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Eternal Awakening, Chapter 2 I see myself surrounded by fire; the heat emanating from the blaze is extraordinary, hot as a thousand suns. Despite the fact that the heat could potentially kill me I do not feel any fear. My heart does not race and my legs do not move I stand there still as a corpse facing the fire. Then my hands begin to move, although I cannot feel them lift, I cannot feel my fingers interlace, then separate and move. My arms fly in front of me, creating intricate patterns in the air and to my surprise they tame the fire in front of my eyes. The arms I cannot feel but that are obviously mine compressthe fire into a ball and then without hesitation extinguish the heated, blazing mass. The now obviously spacious room becomesdark with the absence of the light that the heat generated. I turn away on legs I cannot feel and begin to walk away from where the fire only a few moments ago blazed bright as day. As my back turns the room immediately lights up again, I turn back around to find the fire I had extinguished blazing ever more brightly in front of me. Horror over took the expression of calm that had a few short moments ago existed on my face. I stared not in shock but in fear as the fire materialised into a being I had once knew, oh so many millennia ago. Millennia ago? How could I have possibly known someone for more than 8 months, I can’t remember anything from the time before I woke up clutching that piece of paper. Or could I? Wasthat what this was a memory? Of some distant past I knew nothing about? My head started to spin as I shifted from my semi-conscious memories into a conscious state of thinking once again. I opened my eyes to see my fiery killer racing at miraculous speedstowards me. The whip of its flames on the now charred, black wooden doors and the hiss as its destructive heat tore down the remaining parts of the hospital shot right through me. The noises and sight of the fire began to awaken within me the fear I had felt in my dream. Or was it a memory? I was in no state of mind or body to distinguish which it was. All I knew clearly was that at that moment I no longer wanted to sit in waiting like a victim of terminal illness hoping to die. The instincts of flight deep in my brain took over from those of fight that had been influencing my every decision today. Suddenly becauseof my miraculous dream I knew I no longer sought death as my way out, my salvation. I wanted to live, I wanted to escape. But by the time I realised this it was too late, the fire raced towards me like a grey hound pulled to bait and I sat there helplessly frozen in time by fear and shock, I knew definitely that I was going to die. Closing my eyes I waited once more, my breathing quickened and my chest started to contract into what felt like cord being tightened around my ribs. I sat blind while the heat of the fire got ever closer until finally it washed over me, the fire blazed onto me and around me hitting me with a heat so strong I should have been incinerated in mere seconds... but I wasn’t. I felt no pull or burn on my skin as the heated demon swept over me, no ripping of my body or ending to my short lived life. I sat shocked by this turn of events until I started to see the memory again, I slipped into a semi conscious state, I was aware of the events continuing around me but also of the events recurring in my head. I stood up amidst the blazing, deadly heat surrounding me. As I had in the dream-memory I began to wave my arms in ceremonious actions. The fire surrounding me started to draw in towards my body, culminating around my skin, the heat not touching my skin but sitting just above it. The fire continued to culminate until finally the whole entity had pooled around me, waiting almost in what looked like anticipation. Then finally the immense, scaringly warm heat began flowing from its waiting place around my body into my now elevated chest. The warmth flowed from the fire into my heart and then dissipated as it filtered through my limbs. The intensity of the heat flowing into my body should have been painful but I welcomed it with every shudder of my slightly convulsing body. Slowly the fire disappeared into my chest and I was left standing there amongst the charred remains of what had been my hospital prison for the last excruciating 8 months. Silently I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, waiting, for something......but what? I closed my eyes not in exhaustion but in confusion. I tried but failed to grasp the events of the last 5 minutes, what had happened?And why had it happened? Is this what baffled the doctors so, am I some sort of invincible mutation of the human species?Imagesagain started flashing through my head, not of the past but of what seemed to be the present. Vaguely I saw cars, striped in blue and white pull up and surround the remains of what used to be the hospital. The red and blue lights atop the cars flashed in the afternoon light, revealing placeswhere the fire had ravaged the surrounding area. My legs started to give way and my body collapsed in a heap amongst the ash and charcoal. My mind started to drift away into the black void of welcome sleep, the last thing I saw before I fell into my slumber was a figure leave the car closest to me and walk, warily towards my crumpled body. Then as I had so many times

before I left reality and entered a world of slumber where my dreams turned to nightmares and the doctors I thought I had finally left behind returned for one last terrifying ordeal.

Eternal Awakening Chapter 2