fashion fit.


Tees/Tanks: MSRP - $22.00 Guys Hoodies: MSRP - $55.00 Girls Hoodies: MSRP - $50.00 Waterbottles: MSRP - $20.00 Rippers: MSRP - $15.00

Wholesale: $11.00 Wholesale: $28.00 Wholesale: $25.00 Wholesale: $10.00 Wholesale: $6.50

Item #: MTS004

Name: Jet

Item #: MTS008

Name: Stream

Item #: MTS006

Item #: MTS017

Name: Gears

Name: Nation

Item #: MTS014

Item #: MTS002

Name: Figure

Name: Midnight Special

Item #: MTS018

Name: Reishunada

Item #: MTS012

Name: Faction

Item #: MTS011

Item #: MTS022

Name: Great Seal

Name: Aviatrix

Item #: MTS019

Name: Empyrian

Item #: MTS010

Name: Sentry

Item #: MTS023

Name: Strafe

Item #: MTS013

Name: Extract

Item #: MTS005

Name: In The East

Item #: MTS021

Name: Armament

Item #: MTS001

Item #: MTS020

Name: Rise

Name: Correction

Item #: MTS007

Name: Helm

Item #: MTV001

Name: Svensk

Item #: MTV002

Name: Amp

Item #: MTV004

Name: Nation

Item #: MTV003

Name: Gears

Item #: MTT001

Name: Great Seal

Item #: MTT005

Name: Physical Graffiti

Item #: MTT009

Name: Sight

Item #: MTT007

Name: Trace

Item #: MTT002

Name: In The East

Item #: MTT008

Name: Extract

Item #: MHL001

Name: View

Item #: MHL004

Name: Sanction

Item #: MHL002

Name: Herald

Item #: MHL003

Name: Nautica

Item #: WTV001

Name: Gears

Item #: WTS017

Name: Hartland

Item #: WBV001

Item #: WTS021

Name: Loyale’

Name: River

Item #: WTS023

Item #: WTS022

Name: Heraldica

Name: Hemisphere

Item #: WTS010

Name: Preen

Item #: WTS001

Name: Baroness

Item #: WTS002

Item #: WTS004

Name: Extract

Name: Dialed In

Item #: WTS012

Item #: WTS009

Name: Shield

Name: Great Seal

Item #: WTS013

Name: In The East

Item #: WTT001

Name: Shield

Item #: WTS014

Item #: WTT002

Name: Jet

Name: Extract

Item #: WTS015

Item #: WTH001

Name: Climb

Name: Midnight Special

Item #: WTH002

Name: In The East

Item #: ABR001

Name: Arc

Item #: WBH001

Item #: ABR002

Name: Preen

Name: Dispatch

Item #: AWB001

Name: Wreath

Item #: ABR003

Name: Physical

Wholesale Pricing:

Ordering Period: OPEN

All pricing is subject to change without notice.

Price Breaks/Discounts:

All price breaks listed on Price Sheets apply to items of the same item number. All sizes and all colors included.

Additional Discounts: Total Order Quantity 150 items to 199 items 200 items or more

(Discount does not apply to shipping)


2% off of subtotal 5% off of subtotal

Payment: 2% 10 Net 30

We accept Cash, Check, or Credit Card via Paypal

Shipping/Handling: We ship FOB Shipping Point.

Return Policy:

Stores: Complete Replacement of Product if anything is found to be wrong with the

Who We Are:

product while in the store. Ex. Holes, dirt, broken zipper, etc... Disclaimer: Must be manufacturers defect, not a result of store/customer handling.

Founded and Established in Montana, USA 2002.

Store Customers: If a customer is dissatisfied with our product because something

All-Inclusive Extreme Sports Brands representing the Good Life, Having the Best of Times, and Living Life to the Fullest in every way. We seek to inspire and depart inspiration, optimism, love, and encouragement everywhere we go, setting a standard of positive influence and establishing a culture of worthy role models in the Extreme Sports Industry.

Return Shipping: Store will handle the costs associated with shipping return products

Elevated Clothing and Kavadba Clothing

[KUH.VOD.BUH] Def: Living Life to the Fullest . Best of Times . No Regrets


Kavadba Clothing Co has been consistently featured in the following mainstream media outlets: Feature Films Action Sports Videos Television Radio Newspapers

Online Blogs


We sponsor Athletes and Riders who are highly competing in “A”Class Competitions We sponsor Bands who’ve played in large scale venues such as De Luna Fest, PowellAPalooza, and the Van’s Warped Tour We’ve worked in association with these fine companies: (To Name A Few) -Redbull -New Belgium Brewery -Contour HD -Rocky Mountain Underground -SweetGrass Entertainment -Two Plank Productions We work very hard to spread our brands across the US and Internationally, and our steadily growing fan base is a testament to this.

goes wrong within 6 months, aside from normal wear and tear (Kavadba and Elevated reserves the right to define “Normal wear and tear”), there will be 100% money back Guaranteed to the store for said product (wholesale cost), or product replacement. The unsatisfactory product must be returned to Kavadba and Elevated Clothing for the store to recieve replacement product/refund. to and from Kavadba and Elevated. Shipping for damaged merchandise (manufacturer’s flaw) being returned, as well as sending replacement products, will be paid for by Kavadba and Elevated Clothing.

Returns: We accept returns on items that have been deemed defective as a result of

manufacturing. Items that are to be returned that are in fine condition must be pre-agreed upon by both Kavadba and Elevated Clothing Company and the Store. A 15% restocking fee will be charged unless otherwise agreed upon.

Contact Information:

Owner: Machi D. Block Phone: 406-261-4861 E-mail: Kavadba and Elevated Clothing Company

Elevated and Kavadba Line Sheets  
Elevated and Kavadba Line Sheets  

Spring '11 products for Elevated Clothing and Kavadba Clothing. Extreme Sports Brands.