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THE BRAND KAURA JEWELS are modern armour for the urban warrior. The brand takes life from traditional Indian arms intricately embellished with precious stones, carved with elaborate scenes, and so strikingly beautiful that they resemble jewelry more than weaponry. KAURA is a portmanteau of KAUR, a Gurmukhi name given to all Sikh women, and AURA, a manifestation of a person’s spirit. Taken together, KAURA JEWELS elevate, equalize and individualize the wearer. The collections of earrings, rings, necklaces, cuffs and cufflinks are realized from 18- and 24-karat gold, Sterling silver, gems and minerals. Every piece is handcrafted with love in Los Angeles, California.

THE DESIGNER Although she was born in the United Kingdom, raised in Canada, and now lives in Los Angeles, California, HARVINDER KEILA has always been deeply interested in her Indian heritage. As a child, she was dazzled by her grandfather’s accounts of 19th century Punjab, which was experiencing a period of renaissance. KAURA JEWELS was conceived in 2012 from Harvinder’s fascination with weaponry from this bygone era. Harvinder developed an ability to work with her hands as an environmental consultant. After completing a metalsmithing course in 2008, she began applying this skill to jewelry manufacture and never looked back.



As the focal point of the collection, the shield achieves its traditional convex shape through the central placement of a statement cabochon. Fo u r c i r c u l a r b o s s e s ornamentally anchor the shield to the jewelry. The resulting armour displays quiet heft and reminds the wearer to protect themselves and their loved ones.


The earliest swords were characterized by leaf-shaped blades, which mirrored the tapering of chevrons. C h e v ro n s w e re a n a t u ra l byproduct and served as a hallmark of a ďŹ nely crafted steel blade. The resulting armour is directional and invokes strength in the wearer to always move forward.


Of aesthetics and practicality, form and function, the emotional and the rational, craftsmen struck a balance in the production of weaponry. The resulting armour bestows this symmetry upon the wearer.

CLARITY Spareness and subtlety are the deďŹ ning features of the collection. Clean lines impart ease. The resulting armour is an exercise in restraint and a necessary departure, encouraging the wearer to pare down their life to what matters most.

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