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Curriculum vitae • Florence Kaufmann Brussels 24/08/1989 +32 477 194330 • Student-Master2 Faculty La Cambre-Horta in Brussels - Belgium. •Workshop «Architecture Construite» U27 La Cambre. • Erasmus year in Lisbon - Portugal in the Faculdade de Arquitectura de Lisboa-UTL. • Serrure Prize in 2nd Year 2010-2011. • Participated in the workshop «Module de Jeu Itinérant» (Itinerant playground) 2011-2012. • Participated in «Relogement» with the U27: project proposing units of rehousing to allow renovations of the housing towers in the Brussels region 2012-2013. • Internship + job student 1,5 day/week during 3 moSnths in the Agwa office sept-nov 2013. • Languages: French - native language English - good knowledge Portuguese - work in progress Dutch - school notions •Software used Autocad, Archicad, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Excel, Word. •Other software (with knowledge) Rhinocéros, Lightroom, 3DsMax, Adobe Acrobat Pro. Portfolio

I t i n e r a n t The Archetype

Text Sabine GUISE, published in Polaroid 01-20102011. The project forges a diversity of links between architectural discipline and the general public. These encounters follow sequentially one after another on the approach to the pavilion. [...] From afar, the object appears monolithic, monochrome. By day, it is a black box, hollowed from another; at night, it fades to reveal the volume in counter-relief, lantern-like. [...] The building does not, however, remain in incongruity. It dispenses with geometric lines to take comfort in the oh so familiar archetype of the «house». [...] The «house» is only valued to the extent to which the space is adaptable. The monochromatic and monolithic aspect distances itself from the language of brick and tile, the blind aspect absorbs doors, windows or other openings; in scale, it is midway between family home and garden shed, though [...] And then, the facade, of which the first floor is recessed, provides public stairs to reach this suspended niche. This gallery retakes possession of the primary functions of the «house» : shelter and view. Lastly, the multiplicity of media coverage of architecture in the public domain intertwines to create a simple, concise and clear object. Portfolio


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B russels Home of the City and Architecture

Text Marc Mawet published in PolaroĂŻd03 2010-2011 When...

When architecturally, the structure gives the impression of being hollow and empty, like a consensual lure to blur the boundary between inside and outside; When in its transparency it generously opens itself up to sharing and to the very definition that that which is shared is therefore public space; When, giving generously of itself, picking its way among the journey’s byways, the better to relate with the exterior than a faint breath of air could ever enliven its essence; When the structure carves into the earth a sepulcral existence, when it strongly evokes the archetypal memory of the elusive Mohican of the old story, it symbolically unites heaven and earth and speaks of man, standing erect in a city of which he determines the now; When the structure aspires to weightlessness; then... Then it so delicately and measuredly replaces the impeccably dressed domestic nature of a space, with the strict geometry of irrefutable rules; While it puts in perspective the monumentality of a window that looks inwardly upon the scene of the Portfolio


city while thriving upon something cosier; The unifying core articulates and organises into a hierarchy while at its periphery, the freed-up space widens or is projected in a variety of exterior appropriations. A frontage, a rear view, meagre aspects added on like a mask, assuring for life the veil of modesty, Whereas a scalpel cuts to divide matter and accurately incises the thick wall that stands between the street and the invisible me. When Florence Kaufmann affords herself the luxury of introducing us to the core of what is meant by the concept of what excites us, imparting an unremitting sense of allegiance to total self-discipline. Her work impresses by the quality of its overarching sense of control.


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L A L ou v i è re

Tower of meetings

« La Louvière Métropole Culture 2012 »

In this contest it was asked to consider reopening a arms canal to bring it into the city and develop its surroundings. Following this analysis, we developed a master plan scalable, flexible setting up a frame that will eventually be redefined not in its principles but in its adjustments, a morphological and architectural point of view then. Here are the planning principles established: 1. physical and visual axes and public squares selected in order to provide complementary to identify urbanized areas 2. the main areas of water, and the resulting parcel of the cutting 3. the buildable mass typical blocks 4. forming interior of usable blocks / cutting function of the local environment 5. the built mass and the relation of opening ,visual inclusion and qualification of gaps resulting of the built mass (sports fields, community gardens, parks, large multipurpose space ...) Personally, I chose the area that seemed to me to play a signal area for La Louviere. I treated the aera in tower housing who dialogue with the public space in which it is implanted it. The tower housing includes shared and individual accommodation . The circulation is treated as a path. This path takes the user to have differents points of view, past and future, of the city of La Louviere. P o r t f o l i o 13


B r U ssels Grotte du yéti It all starts with a story: the story of a moving module project for a Brussels playground. A beautiful one-week Workshop (and more), which is part of the Human Cities event and of our Atelier Architecture Construite-U27 in order to explore the areas of formal and informal playground in Brussels. After this exploration by a group of 10 we proposed and tested a movable playground responding to a real demand from the IBGE (Brussels Institute for Environmental Management). We created the playground and participated in a contest organized by IBGE. The winners were the «Grotte du Yéti»team with their big dogged parallelepiped providing hiding places and slides. Following this contest, we had the chance to build the playground in polystyrene, glue, sander, saw a lot of imagination and hard work. A wonderful experience that this workshop has given us.

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lisbo the art of...


Work In Progress The Art of expressing yourself ... Theatre, dance, music is a gift that should not be put in a museum but it have to be seen and shared. The Art of participate ... Participation is essential in a public space; it allows the art to express themselves. The art of playing ... The game is perceived as a tool of appropriation of public space, it is the hart. It is in this discussion that the proposed Community Centre fits. The centre is as small as possible to allow the public space to take up. The centre is built around a patio formed by bleachers to allow people to settle down and look. Watch what happens in the public arena but also what is happening inside the multipurpose room that opens completely in the public arena, it can be theatre, music or even a football game, everything can take up. Connected to this multipurpose space, there is a cafe and a theatre. The Community Centre also offers various workshops of artists and their homes.

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As part of the faculty’s workshop, It was asked to draw a privileged space for an architecture student. With his profile, we designed a minimalist cabin, all dressed in white. This cabin offers the student the opportunity to shut out the world and project him-self into the air, in his thoughts.

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