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APRIL 2019

possible without the reputation of KGSP and the trust Professor Yaghi has in the scholarship. This [has also been] coupled with the continuous support of my current KGSP advisor Casey Bulen, who helps me overcome obstacles I face academically and non-academically.

Ali Al-Muhanna (freshman, University of California, Berkeley, studying chemical engineering): [The 2019 Convocation] felt extremely gratifying! I was very happy to reunite with a lot of my friends and colleagues—especially my foundation year family, and meeting my former advisor alongside everyone I spent last year with brought back so many good memories. The time I spent with people during the Orlando Convocation event and the new memories we created together are invaluable to me. I can confidently say that I could not have made it this far without the help of KGSP directly and indirectly. During my foundation year, the continuous support from my advisor and the KGSP placement team allowed me to aspire for admission at elite and highly selective institutions. Since starting my studies at UC Berkeley, the greatest opportunity I was able to secure was a research position in the lab of the second-most cited chemist in 2000-2010, Professor Omar Yaghi. This would not have been

Ghanimah Abuhaimed (senior, University of Colorado Boulder, studying physics): The advice I would give to all of the KGSP students is don’t be afraid to explore different interests and explore different aspects of your university and your personality. And eventually, choose the thing that you like most carefully. From that, you will find passion and you will find something that you would like to... love to do as a career. When you come back to Saudi Arabia as a KGSP student, then you will be able to benefit society the most.

Hussain Al-Awami (foundation year student, University of Texas at Austin, studying physics): I urge all the students to apply to the KGSP program because of the unparalleled benefits and beautiful community. By David Murphy, KAUST News


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2019 April Beacon  

2019 April Beacon